SONJA MORGAN: Sonja “Troubles With Interns”… VIDEO

June 29, 2012  9:15 am   Since the RHONY is airing, they do need a bit of attention!  On the next RHONY…

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37 comments on “SONJA MORGAN: Sonja “Troubles With Interns”… VIDEO

    • I noticed that too, especially towards the end of the clip. She totally morphed into Ramona. Freaky

    • I guess these folks will do anything for a little camera time. Do you think she thinks this raises her profile? It just makes her look like a pathetic user.

      • I dont know. Perhaps since her ex is a Morgan he donated to the college and they supply these interns becuase of that. I just dont know how it works. I know that NBC is parent company of Bravo so perhaps that is were the interns come from the ones that didnt make the cut to be studio pages and such?

      • I agree, and it makes her look helpless. Didn’t she go to college and work before she married the Morgan? She acts like my mother, a total airhead that can’t even turn on her computer by herself.

    • @Pat, her house ALWAYS look DIRTY to me. She has all these interns and can’t have them clean the house. Also i don’t think she has much money, KNOW HOW? look at what she wears? Her clothes are from Zara, H&M and other places (that’s smart of her BTW, i knew because i frequent Zara website). SHE CANNOT afford the life she leads. The only thing she has is the town home. I mean come on,Sonjat since you have NO MONEY go to IKEA and spruce up the home a bit darling. I think Ramona is gonna call her out on that matter SOONER or LATER, she’s already calling her out on calling the EX her hubby ANYWAY

      • JD, you are so right. She lives like a pig and she’s flat broke. While she’s dancing with drag queens where is her daughter. I know she’s not on camera but it doesn’t look like a child even lives there. As per Net Worth she and Luann are worth the least, maybe 2 million each. The Countess has dialed it back this season, not as glam, the clothes are conservative and she doesn’t have that rich girl look anymore. I think the attention and perks are going to the new ladies. All are rich, especially Carol and Aviva And Heather is very successful as well. Sonia has her toaster oven, what the hell is that about.

        • “Sonia has her toaster oven, what the hell is that about.” she’s been on that for the past three seasons

  1. It was reported a long tome ago that Jackie O returned clothing a lot too. Maybe that is the way with very rich people. Plus they get clothes to wear for free from certain designers. The more you make the more you get for free. Than us poor folks are told to go buy the clothes to look like them. I like H&M. You can get great sale items, I love my white blouses with jeans. I buy a lot on the internet and you do not always get the best quality items. But H&M and Target, also Kohl’s are three shops you can trust to buy online.

    • The thrift store is much better…Where else am i gonna find a dry clean tagged Nanette Lapore(Lepore) skirt for $2….well at Nordstrom…but who wants to go there?…LOL

  2. She needs three interns to read 200 emails a day? B!tch please! I had about 200 emails the other day from this website alone. Lol.

    • Kel LOL!! Seriously though, she says that Millsap, her intern, was sent to her by her mother to be tained by Sonja in her “special ways”. What does that mean??!! All I ever see Sonja do is get drunk, lear after young men and boss her interns around!

      • @SD…you know what , i think i know how she for the interns….See Sonjat is from Tennessee, and since her mother has sent her these “interns”, they are probably kids from Tennessee who wished to live in the big city. So the sonjat’s mother probably tell the kids hey, i have an internship for you inj NYC working with my daughter, and you get housing, and the kids probably thought “hey why not?

        • Sonja is from upstate NY not Tennessee.I do believe she said at least on of the interns was a friend of her daughters and she gives her room and board.

      • I think “special ways” is code for how to socialize with rich and important people…how to dress and act and where to go to meet rich men to flirt with and hopefully find a niche in the big city. It’s like, here, please take my daughter and teach her how to balance in high heels while drunk and introduce her to some Wall Street types, and she’ll kiss your butt and make your breakfast and walk your dog.

  3. I want an intern! Who do I need to talk to? I’ll share life experiences and all that good stuff! Send ‘em my way!

    BTW… Sonja’s an idiot

    • She really needs to get over herself
      she makes these comments about how she stayed in Royal Palaces

      well Sonja is the sultan of anything knocking on your door lately???

      • “she makes these comments about how she stayed in Royal Palaces”…NO LISA you didn’t hear her right, she said ” i give the best BJ’s in Royal Palaces”

  4. I think she should be on Jeff Lewis’s new show. I’d love to see the exchanges between the two of them. At least she’d get the place cleaned up a bit.

  5. She really is pathetic. I have to almost feel sorry for her. I’m glad she discussed the interns. It’s been driving me crazy. I’ve lived near universities all my life and have never heard of anyone interning as someone’s helper around the house. It’s absurd. I have a hard time imagining what kind of university offers this course. Come on, really???

  6. Come on! Try to stay a single mom with no real income in NYC and own a townhouse, stay friends with people who own much more then you, you MUST be a real business woman to keep it all together and provide a life for your daughter. Don’t you see she only wants to protect her daughter by not putting her out there, shouldn’t any sane mom do this? I think we can all learn a lot from here. She doesn’t lie about the flaws, she doesn’t hide the interns or pretends to have a better life style with a (hidden) full staff and a chef like the others. She shows a grounded life style and tries to share what a fucking hard life she has since she’s divorced from america’s wealthiest class that doesn’t care at all about her. She keeps her head high, what do you want her to do ? After all Bravo asked her to be on the show…she admits she could use the money very well at that time. This show is a job, if you think it’s not real enough go watch another show about the ‘real’ working wives

    • Keira: When “Manhattan Moms” was in development, Sonja was the person MissAndy wanted for the show… which turned into RHONY. MissAndy kept after Sonja until she agreed. Sonja also has been paying off her movie deal bankruptcy herself. Her daughter being on the show would not sit well with Mr. Morgan! TFC!! SH

  7. And why has she not gotten a settlement yet from Mr. Morgan? She was married to him for quite a while. He is approx. 80 years old. I think she thought she was going to be married to him until he kicked the bucket and then she was going to be a very rich widow but what probably happened was that Sonja could not wait that long to start having “fun” and probably starting fooling around and got caught and that is why she has not gotten a settlement.

    • mica: Morgan is very old money. It is a totally different world. Sonja probably cannot access ANY of John Morgan’s money. There are trusts set up long before Sonja came along that are ironclad. Not as easy as one thinks! TFC!! SH

  8. Wow, you pretty much summed up what I would write! She gets free everything! Food, headbands, make up, stylist , Im sure she does then tweets about them! She claims she went to College, Id love to see a real certificate! She married for money, got so use to the rich life, was handed her home in the settlement, messed up a movie deal and wants her ex to pay for it? ha! When you divorce its because you want to cut ties in every way! Lately all I read is how shes WANTS be the next Bethanny, wants her own talk show etc. ???????? One, she will never be Bethanny! 2, With her track record, we dont want to learn anything from her. Stop with the Bethanny Sonja, you dont look like her, u dont make us laugh like she does, Bethanny never used or took from anyone! You will never be her so go ahead and use your connections cause you will need them. Stop using these young kids! Its embarrassing and I dont know why Bavo has you on the show, you sure dont represent the LADIES OF NEW YORK!

    • She will never be the next B because she does not have her WORK ETHIC! Sonja wants to party too much. B is all about work, work, work.

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