VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki Speaks!!!… Vicki “Says Nothing…”

June 30, 2012  8:40 pm   Vicki Gunvalson breaks her silence via twitter… and says NOTHING!  Apparently, she’s rocking in a rocking chair in her Coto home knitting baby booties!  Wonder what Crooks is doing???   Note to Vicki:  the “ignore and it will go away” approach won’t work… do you really think people believe this??

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  1. Vicki’s latest Tweet/FB Post:

    I look at the iconic women who’ve had trials and tribulations in their lives, and “I don’t pretend to be an ordinary housewife” from Elizabeth Taylor comes to mind. I’ll address my fans soon enough and appreciate all your positive thoughts and comments. Love~Vicki


    • I wonder what the heck that means?
      We dont care if you address your “fans” or not. But please have “your ole man” address his baby momma and his ex-nanny in the form of a checky check check check. That is all.


  2. Oh for the love of God, Vicki, stop calling everyone your f’ing “fans”!!! Even Crooks tweeted “are a fan or foe?” in reply to a tweet that was obviously not from a “fan”. WTF! He thinks he has fans? What the hell are you and Vicki smoking? I think “viewers” or “fans of the show” is a bit more appropriate and sounds a hell of a lot less delusional than “fans”. When are you going to realize that you and your train wreck friends are a joke to most of us? See, we just don’t get to see this level of self absorbed CRAZY in our normal lives.

    Love this site!


    Ali in Boston


  3. Has is not dawned on anyone after years of dating Brooks she has never met Joey his son?? Why is that, if you’re dating someone for that long it seems like you would want to get to know their kids?? Very odd-why hasn’t Brooks come back here to Indiana to see him?? Or even ask to get pictures of him?? I do not have respect for Vicki.. He thought he was untouchable living in CA-we know where you live now, you should of stayed hidden and out of the public eye..That old saying WHATCHA GONNA DO WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN THEY COME FOR YOU;) Pretty funny he is not spouting off on his tweets Joel Osteen,inspiring.inspirational, or Financial affirmations, or his smart aleck words like GHEESH, HAVE A GREAT DAY, THANKS for WATCHING US,REALLY, I suggest you deal with facts not hearsay, Get a grip, etc..


    • Has Vicki ever met ANY of his children? She accompanied him to Mississippi on at least one occasion, but no mention of meeting his kids. For someone who pretends to be so big on “family,” she only seems interested in her own offspring. She made sure Brooks met Michael and Briana in front of the cameras (which she probably regrets), so why not have a similar meet-and-greet with the Ayers kids. As for his “extra child,” her actions make it clear that she doesn’t even want to acknowledge Joey or see to it that the people he left owing money to are paid.

      His arrogant Tweets have come back to bite him in the butt. Especially the ones where he insists that he paid for his own dental work and the fur coat. My favorite is still the one that says “Kill them with success and bury them with a smile,” as if (1) he is successful in any way, shape, or form, and (2) anyone is actually envious of him.


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