VICKI GUNVALSON: Entire Segment of Brooks Ayers on “20/20″… Is Brooks A Deadbeat Dad??… VIDEO

June 29, 2012  11:45 pm   Note:  was mentioning to watch tonight’s 20/20 since yesterday.  Could not say anything re subject matter!  Was talking with the lead producer for two days.  

This is the entire segment featuring Brooks Ayers as a deadbeat dad…


NOTE:  The “extra” child story that enraged Nicolette was from SH on May 6, 2012.

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189 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Entire Segment of Brooks Ayers on “20/20″… Is Brooks A Deadbeat Dad??… VIDEO

  1. So Vicky has finally tweeted….. this…. “Vicki Gunvalson ‏ I love Saturdays like today. Gardening, sewing for Briana’s babies room and enjoying my home and family. It’s the simple things in life.”

    Sewing for Briana’s babies room? Is money that tight she has to make things now?

    WTF is this woman on? Ok world forget the BS she has spewed out. I’m off to go skipping in an orchard in full bloom while birds sing all around me….

    • Ms. SH can you remove this comment, it’s a duplicate. I thought there was a server error during the server update.

    • No it is custom I know in the South for the grandma of the baby to sew crochet a baby blanket or some other useable keepsake for them to have and use. Its a tradition in my family. My mom did something for each one of my 3 son’s. I’m just guessing she has a lot of money still. She is probably the richest housewife on the series, after Kandie Buress, of RHOA…

  2. I enjoyed the Cheaters segment of 20/20 and seeing Croosky on there had me LOL’ing the entire time. Nic seems like a positive woman who doesn’t want her “15 minutes” but wants to give advice to women out there to not be under the rug but to fight and be strong, i admired her for that. And i also will wonder how in the hell can Vic explain Croosky’s actions now? It’s obvious that not only Housewive viewers don’t belive Crooks but the entire country ain’t buying his bulls*** either. Maybe she’ll come out with a sour excuse like always.

  3. The 1st time I saw Brooks, there was something about him I didn’t like. Coming from him, the “I’m a hugger” line kind of made my skin crawl. Tamra was right on in sniffing him out, + Vicki’s kids didn’t like him. How many red flags does Vicki need? Tamra was only protecting her good friend. Vicki’s relationship with Brooks will hit the skids. Buh buy Brooks, find another mark.

    • I’ve been trying to take a leaf out of the Crooks book, living his life, so been telling ppl the truth, so when I approach them I’m honset about being a bit of a rascal when I was younger, so instead of saying “hi, I’m a hugger” I say “Hi, I’m a bit of a bugger”, honest, never seen people run so fast, is there a fitness programme I’m missing? ;)

      Oh well,off to sleep…….

  4. Brooks made my skin crawl from the jump. The “I’m a hugger” line made me uncomfortable; it wouldn’t with most people, but with him it seemed insincere. Tamra evidently is great at sniffing out phonies, and she was trying her best to protect her good friend. My crystal ball tells me Vicki’s & Brooks’ relationship will hit the skids ~ sooner, rather than later, after this piece on ABC. I say, “Good riddance!”

  5. I seriously hope the reason these two are so silent on twitter is because he’s been locked up and she’s gone mad from embarrassment. Not only did she blast her best friend, she gave her own daughter a very public dressing down over this creep. Shameful.

    • I have a daughter and can never ever see how Vickie can pick boyfriend over family. One sick woman. And now how does she feel after the 20/20 show.

      • I can’t wait to hear her defend him now. I don’t think they will be a couple much longer.

  6. Has Nichollete ever compared notes with the mother of his other children? Did the ex-wife know that Crooksy was “going thru a divorce” with her when he met Nicholette?Or was Nicholette his BBD? He just strikes me as the kind of loser that always mooches off women so could it be that he really didnt “go thru a divorce”until he knew he had Nicholette on the hook? If he is “paid up” on child support to the ex-wife, then perhaps she knows where he can be served papers for Joey? and for that matter Nanny also.

    • Unfortunately I think it is more complicated than that. She would Probably have to obtain an attorney in OC and then pay to have the papers served and hope that Indiana would have him brought back. All money that she would have to shell out only to find out you can’t get blood from a stone. The system sucks. Vicki I’m sure will pen another letter to the Judge to get him off the hook. Our Judicial system has long ago abandon morality, justice or right and wrong.

      • That’s terrible. Maybe she could sue him for false pretenses saying he had a vasectemy when he didnt? I dont know, just seems like sumpin oughta be done. But like you say, its expensive and time consuming to persue it. Frustrating.

  7. Vicki should have sensed something was wrong when Brooks asked her what she was getting in the divorce. He seemed pleased, probably figuring what he could get from it. I don’t understand the joint checking account. Why would that be a + for Vicki? I don’t understand the need for it. She had better starting thinking like the smart woman she is (in business, at least) and know this guy is up to no good.

    • yes yes yes. I thought the same thing when I saw that episode. For her to keep ranting and raving what kind of money she had and how his eyes glowed got me. I would have let him go then. She just needs someone and he was there. She had a good man but didn’t know how to treat him. She always critisized him on the show. She gets what she deserves.

  8. Ryan Culberson Twitter:

    Fan: “Heads Up! 20/20 just did an expose on Brooks being a deadbeat dad.”
    Ryan: “I didn’t need to watch a show to know that! Super creepy!”

  9. Thank You so much for showing us this clip…….I am always late. A book huh? Count on me for a couple copies!

  10. Andy, you need to add Nicolette to the show……her and TAMRA can gang up on VICKI since TAMRA always needs a accomplice~

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