Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows


For SH readers asking about Jacqueline Laurita’s financial position… 

From November 2011…

Hmmm… I just don’t know where the money came from to buy Ashley all those new cars…

 What is the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita’s involvement in her husband, Chris Laurita’s, bankruptcy???

Jacqueline Laurita… hopin’ that the black water biz will help pay off the $8 million the Bankruptcy Court is lookin’ for…

For those of you who wanna get straight info from the court documents…

Translation: Chris and Joe Laurita drained Signature Apparel as much as they possibly could and then transferred ownership to a new owner in exchange for a % of future sales.

Translation:  They were ALL havin’ a ton ‘o fun with the money comin’ in… and they KNEW they weren’t supposed to! 

Translation:  Joe and Chris Laurita (and spouses) are still livin’ the life and the Federal Bankruptcy Trustee for this case is going after them for their personal assets… “piercing the corporate veil”… to satisfy any judgment (monies owed).

             Chris and Jax Laurita… 

Could this be THE REAL reason why Jax excused herself from the RHONJ Reunion Show? Miss Andy was havin’ a field day grillin’ Tree with questions re Tree’s bankruptcy.  Jax knew that either Tree or Miss Andy would have gone after her (possibly…) when the bankruptcy issue was being “discussed” with Tree…

NOTE:  I don’t believe for one second the lame excuse that Don Caro gave for Jax not participating in the NJ reunion show… “Jax was too mentally and physically exhausted.” However, many, many viewers were NOT aware of Chris and Jax’ money problems… unless you read Chris Laurita’s page on SH (here)… and there was the very good chance that Jax’ financial info was going to be mentioned on the Reunion Show.  Don Caro probably pulled one of those “big Manzo/Laurita meetings” and it was decided that the wrath of Miss Andy and possible lawsuits brought against Jax for not showing up per her Bravo contract were worth the risk.  Don Caro does not like to be seen in an ugly light and Jax/Chris Laurita’s being sued by the Bankruptcy Trustee would reflect on Don Caro.

Don Caro got lots of stuff she’s trying to shove down people’s throats via her website… to buy (her Brown sauce), to ask (her advice!), to recommend (Lauren as a…cough, cough…makeup expert) and reference (her recipes).  Oh, and let’s not forget her “BOYZ” black water crap!

So, the chance that Jax’ bankruptcy issue coming up and being broadcast to a national audience was not a chance they were willing to take.  Unfortunately, Don Caro’s trying to cover up a little too late… like Danny Provenzano said when he escorted Danielle to the Brownstone, “A punk is a punk…. and da Manzo’s are punks.” Little did we know that he may have been on to something!

(Thanks to SH readers “TC” “Chameleon” and “DebWeb”!!)


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232 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows

  1. I watch all of the Housewives but this year I’ve started deleting them. They are all “encouraged” to bring the drama and each show has the villain of the season. NJ has the Manzo/Laurita women, OC has Tamra, Atlanta has Nene and NY is just getting started, it looks like any one of them could be the one. The NJ shows were taped a year ago, at the time the word was Caro and Jax were out once it aired. I hope it’s true. Caro portrays herself as mother of the year, who would take advice from her, she as three kids who don’t work, she idolizes her sons, insults her daughter, who by the way has a big mouth too, she better watch out, Vito might come to his senses and split


    • Ava, I’m glad you brought this up. For someone who puts herself out there as the “voice of reason” and “America’s Mother,” Caroline/MommieDearest has done a piss poor job raising her own spawn. Who the hell ever gave her the idea she was the perfect mother or so brilliant and wise she can dispense advice to others??? *rolleyes*

      She has two worthless, uneducated, unattractive, lazy Mama’s boys and an insecure, bitter, smartass daughter that she puts down at every opportunity. NOT ONE of her spawn are successful. NOT ONE is a college graduate. NOT ONE is employed to my knowledge. NOT ONE has an appealing personality, NOT ONE is witty, clever, or even pleasant to be around.

      They are not normal children. They’re all old enough to be on their own, employed or in college, and they’re all nasty, gossiping, smartasses with no lives of their own. The Time Magazine cover we have here should show all 3 of her spawn instead of just one of them breastfeeding.

      There’s something really, really wrong in that household imo. It’s as dysfunctional as I’ve ever seen. Mother of Year??? What a sad joke!


      • Lisbeth, as much as it pains me to say anything positive about the Manzoids, Albie did graduate from Fordham. But, everything else you’ve stated is spot on!


        • OOPS thank you CJ. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to give him credit for that. It’s a shame he isn’t using his education.


      • I understand in order to film this last season Caro wrote her kids into her contract. I don’t get Bravo thinking their viewers would give a damn about her kids. Between the three Manzos and the devil Ashley I actually lean toward Teresa. I would love to see Tre make a lot of money and get rid of Juicy. MeGo has to go too. So obnoxious, no talent, I was happy when Tre, MeGo and that sap Kathy appeared on the View Tre appeared alone and when it came to the other two Whoopi refused to sit with them. MeGo got very pitchy trying to defend herself but it fell flat.


  2. I’m days late to this conversation I know, in the slight chance the blogger and those who commented should see this I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading!!! I love the SH blogs!
    I was starting to think I was alone in my opinions . It’s nice seeing I’m not!
    My parents taught me to always watch actions more than listen to words. The non-stop bashing of Teresa since last seasons reunion tells us all a lot IF we want to see it?
    Looking at 2 trees in winter that are completely bare, its not easy to tell what kind they are? But watch them long enough they will bloom and show you beyond any doubt! A apple tree can’t pass for a pear tree for long! Same with people! Watch them long enough and what they really are in their hearts will show through! They won’t be able to hide it. This is why many con artests are caught. They hung around to long and people saw what they were.
    Watching the NJ HW shows and casts and Bravos Andy C. actions tell exactly what they are! Andy’s panties have been in a bunch since Joe used the word Gay. His actions show he uses his power to shove his beliefs down everyone’s throats! Mamma Manzo’s holier than thou act has become transparent along with all the rest. They have (in fun they claimed at the time) poked fun of Teresa at every turn. But the truth is they are “along with Tres sissy brother and his yucky wife” in total shock that someone they view as stupid is the “STAR” !!
    I really think they didn’t think she had it in her. She’s the only one who has used her few minutes of fame to do something. They are sick and eat up with jealousy!! Listen to the things they say, Lauren wants to be rich!, Carolyn and Kathy are the only ones who can cook, wheres Carolyns Rules? Yeah, gone! Melissa just freaking loves herself so much there’s no way we wouldn’t! Joey is an idot who cries because his daddy loves Joe more! Lauren’s shop closed the day after the grand opening. She says no one respected her. Just her moms kid! Maybe because your mommy owned it? What happened to law school? Being a policeman? Why is water all we hear that’s so great but who’s seen it? These folks have played pretend and it’s caught up that’s all! Good,bad, & ugly Teresa’s life has mostly been open. Now theirs may be exposed as worse so they trying hard to make is think they are still the better by drowning Teresa. And IMO, anyone who can put a smile on their face and keep trying has my vote. Seriously did they really want her to come over daily and dump all her bad on their table? Give me a break!


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