CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole Goes For Cocktails… “How Old Are You…Really?”…. VIDEO

June 29, 2012  9:16 am       There’s no way this guy is 31 years old!  NOTE:  Isn’t Carole supposed to be a news producer? That’s what news producers do… they investigate and research!  Carole must be gettin’ rusty… she shoulda asked the guy for his passport!

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11 comments on “CAROLE RADZIWILL: Carole Goes For Cocktails… “How Old Are You…Really?”…. VIDEO

  1. Her age has been reported at various ages. It states she was married at 28 in 1998 to her husband Anthony. That would make her DOB 1970, but in 2005 it was reported she was ” a forty year old widow. That would make her DOB 1965. Other articles have a range of ages. She started working in the 80′s for I think ABC. I think that as a woman this gal could be close to fifty. But she seems to have a great sense of humor and a lot more class than the countess. And she looks great. Very natural looking. Unlike many of the other housewives. I love the phobic one. ANd I think if I had lost a leg in a small space I would have all kinds too. Two great additions.

    • The housewives age debates always reminds me of the Golden Girls episode when Rose and Dorothy get their hands on Blanche’s birth certificate and rip it open to see how old she really is but it has been deleted because she slept with the governor. These ladies must go to great lengths to conceal their age (why don’t classmates confirm it?) and they must start concealing it when they are young. I was curious to see how old Carla on mob wives was and it seems a lot of people have been unsuccessful in finding out

  2. Carole cracks me up, you know she took him back to the boom boom room. Bow chicka bow wow.

  3. I just really enjoy Carole……she would be so interesting and fun to go to lunch with! Whatever her age, she looks great! Frankly, I am pretty tired of the “Botox Barbies!” Carole has lead an interesting and very accomplished life, and at the end of the day, that is Far Better than Fake Boobs and Botox! :)

    • I agree…I read her book and she came across as compassionate and insightful.

      • I am reading her book right now, truly she is genuine and compassionate. I also agree about insightful. Her Bravo blogs show great insight!

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