Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows


For SH readers asking about Jacqueline Laurita’s financial position… 

From November 2011…

Hmmm… I just don’t know where the money came from to buy Ashley all those new cars…

 What is the Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Jacqueline Laurita’s involvement in her husband, Chris Laurita’s, bankruptcy???

Jacqueline Laurita… hopin’ that the black water biz will help pay off the $8 million the Bankruptcy Court is lookin’ for…

For those of you who wanna get straight info from the court documents…

Translation: Chris and Joe Laurita drained Signature Apparel as much as they possibly could and then transferred ownership to a new owner in exchange for a % of future sales.

Translation:  They were ALL havin’ a ton ‘o fun with the money comin’ in… and they KNEW they weren’t supposed to! 

Translation:  Joe and Chris Laurita (and spouses) are still livin’ the life and the Federal Bankruptcy Trustee for this case is going after them for their personal assets… “piercing the corporate veil”… to satisfy any judgment (monies owed).

             Chris and Jax Laurita… 

Could this be THE REAL reason why Jax excused herself from the RHONJ Reunion Show? Miss Andy was havin’ a field day grillin’ Tree with questions re Tree’s bankruptcy.  Jax knew that either Tree or Miss Andy would have gone after her (possibly…) when the bankruptcy issue was being “discussed” with Tree…

NOTE:  I don’t believe for one second the lame excuse that Don Caro gave for Jax not participating in the NJ reunion show… “Jax was too mentally and physically exhausted.” However, many, many viewers were NOT aware of Chris and Jax’ money problems… unless you read Chris Laurita’s page on SH (here)… and there was the very good chance that Jax’ financial info was going to be mentioned on the Reunion Show.  Don Caro probably pulled one of those “big Manzo/Laurita meetings” and it was decided that the wrath of Miss Andy and possible lawsuits brought against Jax for not showing up per her Bravo contract were worth the risk.  Don Caro does not like to be seen in an ugly light and Jax/Chris Laurita’s being sued by the Bankruptcy Trustee would reflect on Don Caro.

Don Caro got lots of stuff she’s trying to shove down people’s throats via her website… to buy (her Brown sauce), to ask (her advice!), to recommend (Lauren as a…cough, cough…makeup expert) and reference (her recipes).  Oh, and let’s not forget her “BOYZ” black water crap!

So, the chance that Jax’ bankruptcy issue coming up and being broadcast to a national audience was not a chance they were willing to take.  Unfortunately, Don Caro’s trying to cover up a little too late… like Danny Provenzano said when he escorted Danielle to the Brownstone, “A punk is a punk…. and da Manzo’s are punks.” Little did we know that he may have been on to something!

(Thanks to SH readers “TC” “Chameleon” and “DebWeb”!!)



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232 comments on “Real Housewives of New Jersey: Jacqueline Laurita… Jax and Chris Laurita In More Bankruptcy Trouble… AND Possibly the REAL Reason Jax Was A NO-SHOW At The RHONJ Reunion Shows

  1. Thank God that you wrote this, if nothing else except to show there was a reason that Jac and Caro were attacking Teresa, to get the spot light off of them and their miss deeds! How surprising that this happened right after last nights episode that Jac tells Chris how Teresa screwed people out of money and owes 11 million dollars in debt. I wonder what she has to say about herself now!

      • Gotta love Teresa! She could have got down and dirty but she didn’t. She did leave hints. Remeber when the magazine article came out that Teresa might go to jail? Jax got really pissy about that one, later on TTC Tree said “It’s just a gossip mag, none of it’s true. She cried about it. Why would some one cry about that?” Well I guess if your bat $h!t crazy and you’re scared to death of going to jail yourself that might make you cry. I can not imagine what her motivation was about all of this but in a twisted way she was thinking if she demonized Teresa it may look better for her? I san not imagine. I am sure Caroline has a plan.

          • well they did! I just don’t think you can slam someone for some thing you are doing yourself. I do not condone Teresa’s b.s. and if you post here a lot I have been very vocal about it. I can not abide hypoctites and will point it out. Instead of supporting each other these “friends” are trying to throw each other under the bus. disgusting. so your pr much comment does not apply to me, save it for someone else

            • I don’t think at this point Jac realizes she is being hypocritical regarding the financial issues. I think she was pretty much “in the dark” with respect to how their money ended up in their bank account. Seriously, they have a child behaving badly and they give her 2 brand new cars that we saw on the show and wonder why she can’t get her act together. Why should she?
              Jac just isn’t wise. It seems like she really valued Teresa’s friendship and was just getting confused by the contradiction of Teresa selling stories, Teresa building on and buying expensive items, Teresa filing for bankruptcy, Teresa possibly going to jail for defrauding the government in their bankruptcy claims. She was genuinely concerned for Teresa and just wanted to know what the truth was from Teresa. Unfortunately, she didn’t realize she was a pot calling a kettle black.
              I don’t know, maybe the joke is on all of us. In the beginning, there was some suggestion to their illicit ties. Perhaps they are all spending as much as they can, they all file bankruptcy and walk away and start over. A new Brownstone…. what an excellent way to launder money.

              • I understand your point…it makes sense…but i just don’t believe at tall the JaxAss is concerned about Tre. Real friends don’t wait til they get on camera and act all distraught. If Jax had real concerns as a friend she would have expressed them privately. Not by setting up an ambush, and outlining the specifics of her bankruptsy filing on camera. If you look at the back yard scene, Jax deliberately mentioned what the mag alleged that Tre did. She also seemed to try and get Tre to repeat a conversation they had privately in Chicago on camera. Sick!…Both JaxAss and Caro-clownManzoid said, ” didn’t you say in Chicago that you get paid for these articles”…..C’mon…that aint to coincidence. Those evil mean spirited vile people tried to set Tre up.

                Tre and Jo have done their dirt…but these hags with all their skeletons are taking bones from their closets to throw at Tre…BS.

              • You guys think the Two Bankruptcys are the same really and on the same level.

              • Both have an element of attempting to defraud. Don’t know about the legal stance though.

    • Just because they have financial trouble as well does not mean that they are attacking Teresa!
      Look at how quickly Teresa flipped and went to make amends with her family. Oh, and that was not sincere at all. If you see the episode again, watch how excited Melissa is and how she reaches out and hugs Teresa, and Teresa just stand there with her arms at her side. Teresa will never genuinely like Melissa.

      • Read MeGo’s blog. MeGo is “willing” to “give her a chance to prove herself.” Seriously? How magnanimous of her. MeGo deserves a beating.

        The woman betrayed her husband’s flesh and blood by giving Danielle intel, to date she has failed / refused to reveal the extent of her treachery. She was confronted with it, said “oops I got caught, sorry.” Yet, she compares that treachery with Teresa telling her brother something she heard? Then MeGo took Teresa’s statement and whipped her for how many episodes? Every where she turned, every single cast member, including idiot Rosie.

        Newsflash, the gold digger comment was made well AFTER the exchange with Danielle. I wouldn’t be surprised if MeGo highlighted the gold digger comment so she could now say, well I forgave her for the comment, she should forgive me for Danielle.

        Before Teresa forgave anything, she should have said, MeGo someone I don’t trust has info about me, give me copies of the email and tell me what u said and then we can put this behind us. How can Teresa put anything behind her if she doesn’t know what she is forgiving?

        • Betrayed her flesh and blood? Who knows where all of their drama really started… word is they have been hateful and evil to each other for a long time. The contact to Danielle was unnecessary – but we would be foolish to think Teresa was innocent. Who know which came first, the chicken or the egg?
          It just gets so annoying reading the blog commentary suggesting that Teresa is some victim. That girl is a fierce alpha female. She gets what she wants… that is except in her relationship with Joe. If her PR team wants to garner sympathy for her they need to make her appear weak and vulnerable the life circumstance surrounding her. Everyone gets behind an underdog. An underdog doesn’t scream, yell, flip tables and push people down and lie about everything.

          • The Drama was introduced to the public by the FameWhor-gas and the Wishy Washy Wakilies…..Before they came on the show, Tre’s family drama was a non televised issue. They brought the drama and started the mud slinging…. and the rest of the gang- for what ever reason- Caroclown because she wanted to strike first- blames Tre for her bad blood with Dina…(When the truth is that Caro did Dina dirty, now the Don is trying to quickly turn everyone against Tre because she’s guilty)- JaxAss is just crazy and Jealous of Tre.

            I’m TeamTre…but I’m not stupid enough to think she is completely innocent. I hate when weak people band together and attack, and its clearly an organized attack against Tre by the other cast mates. Tre handles her own- very well.

            • What did Caroline do to Dina? I never did catch what was at the true core of the problem. I thought it had something to do with Dina’s contract regarding her daughter and her husband refusing to film and the fact that people say she was his “beard”. What is the real problem?

              • LOL! Good one! Maybe it’s Tre’s hairline. Kidding, that was a bit mean. I just don’t like the way Teresa seems to “front” it is reminicent of the ladies in Atlanta. I think she has more “get up and go” and the rest seem lazy so she may indeed come out on top in the end.

              • P.S Jac needs to clean her kitchen! For crying out loud, they always tape there and there is crap everywhere!

              • I thought it had to do with Dina’s wonderful hubby Tommy (love him) tweeting that “Carolina wishes that Albie had big balls . . . like his mama”. I LOVED THAT!!!

          • I don’t think anyone here thinks Theresa is the underdog–she is making waaaaaaaaaaay more money than all of them put together. The point is that they are attacking her and it is so transparent why. Jealousy and deflection. Look, Tree is no angel and cannot speak to save her life, among many other faults. But that all said, Jax and DonCaro are huge hypocrites. That’s all.

          • What does it matter where the drama really started. It clearly started before MeGo took it to a whole different level by feeding the enemy who she knew would use the intel to publicly humiliate her husband’s sister. She said she was 6 months pregnant at the time and hated Teresa. So when Teresa went to the hospital to see her (as they all admit she did) before the reunion, did MeGo say, “hey Teresa 3 months ago, I hated u and told Danielle things about u” No she didn’t, do u know what MeGo did? She communicated with Danielle AGAIN, and told her Teresa did not acknowledge her nephew so that Teresa could get blindsided at the reunion.

            That’s premeditated, calculating and diabolical.

            • Antonella, you go girl!!! Premeditated, calculating and diabolical. Well said! MeGo takes being a mean spirited and nasty in law to a whole new level.

  2. So how true is this story. Is it like teresa and will this story be in every tabloid and will it be discussed in the show or will it only appear on this site?

    • Which part? The lawsuit is 100% true, SH posted copies of the actual legal documents and it’s been referenced here and in many other places since the lawsuit was filed. As far as WHY Jac missed the reunion, all any of us can do is guess, but I agree with SH that it was far more than “exhaustion”.

    • The lawsuit is real, the documents are public. Jaqualine Larurita did not show up for the reunion right after these documents were filed that is also true and as proof just watch the season 4 reunion, she isn’t there.

  3. I want to see Miss Andy grill Don Caro about all of the underhanded businesses her whole family is in. Her husband was fired by NJ Gov Chris Christie for lying about his residence, he served on the Water Commission and said he lived at the Brownstone and the Governor said he lied about where he lives but then flaunted his house in Franklin Lakes (different boro) on television, so who’s the fool?. Then Caro went all over tv to say her husband lived in their apt at the Brownstone, how stupid does she think people are. Same reason Dinas husband never came on camera, he’s into a lot of garbage too.

    • Big Al Manzo was a no show for Caroline’s brother’s wedding? Has their been an explanation as to why?

      Where in the world is Al Manzo this season?

      Also, what’s with the story of Big Al’s father’s death? Anyone know the story behind it?

      • From what I heard he was killed for some wrong doing in the Mafia and his dead body was found in front of the Brownstone…with his chopped off penis in his mouth.

          • Sounds like a scene from goodfellows to me. I guess if someone started digging around the internet they could find out pretty easy. Vicky has a tshirt out w her saying when she screams, maybe tree should get some out w her saying R U KIDDING ME!!!! They r all crooks i dont care who anyone pulls for in here, and if they had a chance they would take the money right out of your pocket also. I have seen people struggle w there finances and they had to cut back, but thats not what these families do they seem to just spend more money.

        • Not exactly right.

          “Their father-in-law, Albert (Tiny) Manzo, was executed mob-style in August 1983, after he and Gambino family soldier Peter A. Campisi were suspected of skimming from a mob casino on Staten Island.

          “A couple of weeks later, they found Tiny Manzo in the trunk of his car,” recalled Robert Buccino, a New Jersey organized crime expert.

          The 350-pound mobster took four slugs to his torso. His naked body – the arms and legs bound in plastic – was discovered in the trunk of his parked Lincoln-Continental outside a supermarket in Hillside, N.J.

          The killing was never solved.

          Campisi, a made man and Tiny’s partner in the casino, suffered a similar fate, Buccino recalled.

          The colorful Manzo, who ran for mayor of Paterson in 1974, also owned the Brownstone Restaurant”

          • You know, based on Mob Wives (wink, wink) people just don’t leave the mob. It is a family thing and once they are in, they are always in. Remember when the Manzo’s had the fund raiser, which they claim to have annually… isn’t that sort of Mob’ish (new word for the day) thing to pay off the police? Isn’t the brownstone a perfect way to launder money. You know, have investors, over-chage for parties, and payment is taken in and dispersed to “investors”. Also, doesn’t the garment district have ties to the mob somewhere along the line, None of them seem to be afraid of a little legal trouble. Just sayin’

            • I f u watch the show mobsters they have talked about how the mafia or mob was big in the garment buisness. I forgot who the main guy was who really started it but he would loan a buisness owner money, then since he did that the owner had to use the trucking company owned by this mobster to ship all his garments. Then we he couldnt pay the mob guy was made a partner in that garment buisness the soon enough he took it over, i think thats how they also got the trucking company. These guys were as smart as they were ruthless they knew u wouldnt be able to keep up w the payments so they got ur buisness. Its really sad for the poor owner who busted his ass to get the buisness started.

          • Didn’t ChuckieCheese go on one of the reunion shows and say(crying) that just because her family is Italian doesn’t mean they have anything to do with the mob? And she had mentioned numerous times that here her father-in-law was dead and it hurt her so much with people saying mean things about the way he died? That it was murder but no one was convicted or arrested and its still being investigated? How stupid can you be to come on to a national T.V. show knowing that your family has so much dirty laundry that in itself could be made into a made for T.V. movie. I think in the end Tree might be grateful for the Manroids dumping her as she really don’t want to be associated with those people…Just saying……

      • I am kind of thinking the wedding was a bit about a story line for BRAVO. Wasn’t it odd that they had it when it was so darn hot? They also emailed invites and someone said it came together quickly not allowing family to plan to attend.

    • And while you’re on the subject of the brownstone apt….could I just address that nasty sofa?….with all those dollars one would think they’d update the furnishings….that thing belongs in the trash…I could smell the dirt….embasrassing!

    • I want to know about OPUS, why Don Caro never mentions that! (Google it with Caroline Manzo) and the children’s line she has lol. We know what happened to the purse line.

    • AvaM Miss Andy is not going to grill The Don… He wub Her… Now Tree on the other hand he like to see her squirm.. nothing gives him more pleasure!!!

      • I noticed he’s super nice to Tree when Juicy is within punching distance. Also did anyone notice that on WWHL, Andy couldn’t define the words that he was making fun of Teresa for not knowing. We can’t blame Jersey educational system for Mandy.

  4. I think in light of this, Jax’s rant last episode was even more wacko than it first seemed. What kind of idiot sits there bitching loudly about “11 million dollars” when they are being sued for at least 7 million? Did she think no one would find out? Maybe she is a victim, maybe Caroline and Chris forced her to go along with these business misdeeds and forced her to buy a lot of new stuff. If she is smart, she will get divorced, go to rehab, lose weight, and write a book. “Unbreakable – How I found the courage to escape the Manzo cult”

    • My guess is that Jac didn’t know about her fate during this conversation. Kind of hard to judge the true timeline this season. I think she knew about it by the time of the reunion though.

      • Wasn’t the night before the reunion the night of the Posche fashion show? When Mego is exposed?

      • The lawsuit was filed in January of 2011, well before this conversation took place as filming for season four hadn’t begun at the time of filing. The reunion took place in September of 2011, also well after the filing.

  5. Kel, very funny. Jaq should listen to you and then she can be on the NY Times bestseller list too.I don’t remember how it came about, but I do remember Chris or Jaq saying they gave Ashley’s new car to someone else in the family; probably one of the other crooks named here.

  6. Joe and Tre had debts – they did not convert corporate funds. They are now liquidating assets and Tre is earning quite a bit of money. They may not pay off all debts but a good portion. Did they live beyond their means – yeah. The real estate bubble broke and they could not cover everything.

    But did they steal corporate funds? No.

    Maybe one of the Lauritas is going to jail.

    • I thought one of the reasons Joe got in financial trouble was that he collected rents and used that money to live on and didn’t put it back in the business. Also he was convicted of fraud because he forged his partners signature for a mortgage and the money went into his pocket not the business. In my book they both are the same. They both lied, stole and screwed venders.

      • They filed for personal bankruptcy. I think if you have rental properties that IS considered YOUR INCOME.

        • It is if you apply it to the mortgage, utilities and remember you have a partner. Any thing left would be yours. Joe cut out all of the above.

      • Yeah – Juicy Joe also pushed the envelope. I think the forgery put all the debt on Joe – not split between Joe and the partner.

    • You’re so correct Love NJ..
      Teresa and Joe might have been less then forthcoming in their bankruptcy, However theres a big difference between overextending yourself during the real estate boom and funneling bailout money into your personal accounts. I’ve said this many times already, Chris needs to take some control over his wife..she will ultimately be the ruination of that family!!

  7. They are so sick Jacq & Chris. Jacq has such a vendetta against Tre it has turned vicious and downright scary. If I were Tre I would definitely put a restraining order against Jacq coming anywhere near her or any member of her family. There is no telling what she is capable of. Granted Tre & Joe made some bad financial decisions but all would have been well had the housing bubble not burst because Joe is hard working – but the Lauritas are just con artists who INTENTIONALLY broke the law

    • I seem to remember that Joe broke the law by using his brother’s driver’s license and getting caught doing so. And I don’t think that Teresa needs to get a restraining order against Jack the Wack, she can simply not engage any further with any Lauritas. That’s what I would do.

      • From what I’ve seen, she doesn’t engage…..yet they continue to this day to slam and bash her at every opportunity. She needs a restraining order and a “cyst and decease” against the Laurita’s AND Manzo’s.

      • From what I have read and heard from Teresa’s own mouth on The View – she hasn’t had contact with them since the Reunion. Jacqueline has continued to attack her personally on twitter and to anyone who will listen. I would get a restraining order just to get her to shut up. So much time has passed yet she seems to be getting more vindictive in each post. She won’t be happy until she really hurts T and her family. She’s a loose cannon and you never know what someone like that will do. JMO.

        • Mostly, it’s Jack the Wack going off on Twitter, that’s not enough to get a restraining order. You get a restraining order from someone who threatens physical harm to you or your property, not some jealous idiot who insults you on the internet.

          • Jac is now claiming that Joe cheated on Teresa, on twitter! After claiming that she loves Teresa’s children! Psychopath.

            • She is hardly the only one making those allegations so Its a bit unfair dont you think,
              and Tre herself talks about the cheating in front of her kids and Gia gives advice and comments to her dad about the cheating and Tre is there and not once does she try and stoip the conversation so By your reasoning Tre must not love her kids either.

              • I know she is making them no doubt but Jax isnt the only one is my point Lots of people think Juicy cheated . Where did Tre make that claim i dont follow her on Twitter or facebook or is it just in Jax brain

              • Tre gave an example using Jax Husband cheating in her last bravo blog…something like

                U found out ur husband was flirting with a woman and forgave him……two years later you learn he slept with her…do you have to forgive again for the new information or do you file that under the two years you’ve already forgiven him for…lol. something like that

              • Oh I see, I dont read the blogs So i missed that
                I stopped reading them when they begain to rivil war and Peace in Length.

                I wonder if he did cheat Interesting

              • The way I understand it, is that a lot of people “think” that he cheated, but basically Jax (supposedly Tre’s friend) is confirming it and even going so far as to name the person that he (allegedly) cheated with. It seems an act of disloyalty.

              • Lisa, even if it is being said by others, wasn’t jac suppose to be her friend? Jac is crazy.. Oh yeah, they have opened up the Bravo site, to I think twitters.. It’s funny, Teresa has a lot of fans… They are coming down on the clown, and fake face, with the weird body… About time , hey?

              • I’m 51 and have had the same friends since kindergarten. Through the course of our lives there have been marriages, divorces, children, illness etc.Some have become incredibly successful as well.. Never, ever have any of us stooped to the level Jacqueline has. Both her and Caroline have crossed every line and broken every trust known. To me, there’s no turning back. The betrayal they’ve demonstrated is….actually I’m speechless….Words can’t possibly describe the wrongs they’ve committed!!

              • God Bless You!!! i am 21 years old, and have the same bfs from 7th grade and junior yr of h.s, but kindergarten!!? No way! With each passing year of college we seem to be drifting away. I envy your friendships!

            • Psychopath indeed. There’s also a screenshot of her DM’ing a fan saying T told her that Joe cheated on her with their babysitter. While Jacass may not have been the 1st/only person saying Joe cheated, it’s most hurtful coming from her. She’s known T for 10 years; her daughters have known Jacqueline as an honorary aunt/ family member since they were born. When some ragmag makes those allegations, you can tell your children it’s a lie, they don’t even know your family. When it’s “family” that you trusted, it’s a little more believable and a little harder to cover their little ears and eyes

        • @Kimmy….Tre actually understands the meaning of taking the high road….unlike every other hw in every other franchise. She stays mum and goes about her business. And doesnt announce “I’m taking the high road”!….she just doesnt engage the loons. Leave them alone and they’ll destroy themselves one by one……

    • Jacq has a vendetta against Tre? She seriously isn’t that strong of a player and not wise enough to carry out a vendetta. She is whiney because she is genuinely worried about Teresa and thinks Tre may go to jail (not realizing what is coming down the pike for her). She is all sad and mopey because she is having trouble with her daughter and Tre never asks about Jac, she just calls to talk about her “stuff”. She is sad because she is realizing there was never an authentic friendship. She has been used.

      • Yes, she has been used…..used up from her days working the Glitter Gulch and working at (ahem)…..conventions. Jacaholic is a wack job, a complete oxygen thief who spends her days tweeting crazy shit and drinking herself into oblivion. She is full of hatred and bile towards Teresa and wasn’t worried that Teresa would go to jail. She wanted the tabloid story to be true so that she could bask in the schadenfreude of the moment, that is why she wouldn’t accept Teresa’s denial of the jail story. She was bummed out that Teresa wasn’t and isn’t going to jail.

      • “Genuinely worried about Teresa”? Seriously, how do you know that? Jax….is that you? I will say, I am not sure there is a vendetta–more like Mind-Control from DonCaro.

      • Seriously? So why when MeGo would come to her with info didn’t Jax ask Teresa instead of telling Chuckie? Why is it all the times that Teresa would tell Jax something, she would blab it to the other cast mates so they could ridicule her. Why on the bus in Chicago, did Jax drop the little line, ” Oh the redone house”, when Teresa said that the Gorgas finished their shore house? That sound like a friend to u? Cause I would be all over that load of crapola.

  8. Anyone watch Jax on WWHL the night before last? I swear she is transforming herself into a chubby Asian woman who will then go on the lam to escape her legal woes. Seriously, Jax did not look like Jax on Andy’s show. It was scary. The real show is not what is shown on Bravo but this stuff!

    • When Chris & Jacq were discussing Tre going to jail (NOT) issue, Chris talked about them not sending both a husband and wive to jail when there are children involved. Seems like Chris has done his homework – maybe for his own situation and maybe Jacq is pretending to be psychotic so she won’t face jail time.

      • Yes! Chris has become too vocal about Tre’s and Juicy’s financial affairs. Sounds like he is projecting fears about his own fate on other’s similar fate…

    • The level of her incessant chatter was competing with her new odd look on that show!

      • I had a co-worker who was pregnant with triplets. She already had 3 children at home. One was her child with her husband and the other two were her husband’s children from a previous relationship. Her husband was “working” a second job. His second job – breaking into warehouses at night.

        He got caught. He went to prison. She almost had a nervous breakdown. She got a divorce. She worked part-time after the triplets were born. She got laid off her job.

        She had NO IDEA HE WAS STEALING.

        JAX IS EXHIBITING EXTREME STRESS because of Chris’ thefts. I think he lied to her about stuff.

        • I have seen other portions of the lawsuit documents on other sites/blogs. From what those documents said, Jac not only knew, but was a trustee (i think thats what its called) and signed off on some of it and that is why SHE is named in the lawsuit.

          • I agree, I think Wacko-Jacko knew about all of the activity, and that why she’s such a nervous Nelly right now… Divert, divert, divert!!!

    • Oh gosh Brandon, I said the EXACT same thing about Jac’s appearance on WWHL. I also think she is suffering from some intense anxiety, she looked as if she was about to have a panic attack or something probably due to her finances. Either way I don’t believe she was ever stable.

        • Ha ha, she was probably loaded before she got to the WWHL set! That’s why the bish couldn’t drive herself!!!

        • Did anyone notice how quickly Jacqueline shut Teresa down regarding Danielle? I truly hope Danielle’s not blowing smoke up our asses. I hope she really has proof and will spill someday..
          I do believe Jac’s panicking and rightfully so!!

      • Definitely looked like she was crying before the show. That, or bad allergies. She was a mess and when she Had to get her last dig in at Tre I really felt embarassed for her. Yikes!

    • that’s hilarious Brandon! i thought she looked like a reptile that ate a large Asian woman, but your comparison seems more accurate! :)

  9. Jacqueline, you do realize how foolish you look when you say nothing about Melissa’s long and hidden friendship with Danielle Staub, but then you have major rage when Teresa found out about that relationship.

    Are you hiding something for personal gain? That would explain your silence regarding Melissa & Danielle being friends.

    Your daughter was arrested at the same time that Melissa became good friends with the woman who had your daughter arrested…and you are suspiciously quiet about that…….WHY?

  10. Did Tre not have any idea of the financial disaster that is the Laurita’s? I know she admits she can not hold information in her brain, but surely she woulda let something out or said something to someone (specially during her own downfall). I can’t imagine she would hold back letting something leak.

    • Tre is not that kind of person. I’m sure she has known but felt it was none of her business. She never made any comments about Ashlee either but you can see Caroline and her lovely children critizing and making fun of Ashlee all the time (which if I was Ashlee’s mother would piss me off). Nope the Lauritas and Manzos are a different breed.

      • She made loads of comments about Ashlee. Ashlee is a loon – but, remember Teresa started the fight that ended with Ashley pulling Danielle’s fake hair out and Teresa came out unscathed. Teresa also started the fight in Punta Canta and came out unscathed.

        • By Ashlee’s own admission, she pulled Danielle’s weave because of HER MOTHER, not because of Teresa. That I have seen, Teresa has made 1 comment about Ashlee, and that was that she is a product of her mother’s parenting style. In fact, if you watch the WWHL where Andy reads Danielle’s tweets, Andy asks her for her take on the Ashlee situation and Teresa refuses to comment because she “loves them both”. As far as Punta Cana, SOME retellings of the events state it was Teresa that started it, others state that she wasn’t even there, we will likely never know the truth.

          • Tre trunk has made plenty nasty comments about her castmates in her Talking heads so lets stop playing hte Tre is a perfect angel who never says anything bad game.

            • Don’t put words in my mouth. At no point did I say Tre never said/did anything bad. I was responding to the specific incidents mentioned in the comment that I was responding to. ALL of these women need to take responsibility for their actions, just as much as Teresa does.

        • ChuckieCheese is that you out there? Oh wait could it be Meladjusted is having one of her split personalities going on? SH you have always been good about figiring out the real people behind the fake names….Do you know what names the alien Manroids and LaurelHardies are?

        • I red on the internet that tree open a bottle of champagne and it sprayed on a woman and then a guy punched tree in the face, did anyone else read that? I forgot the person who reviewed trees cookbook, but she did mention the fight in punta canta. I see a few comments in here that tree is paying her bebts back, how would anyone in here know anything about that? Even w all the money she is making she would not make a dent with the way she is also spending it.

    • Despite Jac and Caro’s claim otherwise, Tre is more loyal than the 2 of them combined. Even now, after everything they have done to her and said about her, and CONTINUE to do/say, she does not talk about their business. The few things that she has mentioned are all things that we already knew about, and I’m sure she knows a LOT that we don’t.

      • The only thing I remember T saying was “Oh yeah, I wonder about the Brownstone too” but that was only in retaliation to Caroliar’s remarks about where T gets her money. I seem to recall C shutting up at that point. LOL

        • Teresa might mention things about the others’ situations, but Bravo doesn’t let any sun shine on any negativity about the manzos or the lauritas, except of course if it is about lauren’s weight or ashlee’s problems. Their story lines are only about their daughters’ issues and their hatred of Teresa, oh, and those VERY ENTERTAINING manzo boys. Editing !!! The only ones allowed to look like schysters are Teresa and Joe.

          • Yeah, those Manzoid boys are entertaining alright. Who couldn’t watch them throw ham at the wall all day long? Sitting around eating pizza? FASCINATING! Critterfur’s Cajun impersonation? Comic genius, I tell ya. Pretending to buy Chuckie a Jaguar? Glad I got that on the DVR to watch again and again.

            • They are probably really nice guys, but come on!!! I think that the way they are portrayed doesn’t build them up at all, it just makes them look really lazy. I saw them on Millionaire Matchmaker and they were really likeable and fun. Whoever is telling them to sit around gossiping like teenage girls is doing them no favors. As an aside, did you see the look on Lauren’s face when Uncle Chris came outside to tell the Fearsome Foursome about what had happened between Jax and Tre? She had a look of sheer rapture on her face. I felt very supportive of her because of all the crap she takes from her family, but that look on her face was of abject evil, and i instantly changed my opinion.

  11. Super good info SH, I think your on to something, but I also really think whacko Jaqo is an alcoholic, had a mental breakdown that night, (Kelly style) and probably because of all of the above. She sees herself becoming Tre, no longer one of the perfect Lauritas/Manzo in just as deep as Tre soon to be fodder for the scandle sheets,
    Probably why Chris is in so deep this season, talking about buying Tre and Juicys stuff. DIVERSION! ,Sweet sis Caro doing her part. An nother reason to love Gov Christie!

    • I think Chris is in so deep this season, and doing so many TTC’s, because he prolly gets paid more for it. I’m sure he had to sign a contract with Bravo to be filmed, and probably negotiated a deal to be paid more money this season, and that meant having more air-time, more one-on-one interviews….

    • debco, good observations on Jax. I also think Jax realizes she doesn’t have the chutzpah to get out and work the way Tre has. Jax will be under a bed with her bottle (s).

  12. The bankrupcty filed by Signature Apparel is worse than the bankruptcy filed by the Guidices. They lived off the money coming in to satisfy order which they didn’t because they drained the money. The singer Eve had to suspend her clothing line because they did not fullfill the order. Imagine you a designer, received x amount of orders for a clothing line, Signature apparel takes the order and never delivers. You as a designer have already paid for the manufacturing and vendors have paid you and you have no choice but to refund the money. Vendors are counting on your line and it is too late to replace you with another brand.

    It is disgusting what the Laurita’s have done. At least Teresa is working as hard as she can to pay back what they owe, and all the Laurita’s have done is create another company and scam another firm out of the BLK water.

    So, how dare Jac say on Sunday’s episode that she hopes Teresa make a billion dollars so that se can pay back all the people that she screwed owing 11 million dollars. Teresa gets on my nerves, but the Lauritas and Manzo’s just make me sick. What goes around comes around!

    • Fact is Tre is working hard BECAUSE SHE HAS NO OTHER CHOICETO I mean really guys you all act like she got a sudden burst of consceince and decided to do the right thing. Please she has no other choice.

      • You have a point. I just wonder now that Jacaholic is in a situation as bad as, if not worse, than Teresa if she will work hard to fix it. Uh, I doubt she will rouse herself from her alcohol induced stupor to do anything more than wail and cry.

        • Well, she’s been in that bad of a situation for over a year now. All I have seen her do is get drunk and rant like a loon on twitter. Can anyone point out anything productive that Jac has done in the last year and a half? Well, besides spamming her twitter followers w/ links to her AcneOne crap, that is.

          • She looked so disheveled on wwhl compared to Carole. lol I could not stop laughing when she pitched her acne product and Andy nor Carole asked about it. lol Bless her heart.

              • hahahahaha gawd! She’s a week away from her breakdown! Her house husband should step in and change her twitter password, bc she is going bonkers!

      • Sure she does. She could cry and have a pity party that she is the mother of small children and no one loves her and she tries to be a good friend but her so called friends are not real. . . Oh sorry, I thought we were talking about Jax.

      • She has a choice not to pay anyone just like Jac does nothing all day.THere are so many loopholes to get away with bankruptcy and not paying! Tre is taking care of it and getting out there before she no longer is relevant. These reality TV people become irrevelant as soon as the show is over.

        • But The Guidices Bankruyptcy did not go thro because of allegations of Fraud, it was pulled so really Teresa is she wanted to keep that Tomb she lives in and all her belongings and and that eviormentally devastating SVU and not be sued by every tom dick and Harry in NJ and possible live in a apartment someone else lived in first then yea she had no other choice then to pay. She didnt just wake up and say GEE I am going to do the right thing today and pay my debts let me call my lawyer and pull the Bankruptcy

  13. I hope Andy brings this all up at the Reunion that you posted here on your blog today. Jac is a dunce so Caroline will take over all her questions relating any financial matters. Andy seems scared of Caroline so I wonder how hard he’ll go after Jac (HARD I hope)…Danny, yes good ol Danny was right! The Manzos are punks!!!

  14. Jaxqueline is a gold digger. Lets see how long this marriage lasts after they take that house they are living in.

    • There is no doubt in my mind that she is a gold digger, but she has pretty much aged out of that game. I mean, look at her. She is all used up and looks like a hag now. If Chris looses everything, I don’t see her as having many options. I don’t think she could go back to the Glitter Gulch and attract another meal ticket.

      • I hope she saved some of that cheese she gave Gia at her lovely party, put on by the Bravo show… What was it Provalone?

  15. Someone else said on here recently – If you want to know what the Manzos and Lauritas are doing, just listen to what they’re accusing Teresa of.

  16. Check out the names of their businesses – Artful Dodger, Laurita Pyramid Companies. Oh, the irony……hahaha!

  17. Has anyone noticed on the RHONJ Bravo blogs, that you’re unable to leave comments this weeks? i wonder what that is all about.

    • Yes! I just tweeted to BravoTV about that subject…no answer OF COURSE. I think they got tired of the landslide of fed up comments about the Manzos/Lauritas/Gorgas. I know I sent my share in (which they rarely posted). I bet it kills Bravo to see Teresa so successful in spite of everything..including Bravo themselves giving the Manzos the sweetest sweetheart edits of ALL TIME. UGH! Can you say backfire? I love it!!

  18. I’d like to see one of two scenarios at the reunion: 1. Teresa boycotts it citing “mental exhaustion” or 2. Goes and acts like a lady of the manor – very calm, soft spoken and ladylike. At that point, they will be DYING to let into her. She should point out their inconsistencies, gently, but I hope she doesn’t take their bait and yell back or god forbid CRY. She’s cried enough over these hosebeasts. Let THEM yell, become unhinged and run group attacks. She’ll once again look sane, dignified and above it all. I’m sure Andy will ONCE AGAIN ask her about Juicy’s homophobia and demand she apologize for it. I’m sure DonCaro – excuse me, Tinycarlo will once again like a possessed devil beast spewing venom at Teresa. Teresa should just show pity for them, and maybe adopt an English accent.

    • Hope your right! Also, I’m hoping Teresa demand they have separate seating set up for her, so she doesn’t have to share the couch with those two-faced “friends and fambily-members”… That way, she can sit back and let the snakes spew all the venom they want without getting her dress all messed up :-D

    • Oh, I so hope that Tre remains cool and calm, and allows the psychos to take their plastic spoons and dig their graves. I’d love to see her be the calm in the storm while all the rest of them unravel in failed attempts to bait her into an argument, amidst waving bat wings and flapping jowls…..please give Tre strength…..

      • I want that to… I pray Teresa stays calm, and the rest sink in their hate…they deserve that, and Teresa stay calm, deep breaths… We need you to do this… Do it for everyone!!!

  19. If DonCaro is such a concerned mama – you really have to ask yourself why she would let her boys go into business with their con artist uncles. I think her judgement is just a little amiss.

    • That whole clan are con artists. It’s a way of life for them. But I agree if she were such a great mother, she would have encouraged her kids to get something resembling REAL JOBS.

      • Because the rules don’t apply to the Manzos or Lauritias. Did the Don feel bad for what Albert stole from the state? I missed that apolgy and Ms. Andy let it slide at the reunion without a follow up question. Ashley is bashed by her cousins yet the are loafs. They all thought the world would believe that Tiny Manzo was not part of the mob because they said so.Like it happens every day in every city. Ugh can’t take them anymore.

    • Because she is CRAY CRAY. Look at her face when she is mad. Watch her face when the ambush on the deck is happening, when she bursts out angrily at Tre. I think Caroline is really just a low class, dumpy older lady with mental issues, and she really doesn’t belong on this show.

      • I think she is low class as well.. She can not wear anything correctly.. She looks like a wanna be… She could put on a 2,000.00 dress,and it still would not look good… She has no class. A thug in a cocktail dress!

  20. DonCaro comes from cons. Danielle said that DonCaro’s daddy went to prison. It’s not just Chris Laurita – it is also his brothers Anthony and Joseph Laurita involved. Three brothers of DonCaro ripped off people.

  21. They are all con-artists on the shows, except for the new NY women. Tre might have been working hard in the past year, but to continue spending money is the mark of insanity. Downsize—-don’t add on, dummy. And, while the Lauritas scammed people, Joe G. did a more heinous act of leaving his tenants w/o heat. We won’t even talk about Al Manzo’s scams State of NJ……..

    • I always wonder the same thing….get a normal sized home, drive one car, destroy your credit cards, do your own makeup, shop at gap, cook at home, use coupons, and live within your MEANs!! That’s what most of us do….it’s really not that hard…..

        • Teresa spotted at Marshalls in Totowa and Costco. That’s not what we saw on prior seasons. Also, a lot of the items are now donated for free publicity. So the only “thing” that gives the impression that Teresa is not downsizing are comments from the cast. Imagine that!!

          • Not true, Antonella. We see Tre and Joe putting on an addition (“carport”) when they just went thru a bankruptcy. They should be selling that mansion and downsizing to a *modest* house. Tre should try doing her own hair/nails and stop buying things for a while. I never see her in the same clothes and her kids’ clothes are over the top. That’s hardly the way someone behaves when they’re fresh off of a bankruptcy. She needs to get real. It’s disgraceful. (and the only reason she removed herself from the bankruptcy was b/c she didn’t want to go to jail for withholding the fact that she was getting a huge advance for her stupid cookbook).

            • That house has multiple mortgages on it. If that’s the case, they might not be able to sell. As I indicated, clothes, etc. donated. I am sure the hair and nails are donated. We saw Juicy working on his own house, I doubt anyone is going to employ him at the moment and he can’t get a construction loan to do anything. Who is going to finance him? As far as the advance, I am not going there again, it’s been answered several times. Teresa was not going to jail. Look at the amended Petition, the advance was placed on there. The bankruptcy was withdrawn because it would have cost close to a million in legals just to fight it and there was a strong possibility it would not be approved since the same judge already ruled against Juicy in the adversary proceeding.

            • even though I’m more of a tre fan in all of this, i’m gonna have to agree with you. Though the clothes in the shopping sprees are comped they surely are footing the bill for the garage….and who needs a chandelier in their garage??…..time for all those in financial trouble to live like the middle class Americans that they are!

              • Hi Cherry! I was thinking that adding onto the garage was a project Joe did himself with probably all the excess wood and what not he had left over from the construction company. Who knows even the chandelier might be a left over from building the house. Am not sure what all grace(or cheese or meladjusted) want Joe and Tree to do? Sell a home they have mortgaged up the nose and also not sure but if noticed houses are not selling like they used to. Cars? Do we know if they own the cars or are leasing? Do Trees underwear come from Walmart or Victorias secret? Don’t know…Home cooking can be a very good way to save money unlike most of the others seem to eat out a lot. Canning your own tomatoes and sauces seems like a way to save money. Maybe if Tree wore a hair-shirt or a flour sack that would make some people feel better about Tree being punished for filing bankruptcy like many others have had to do in this economy. And yes Tree did have to get to work but hey she could have done like the Lauritas and started another business to fund her lifestyle…And yeah she does dress nice but in the business that they all are in(the show etc..) would the people who want to burn her at the stake be happier to see her in rags or crappy clothes so they can then make fun of that also? Cherry I can see that you and I are on the same page because like you have said before at least Tree hasn’t sunk as low as the rest of the trash and went down and dirty like her own family had done. I was wondering,are you Cherry as well as hereswhat? Because i see you both have those cherrylips..Also i think herewhat has been here along time. Anyways the both of you are cool….

              • You bring up some very valid points about the garage that I hadn’t even considered. And that just makes it clear that there are multiple sides to everything incident we discuss. We truly don’t know unless we are in their shoes, do we?
                I’m on board with Tre wearing nice clothes…. especially since she is likely being comp’d….hair and make-up is probably courtesy of Bravo….etc….I’m just being the middle class practical mom….I would have mad respect for them if I knew that they were no longer living beyond their means and hopefully they aren’t.
                And yep….cherrylipgloss and hereswhat are one-in-the-same….I’ve been here for awhile and changed my handle when Andy conducted that atrocious NJ reunion. I hated to change cause I had a feeling some wouldn’t know it was still me….
                Also…for forever I’ve noticed that we think alike….I can’t tell you how often I haven’t commented simply bc you wrote exactly what I was thinking….I just endorse yours and save myself all that pesky typing!….ex-oh, ex-oh girlfriend

              • Thank you…I was so mad at myself last night for watching the show that today I just went off…Was hoping I didn’t piss to many off today..Its nice to know that there are still many of the old crew left here. I guess some of us just don’t know when to quit…lol…..oxoxox

    • Aha, you’ve got it. They are all con-artists. You know that saying, “Go Big or Go Home”… what that is what they are all doing. Going BIG with respect to spending their money. Joe and Teresa will refile, but not until they have everything in a “better” order. They will walk on all debt (except for lawsuit from partner) and start anew with all of their shiney new objects, cars, houses, clothing, closets and carports. They will have the last laugh. Joe will get a nice vacation at the spa where he can work on those muscles of his.

      • So u think that 2 people that were so closely scrutinized, humiliated and threatened with criminal prosecution, who are currently working with banks to modify, sell and payoff, who are now earning significantly more due to the efforts of Teresa, will simply file again and seek to walk away from their debts? What an interesting observation. Unless it was made to cast doubt on the girl who is working so hard for the money.

        • YES! Tre is “working hard” just to try to keep up with the fake lifestyle she’s portrayed for the last several years. It’s not to pay off her debtors or Joe’s. They’ll be back in a deeper bankruptcy very soon b/c they didn’t learn the lesson of humility or decency.

    • There was an honest explanation that explained the heat issue and I can’t recall the details, but it was fixed. Also, they are not doing a bankruptcy…Joe Giudice has been paying off the debt. It went from 11 mil to 8 mil and it’s still being brought down.

      Teresa only owed 100k, none of Joe’s debt is in her name…it’s his business.
      And she easily paid off the 100k.

      People need to read a wee bit more about what is going on b4 commenting.

  22. The fans are more worked up about all of this than the actual players. They’re laughing all the way to the bank…at the fan’s emotional expense. Fans should save their righteous indignation for people who affect their own lives, not these rogues. Some of this anger has got to be projection? Why get so worked up about a reality show that is mostly scripted and set up? This bewilders me.

    • I think the behavior at the last reunion show – when DonCaro, Kathy and Melissa jumped on Tre set the reaction off. 3 on 1 – unfair. And Jax skipped – emotionally exhausted because of Tre. And DonCaro said that Tre was the reason for the Dina-DonCaro feud (even though Dina said no and Tre said that DonCaro stabbed Dina in the back).

      Now that there is more information out there about the Lauritas – that’s why the backlash is starting. The Laurita fraud is worse than the Giudice bankrutpcy mess. And DonCaro acting so “royal family” is so laughable.

    • Why are you so worked up about fan’s reactions to the show??? Please take your own advice.
      The reason we do it…simple…because it’s fun. We are having fun bantering these people. That’s all.

    • I don’t hear any anger from the commenters….just succinct and accurate observations.. None of us are sacrificing our emotional well being and we are all well aware that these ppl get paid….and it is the players, my dear, who appear emotionally unstable….not the observers.

      • ITA Entree and hereswhat. :) These people put themselves out there on a Reality TV show and also tell their personal business on national TV.

        Why do we talk about them? Because we can!!! (And we like to. )

        If they didn’t want to be talked about they should have just said NO and turned down the big bucks they’re making because WE watch the show. Without us watching and talking they don’t make the big bucks.Get it? We’re important to them. . . without us they’re nothing!

        If they don’t want to be discussed, they also should keep their big mouths shut and not tell their personal business to America on national TV or in magazines so they can be relevant and continue to make big bucks.

    • Awe, don’t be a party pooper! We are just having a bit of fun cussin’ and discussin’ the nonsense of it all. Isn’t that what the folks at BRAVO want? Yes, they are laughing all the way to the bank. That is after a quick stop at the courthouse declaring their bankruptcies! LOL!

  23. How does that old saying go……don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house! Well Jax looks like your own shady dealings are coming back to bite ya! I wonder if you told Teresa about this if not then your not a good friend? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! jUST SAYIN!!!!!!

  24. Jac is coming undone bc she knows Danielle is capable of spilling everything she ever told her about the manzo/laurita family. You know she must of told Danielle some family drama secrets!
    Jac…Ima need you to have a seat boo boo! You have got to Goooooooo!!!!

    • Your dead on, dead on. She must have told Danielle alot of stuff about her “career” in vegas and other towns and Chris Laurita’s business along with the Manzo’s Brownstone. The reason Chris is around more is because his wife is a drunk and unstable after finding out that much of his and his family master plan are coming apart (I bet anything he gave money to Caroline also). Chris may be looking at jail also.

      • I really wish someone would confirm what exactly she did in Vegas. She said hair and make-up recently… but, didn’t she also say “model”? Isn’t there some brilliant blogger out there that can dig up the truth? It can’t be that bad, can it? I mean really, at the end of the day everyone has a past and a thing or two they would like to keep to themselves.

    • The thing is she was probably all juiced up and doesnt remember what she told Danielle and that probably scares the hell out of her. I would really love to see the documents thats says they went from 11 million to 8 million. The only way that could happen is debts r being forgiven, i know tree is making some very good money but in what 2 years knock the debt down 3 million no way. she could be making 3 million a year and that still wouldnt do it, she has to pay taxes on that money and she also has all her bills she pays every month to live. Her house payments have to be way over the top, i cringe to think how much they could be. Do the math its not possible with her income, no way.

  25. I watch all of the Housewives but this year I’ve started deleting them. They are all “encouraged” to bring the drama and each show has the villain of the season. NJ has the Manzo/Laurita women, OC has Tamra, Atlanta has Nene and NY is just getting started, it looks like any one of them could be the one. The NJ shows were taped a year ago, at the time the word was Caro and Jax were out once it aired. I hope it’s true. Caro portrays herself as mother of the year, who would take advice from her, she as three kids who don’t work, she idolizes her sons, insults her daughter, who by the way has a big mouth too, she better watch out, Vito might come to his senses and split

    • Ava, I’m glad you brought this up. For someone who puts herself out there as the “voice of reason” and “America’s Mother,” Caroline/MommieDearest has done a piss poor job raising her own spawn. Who the hell ever gave her the idea she was the perfect mother or so brilliant and wise she can dispense advice to others??? *rolleyes*

      She has two worthless, uneducated, unattractive, lazy Mama’s boys and an insecure, bitter, smartass daughter that she puts down at every opportunity. NOT ONE of her spawn are successful. NOT ONE is a college graduate. NOT ONE is employed to my knowledge. NOT ONE has an appealing personality, NOT ONE is witty, clever, or even pleasant to be around.

      They are not normal children. They’re all old enough to be on their own, employed or in college, and they’re all nasty, gossiping, smartasses with no lives of their own. The Time Magazine cover we have here should show all 3 of her spawn instead of just one of them breastfeeding.

      There’s something really, really wrong in that household imo. It’s as dysfunctional as I’ve ever seen. Mother of Year??? What a sad joke!

      • Lisbeth, as much as it pains me to say anything positive about the Manzoids, Albie did graduate from Fordham. But, everything else you’ve stated is spot on!

        • OOPS thank you CJ. I wasn’t aware of that. I’ll have to give him credit for that. It’s a shame he isn’t using his education.

      • I understand in order to film this last season Caro wrote her kids into her contract. I don’t get Bravo thinking their viewers would give a damn about her kids. Between the three Manzos and the devil Ashley I actually lean toward Teresa. I would love to see Tre make a lot of money and get rid of Juicy. MeGo has to go too. So obnoxious, no talent, I was happy when Tre, MeGo and that sap Kathy appeared on the View Tre appeared alone and when it came to the other two Whoopi refused to sit with them. MeGo got very pitchy trying to defend herself but it fell flat.

  26. I’m days late to this conversation I know, in the slight chance the blogger and those who commented should see this I wanted to say how much I have enjoyed reading!!! I love the SH blogs!
    I was starting to think I was alone in my opinions . It’s nice seeing I’m not!
    My parents taught me to always watch actions more than listen to words. The non-stop bashing of Teresa since last seasons reunion tells us all a lot IF we want to see it?
    Looking at 2 trees in winter that are completely bare, its not easy to tell what kind they are? But watch them long enough they will bloom and show you beyond any doubt! A apple tree can’t pass for a pear tree for long! Same with people! Watch them long enough and what they really are in their hearts will show through! They won’t be able to hide it. This is why many con artests are caught. They hung around to long and people saw what they were.
    Watching the NJ HW shows and casts and Bravos Andy C. actions tell exactly what they are! Andy’s panties have been in a bunch since Joe used the word Gay. His actions show he uses his power to shove his beliefs down everyone’s throats! Mamma Manzo’s holier than thou act has become transparent along with all the rest. They have (in fun they claimed at the time) poked fun of Teresa at every turn. But the truth is they are “along with Tres sissy brother and his yucky wife” in total shock that someone they view as stupid is the “STAR” !!
    I really think they didn’t think she had it in her. She’s the only one who has used her few minutes of fame to do something. They are sick and eat up with jealousy!! Listen to the things they say, Lauren wants to be rich!, Carolyn and Kathy are the only ones who can cook, wheres Carolyns Rules? Yeah, gone! Melissa just freaking loves herself so much there’s no way we wouldn’t! Joey is an idot who cries because his daddy loves Joe more! Lauren’s shop closed the day after the grand opening. She says no one respected her. Just her moms kid! Maybe because your mommy owned it? What happened to law school? Being a policeman? Why is water all we hear that’s so great but who’s seen it? These folks have played pretend and it’s caught up that’s all! Good,bad, & ugly Teresa’s life has mostly been open. Now theirs may be exposed as worse so they trying hard to make is think they are still the better by drowning Teresa. And IMO, anyone who can put a smile on their face and keep trying has my vote. Seriously did they really want her to come over daily and dump all her bad on their table? Give me a break!

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