SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Tonight On ABC’s “20/20″… Ex-Housewife “Hangin’With PornStar”… Jax Laurita “TherapyMistake”… Lisa Vanderpump Friend “Sellin’Manse”… “DesperateDumbazz” Denise Richards… A SH “Thank You”!!

June 29, 2012  10:00 am

NOTE:  Re the segment on “20/20″ tonight:  ABC contacted SH yesterday re an item on this site and will give SH credit on the show.  Hopefully, they use the item!  You will be very surprised when you see the Housewife-related person on “20/20″… the subject is “Cheaters”!!   ALSO… it was listed yesterday as a one-hour “20/20″…. it will be a TWO-HOUR show tonight, starting at 9 pm on ABC.


It’s probably just the way it’s written in the LasVegasTimes… but it sounds like KooKooKelly is hangin’ out with porn star, Mary Carey!  Shouldn’t KKK be in Haiti diggin’ water wells??

“For explosive pyrotechnics this weekend, the emphasis is on the curvy creatures and provocative pulchritude of a slew of brazen beauties led by adult and often-topless actress and California gubernatorial candidate Mary Carey. Aiding and abetting her sexy Strip sashays are 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Underwood, Kelly Bensimon of “The Real Housewives of New York fame and controversial British pop singer and reality TV star Cheryl Cole.”


Jax Laurita’s new procedure…

“I decided to do Ultherapy when I noticed my neck not firming up the way I wanted it to after my weight loss from my 55 lb. weight gain during my pregnancy. I’m 42 years old, so I’m sure my age has something to do with my lack of elasticity …  Ultherapy for the face and neck actually improves the skin from the inside out by repairing and strengthening existing collagen while naturally stimulating new collagen development.”

So what’s Ultherapy?

It’s a relatively new treatment for firming necks and tightening and lifting jaws, brows, and other parts of the face.The procedure uses focused ultrasound to prompt the growth of collagen under the epidermis.

NOTE:  From Jax’ photo… her “Ultherapy” ain’t workin’!!


CryptKeeperMohamed Hadid is selling one of his “opulent” Beverly Hills mansions…

Forbes: It sits next to the Beverly Hills Hotel, occupying a single acre. So what does that hefty $58 million price tag fetch?

The French chateau-style house has seven bedrooms and 11 interior bathrooms. There’s a formal reception hall, a 90-foot gallery for displaying art work, formal and informal dining rooms, a family room with bar lounge, a leather-paneled library, and an etched-glass front door. The third-floor master suite has a chandelier-bedecked balcony and dual bathrooms — the “hers” touting a fireplace and the “his” touting a secret staircase leading to a 3,800-square foot rooftop garden.  Hadid also carved out a subterranean level boasting a 5,000-bottle wine cellar with dining room, a ballroom with commercial kitchen that can seat up to 200 guests, a full gym, a 40-person screening room and a 12-car garage. Like Le Belvedere, Hadid included touches likely inspired by his Middle Eastern heritage: a  Moroccan-themed lounge and a Turkish hammam with 30-foot indoor pool and steam room with an attached massage area.


SH wasn’t the ONLY site calling out MissAndy and DumbazzDesperateDenise Richards!

SeattlePI:  2. Worst Sexual Healing: Things get awkward very quickly on WWHL  when host Andy Cohen decides to dub the evening “Turn Me Tuesday” and challenges his beautiful female guests to “make like Adele and create a ‘Rolling in the Deep’” in his pants despite the fact that he’s gay. Denise Richards is totally game and literally kneels into a freak dance in front of Andy, rubbing her hands way up and way down his thighs, all the while sporting her best super-sexy (aka super-crazy) eyes. Good to see her work on  Wild Things still comes in handy 14 years later.


Note to ALL SH readers:  THANK YOU!!!  SH hit the OVER 11 Million Mark today!!  

SH would not be SH without readers and especially the readers who take the time to comment… SH has the best, intelligent, witty commenters!!  THANK YOU so much for making SH… SH! 

Putting out another APB for “AOM”!!  

(Thanks to SH reader “JR”!!!)

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130 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” FRIDAY: Tonight On ABC’s “20/20″… Ex-Housewife “Hangin’With PornStar”… Jax Laurita “TherapyMistake”… Lisa Vanderpump Friend “Sellin’Manse”… “DesperateDumbazz” Denise Richards… A SH “Thank You”!!

  1. Jax had that from her very first season; I think it’s genetic. She does not need to be so vain; in my opinion I think she has absolutely gorgeous, exotic eyes and luxurious hair. Two assets that most people look at to determine beauty.

  2. Hmm, Housewife -related person. That could be one of so many people. Cheater, certainly doesn’t narrow the field much. Anyone from Tommy Manzo to Aviva Dresher’s ex. to …..

    • I was thinking it was Happy Harry Hard-on. But she said we would be suprised so… I have no idea.

        • Yeah. remember that blind item about the husband that had cameras in the home so see what the lil woman was up to? I can’t remember if that one was ever solved but I do remember specuation about Kim nd Kroy. I wish Ms Sh could give us a hint. West coast or east coast? purty please Ms SH? whadda say? ;)

          • I thought it was solved remember Kroy talking to Kim about having all the cameras installed when he was going off to camp. He said it was for her security and he could check them from his lap top while he was away.

          • I thought that was solved already. It was Kroy. Do you remember when he was going away to camp and he was talking to Kim about the cameras being installed for her security while he was gone . He said he could view them on his lap to and it was only for their protection while he was gone.

            • Now that would be a shock…Maybe I’m blind but I just don’t see Lisa being a cheater.

  3. Uh, that picture of Jokequeline’s neck is the “before” picture for her ultherapy, not the “after” picture, right? ‘Cuz that turkey neck is a hardly a ringing endorsement for a skin firming product.

    • well,she looked horrible on WWHL, I barely recognized her and even Andy asked if she had work done. I agree with Lisa, She is very pretty she needs to quit with the procedures they make her look worse.

      • Jacqueline’s gained weight, and I think she gets botox whenever she does. She appears to only to it to her forehead and eyes region, while her cheeks remain chubby looking, which they naturally are. I think she should quit with it because it appears to be counterproductive.

  4. Jax is a beautiful woman in my opinion. Growing older is a fact of life and isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be difficult to look in the mirror on some days. Jax has big, brown eyes and lovely hair. Her figure is trim and she clearly takes good care of herself. Give up the cream b.s. Unfortunately most do not work.

    • This is true Twinkle. Ya know what I think is damaging more than anything is alcohol intake. A lot of these HWs, not just Jax, are filmed constantly with a glass in their hand. I think it gives viewers a false impression that you can drink like a fish and not have the effects show up on your face or your hind end. Ramona is another one that has good skin even though she drinks like a fish on camera. In real life, it dont work that way. Cheapest procedure would be just to put the bottle down for most people. There is not that many “procedures” out there that will overcome the damage that drankin does.

      • You are right, I see people all day from all walks of life and you can tell when you see someone who has a problem. Alcoholics have a certain look but people who abuse opiates look down right grey sometimes, it’s scary!

        • Yes each substance seems to live its own calling card on the user. I remember seeing a show once where a woman I think she was about 40 decided to see what would happen if she drank everyday to show her daugher the effects of it or sumpin. Anyways the weight gain alone was horrific. But then again I see some major alkies that drink their dinner and they are skin and bone. Just never know how its gonna do ya. I know my body bloats like a sumbeech anytime I drink. And I suppose this alone is the only reason I have never become an alkiholic cause its in my genes and I play with fire everytime I drink. For me, it just aint worth it. And I cant afford to “fix” the mess it makes.

          • I totally understand. I used to be a bartender. I started working at the resorts so I would never have regulars because it was to depressing to watch the same people come in day in and day out and drink their lives away. I eventually gave it up all together because I didn’t care to see people at their worst any longer. Disclaimer: This is for me personally, this is not a judgement on all bartenders or barflys.

            • I can totally understand what you are sayin. I suppose its not all sunshine and rainbows to watch regualrs drank their life away. Real Llfe aint a sitcom.

  5. How about using your money to fix your crazy. Firming your neck won’t erase your “real” problems!

    • That would be sumpin. Maybe its that Mohamed feller? Or or or what about that boyfriend of Danas. The one that Brandi joked about him cheating and sent Dana into orbit?

        • Ohhhh No Don’t say Ms Kyle is already insecure… This just might send her into a Deep Depression!!! Every time Miss Andy ask any of his female guest out of all the house husbands who the hottest every time they pick Mauricio!!

  6. The 20/20 episode title is “Revenge for Real: Murder in the Hamptons”. Thinking that the housewife will probably be someone from NY, NJ or DC. Hmmm, this is very intriguing. I can’t wait to see it.

    • hmm NY, it would be smashing if it were Ramona and Mario but I don’t think so. My guess if it is NY would be LuAnn becuase there have been numorus comments and LuAnn and the count’s open marriage.

      • Funny, I was kind of thinking that it could possibly be Ramona too. I was trying to search the site for info about her friend that died. Remember the whole “dead man’s suit” w/ Cindy Barshop’s brother? I think the “dead man” was Jeff something, was trying to find out if he was murdered. Just trying a bit of sleuthing this AM. lol

        You’re probably correct though, I’m sure it is LuMann

    • I think they swapped episodes, it now says tonight’s episode is “Caught in A Bad Romance”. According to the preview it is about single women dating married men, including famous men/celebrities.

    • I saw the Murder in the Hamptons thing too. Which made me think it was a repeat of the Ted Ammons muder. But then that made me think of the security cameras… This one is gonna be a real nail bitter as to who it is.

      • This is driving me batty. I am horribly impatient when it comes to things like this.

        On the 20/20 website there are clips for 3 segments. One is 4 women that confront a man that used them to cheat on his wife (and take money from them) and record his reaction. The second is a former mistress that has “transformed” her life and helping other females get out of the home wrecker life style. (my own take on it) The last is a Vegas PI that catches cheaters… Could point to Jac but, prob too obvious.

        • ok ok, forget the obvious vegas connection for a sec and think about this, you have seen the t.v. show Cheaters before, yes? That show does that kind of stuff with P.I.’s. You have to be kinda desperate to participate in that sort of thing. Now if I had to ask myself who would be crazy enough to do a stunt like that on 20/20 who would it be…Jax! lol
          I’m sure I’m off here but that is a good a theory as any!

          • I am going to sound absolutely evil right now but, I kind of hope it is Jac. I hope it is Jac that cheated though. I’m sick of hearing Chris say how she’s basically an innocent, doe eyed, naive girl. Such BS.

            • WOW I think its disturbing how people hope someone has been cheated on
              Cheating Hurts its distroys people to hope someone has been cheated or is a cheater is sad JMHO.

        • Hit and run here…but Michaele Salahi was the first one that popped into my head. I’m very curious too!

    • That’s the episode listed at 8 cst. There’s another listed at 9 cst. Each for an hour. Just mentioning it, because I had to set the DVR of each hour to get it all.

      • I’m in Nor Cal & I only have one listing but, it is for 2 hours. You’d think if one was a repeat they would list them separately. My cable company sucks though, so I’m not surprised.

        • danical: To clarify: When SH started to communicate with the ABCNews producer yesterday, “20/20″ was listed as a ONE-hour show starting at 10 pm. The 9 pm show was a repeat. They have now expanded the 10 pm show to TWO-hours… the 9 pm repeat was scrubbed. The “20/20″ show will be a full TWO-hours starting at 9 pm. TFC!! SH

        • 20/20 always goes for two hours with usually two differnt subjects but ..sometimes just one. It is typical it runs for two hours

  7. I guess it would be to obvious if it had to do with Chris Manzo? That RoxyPoxy girl did just give a warning that she was about to let loose!

      • Do you guys really believe that chick i think she is full of crap and just trying to get attention or sympathy or a misguided fan or something.

          • Yea and thats why i think she is full of it, why wait now when Tre needs the cheating soptlight off her and juicy and on someone else. I am not saying tre is resonsible or knows anything about it.

              • Yea I have read her tweets she sounds like a total fame whore..Most of the time the Mistresses fad away from the spttlight this one is running as fast as she can to get there. I raising the red flags

        • However she is I think she is a blabbermouthed butthole. Oh and speaking of buttholes….
          Greggy’s loose buttwhole shout out of the day:

          • One of the giggles of the day always revolves around ur shout outs to greggy’s loose jackhole

    • Naw, that’s what she spent her HW’s money on. She spent the signature apparel on all that crappy Zen Jen crystal jewelry.

  8. Is that Kelly bending over in the picture? If it is she has no shape whats so ever – actually is sick to look at!

    • Oh gracious day in da mornin that has Roxyho written all over it. or or or… what if this is the Tara thing yall? oh my brain!!

      • Oh no… freakin Tara! It’s probably that Roxpox though. Either way I just need to know already!

    • that blonde chick in the preview, she has been on Dr. Phil before talking about being the other woman. I think she made have written a book about it. I don’t remember much besides the audience being real pissed at her because she said something like “if your hubby cheats it is your fault for not giving him enough attention.”

      • Such BS, cheating is a failure only on the part of the cheater to blame it on the wronged spouse is wrong on so many levels.

        • Lisa, thanks for understanding all my spelling mistakes, I’m working at home today and I should not even be on here but I can not help myself! Today is a good day! Anyhow, I am typing on the go. Sorry it sounds so crazy. I do absoulutely agree about cheating, I am kind of supprised to see her (the blonde chick) it was a couple of years ago I saw her on Dr. Phil and I have been really trying to remember what it was all about but Dr. Phil kind of thought she was a parasite. I want to say it was a group of Mistresses vs.Cheated on wives. will try to find it.

          • Dont worry about spelling I cant spell to save my life
            I dont correct people who think bad of them.
            I have caught myself(about a cheating spouse) thinking gee i can see why he cheats but thats wrong to I dont care how bad the wife/husband is Cheating isnt the answer.

  9. I think the cheater is going to be Mario! On the last season of RHNY they made such a big deal out of it for there not to be some truth there!

  10. I just saw a retweet from Vyle… She has a special on Sunday, “10 things that make me happy” Uh… Ken? Shall I? WE DON’T CARE!

  11. Probably someone like Danielle, former Housewife who they’re not afraid to name. Lisa and Mohamed are supposedly an item too but they won’t go there

  12. Could be Cris, he was engaged when he met and started dating Jax…once a cheater….I’m sure he could be up to his old tricks.

  13. 11 million mark?! Congratulations SH!!!! We couldn’t be your loyal readers without you so… THANK YOU!!! :)

    I’ll be turning in to 20/20 tonight.

    Jax… No words.

    Denise/Bravo Andy…. I used to like him. Now he completely makes me sick. He’s such a punk freak.

    • Congrats on viewers- I have appreciated SH for giving me support, I do not know who the behind the scenes person/people are but thank you for putting some heat on Brooks and calling him out with my issue and wanting to expose the truth..XOXOXXO

  14. Miss Andy needs to be called out. He’s getting too touchy and makes too many references to women’s body parts, their sex lives. I think he thinks he’s being shrewd and nobody gets that he’s humiliating these women. I want to see Theresa lift him up by his ears and toss him like a midget and then Nene stomp on him with her Louboutins.

    • A straight guy would never, ever get away with treating women this way. Why is it ‘okay’ for a gay man to act the way Miss Andy does?

    • Why do you think that Lisa went nuts when Brandi was all over him in Hawaii. She doesn’t want him to remember he’s a man and deserves to have sex more than once a year. It might give him ideas to leave her and go with Brandi.

      • Who is to say Ken wants sex more then Once a Year Men do lose interest as much as women do
        Personally I think that whole sex once a year is not for real.

  15. Also in response of who they are talking about, I’m in the air with that but for them to go to SH we must have guessed right on something. I truly think that Mario has been cheating on Ramona for awhile, and I bet one of them is Sonja.

  16. My hope is it is Caroline, but that is just because I cannot stand her. Has anybody else seen the You Tube video of the Gorga’s at Splash with Melissa singing and dancing to On Display. Loose Butthole Greggy and Shrimpy are hosting and I feel like I need a shot of penicillin just from watching it. Shrimpy is rubbing his face in some tramps bare boobs. Greggy is telling everyone they can use any language here, f**k and faggot are just fine. (oh my God, what would Andy think). Then to my shock who appears on this stage of debauchery, but the sweet great Mother Theresa, Kathy. If I knew how to repost things I would, but then again maybe everyone else has seen it.

  17. you know..sonya Talks about sex all the time..she dresses slutty..and she’s quick wit the double-entendre….i bet the bitch is actualy frigid….and privately hates sex….i’m just say’in….

    • I don’t know if you mean the You Tube of the Gorga’s or the 20/ 20 show. I would love to, unfortunately I am completely unaware of how to actually do so. Some of these people here like Madepiley are great and highly talented, I am sure one of them will help you out. Sorry

      • Cheers Lainie for the reply. It’d just be nice to see the clip of SH getting the acknowledgement. The up-run to it and the response it received.

  18. Kermie and Miss Vicki in the Muppett Movie. Wonder if Kermie would be warning Miss Vicki about Crooksy???

    • LMAO, oh gawd! This brings back a memory!!! I had got bored of leaving the usual voicemail “Hi this is Bev, can’t take your call right now…” blah blah blah so changed it to (in the voice of Miss Piggy) “Hey Kermie Wormie, leave a message or HIIIIIIII YAAAA!!”, I got a message left, it said “Hi Bev, this is Steve (my boss at the time), there’s some interesting courses coming up at work that you’d be interested in. However, not as interesting as I found your voicemail”. OMG, was I embarrased seeing him the next day!

  19. I am in Northern AZ, I have DISH satellite and ABC is from Phoenix. As of 5 pm it is showing 8 and 9 pm one hour reruns of 20/20. May have to count on Ms SH for all of the scoop!!!

    • freefall: This particular “20/20″ was originally slated for one hour, starting at 10 pm… they have expanded the subject matter and will begin airing at 9 pm for two hours. Will keep all updated! TFC!! SH

  20. guys, yaketyJax needs all those necks to support all those faces, no? in any case i agree– that is not the kind of therapy that will do her good. — now back to 20/20 !

  21. Nicholette,
    You looked beautiful tonight. So glad you got your story out there!!! And can I just say , your son is positively angelic. Such a hansome lil man. Can not even fathom anyone being so cold hearted as to not want to be a part of his life. Also glad you got it out there that Crooksy has pulled the ole hallmark trick before. You keep on fightin for what that man owes your child. He doesn’t deserve to even call himself a father. Total dirtbag.


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