TAMRA BARNEY: Tamra “Brooks At Reunion”… “Wedding Plans”…”Fitness and WineBar Biz”… VIDEO

June 28, 2012  10:30 am   

After appearing on WWHL, Tamballs stopped by HollywoodLife for an interview.

Tamra says that she “had no intention of saying anything to Brooks” as she approached the party, and thought that it was going to be a fun, joyous shindig thrown by Heather Dubrow. Instead, there were fights left and right, and her spat with Brooks was a long time coming. And then once he started in with the “evil eye” comments…

Tamballs claims that her and Ellie’s engagement were a part of the RHOC storyline from the beginning… that’s interesting, as Tamballs’ and Ellie’s trip to BoraBora was filmed long after filming the RHOC had ended!  Tamballs tries to dispel the fact that there was any animosity by Wretched and Slimey over their engagement…

Tamballs was photo’d in Mexico… supposedly looking for a resort to “host” her and Ellie’s wedding.  NOW Tamballs says that their destination wedding will take place in Italy!

NOTE:  No one wants to see a Tamballs/Ellie wedding special and certainly not a Tamballs/Ellie spinoff!

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32 comments on “TAMRA BARNEY: Tamra “Brooks At Reunion”… “Wedding Plans”…”Fitness and WineBar Biz”… VIDEO

    • I actually don’t get that vibe from him…..I know this is where I’m in the minority…..well, one of many times…..I didn’t get the vibe from Simon either…..Simon clearly worshipped Alex and I don’t know…’s in the way that Simon and Eddie look at their women….it’s in the eyes, and I think both are straight……

        • Haha…..thanks NOTBSSC…..I hate being in the minority but I honestly didn’t expect ANYONE to concur. One ofther instance that I remember seeing the lust in Simon’s eyes was when he asked Alex to tdo a little spin when she was trying on a dress….(and then again when she was trying on the lingerie). There was no doubt in my mind that the visual reeeealy worked for him….. ;)

  1. Not that there’s anything wrong with that!! Especially in a world dominated by Mandy, Rosie, BGG and DonCaro’s brother and her closet queen son(s)!! BTW, have I ever mentioned how much I can’t stand Mandy??? And how utterly useless the closet queens and their sister are???

      • Mandy, aka Miss Andy, aka the guzzlet queen, is the mincing, prancing, Little Lord Fauntleroy of the Bravo Club House who buys his always-too-small suits in the boys’ department. BGG is the closet queens’ roomie, the one who JoGo is always flirting with and who is DonCaroline Moronzo’s snarling little attack dog when it comes to Tree. Yessiree, bub, that’s some impressive little gang of “Wiseguys” she’s in charge of!!!

        • ROFL! OMG, you kill me!!!! I’ve said all along that Don Caro’s sons (or at least one of them) is gay. Albie for sure. I think Greggy is Albie’s boyfriend.

  2. Do we really believe Tamra thought the end of the season party was “going to be fun, joyous”?

    • Tamra has created all the drama for the last 3 end of season parties. All the drama with Simon, then the next year, drama with Jeana and this year with Vicki.

      • yeah it’s her calling card. she’s mean…brutally mean and not the kind of friend I would have but her and gretchen make sense. gretchen is a superior famewhore unlike vicki and tamra knows to hitch her wagon to that opportunity. now without simon reigning her in she’s free to be the bitch she is.

  3. You know I have asked myself many times why EdieAmean would be with some old used up foul mouthed trailortrash wicked witch. Am not sure if he is gay but maybe he has mommy issues. I don’t think we have ever heard about any of his family members. Do you know anything about him or his family SH? Marrying her has got to be one of the most major mistakes he will ever make.There has to be something wrong with him. Maybe some of his hidden secrets will come to light next season.

    • I have a weird theory….but I find that different nationalities seem to have a difficult time reading ppl of other nationalities….bear with me, but I’m sure all of us WASP’s can see the trailer trash in Tamra instantly, but Eddie’s…what? Mexican?….I think he just doesn’t pick up on it…..oh…oh….it’s sort of like celebs that we find douchey here in the USA can be huge in other countries… the way David Hasselhoff is so popular in other countries…..but we don’t really take him seriously….and there are dozens more like that….

  4. I think Tamara is too mean for Eddie. He wouldn’t leave her for a younger version but he might leave her for a nicer version.

    • I’m with ya @cable critic….I think his penis picked Tamra and he’s likely to wake up and move on….he doesn’t seem to be down with all the infighting

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