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June 29, 2012   1:40 pm    Since this is the Season Seven FINAL Alexass BravoTVBlog… thought it deserved special attention!


This has been a rough one for me, but rest assured, it will not get me down for long!  I may have struggled over crazy emotions, confused friendships, and overworking. . .but I love my life and am so thankful for everything that has happened this year! I’ve had a week to sit back and relax, which I MADE myself do… and I feel refreshed, energetic and ready to take on the world again!

I have learned so much about myself this season — some good, some not-so-good. When I really contemplate what is important in my life I realize it’s all in check, so everything else will fall as it may, and my life is still pretty darn fabulous!!! Thank You God!

Alexass learns a lot from the lip reader!

I think Heather’s party was beautiful. She did a phenomenal job, and it was truly breathtaking to walk out to the back yard of white leather furniture. Every detail was carefully thought out, from the cake with the edible diamonds, all the way to the toast of giving away a real diamond. Yet with all these material things. . .I’m the pretentious one.

Yes… EVERY detail was carefully thought out… by “CLASSIC PARTY RENTALS”…

As long as we are on the topic of Heather’s party, there is one important message I must make clear. I would never invite someone to someone else’s party. Sarah told me she was already on the guest list, so when she asked to ride with me, I said yes. Just to be crystal clear, Sarah was ALREADY going to Heather’s party, with or without me, so when she wanted to ride with me, of course I said yes. I was also very aware of the bowling party incident with Sarah, and I wanted to be sure to avoid a recurrence of that situation, which is why I lectured Sarah about not drinking too much and even encouraged to switch to water.

I have known Sarah for many years, and the bowling party incident was so shocking to me because I had personally never witnessed that side of Sarah before, so I was going to try to avoid it from occurring again. I also know Sarah was/is going through a difficult time with her break-up, and I’m not about to turn my back on a friend just because she is going through a rough patch. I will not kick my friend while she is down. I would rather try to help her through it.

This does not mean I condone what Sarah did to Heather’s cake. I was appalled that she touched the cake! It is absolutely unacceptable, and I told Sarah that. My only goal once I discovered that Sarah ate the bow was to put the fire out immediately because Heather had spent all this time and money on an exquisite evening, and it didn’t need to be ruined by Sarah’s behavior.

In my opinion, Heather should have pulled Sarah aside (not Tamra and Vicki) and told Sarah that her behavior was unacceptable, and that she needed to excuse herself from the party. End of story. I don’t agree with what Sarah did, but the reaction to her bad behavior was as badly planned as the action that caused it.

                             Jim Bellino… “Surprise…”

I was so happy when Jim surprised me! It’s never fun to be away from him. Yet, I respect his choices just as he respects mine. I don’t want him to be somewhere that he truly doesn’t want to be. Later, when I asked him why he decided to come, he said because after all I had been through with this group of women, he wanted to surprise me and remind me what life is really about. That coupled with the fact that Terry had sent him a text saying come to the party, Jim thought that Terry meant a night of no confrontation (YES, Terry invited Jim personally to the party. . .Jim did not crash it). If you watch the scene, Jim asked Terry to a man-to-man lunch. But Terry was pressuring Jim so much to talk that night (because he knew Heather and Tamra were there to have his back.)

Needless to say, my heart sank when Jim walked out. Jim’s intention for coming to the party was not to talk to Terry about him calling me phony, and Jim was actually confused when Terry asked him to go talk.

Jimbo NOT confused when he asks Alexass about the ‘pants-wearin’…

Obviously I wished I kept my mouth shut, but there is a lot that you don’t see, so just know that it I thought, the sooner they talk, the sooner it will be over, and we can all move on. This is one time I wish Jim would not have listened to me (and you’ll never hear me say that one again!) They really should have talked man-to-man, alone, and without the interference from any wives, friends, or a party! I don’t blame Jim for walking out, I would have done the same thing had I been ambushed the way he was. What is so interesting to me, after watching the finale,  is every single time you see Terry or Heather, they say something mean or under-handed about Jim or myself, yet in front of us, it’s all hugs and kisses, and “so glad you could make it.” Yet, I’m the phony one.

Jimbo ditching the DO-BRO’S par-tay… and ditchin’ Alexass while he’s at it!

I’m so sad for where things stand with Gretchen right now, and I would have thought the sun turned to ice before she and I were in this place.   NOTE:  OMG!!  A Housewife using the correct “she and I” grammar!!!  Notify the authorities!!!!  

I don’t think Gretchen chose Tamra over me, but I do think Gretchen and I would still be friends if she and Tamra were not. There were so many instances that occurred throughout the season where Gretchen did not act as a true friend to me. I don’t think anything that happened between Gretchen and I was malicious,  NOTE:  OOPS!  Spoke too soon re the correct “me” “I” grammar usage… or that it was all even conscious, but none of that takes away from the fact that how she has treated me over this past season has been hurtful, wrong, and not the way true friends treat one another.

 Tamra Barney, Gretchen Rossi… “You don’t need Alexass no more… her storyline has been exhausted.  I gotta be friends with someone who’s gonna take me into Season Eight!!”

The truth of the matter is that there are so many things that have occurred over the past year that I never talked about. Like the fact that Gretchen listened to other people telling her not to be friends with me (yes, Heather knows about this one, Tamra too.) There are so many facts I never stated, things I never talked about. . .because I don’t LIKE confrontation, I don’t like hurting other people. I believe in being honest, straightforward and truthful, without calling out every single little nit-picky thing. I love my friends unconditionally, with shortcomings, weaknesses, and quirkinesses included. I have been there for Gretchen for two and a half years, while the other ladies attacked her. I have supported her and attended every single new endeavor she has had for the past two and a half years. I have defended Gretchen and Slade relentlessly around town and in the media. I brought Gretchen soup and flowers in bed when she was so devastated by the things Tamra had done to her a year and a half ago.

 Gretchen Rossi, Grayson and Slade Smiley… “Jimbo wanted a memorial made outta moon rocks in Alexass’ image… wearin’ one of her Koo-Toor dresses… for the $50 donation…”

One year ago, Jim offered to donate a substantial amount to Slade’s son, Grayson; as well as donating many of our hotel rooms  to their charity. This is just what friends do.

But for some reason it was all soon forgotten when I made a comment to Gretchen about owning my Bentley for three months? It just doesn’t make sense. Gretchen has never told me one time in two and a half years that I said things that bothered her. . .but the minute she and Tamra and Heather are friends, now all the sudden I say things that bother her? Gretchen thinks I was doubting our friendship the minute she became friends with Tamra, but I thought she could be friends with both of us. If you are true friends, you don’t need to pick a lane. . .you can be friends with both. I didn’t realize the down-turn our friendship took until the painting party episode aired, which was long after she and Tamra had become friends. Even amidst all of the negativity and ick of this season, I will always wish Gretchen well, and I will always be here for her should the other girls turn on her.

The most EXCITING RHOC producer-induced storyline EVER… 

 Vicki Gunvalson… this side of Vicki, not so bad…

                       Vicki Gunvalson.. this side of Vicki…. eh, not so good!

On to Vicki… I have truly gotten to see a side of Vicki this season that I really like. She has had a rough year with Briana being sick, the divorce, and the beating Brooks has taken. However, I think she is lighter, happier, and in love.

    Alexis Bellino… “Love you, Crooks… just until Jimbo shows up…”

I understand that there are many concerns about Brooks, but everyone has expressed their concerns to her, and now it’s time to let Vicki figure it out for herself. Jim and I have gotten to know Brooks fairly well over the past few months, and the times we have been around them together, they have been a normal, happy, in love couple.   NOTE:  How nice of Alexass to be blinded by Crooks!  Alexass admitting that she is simply another OC dumbazz!


So with that said, liking or not liking Brooks is not something that any of us need to be inserting into our conversations with Vicki anymore, unless she asks for our opinions.  Truefriends are there through the successes and the failures, through differences and similarities. No matter how things work out, I know Vicki is a smart cookie, and what’s more important is that right now, in this moment, she is happy. And so I choose to celebrate that!

 Vicki Gunvalson… “My Crooks is NOT celibate!!!  Oh… Alexass is CELEBRATING Crooks!  OH!  Well OK then…”

And I choose to celebrate my successes, rather than dwell on the downfalls that my eyes have been opened to this season. The greatest of which is our first indoor trampoline park, Sky Zone Anaheim, finally being open for three weeks now! It’s the most fun running a business the whole family can enjoy! Only problem is I can’t keep my kids away from there! Be sure to like us on “SkyZoneAnaheim” to find out about all the fun and exciting events we have coming up.

                                      Jimbo and Alexis Bellino… “TinyTrampolineTerrors!!!”

None of this would have been possible without all of you supporting and loving me along the way. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart. I could never have done it this year without all of your kind words and advice. Although the season is almost wrapped, I love talking with each of you, and I will still be chatting away so be sure to stay in touch on Twitter and Facebook!   NOTE:  AWWW… isn’t that nice of Alexass!  Would LOVE to do some talkin’ with Alexass via twitter, but Alexass has BLOCKED SH!!  Would someone ask her why???

So have a great July 4th weekend, and with lots of sunshine in mind. My tip of the week  is this: Be sure to apply sunscreen daily to your neck and chest as well as your face. Several of you ask about my skin regimen, and that is one important tip to remember! Don’t neglect your neck, it can turn old faster than your face!!   XOXO

Perhaps Alexass should impart her skin and neck care knowledge to her fellow Housewives!!  There’s one in New Jersey who Alexass should probably phone STAT!!!

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    • I think Jim the Chin writes her blogs. There are words in there that do not exist in Alexis’s vocabulary. The odd Alexisism is thrown in for good measure, such as “nit-picky thing”. I’m pretty sure Alexis had to go home and look up what pretentious meant, well after finding out how to spell it from her speak n spell first of course.


  1. Heather is a poser. She would never be friends with somebody like Tamra who is so low class, I wonder if Eddie cries himself to sleep every night. He looks like her abused son. I really take issue with the way she talks to people. She is so low rent but because she stirs the pot Heather and Gretchen stick to her, it means more camera time for them because the camera is always on the troublemaker. I wondered why all of the women were so mad at Alexis because they are all shallow, they don’t brag about clothes because they wear rags, they are the tackiest dressed of all the wives, fried hair etc. And so what if you mention your car or your designer bag. I noticed on the island getaway (it looked like a swamp) Tamra kept her plastic fake designer bag on the table for the camera and then she and horse teeth Gretchen frolicked on the beach.. On WWHL the other night Andy asked about Tamras dress and she declared, BeBe like that’s fancy, tacky. I give Alexis credit for acting like a lady throughout the season


  2. “What is so interesting to me, after watching the finale, is every single time you see Terry or Heather, they say something mean or under-handed about Jim or myself, yet in front of us, it’s all hugs and kisses, and “so glad you could make it.” Yet, I’m the phony one.”

    Dang……. she has a very good point!


    • hmm, you may have a point there. I read an old interview with her back when the season first started and she claimed that she was asked to be a full fledged housewife but she turned it down because she was going through some stuff in her personal life and later opted for the housewife “friend” status. She implied that maybe Heather was hired because she didn’t want the job.


      • Sarah’s cake eating was spiteful & Heather’s response to it was disproportionate.
        Perhaps there is more to their friction than meets the eye.


  3. AvaM, I agree with you. I think Alexis’ hubby, Jim, writes her blogs or, at least, edits them.

    Regarding Tamra: you can take the girl out of the trailer, but you can’t take the trailer out of the girl!


  4. Nice new chin on Taliban Jim. This couple just screeeeeaaaaams PHONY/FAKE/BS to me. They are as authentic as Jesus Barbies jugs. I personally cannot believe how many of these OC chicks are living way above their means. Can any of them afford to live in their home? Yet they would rather continue living their phoniness and flaunt it for the world on tv. Jesus jugs is one of my least favorite of all the housewives. Probably since she wraps herself in the “religious” robes (not literally). With her ginormous fake chest, fake hair, fake face, fake “cooture” line, and limited brain power – Alexis Keurig is my personal village idiot.


    • Jim the chin is a dirt bag. His fake sports memorabilia scam almost got him sent to prison. He is nothing more than a grifter.

      His wife talking about Jesus all the time with her chi chis hanging out and her line of clothing for prostitutes is disgusting. Did you see the episode this season where she was modeling her clothes and she was standing in front of a window and the sun was shining through her dress exposing all her business — her entire portfolio. All I can say is that she must wax, ‘cuz you could see the outline of her meat curtains.

      I love the name Taliban Jim. I wish Jimbo was Taliban, then he would put his porn star looking wife in a burka.


  5. Alexis IS a poser. Her first lunch alone with Heather, Alexis said she was a morning news anchor at FOX5. That was Heather’s first impression of alexis.


    • Did it say on the last show She lost her job at Fox 5? I sure hope that Gretchen doesn’t pick up her spot. I could see Gretchen being much better at it. Either way it has to be tough getting let go of what she thought was her big break and new career.


      • original: Alexass’ Fox 5 job was as real as the other HWs jobs: Nene as an entertainment reporter and DonCaro’s radio job! All jobs producer-induced and provided by Bravo! TFC!! SH


  6. I can’t see Bravo inviting them back next season since Jim has been putting them on blast every episode…maybe this is his plan because he doesn’t want Alexis on the show anymore.


    • When he ditched the party at the end and took his wife with him, I figured that was it for them. That was a huge Bravo no-no. They’re getting paid to start drama, not to run away from it. He’s an idiot – they need the money.


      • ahhhh…..but in the world of reality tv running away IS drama….think of the multitude of scenarios they can get out of just that one thing. The lunches, the gossip, the slamming, the berating, the derision, the blaming and then of course the “running away from conflict” intervention followed by months of therapy with phony therapists…….which will likely lead to bankruptcy and divorce….oh the possiblities!


  7. Alexass needs to read up on that bible she stuffs her bra with. PRIDE keeps you from seeing your internal flaws and allowing God to help you become more giving of yourself. Gretchen didn’t say anything mean to her, but was attempting to explain the situation in a a way a small chaild might understand what they are doing wrong. Alexass… when you fall, god may give you a little push so it hurts a little more. That’s how we learn lessons.
    If you can’t take that (cause that was benign) how will you deal with real issues? defend yourself as you go down in flames becuase that’s what pride does to you. Please note what’s happening to Tre. Down in flames. Pride.


    • I too didn’t think Gretchen was mean with her comments in Costa Rica. I mean they’re friends and she was voicing concern about some of her behavior that Gretchen found fake. If your friends can’t tell you when you’re being a fake who can?


  8. They are picking on Alexis because she tries SO HARD to act wealthy and (to no avail) to diplay her intelligence which is about as basic as it gets, not the sharpest tool in the shed. Lighten-up, relax, you are what you are, have what you have and you need to accept, not embellish yourself


  9. I completey agree with Alexis’ assessment of the cake incident. Heather and/or Terry should have spoken to her privately and discreetly, accepted her apology and enjoyed their party. For all her “Miss Fancy Pants” persona, she is turning into the queen of bad manners…..she came off looking worse than Sarah by overreacting and involving other guests (major fauxpas!)

    Heather comes across as having “airs” about her and this party cemented that for me. Using velvet ropes seems demeaning to guests. Does she really think anyone would wander into the private areas of her home?? The party area was clearly outdoors and her assertion that she wanted to keep the children safe…..please…..she said they weren’t home. In fact, it appeared that Alexis and Sarah had to cross the ropes just to access the restroom…..really? Did she have porta potties outside like Kim Zolciak???

    It strikes me that she thinks she can say anything she chooses as long as she delivers it with perect posture and proper diction. I saw through her facade when she quipped “Is that why she (Alexis) dresses that way?” when talking to Tammy Sue in Costa Rica…..clearly a nasty dig….. Alexis is more real that Heather and Terry could ever dream of being……


  10. I wish , heather would set down with her cartoon looking face . heathers husband I cant think of his name but is he trying too get a job in comedy because he’s not good.
    all of the cast is fake and tamras jealous because she is trash and now shes living like trash .


  11. I’m a newbie to this website, so please be gentle with me. Jesus Jugs and her husband make several good points. I also think that Tammy is definitely a bit common and vulgar. She promotes the mean girl gang-up every chance she gets. Vicki needs to calm down and wake the eff up regarding ole Brooks. Gretchen wants to be with the popular girls and doesn’t quite know how to handle it having been snake bit several times. Drunky Drunkington Sarah needs AA. Wtf has happened to Gretchen’s face? She was a pretty girl and now her cheeks look so hard and her face so frozen, it’s bizarre and makes her head look huge! I don’t know one self-respecting hetero man that would get in the middle of this BS like these men do! Heather’s etiquette is as authentic as Marlo’s from the RHOA. Am I the only one that thinks she gives Ramona a run for her money in the crazy eyes department? She probably would prefer to be on RHOBH, but doesn’t have the bank account or pedigree to get in.


  12. Poor Alexis, I feel terrible for her. She’s not a bad person, she’s just really really really dumb. Her husband is horrific. What she’d need is a man who’d watch out for her and treat her with kid gloves and make her feel secure. Instead she married this con-man, who just sees her as sex on legs, and puts her down in front of others and cameras – he’s a vile creature! Maybe she’ll meet a nice simple guy one day, with a stable business and a good heart who’ll take her and her children and provide them with some stability, love and respect.
    I changed my opinion about the fancies: at first I thought they were a breath of fresh air, but now I feel like Terry is an old washing woman, always where the gossip is, and Heather is a little bit too fancy. Her statement: ‘we don’t do shots’ for example, was just so silly. If this is what is takes to make her feel superior to others, then she truly needs very little…
    Gretchen is starting to look more and more like a drag queen to me, and don’t get me started on her voice – oh dear, can it be more nasally and irritating?
    Vicky has completely lost the plot, i have no words for her ridiculous degeneration throughout the past 2 seasons. Is it menopause? What makes her behave like this?
    Tamra is recently built very close to the water tap, she seems to cry at everything. She used to be nicer too.
    I think the RHOC need a rearrangement pronto. A couple of INTERESTING women for a change would do the trick.


  13. alexass. first off You were the one that started trouble. poor little bitch..had to run to daddy Jimmy
    to speak for her. i used to just fast forward when you were on the screen.( Mute nice!
    but now that you have put yourself out there..i gotta say you are the most clue-less immature…….
    bird brain tv has ever seen. i can’t believe how DUMB you are……how bout getting your GED for


    • you’re right, but how can you expect somebody this stupid to chose wisely? I understand the way you feel about Alexis (delusional, childish, self-centred etc) but I still feel bad for her, because whatever she is, her husband is just 10 times worse


  14. To have such low self-esteem to put up with a man talking to you like that on camera is just really sad. Can you imagine what he talks to her like off camera? To be dependent on a man like that, with no education or skills to support yourself or your children is such a shame. Men can always cheat, leave you, or die. And to stupidly consider yourself blessed and fortunate to have beauty from cosmetic surgery and money from a con man husband is just a total lack of real self worth. In a few years if the botox can’t help anymore and the money runs out, what will she have?


  15. Why does Heather always say ‘champs’ when referring to champagne? It means field in Francais. I’ve never heard it used as a slang term before. I’ve only ever heard/used champers or bubbly. Its my drink of choice (or a nice local sparkling white), so i’m an expert on these things.


    • Hmm, I think Heather suffers from look-I’m-special-and-not-like-all-these-commoners syndrome. She’s not bad, she’s smart, articulate, educated but her constant very obvious need to underline how different she is from the other OC housewives is getting tiresome and boring. Ironically women like her just seem different in certain environments, but replaced somewhere else (in her case Manhattan) and they’re a dime a dozen.
      Btw, I like champagne too and have never heard it being referred to as ‘champs’. Maybe she means to say Champs Elysees…lah dee dah dahling…kiss kiss.


      • Shes so uptight & strikes me as a bit nouveau riche(or as we say in Aust. cashed up bogan).
        I prefer Trashy Tammy who doesn’t hide her roots to Heifer poncing around like the Queen of Sheba.

        Champs Elysees is one of the greatest roads in the world IMO, my favorite monument & sephora within walking distance from eachother! But little to do with bubbling grapes. haha


    • oh that term aggravates me like no other. She seriously comes across as thinking (trying) so somehow be really cool….but she if failing miserably….no one in their right mind would say that. maybe she thinks she’ll start a trend….but not happening! she also thought she was so cool and funny at the dmv……If that woman ever had an audience of more than one (terry) for her comedy show then I’ll eat my own offspring for dinner tonight……


  16. I think Alexis exit with Jim leaving the party in the car really indicates that it is the end for them on the show. I don’t like Jim but I believe he sees through it and is not as seduced by the spotlight as the others are i.e. Dr Death, Eddie Munster , Slimey Slade and Crooks. The faux friendship with Vicki isn’t going to be enough to give her enough of a storyline unless Ms Winchester becomes a regular and that in my opinion would be a stroke of genius but if she wasn’t even at the reunion doesn’t look like it will happen.

    Also Tamra is a canny cow referencing she wants to get married on the 12.12.12 – I’m sure this is a ploy to be in the show for a lot longer as we build up the wedding. So much will probably change by this point Crooks will probably end up giving her away !!


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