14 comments on “SH ‘HIT AND RUN” THURSDAY: Adrienne Maloof “Goodwill Clothes”…Sonja Morgan “PartyTime!”… Nene Leakes “GreggMovedOn”… BGG’s New Twitter Account…Special Note!

  1. LMAO Nene keeps saying their friends…I’m not buying it that women and greg look too chummy for friends

  2. Super duper excited to see what 20/20 is all about. Ms SH, I have my tivo locked, loaded and ready to go.!!!! :) :) :)

  3. ummm if Romona and Sonja were hanging out after the Social Life party was Romona’s freak out scripted? Or do you think Romona is such a crazy person that she completely got over herself in a few hours? I have a hard time believing someone would purposely portray themselves so badly on purpose. In a few hundred years that footage could be the only thing left to remember Romona Singer.

  4. I’m curious about the 20/20 thing Ms.

    Can you upload it? I’d watch an ABC stream if it wasn’t right in the middle of a family lunch on saturday. LOLLLLLLL

  5. HA….This poem was created on twitter for Wacko Jacko

    Lisa Patterson ‏@LisaPatSays

    Knew a hag name Jacquelin Holmes!
    left her kid at her ex’s home!
    He burned it down news spread thru town.
    2 much xanax, booze & gettin stoned

  6. I’m can’t wait to check out 20/20 tonight! I haven’t watched that show in years but I will tonight! I am trying so hard to figure out SH’s involvement! I even went to the 20/20 site to see the topic of tonight’s show. (I’m impatient gurl!) The topic of tonight’s show is cheating spouses at 9 pm EST. Is 20/20 as two hour show? Does it start another segment and/or topic at 10 pm EST?

  7. sonya can look so pretty..then i see a full front photo of her..and i see a bird gazing back. anyone else notice this?

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