CAROLINE MANZO: BigAl Manzo ‘Spaghetti Prices Higher”… To Cover Brownstone Heath Costs!

June 30, 2012  9:00 am…

The Brownstone, the lavish Paterson catering venue, offers health care coverage for employees who want it. But that may change as management tries to chart a course in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Court’s upholding of health care reform Thursday.

 BigAl Manzo at Lauren Manzo’s first try at makeup biz…

“I don’t know what my obligations even are at this point, and that’s what’s scary to me,” said Albert Manzo, president of family-owned business The Brownstone House Inc.

But the bottom line, Manzo said, is that any additional costs The Brownstone must bear in terms of health insurance will be passed on.

“I’m going to have to decide what is going to work for me,” he said. “Now do I just raise my prices? There’s no question that the consumer is going to be impacted.”

 Brownstone Sauce… “We’ll have to raise the price of the sauce to $639.79 a jar… people LOVE Caroline… they’ll pay it!”

The Brownstone has about 200 full-time and part-time employees, Manzo said. Under the federal health law affirmed by the high court, businesses with 50 or more full-time workers must provide health coverage for them, or pay a penalty.

That’s not a black-and-white issue in Manzo’s trade. For example, waiters work full time during certain periods, part time during others. He doesn’t know how they would be characterized under the health law.

The Brownstone definitely will weigh whether to stop offering health coverage entirely, even if it must then pay a federal penalty, said Manzo.

“I may just push everybody out and say we’re not doing health care, period,” he said. “If I take the penalty and add it up and it’s less than the health care plan that I can reasonably give. Do the math. If it’s $10,000 a month to put everybody in health care, and the penalty is $5,000 a month, I’m going to throw everybody out.”

The Brownstone has a chief financial officer who also is a certified public accountant, and he will be attending seminars to find out more about the impact of federal health care reform,” Manzo said.

(Thanks to SH reader “EK”!!!)


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109 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: BigAl Manzo ‘Spaghetti Prices Higher”… To Cover Brownstone Heath Costs!

  1. Paterson, NJ and the word lavish together. Famous for Eastside High (from the movie Lean on Me)

    Al Manzo is a crook. It’s hard to have sympathy for him and supplying his employees healthcare when he’s robbed the local government before (watergate). And waste his money supporting 3 adult children.

    • They just may not be paying for any employes ins. at all. Plus the place belongs to his family not Caroline. Employes should be mad they don’t get paid well the way they spend money, Remember Dina’s wedding? Also, I read she skipped out on medical/hospital bills. They crooked their way w stolen health ins in the past few years. Gov. Chris Cristy went after them for lying. They all have lap bands and obese. Kids don’t work, live above what they make. If not for Bravo they would be broke. So I say Just stay away from the place – there are many other much nicer places with way better food. She and her family are the most hated on #RHONJ. Get your old ass a job Caroline & your old ass free loaders. Pay off the liens too I read about. THIS IS MY OPINION ON THE WHOLE THING. : )

  2. Boo Hoo Mr. Manzo! Your suits cost more than the monthly premium for healthcare for your hard working employees. Pass it on to the consumer ….. why? It seems your profit margin allows a lot of EXCESS for you as the owner. How about cutting back on the lavish meals at your house, skip the family lap-band purchases and THINK about looking out for your staff.

    • Get used to it Plain Jane. The unfortunate reality of these free for everyone programs is that someone is going to have to pay for it. Everywhere we go and everything we buy is going to cost more to pay for this.

      • run, you are absolutely right. Frankly, I don’t see the big deal here. I detest the Manzoids, but Big Al has simply stated what business owners, both large and small, around the country are saying. This “free” healthcare idea is nonsense. Everybody will pay in one form or another.

        • He’s an effing idiot. There are so many smart ways to work around it, especially with a catering hall, but he admits that he hasn’t read it/doesn’t understand it. Has anyone actually read any of it? I think I might start a business creating subsidiaries to help these idiots game the system, it’s all right there- every solution and out is available to a SMART business person with an ounce of savvy. But this nobody is blustering on a platform built by his wife’s infamy, outing himself as inept. This has to be political pandering for a future Caro right wing opportunity. I am just flabbergasted by people saying anything about it WITHOUT HAVING READ ANY OF IT.

          • Mrs., I completely understand what you are saying in so far as creating individual companies to limit the number of employess and total payroll so as to be exempt. However, as I’m sure you are aware, H.R. 3590, addresses the issue of employers trying to evade paying for health care in doing so. Additionally, many large companies with enormous accounting and legal departments are also concerned about the impact as so much of the bill has TBD aspects. Of course, Walmart, McDonalds and numerous other large companies were able to get exemptions.

            If a Fortune 100 company doesn’t have all of the answers, a small business person certainly doesn’t. Although I’m no fan of the Manzoids, I completely understand his not knowing the impact on his business yet. There are going to be plenty of surprises for everyone in 2014 when implementation begins.

            • I think it’s outrageous that large corporations and unions have been allowed to opt out. Never mind that Federal and State employees are not part of the package either. As a small business owner with less than 50 employees, i still don’t have a clue as to what will personally happen to my employees and myself. Will the rates go up? We can’t afford it! I guess I’ll have to 1099 them. Which is what Al should be doing with his part-time people anyway. They don’t read the damn bill and attach student loans to it as well? Assclowns!

              • I don’t think big Al was referring to his write off per se, be it a 1099 or a straight expense line item in the form of a penalty. He was referring which would be more cost effective.

        • Exactly CJ and boohoo Plain Jane next time you make an extra dollar or get a raise, watch the government not Big Al take it away from you in taxes! Because this is the hugest tax our country has ever seen! I may not like the Manzos but I wish all small business’ to do well.

          • I have to agree, this is going to be murder on small business’ who are trying to do the right thing. It will now be more cost effective to stop offering insurance, or start letting people go.

      • Then there were those politically connected companies who were granted waivers from the healthcare reform. Must be nice for them.

          • Yup. Waivers to unions were granted at 7 times the rate of the private sector. Not to mention all the restaurants, clubs, and hotels in Pelosi’s district that were granted waivers. It is crony capitalism at its worst. What happened to equal protection under the law? I guess like ‘Animal Farm’ some animals are more equal than others. Selective enforcement of the law is nothing short of tyranny.

            • Ana, you are spot on. Further, public employees (from the tiniest village to the federal gov) and union members can receive a Cadillac health plan and don’t have to pay income taxe on it. But, it someone in the private sector is lucky enough to have one, they will have to pay income tax on it.

              Convenient how all of the really expensive provisions for both employers and individuals aren’t implemented until 2014. If an individual or family is making more than 133% of the poverty level, the cost of insurance is going to be mind boggling. I do not know one person that has not seen at least a 30% increase in their premiums/deductables whether employer or personally provided over the last year.

              Hang on, this free health care for everyone is going to be anything but.

      • He is just like other business owners I know who really don’t care at all about the employees who help to make their businesses successful and profitable. The employees are always expendable. He would rather his employees have no health coverage or his patrons pay more than give up any frivolous luxury for himself or his family.

        • “He is just like other business owners I know who really don’t care at all about the employees who help to make their businesses successful and profitable”
          I take HUGE Exception to that! That is a generalized , inaccurate and very narrow minded description. Most business owners would love to provide insurance at an “affordable” rate! Most small business owners know their employees well and want to do the best they can for them! BECAUSE most small business owners are everyday people trying to make their world better all by themselves!

  3. EK, thank you — this is a great find and a highly intriguing read. I find it interesting that Albert was so forthcoming, actually admitting he may indeed opt to pay penalties instead.

    A related question: I do wonder if all Brownstone employees must sign a form/waiver about confidentiality — meaning, nobody is allowed to go to tabloids, etc. and spill the beans.

    Anyone know?

  4. Did he really say he would “throw everybody out and pay the penalty”??? He doesn’t seem to think much of this employees.

    The place looks very ‘tired’….especially that sign….

  5. I can’t believe he would bring up this matter after being fired by Governer Christie for lying about his address to take a government position and get state healthcare for free. Is everyone in that family insane. I think Caroliar is trying to get hired by Fox News and she knows they are apeshit over the Suprem Court decision.

  6. Big Al, whaddya mean you don’t know what it means?? You’ve got a freakin’ Fordham law school flunk out on yer family retainer–ask him!!! I’m sure he’ll get right back to you–after he’s done huggin’ up on his momma in utterly inappropriate ways.

    Fordam Expelled a Butthead and U can’t Sue!!!

    • Speaking of FEBUS, have we heard anything about that yet from the Moronzos? Remember they were gonna tell us all about how that’s been a long time family code word this year, when they had NEVER used it in previous seasons prior to slurring Tree with it last summer??

  7. Guess it’s all coming to pass, that we ARE our brothers keepers, FINALLY. I’ve been in the Rest/Bar business all my life. Health Care???? What’s that?

  8. Most buisness owners are apeshit over this. Anyone with any sense at all is gonna look at it just like Al did. Simple math, and lots across the country will loose their healthcare. Buisness owners are not in it for the warm fuzzies. And the government should never ever mandate a private buisnesss to to become a charity.

    • I understand what you’re saying so what happens to those who are no longer insured through employers?. My premiums went up two times in a row this year…..amounting to well over a thousand a month…..who can afford those high premiums???

      • If you don’t qualify for Medicaid or have private insurance you have to be insured through an exchange or pay a penalty. You don’t have choice to be uninsured after 2014.

        I paid into my private insurance for 20 yrs. The premium rate increases are unreal. But, the insurers are business too and they now have to insure everyone. Granted the boards could cut some bloated executive compensation packages for sure. I switched to an Obamacare compliant plan and I now have to pay for maternity. 70 year old men have to pay for it too because it’s FAIR. I’m only allowed to pay monthly (I used to pay yearly), and the premiums have already increased 30%.

    • The problem is that profit margins are so small these days and it isn’t like the government offered up a health care provider that affordable. Insurance companies are the real winners in all of this.

    • MP, it is not only that people will lose their health care, a lot of people are going to lose their jobs. Small business owners are going to keep their number of employees to less than 50. Additionally, many companies that are now providing health care insurance will end up paying the penalty, but that costs money too.

      Many businesses are operating on such small profit margins now, there isn’t much room for the increased cost of medical coverage or penalties.

      • It’s been like this for a while, so this isn’t new!!!!!! Companies kept it at 49 workers and a few part-timers. We have to find a solution to the healthcare crisis. I know for a fact that Canada and other places like France have their own medical issues. I’ve seen, firsthand, how people have to wait a VERY long time to see a specialist, and I’ve seen people end up dead because of it. That’s not the answer either! Wish we could do something to make health insurance here affordable!

      • Yeah its gonna be a bad deal for EVERYONE. Even the ones that are currently getting free healthcare will find that their food stamps will not go as far now. The way I see it is the Supreme Court sorta broke one off in Obama if you want to know the truth. Now all his opponent will have to say is “I will repeal this thing” and the office is as good as his. If the Supreme Court would have blocked it then BO could have said “well I WOULD have, but… these mean ole conservatives….blah blah blah”

        • I can’t stand all the obfuscation behind the mandate. They said it was a penalty when they passed the law, then the lawyer arguing on behalf of the law in court said it was a tax, now the administration is saying that it is NOT a tax. The supreme court only upheld the law based on the premise that it is a tax. It is only constitutional as a TAX. It is a tax and huge tax increase on the middle class at that.

          • Yes its a tax. Most large corp already provide insurance. The place I used to work did but the premiums were rediculous and a lot of people didnt take it. Near as I can tell this new mandate doesn’t stipulate that the insurance provided has to be affordable. The ones that will suffer are smaller buisnesses, anyone they had planned on hiring, anyone who works for them already and gets their hours cut or gets phased out all together and all consumers. The government is acting like old school mobsters. Get knee capped or pay a fee.

            • They are not only doing this to businesses, but individuals as well. If you don’t buy insurance, you pay a penalty, uh, a tax, uh, no, a penalty. Also, you have to buy insurance that covers things that you don’t want or need: marriage & family counseling, drug & alcohol treatment, pregnancy & childbirth, etc, etc. You can’t just buy insurance for catastrophic illness and pay out of pocket for the little things.

    • Sorry SH! I won’t do that again. I just felt the need. I promise my next long rant will be about how vile Caroline Manzo is.

      • Yes, it most definitely WILL have to be tweaked and changed as times goes on – as all legislation has had to be in the past. No piece of legislation starts out perfect. Ironing out wrinkles is part of the process of getting to something we can all live with. Nothing and no one can predict ALL potential problems. The best you can do is TRY to and fix them as they arise. One thing was clear though – doing NOTHING was just not acceptable anymore. Opponents of it will no doubt point to every tiny issue as PROOF that the act was a terrible idea!

  9. MP, agreed, and before SH nixes this OT thread, my prediction is that initially the penalty for businesses that don’t insure will be low enough that they will jettison the private plans, forcing employees over to the gov’t program. After all that has occurred, the penalty is going to explode to cover the costs, but by then it will be too late to bring back a private plan.

    Just because I’m paranoid, doesn’t mean they’re not out to get me!

    BTW, belated condolences. How’s Gabe doing??

    • Thank you Who. Gabe is going good. He is sporting an electric blue mohawk at the moment and I cant wait to shave that sucker off. ;)

      • LOL, MP. I bet Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards and Led Zeppelin’s mothers all had a similar desire at one time or another.

      • When i was in Elementary school parents of one of my classmates gave him a Mohawk for punishment It was to embarrass him.. I have no point to this random trivia

        • Awe thats terrible. Was the lil feller embarrassed or was it more of a dont throw me in the briar patch kinda thing? My sone would love to wear his mohawk to school but I just dont want his new teachers to judge him right off the bat over a crazy hair-do. They will know soon enough all the glory that is The Gabe. Aint no need in a mowhak given them a heads-up. :)

  10. The way it is intended to work is that by making young people without serious health issues part of the insurance pool, costs will go down. The way it works now, when someone presents to the hospital with no insurance, they are usually in serious trouble, the hospital has to treat them, and has to pass that loss on to each of us. It is a way of making things more fair. After all, each of us that pays for insurance has been paying for the people who don’t purchase insurance for years. It is making people be personally responsible for themselves. People with insurance, go to doctors, keeping illnesses from getting worse. After the ruling hospital stocks soared, because they understand it better than anyone.

    • Yeah. This is blog is called ” STOOPID HOUSEWIVES” so I’m trying really hard not only to not go on a wonky legislative and political rant, but also not appear condescending when I say – there is a lot of ignorance about what’s really in the law, what it really will and won’t do to and for small business owners and the philosophy behind the law, in these comments. I think we can all agree on one thing: Al Manzo is generally speaking, a scumbag, who hangs out with other scumbags. And if he’s so proud of being a “good conservative” ( he and Chuck have made this WELL known ) then perhaps he shouldn’t have STOLE $$$ from the taxpayers of NJ. The irony of someone who stole health care services he was not entitled to from the tax payers of NJ whining about having to pay a little more for his employees ( which is not even entirely accurate, especially long term, but whatever ) boggles the mind.

      • Your right, it is about stoopid housewives and the more you read the law the more you realize what a giant tax it is, there will be winners, but it won’t be the old, the in firmed, it won’t be the poor or the young. (medicaid just grew and that means rationing) Some good things are the preconditions clause.

      • He doesn’t even want to pay for health care for himself he got the taxpayers to do it, which the state should make him pay it back. Did we really think he would support paying for his employees. I’m sure he doesn’t like paying unemployment and social security taxes either. Dig in your pocke Al… you can pay for lap band for Lauren,you and Caroline, live in a lavish house, live a lavish life. pay for health care for employees who don’t make enough money to pay for health care, get the help that small business will get to pay for it and you know you will have your employees contribute as well.

  11. VL: That’s one arm of a many tentacled problem. Another issue is that people with insurance don’t care how much something costs, and doctors, who do not have liability caps on them, order too many largely unnecessary and increasingly expensive tests all of which drives up costs. People dicker more over a car repair than whether they really need that MRI. People would be far more personally responsible for their care if they were given an annual allowance that they could keep if not used–”let’s see, that MRI is only marginally beneficial and costs half of my allowance–nah, I’ll pass.” Or something like it that invests people with an interest in working with the docs to keep costs down.

    And the penalty for those young people is 2500 or 2% of their income. Believe me, and believe cherrylipgloss above, that 2500 is a drop in the bucket compared with monthly premiums that exceed 2500 for a married couple with no kids.

  12. He’s should know all about healthcare..he knew enough to scam NJ taxpayers out of his free lapband on our dime with his no show gov. job. Yeah..I agree with those who find it laughable to call anything in Patterson lavish LOL!!!

  13. I don’t understand most of what fat Al is saying. Hasn’t the law of having to insure workers that exceeded 50 people been in place for years?????????????? I know in NY it has. And, how wonderful of him to already be looking to break the law! He’s an idiot though–the $5,000 penalty will continually go up if he doesn’t insure his workers. Also, what workers are going to continue working there without insurance plans? Now they’ll have to get it on their own? Waiters are struggling as it is (I know, everyone is, but they’re paid such a low salary to begin with), and now stupid Al is saying he’ll cut them all off?? He’s gonna be left with all the illegals of Patterson, East New York and Union City working there and then I hope he gets arrested! Freakin’ idiot!

    I agree–lay off the pepperoni, constant wine and home parties and supply your hard working employees with benefits. It’s not too hard to do. Creep!

    • ” Hasn’t the law of having to insure workers that exceeded 50 people been in place for years?????????????? I know in NY it has. ” Yeah, it has. This is a FAR too complicated discussion for a housewives blog. I’m not picking the blog or anyone in here, in fact, this blog is FULL of marvelously witty and intelligent regular ppl whose posts make me laugh out loud all the time. However, this is almost something that probably needs to be discussed face to face. It’s just too complex and everyone’s coming from a different place. All I’ll say is Al Manzo is full shiza up to his eyeballs.

      • I meant to type regular POSTERS, not regular ppl. Although, I think most of us are indeed ” regular ppl” which is why we think the housewives are so stoopid.

  14. Who, just so we are still discussing the show,what does FEBUS mean? I am new here and have seen it used but do not know what it refers to. I completely agree with you, it is a very complex problem. I like your idea of an annual allowance, people are always more careful with money when it is their own. Or even a plan that rewards doctors who keep the tests and costs down to what is really called for. My own premium went up in October of last year and then again in March this year and not by just a couple of bucks. Did not mean to imply it was simple.

      • FEBUS – F*ck Everybody But Us. Their way of pushing back against the “fans” who dare to disagree with them, as far as I can tell. I always say though, us ” losers” ( as they call us ) are the ppl who they want to BUY their products. Not a great business strategy to insult us.

        • But it actually began with the OTHER definition – don’t even want to say it. Lets just say it insults a woman in a most nasty way. Sweet, clever Chris Manzo ( I think ?) was the one who said it – about Teresa. The Manzos started catching heat for it, so Mommy Chuck made up a NEW term for her boy. ( Who’s SUCH a gentleman! )

            • Ummm go to urban dictionary…I’m pretty sure that’s the term Chris used about T. Urban dictionary has taught me a lot :-)

              • I think that definition in the Urban Dictionary would more closely describe Chuckie or Lapband Lauren than Teresa.

              • ana who is chuckie? is it caroline…cause if so, I agree….orrrr, melissa…..or jacqeline…..or just about anyone but tre!
                on another note…..when I looked up febus at urban dictionary I began to follow a trail to other definitions and having been on this earth for a significant number of years I had no idea some of the sick things ppl do. I wish I could elaborate but all yall would have to gouge out your own eyes to avoid ever reading such perversions…….seriously…..the fetishes I read are the most… know I don’t have bad enough words to describe them!

              • Yes, Chuckie is Don Caro. She looks like that killer doll from the Movie ‘Child’s Play’. There is even a picture floating around the internet of Caro dressed up as Chuckie for Halloween. It is hilarious!! Oh, and yes, there is some disturbing stuff in the Urban Dictionary. What has been seen cannot be unseen……

  15. VL: Last summer at the end of season 3, I think, there was a fierce twitter war going on and the Moronzos unleashed the term FEBUS in some tweets relating to Tree. Somebody looked it up and found a pretty vile definition for it on the urban dictionary site. When called out on it, the Moronzo thugs back-pedalled and said “oh, no that’s not what we meant–it’s a term that we use to support one another,” it means fight for everything believe in urself–or some other totally contrived self-affirmation. They even said that they were filming segments that would show them using it and explaining it, etc.

    BUT, the problem they have is that there was a perfect opportunity for them to use it, when little moobie Albie didn’t get into or flunked out of law school–the fambly certainly tried to rally around him then but we did NOT hear FEBUS, not even once!!

    • I can’t believe I wrote “there was a fierce twitter war going on”!!! Like something out of Star Wars!! Man, I need to get back to Memphis and finish out my sentence!!

  16. Oh my God, that is so funny, just when I think they have told every lie in the book, they come up with more. Now I have to go on the urban dictionary site to see what I am sure they really meant. At the end of the awakening, Caroline is giving herself some kind of weird hands and eyeballs breast exam, so I guess unless New Jersey pays for their insurance, they do it themselves.

  17. This is off-topic, but sort of related…

    Anyone notice Lauren’s business has gone from being a ” Beauty Bar ” ( which as far as I can tell means ” Place where you go get your make-up done and maybe purchase skin care products ” to a tacky clothes/ poo-smell-hiding-product outlet? On twitter all she seems to talk about and post in reference to her business these days are pics of tacky clothes she’s pushing and this product – forget the name, but it hides your poo scent after you, you know, GO. I guess it’s for those situations where you just don’t want someone to know you’re doing……THAT, which are many. Sounds like a nifty product and one I MIGHT consider purchasing… Walmart or Kmart. I have to say though, if I went into a supposed upscale “Beauty Bar” to PAY to get my make-up done, and as I walked in the door there was giant display of a product with signs about poo smell, I’d walk out. It’s really just a store front for her and her extended family to push their crappy products, or if it’s not COMPLETELY that NOW, I predict that’s what it will become.

    • You know, for someone who is supposed to be a make-up artist, I am never especially impressed with Lauren’s made up face. I mean, you can usually tell the difference between even the most artful amateur applying make-up and a professional. There is no comparison. I remember one episode of RH where Lauren did Chuckie’s make-up before an event and it looked completely amateur. It was no better than if she had done it herself.

    • Whaaa?! She is selling pooter spray! Wth?! How does that go over?
      Customer: Ooh, what’s this… Do I spray it to set my make up?
      Lauren: No, that’s incase your farts smell too bad. Do they? It’s $9.95
      I sell pooter spray on the side!

        • No kidding and matches don’t have Pooters-B-Gone printed on the box either. Who’s the brainiac behind the pooter spray, Critterfur?
          Remember that commenter “raven” talking about Manzo secret sn she found out about at Lauren’s make up counter? Why didn’t she mention this odd pooter spray Lauren’s hawking over there?

        • Well, none of the Manzoids need this product ‘cuz as you all know, their poop don’t stink.


      CLLLLAASSSY Lauren! Again, I don’t have a problem with this product in theory, but selling it at a supposed upscale ” Beauty Bar”?? Is that what anyone wants to see when they go to get their make-up professionally done? Every day she puts up new pics of SH*T she’s selling – most of it looks like crap ( which is maybe why she’s selling this product ). Either the make-up application thing isn’t working out very well, or this was her plan all along – just a storefront to push Manzo/Laurita crap…..and to make her feel like she has a job.

      • Sorry, I wasn’t done yet…

        I wonder if this is part of her plan to get ” respect “.

        • I just looked the product up – “Poo Pourri”. What’s even more odd is they have MANY different bottles with polite taglines ” spritz the bowl before you doo”, pretty, feminine labels and ladylike names like ” Daisy Poo “. Lauren pics the one called ” Heavy Doody” , with a pic of someone on the toilet on the label and with the tagline ” The right tool for a big load.”

    • She is not in a mall so I’m not surprised she has to sell other stuff to lure people in. A kiosk in the mall to start would be great. MAC has all glass stores so everyone can see your transformation so what’s the difference with a kiosk.

      Anyway I am more surprised as a new business owner how much free time she has to hang with friends, go away for the weekend etc. She not into developing the business she was handed. What a surprise.

  18. THE BROWNSTONE IS NOT THE MAIN SOURCE OF THEIR MONEY IF YOU JUST THINK ABOUT IT! DO YOU THINK KILLING TINY MANZO FINISHED ANYTHING/ once a family is in they are always in! big al is the one everyone better respect! which is what joey gorga did by kissing his hand! big al is the man, everyone else is bit players!!even caroline doesn’t know the extent of it!

    • False. Tommy is more connected. That’s why he refuse to film duh. What mob man is as corny as al to be on the real housewives?

    • Really, think again – Tiny was a snitch. The Manzos are lucky they are still in business.

  19. Big Al thinks that his health insurance premiums are going to increase because of the ACA? How about the fact that he, his wife & daughter all had weight issues & gastric bypass surgery. Guess that had no impact on health insurance rates, huh?
    Quite frankly, he should be happy about the ACA. At least he won’t have to worry about his perpetually unemployed children being without insurance. Just saying.

    • “At least he won’t have to worry about his perpetually unemployed children being without insurance”

      Well said

    • Someone told me that if someone has gastric bypass surgery it makes them uninsurable for 5 years after the surgery. Meaning if you have insurance, have the surgery, you pretty much have to keep that same insurance policy, no matter what, or you won’t be able to get another policy. So if the Manzo’s are insured thru the Brownstone, they can’t cancel their insurance, or they won’t be able to get another policy. I thought that if an employer has insurance for the managers or owners, they have to offer insurance to the other employees as well.

  20. The tax credits alone that businesses will be entitled to get under the new plan will more than cover what Crook Manzo would have to pay. But they would not offer their employees anything. Plus the kicker Mr. Manzo, it doesn’t go into effect until 2014 so while you were going to blame the new health care on The Brownstone’s financial mess, it won’t fly so you better come up with another excuse. I would like to hear from all the 200 employees of The Brownstone just what kind of boss Big Al is.

      • Marty – LOL!!! It is true, every time someone on this show gets confronted with their bad behavior, they blame it on “lady problems” – Jac’s PPD, Mel’s pregnancy hormones and Chuck’s Menopause. Men’s hormones wax and wane too. Why not let the men take advantage of the excuse too??

  21. I don’t really understand the way insurance is done in the USA.
    Praise Jesus that I pay 1.5% of my taxable income never have to worry about a big bill or a lack of cover.

    • It does look like it says Cat Face, but really is Cat Face any worse than Caf Face? I don’t even know what that is supposed to mean. Caf Face. Weird.

      • Che face in Italian means “what a face” – used when squeezing a little kid’s cheeks. What a face!!

      • Maybe I dreamed this, but I could swear I read that Caroline once said it was the converging/contraction of the 2 words “Cafe” and “Face”. IOW, A cafe for your face – like you go to a cafe establishment to get coffee, but you’d go to a different kind of cafe to get your face done? Err…ummm, I dunno! The very fact that there’s been SO much discussion about what the hell the name MEANS and even how to pronounce shows it wasn’t a very effective choice. The name of a business should be easy and/or fun to say, easy to remember, and bring good things to mind. I agree with Heather that on the logo at least it LOOKS like ” Cat face”. When I first learned it was indeed “Cafface” I immediately thought it was some cool Italian word pronounced ” CAW FAW CHAY” ( sorry I’m not Italian, I hope you can understand my stab at pronunciation ) but NO, it’s THAT either.

        • I think the Manzos and Lauritas see themselves as some big clan of business geniuses. The truth is with The Brownstone at least, they were GIVEN an already established business and then Al and Tommy Manzo worked 16 hr days for 20 yrs to make it and KEEP it successful. Somehow Big Al’s kids never got the message that operating a successful business takes know-how, yes, but mostly A LOT OF WORK and SACRIFICE. They seem to think they have the power to turn any crappy idea they have into gold just by showing up here and there and putting for a very mediocre effort. The business owners I know are a hell of a lot more like Al Manzo than his kids. Albie, Chris and Lauren seem to have inordinate amount of time for leisure and partying for owners of young businesses.

        • I think BLK water is also a stupid name. Is it pronounced ‘black water’ or Be El Kay water? When I hear black water, I think of the private military training company or I think of waste water treatment, in which case black water means sewage. Who in the hell wants to drink THAT?

  22. I think just like a lot of seasonal landscaping businesses, construction jobs and temporary jobs that small businesses would really have to just 1099 each employee and have employees figure out their own insurance. Either that or go through temp agencies (who may also be in the same boat).

    We’ll all just have to see where the costs are passed on and incurred before finding out the correct way to offer health insurance and receive health insurance.

    I don’t particularly think that Al Manzo is wrong in trying to figure out what is the right thing to do for his company. He was already offering health insurance for employees that wanted it (most don’t do that), so I can see him and all employers trying to figure out which is the best way to go with this most recent healthcare edict.

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