VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki Speaks!!!… Vicki “Says Nothing…”

June 30, 2012  8:40 pm   Vicki Gunvalson breaks her silence via twitter… and says NOTHING!  Apparently, she’s rocking in a rocking chair in her Coto home knitting baby booties!  Wonder what Crooks is doing???   Note to Vicki:  the “ignore and it will go away” approach won’t work… do you really think people believe this??

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90 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki Speaks!!!… Vicki “Says Nothing…”

  1. I doubt she’s doing any of those things after that scathing expose last night.
    After all, she WORKS! get a JOB! she’s busy WORKING!

    • “After all, she WORKS! get a JOB! she’s busy WORKING!

      Vicky-icky is trying to be likeable. Its so obvious…I thought she was the smart one.

  2. British Bev says:
    June 30, 2012 at 8:21 PM

    So Vicky has finally tweeted…. this….. “Vicki Gunvalson ‏ I love Saturdays like today. Gardening, sewing for Briana’s babies room and enjoying my home and family. It’s the simple things in life.”

    WTF is this woman on?! Ok world, forget the BS she’s been spinning, she’s gardening and sewing for the babies room (money that tight that she has to make things now?). Oh well then, I’m off to go skipping through an orchard in full bloom while birds sing all around me…..

    Oh and the names Billy Hunt not Silly C**t!!

    Dee2 says:
    June 30, 2012 at 8:39 PM

    Gardening? Is she outside with a leaf blower lending a helping hand to the Mexican gardener that works for her? Sewing for baby’s room (not “babies” room, Vickie)…is she making curtains or crib sheets or what? How can she do those things with a hangover? Oh, that’s right, she’s Superwoman. Probably getting ready to bake some chocolate chip cookies from scratch for her beautiful son Michael, AKA her family.

    Good ole Vicki — pretending her “man” Crooks was not just viewed by millions on national television last night.
    British Bev says:
    June 30, 2012 at 8:46 PM

    She’s probably watching from the kitchen window!

    Utterly ridiculous that we should suddenly see her as some sort of stepford wife!

    The deflection from the real and current issues are not working for me, anyone else?

    (just moving the comments)

    • Vicki most likely lifted her head out of the toilet long enough to tweet and is back in bed with the empty wine bottles strewn around her bedroom.

  3. if she ignores it then it didn’t happen! all everyone is saying is a lie and they are out to make her unhappy! it is a giant conspiracy to make her miserable! wahh wahhh

  4. Ha! Good ol’ Grandma Gunvelson just a sewing and a gardening. Love how she refers to her GRANDCHILD as Brianna’s baby. How about this instead for reality she is at home dying her grey roots blonde, shopping online at forever 21 and writing checks to all the people Crooksy owes money to so this never happens again!

    • She is so fake it makes me sick. I never really liked her, and this season people are finally catching on. She plays to the cameras like many of them do, but this goody two shoes routine makes me want to vomit. Brooks is a crook, as a single parent that was left with no child support by her first husband, after bashing Slade for being a dead beat dad, she now is dating one? I guess it is ok to be a dead beat dad as long as he isn’t doing it to her kids!! She is a bag full of crazy. She lives in fantasy land, wait till it hits the fan and he milks as much $ out of her as he can, then she will be singing a different song. He is a con artist, open your crazy eyes Vicky !!!

  5. Everyone placing blame on Vicki, I just can’t It’s Brooks Child and his Responsibilities!!! He made those kids and He alone Abandon them….Not Vicki

    • Brooks is a total arse, it goes without saying. I can’t speak for everyone but what gets me is that Vicki has thrown this guy down our necks pratically on each episode, stating what a brilliant super wonderful man he is. Viewer intelligence has been insulted, the majority of us saw through this clown straight away. Yet Vicky carried on with her pursuit that we were all wrong, even calling her ‘fans’ liars on twitter.

      Yet, thankfully to Nicolette for ousting Crooks and Ms.Sh for her painstaking work, Crooks is finally exposed.

      Bottom line is, BOTH of them have tried to make fools of their own families, children, friends and viewers and it’s just blown back up right in their own faces.

      • Bev…. u r so Passionate about this… I understand all that but, the show was taped last year.. I don’t have kids so I can’t relate but for everyone involved I hope its gets settled….

        • Not really, there’s bugger all on TV to be honest lol. Once the reunion is done I’ll be gone until RHOBH’s is on at the end of the year. Mind over matter, I don’t mind, they don’t matter.

          I do have kids though and my mother was so valuable to me during both pregnancies, I can’t begin to image dealing with a preg and a loose cannon of a mother at the same time.

          Besides that, I appreciate the time and effort Ms.SH put’s into this blog, it tends to cut through the shit more than any other I have read.

            • :D

              Will let you into a secret, my REAL passion is being stood in a soggy field somewhere in the UK showing my Pyrenean Mountain Dogs (Great Pyrenees), that I am almost OCD about lol x

              • What exactly are Maine Coon Cats? People where I live have the Great Pyrenees to watch over goats. They are extremely beautiful dogs to me!!

              • Maine Coon are also extremely beautiful cats, they are big and extra fluffy just look them up on line and do a little research to find a reputable breeder they are so pretty.

    • You are right, it is his problem, they are his kids. But for a man to do this to his own flesh and blood, what do you think he will do to you and your kids??? It is a look into what kind of person he is, SCUM

  6. The “calm” before the storm…Vickie having a major melt down..and I say this w/out any glee. :(

    • I’ve been talking to a ‘friend’ of Vicki’s, called Chris. He’s been very vocal regarding his support, yet when all this broke, just a photo of his cat…… nothing more. How sad is that!

      • Bev, I did see Chris post once after right after the fight at Heather’s party aired and I won’t quote him exactly but he did admit that even he really could not get behind all the Crooks stuff. You are right he was a big Vicki fan. He and I had disagreed sometimes but he was always was polite to me. I am sure he is pretty bummed out about this, I kind of wish he would pop on and tell his opinion.

        • He wanted to dm me last night but after asking why he backtracked. I have asked him re: the 20/20 but he’s now gone very quiet which as you probably know isn’t like him at all. I have found him to be a pleasant chap too. He comes across as pretty grounded and seems to have a fair opinion.

  7. I wonder how Vicki would feel if Briana’s husband Ryan left her soon after her grandchild is born and never paid for anything along with no child support… Would she be silent ?

    • hasn’t she stated many times that Michael and Brianna’s father never paid her any child support. How can she date Brooks, knowing his situation. Then accept a fur coat from him?

      • Since Vicki went straight from one relationship to another she didn’t know the hardship of being a single Mother or have to support her children on her own. Don replaced the Father role for her children. I don’t think that she has the experience to sympathize or the emotional make up to empathize.

        • Excellent point originalcyn1 !! She doesn’t have any idea of the reality of being a single parent, who is the sole support of children. I am a single parent, a widow, no one knows how hard it is to do it all by yourself. You see your kids suffer no matter how hard you work and all you do because they miss their dad whether it be through divorce or death. Vicky has no clue as to the reality of the situation. She was lucky to have Don to step into the father role in your children’s lives when their own dad was to selfish to bother with his own kids. I have never been a fan of Vicky’s, but she needs to open her eyes and realize if a man/parent would do this to their own child, it is a great window into what kind of person he really is. So in her mind, as long as he is good to her, it is ok what he does to others? She is fake, immature, and selfish. She puts her head in the sand when reality comes knocking on her door. I feel bad for all the kids involved and the wives/mothers he has left to raise his children all on their own. When he called his youngest son ‘an extra child’ it showed exactly what he is!! SCUM

    • The sad part is if there is any red flags regarding Ryan that as a mother Vicki might be inclined to warn her daughter about, Brianna will never be able to accept her advice on anything because of the willful ignorance she is displaying with the Crooksy thing.

  8. In real time, hasn’t Vicki been with Crooks for a year? She’s been in denial for so long that the 20/20 story probably didn’t even phase her.

    • I think a few others have created timelines and it seems like they’ve been at least having ‘an emotional affair’ since sometime in 2009…

        • Sorry guys, didn’t explain myself very well. By real time, I meant when this season began filming and Crooks was introduced to the cast. It seems as though most of the cast, especially Tamra, saw through Crooks very quickly and didn’t hold back on their opinion of him. I believe filming began last summer, so this has been going on for a year and Vicki is still under his spell. She is being conned big time!

          • SH has reports on dead beat crooksy from last June. I checked on that little search bar!! It’s like Bing for SH!!

            • who: Thank you! And… thank you for using the search bar!! It’s about time someone used it! LOL!! Back to Crooksy: SH has items on him from a year ago… we can spot a scammer a mile away! TFC!! SH

    • One of the best comments on Vicki’s FB page is “You don’t need a fur anyway, because you wrap yourself in denial.”

  9. Vickie is absolutely NUTS! It would be understandable if after the 20/20 broadcast she needed some time to gather her thoughts and just be out of the public eye for a while. But, her posting on FB and Tweets today are INSANE!
    How can anyone trust her? How can any clients trust her to manage their insurance and investments? She is irresponsible and unstable. She has incredibly bad judgment.
    I feel very badly for Brianna and Michael. I hope that they are receiving the support that they both need and deserve.

    • I agree. I was willing to let Vicki make her mistakes because it was obvious that she wasn’t going to listen to what ANYONE said about Brooks. To continue to try and convince her would be pointless, and probably damaging to any future relationship that person might have with Vicki-and Vicki’s gonna NEED friends.
      But now? If she stays with him after seeing that report? She IS absolutely nuts! She can’t bury her head in the sand anymore! Not when 20/20 is reporting that he is indeed a DEADBEAT!
      I think ol’ Vicki is a selfish, self-centered hypocrite-the very thing she SWEARS she isn’t.
      Good point about her clients! I bet if her relationship with Brooks started interfering with BUSINESS she might thing twice. Too bad her kids weren’t as important

        • Vicki and Tamra have a lot of nerve chastising and confronting Sarah for breaking off a piece of the bow on that cake, and then having that screaming fight at Heather’s party. I have never seen women who act like that!!! It will be interesting to see the reunion. I wonder if they will get called out for their behavior.

        • I love how she was so full of hate and anger as she screamed at the top of her lungs to Briana that for the first time in her life she was happy! If that’s Vicki being happy, I’d hate to see her when she’s unhappy.

          • The thing that disturbed me about Vicki screaming to her daughter about how she was happy for the first time in her life was that she was in effect saying that she never derived any happiness from being Briana’s mother. How hurtful of a thing is that to say to one’s own child?

            • Exactly, I though that was something very hurtful to say to your grown child, let alone something you would scream at them. Brianna is a better person then me, if that had been my mother I would not be speaking to her anymore.

  10. Oh, I love Saturdays too – blowing rainbows out of my toosh and pretending an expose that makes me look like the Queen of All Fools and showcases my rage doesn’t bother me one bit. La la la la la………..oh! Gotta go! There are cupcakes to frost and pixie dust to spread. LOLOLOLOLOL

  11. What is really laughable is that Vicki insists on having Brooks with her on the opening credits of this stupid show.

    Here’s a guy whose former girlfriend has been looking all over Hell and back for him and there he is, big as life, standing behind Vicious Vicki helping her fasten her necklace. Come on! A Most Wanted Poster couldn’t have done the job any better than this crook acting like a full fledged star.

    But wait: Brooks gets paid by Bravo for being filmed. This must help pay for the daily affirmations and more than likely his dental work. Because if you don’t have medical coverage, and we know this Bozo does not have a job, he is sitting there as Big As Life on tv. having his teeth reworked while his former girlfriend and quite possibly his former wife, attempt to track his sorry ass down for child support. So who paid the $15,000 bill?

    Now if that is not hypocrisy dialed up to its highest level than I am not sure what is. As for Vicki, she is the most seriously delusioned, self centered idioit who has ever graced these shows if she thinks she can “sell” Mr. I Am A Hugger to an audience put off by this slime.

    How desperate is this woman to allow this joker into her life while shoving him onto national tv? Whatever blow back she gets for this she deserves. Somebody whispers “you’re my lady” into her ear and she collapses into his arms.

    Having a hard time deciding which of these two holds the title of being the worst.

    • Love your post !! I agree with every statement you have made, good for you. Vicky is phony, and this season she is finally showing her true colors. I guess as long as she isn’t the mother of his children that he owes money to, it is ok to be a dead beat dad? After having been threw this herself, bashing Slade (I am not defending him-can’t stand him), she then dates someone just like her ex and Slade? Ever since they started this ‘my man’ ‘my lady’, I knew something was up and it was all an act. On the 20/20 interview when the mother of his youngest child showed the cards that were exactly like the ones he sent Vicky, his ‘game’ was exposed. How did he explain that to her? I guess Crooks has more than one soul mate, wait till the others come out of the woodwork, he had done this to other women too, Vicky will learn the hard way and she deserves to!

  12. Vickie’s behavior seems odd until u sift thru her past. If what her ex says is true, and she carried on a long term affair with Donn while she was still married, it doesn’t surprise me that she doesn’t think there is anything wrong with Crooks ignoring his baby mamas.

  13. How is Bravo “batting it out of the park” so far:

    1. A former stripper/coke addict with a shady past who served time in a Florida jail .
    2. A couple accused of owing over 11 million dollars to creditors.
    3. Husband of said couple arrested for forgery and DUI.
    4. A couple who crashed a WH party without explanation.
    5. A husband who committed suicide by hanging.
    6. An unseen husband who has slept with two of the current “stars” of RHONYC.
    7. A possibilty of two deadbeat dads “starring” on RHOC.
    8. A Miami housewife whose ex husband is doing serious jail time for being a drug dealer.
    9. A couple who seemed to be getting evicted from every residence they shared.
    10. A former child star with numerous stints in rehab who couldn’t keep it together on the show.
    11. A widow of the suicide victim who seems to be suffering from alcoholism.
    12. A former socialite and ex wife of a man 30 yrs older who can’t keep her pants on with a DUI and a bankruptcy charge in her name.
    13. A former NYC Housewife who beat up her former boyfriend.
    14. A NJ family whose patriarch was found dead in the trunk of his car and was connected to the Mafia.

    Upstanding citizens all.

      • Hopefully she comes to her senses slightly & puts a whole lot of her money in a trust for her grandson. Although I don’t think crooks would feel a pang of guilt about stealing money from a baby, so it probably wouldn’t be safe.

    • Now you’re talking! If they could only get Dateline to run it and have Keith Morrison cover the story. He’s a riot! :-)

  14. Well when he is hauled back into court he will have to explain how he didn’t buy the fur at all – and how foolish ms “he can afford a fur so shut up” will look!! Her first ex husband is doing the happy dance since she has always bashed him on national tv about being a deadbeat and didn’t pay her a dime. Oh karma is a good thing!!

    • I hereby dedicate these song lyrics to Brooks:

      Indiana wants me, Lord, I can’t go back there
      I hope this letter finds its way to you
      Forgive me love for the shame I’ve put you through and all the tears
      Hang on love to the memories of those happy years
      Red lights are flashing around me, good Lord, it looks like they found me
      Indiana wants me, Lord, I can’t go back there
      (This is the police, you are surrounded, give yourself up!)

    • If her first husband was a deadbeat dad why did they keep his last name..?? I would think that Donn would have adopted Michael and child support oh come on that is hard to believe…

  15. Gardening! Seriously, dose she not remember some of us have watched the show since the time she was married to good ole Don who mowed the lawn himself (scandal) for such a rich women. And she used to complain on the show for him to hire someone to do all that!

  16. 17. NJ Housewive and her husband who are calling out couple from question #2 and 3, who are also involved in a bankruptcy of their own. Accused of draining assets from their business and using for personal gain

    • meat momball: You got that right! (#17)

      New poster here… I LOVE THIS SITE!!!! Stumbled upon it by accident a few weeks ago while I had to sit on my bum elevating my broken toes and it saved me from going batty! The comments here are informative, concise, the exact opposite of Stoopid. It’s a lot more fun than the shows themselves.

  17. Has anyone ever seen a more perfect example of “What goes around, comes around”?
    Or “Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge me”?
    Along with Tamera, Vicki has made it her mission to ruin Slade because she said he was a dead beat dad. And NOW… wow that bite in the butt must hurt?
    I’m not going to say I know anything other than what I’ve read here and other places. But common sense tells me that if there was proof of all the trash they’ve claimed on Slade that 20/20 would of included him in their report. 20/20 is a real fact based reporting show is it not?
    Another thing is during that OnLine interview that brooks did, I noticed he said, “WE’VE” got everything current now. WE??? Vicki and I? That is what I understood him to mean.
    One thing Vicki’s daughter was right about for sure was that Vicki can’t handle anyone questioning her. We’ve all known people that can dish it out but can’t take it and she certainly is that person. I usally feel for anyone whos having a hard time even if its their own doing. But I am not really feeling to sorry for her. I’m slightly ashamed to admit I wish Tamera was right there in that pile of shame with her. You just can’t put out so much hate without some of it coming back. IMO

  18. I have a question about Tamra. Why isn’t Tamra going after Crooks and Vicki like she went after Slade and Gretchen for the past few years? She even went as far as contacting Slade’s ex-wife when she never even met her. Yet with Crooks she is keeping her mouth her shut on the child support issues. What gives?

    • HWjunkie: Tamra did not contact Michelle Arroyo… it was the other way around. However, Tamballs will get with whomever she thinks will help her stay on the show… and after being Vicki’s BFF, Tamballs took off with Wretched **BLEEECH***! Tamra will do anything to keep her storyline going… TFC!! SH

  19. Oh, I thought Tamra contacted Michelle. That changes my whole opinion about that situation. Yes, I totally agree with you about Tamra. She will go where she thinks it will help her the most. What I don’t understand is how can Gretchen be friends with her after all the awful things Tamra and Vicki did to her? Unless of course it’s all just for t.v……..

  20. Vicki’s still avoiding the elephant in the room. July 1, 2:20PM she tweeted Alexis “Hope you had a great time in Vegas. Sorry we couldn’t make it. Miss you!”

  21. Maybe Bravo needs to hire Jo Frost as sort of an adult version of Supernanny for the Housewives. For the first episode she can send Vicki’s delusional ass to the naughty chair every time she shrieks like a banshee on crack or attempts to slip Crooks a little piece of money or the keys to her car. I can just hear her now saying over and over again,” Vicki that is not acceptable behavior.” And Brooks has probably been so quiet lately because he is trying to figure out a way to convince Vicki that 20/20 is a scripted drama and not only is he an entrepreneaur but he is an actor too.

  22. Need to know: Was it Vicki who showed up at her son’s college party and started drinking with “the boys?” That is the first episode of RHOOC I remember watching, and I was appalled. My son reached the legal drinking age last year, and I cannot imagine barging into a room with him and his friends acting like a “party girl” instead of a mom. It would be beyond humiliating to him and I think all respect would be lost. If that was Vicki (I seem to remember a “Woo Hoo”), I can honestly say she is the one housewife I disliked immediately. She never earned my respect back.

    • Yes, that was Vicki. When Michael expressed his displeasure with her arriving unannounced and trying to party with his friends, she went into another room and was sobbing. One of the college guys was trying to console her. She was completely out of line, as usual.

  23. Vicki’s latest Tweet/FB Post:

    I look at the iconic women who’ve had trials and tribulations in their lives, and “I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife” from Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind. I’ll address my fans soon enough and appreciate all your positive thoughts and comments. Love~Vicki

    • I wonder what the heck that means?
      We dont care if you address your “fans” or not. But please have “your ole man” address his baby momma and his ex-nanny in the form of a checky check check check. That is all.

  24. Oh for the love of God, Vicki, stop calling everyone your f’ing “fans”!!! Even Crooks tweeted “are a fan or foe?” in reply to a tweet that was obviously not from a “fan”. WTF! He thinks he has fans? What the hell are you and Vicki smoking? I think “viewers” or “fans of the show” is a bit more appropriate and sounds a hell of a lot less delusional than “fans”. When are you going to realize that you and your train wreck friends are a joke to most of us? See, we just don’t get to see this level of self absorbed CRAZY in our normal lives.

    Love this site!


    Ali in Boston

  25. Has is not dawned on anyone after years of dating Brooks she has never met Joey his son?? Why is that, if you’re dating someone for that long it seems like you would want to get to know their kids?? Very odd-why hasn’t Brooks come back here to Indiana to see him?? Or even ask to get pictures of him?? I do not have respect for Vicki.. He thought he was untouchable living in CA-we know where you live now, you should of stayed hidden and out of the public eye..That old saying WHATCHA GONNA DO WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU;) Pretty funny he is not spouting off on his tweets Joel Osteen,inspiring.inspirational, or Financial affirmations, or his smart aleck words like GHEESH, HAVE A GREAT DAY, THANKS for WATCHING US,REALLY, I suggest you deal with facts not hearsay, Get a grip, etc..

    • Has Vicki ever met ANY of his children? She accompanied him to Mississippi on at least one occasion, but no mention of meeting his kids. For someone who pretends to be so big on “family,” she only seems interested in her own offspring. She made sure Brooks met Michael and Briana in front of the cameras (which she probably regrets), so why not have a similar meet-and-greet with the Ayers kids. As for his “extra child,” her actions make it clear that she doesn’t even want to acknowledge Joey or see to it that the people he left owing money to are paid.

      His arrogant Tweets have come back to bite him in the butt. Especially the ones where he insists that he paid for his own dental work and the fur coat. My favorite is still the one that says “Kill them with success and bury them with a smile,” as if (1) he is successful in any way, shape, or form, and (2) anyone is actually envious of him.

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