VICKI GUNVALSON: Real Housewives of Orange County… “Just Fur You, Vicki”…David “Brooks” Ayers Gives Vicki A Mink Coat…VIDEO

June 20, 2012   2:30 pm    RE-POSTED June 30, 2012  12:30 pm

NOTE:  Originally posted on SH ten days ago.  

Since Vicki Gunvalson has re-issued her reason for “returning” her beloved fur … because of PETA pressure (UH…yeah, OK, Vicki…)… via her Facebook page…  and is ignoring last night’s “20/20″ segment, this is a good time to re-issue this post and take another look at Crooks gifting Vicki with her fur!

The fur is a loaner from Bizakis Furs… have a feeling that PETA will be receiving a hefty “donation” from Vicki instead of a fur and watch for Vicki to release her reasons for doing so!

On last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County, Vicki Gunvalson was blown away when her boyfriend, David “Brooks-Crooksy” Ayers, presented Vicki with a fur.

Before Crooksy wrapped the coat around Vicki, they kissed.

If you are into body language, you will have noticed that Vicki seemed as though she expected a kiss back from Crooksy… instead, Crookys quickly pulled away from Vicki.

After Vicki was sportin’ the fur, which Vicki identified as “mink” (Crooksy never mentioned which animal pelts were used to make the magnificent covering) Vicki pulled one of Tamra Barney’s lines:  “I don’t deserve this…”   BLEEECH!

However, BEFORE Vicki’s “non-deserving” proclamation, Vicki asked Crooksy if the coat was for “just tonight”… Vicki was thrilled that she could keep it forever!

Crooksy says in the car that the fur was the nicest gift he’s ever given anyone…

There has been discussion re where Crooksy “purchased” Vicki’s fur.  From the photos, it looks like the furrier is “Bizakis Fur”… and that has been confirmed!  Bizakis no longer has a website; however, they still answer their phone! 

NOTE:  WHY is Vicki so thrilled with Crooksy’s gift???  Vicki has her own money and could certainly afford to buy herself fifty fur coats!  Kinda surprised that Vicki, coming from the mid-West, would not have purchased several fur coats for herself by now…

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  1. ince Vicki mentioned that most furs are imported from China, I’d like to add that we should all do our best to purchase items made in America. Items (especially textiles) imported from other countries have been know to be contaminated with pesticides which have been banned in the United States and pests that can be difficult to eradicate. China, India, and Pakistan are big offenders….but beware all imports. They are not inspected and regulated as stringently as made in USA products and the governments stance at this point is simply “buyer beware”.

    Mites, mold, bacteria and various micro-organisms are frequently found in clothing, rugs, bedding, baskets, carpets, furniture etc. Some are difficult to identify and others are so prolific that families have had to leave their homes PERMANENTLY! Employees who work in the clothing industry carry a high risk of bringing these pests home. A fur would be the perfect medium for multiple organisms. Our current pesticides are ineffective against them so please choose to purchase items from the USA that are subjected to higher standards than imports.


  2. I think Vicki and Crooks are both CROOKS, who think that the public is too STOO-PID to realize that they are trying to pull the wool (or FUR) over our eyes


  3. I think it is funny that Vicki is freaking out about that fur coat when in the clip above where she is arguing with Brianna she is wearing a fur vest. I know it’s not a coat but she distictly said” I’ve never had a fur before.” I remember last year when they went to to winery for a wine tasting she had on a little fur coat then too. She is full of it!!


    • Oh sd, you are supposed to adopt the same selective memory that Vicki has ya silly billy. Remember, nobody had ever brought her coffee before either, not even Tamra, in the season before, that was taped and shown, that didn’t happen ever ;)

      Btw, too true!


  4. wonder why she’s not addressing the 20/20 piece. Is it because Bravo has something to do with it, i wonder….the reunion hasn’t been aired yet


  5. She has to have dumped him by now, right? Except she seems so hard up, needy and desparate to have her “love tank” filled up that she’s in major denial and probably refused to watch the 20/20 piece on Friday, compounding her humiliation. If I were either of her kids I’d simply refuse to ever see Vicky when she’s with him. Period.


    • Except, that Vicki would choose Crooks. Remember her speech at Heather’s party. When it comes to Vicki and Crooks’s relationship, you are either in or you are out. If you don’t take Vicky & Crooks as a package deal, then she will just shine you on. That includes her own children, prolly her grandchild, too.


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