TAMRA BARNEY: Tamra “Brooks At Reunion”… “Wedding Plans”…”Fitness and WineBar Biz”… VIDEO

June 28, 2012  10:30 am   

After appearing on WWHL, Tamballs stopped by HollywoodLife for an interview.

Tamra says that she “had no intention of saying anything to Brooks” as she approached the party, and thought that it was going to be a fun, joyous shindig thrown by Heather Dubrow. Instead, there were fights left and right, and her spat with Brooks was a long time coming. And then once he started in with the “evil eye” comments…

Tamballs claims that her and Ellie’s engagement were a part of the RHOC storyline from the beginning… that’s interesting, as Tamballs’ and Ellie’s trip to BoraBora was filmed long after filming the RHOC had ended!  Tamballs tries to dispel the fact that there was any animosity by Wretched and Slimey over their engagement…

Tamballs was photo’d in Mexico… supposedly looking for a resort to “host” her and Ellie’s wedding.  NOW Tamballs says that their destination wedding will take place in Italy!

NOTE:  No one wants to see a Tamballs/Ellie wedding special and certainly not a Tamballs/Ellie spinoff!