“MEAN GIRLS” OF ORANGE COUNTY: Starring Alexis Bellino… Co-Starring Tamra Barney, Heather and Terry Dubrow…

June 28, 2012  6:30 pm   Another fabulous creation from SH reader “Housewife Hoe“!!!

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32 comments on ““MEAN GIRLS” OF ORANGE COUNTY: Starring Alexis Bellino… Co-Starring Tamra Barney, Heather and Terry Dubrow…

    • Ha ha I knew you guys would like the fact that I used Dr. Dubrow. He really is one of the mean girls. He’s such a chick.

      • LOVE IT!!! duh-bro in the skirt ahahhaha
        the only thing missing would have been for Jo De La Rossa to walk in and claim Slave back!
        and can we talk for a minute about wth kara was saying about her mom loving vicki sooooo much cause she loves to help people who can’t fight and stick up for themselves??? that girl is as annoying as her mom and should just stay GONE!

    • HH, so glad you included Dr. Tween in your mean girls work of art. He deserves it. Another fabulous job!!!!

  1. Oh, man that is hilarious! I just laugh-farted when I saw Dr. Dubrow as a mean girl!
    (laugh-fart: when you burst out in sudden, unexpected laughter so hard that it makes you fart)

  2. Vickie needs to be in this! Maybe it’s me, but I don’t see the mean girls fitting the Dr. and Heather. Vickie and Tamra – absolutely!

    • Vicki is Janis Ian.
      She used to be friends with the Regina/Tamra, she is fairly mean, jealous of the popular group & friends with Cady/Alexis.

      I can’t decide who should be Damian. Maybe Slade?

  3. Love the poster and the fact you put Terry on there also. I dont know how Heather and Terry have kids, it has to be insemination with donor sperm, I’m pretty sure Terry has a vagina.

  4. Glad you included Dr. Terry in that pic. I think it’s BS for Heather to say that she NEVER watched the SHOW, and in that same air said that her husband didn’t speak to her for two weeks because she wouldn’t. Hey Terry your dream have come true, YOU’RE ONE OF THE GIRLS.

  5. The Dubrows are so pretentious, when she greets people at her home she is so thrilled with herself, talk about showing off. The house is gorgeous and that’s why she’s on this show so she can showcase her life with her husband. Also because the others can’t top her, so knocking Alexis doesn’t fly with me. Love the picture and Terry needs to grow a pair and fast.

  6. Tamra has turned into Carolyn Manzo from NJ, Nene Leaks from Atlanta, and Luanne Delessops from NY. Short and simple, she’s a bully.

    Heather isn’t much better, just another mean girl. Very, very boring – bring Jeana Keough back.

    Anyway, like another bully, Jill Zarin, Tamra needs to be booted off the show. She’s a real drag.

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