REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode Nine… “Public Display of Rejection”

June 25, 2012  9:30 am

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY… Season Four, Episode Nine… “Public Display of Rejection”  

Recap… by Sandi Duffy

Caroline’s Dog has a peace sign collar.  Ironic much?

Chris rehashed the whole Teresa argument with Lauren, Chris, Albie and Greggy.

                       Da Manzoids and BGG… their normal day.

WTH is BigGayGreggy doing there?  OK, WTH is the Manzo clan doing there, while we’re on the subject?  And Chris Laurita, stop with the TTC (talkin’ to da camera).  You are not a housewife.

                    Chris Laurita… “We’re goin’ to Napa ’cause it start with “N”, just like New Jersey… datz da only reason…”

Chris is talking about unviting Joe and Teresa to Napa. I can’t imagine why Joe and Teresa would want to go to Napa with that crew, but I guess Bravo is making them.  On a more personal note,  I just unvited my sister-in-law to Vegas because I need her to watch my kids.  She was totally OK with it.  See, I actually get along with my sister-in-law and both my brothers.

Jacqueline is either fake crying or having an asthma attack behind closed doors over the end of her friendship with Teresa.  I’m not really sure 1.) why she’s upset and 2.) why she ended the friendship…because Teresa is talking to magazines about her own problems that have nothing at all to do with Jacqueline and her family?  I really couldn’t care less if one of my friends was talking to magazines about her problems.

Joe and Teresa then rehash the argument.  I am sick of their argument.  It was stupid, and much like I can’t figure out the feud between Teresa and her brother, I can’t figure out why Jacqueline is mad at Teresa.

Teresa calls her cousin Kathy to meet for breakfast or lunch.

That should go really well.  Kathy arrives for the meeting wearing a hideous dress and I can’t figure out what the hell Teresa is wearing.  Teresa rehashes her fight with Jacqueline and Caroline.  Kathy decides that she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Caroline and Jacqueline by siding with Teresa…you know because she’s been such good friends with them for all of one and a half seasons of this show, but has known Teresa all her life.  Teresa really needs to rethink her friends and clean house.

            Melissa Gorga… “Hey, Ryan… can you see me?  I got all ‘on display’ just to talk witchu for ten seconds!!!”
Melissa is putting her troughful of make-up on because she is having a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest.  Her song, “On Display” is debuting on his show.  When did this happen and how did I miss it?  It’s no “Tardy for the Party.”

Teresa decides to go to therapy with her brother.  Joe reveals that when he was 11 the school tried to send him to therapy.  Why am I not the least bit surprised ?  Teresa is going to therapy with her brother because they are having trouble communicating.  They are having trouble communicating because they are both idiots who barely have a command of the English language.

JuicyJoe gives Tree his blessing… to see the therapist with Tree’s SISTER.  NOTE: Watch for MissAndy to force another apology outta Juicy for this!

Melissa is reading her Twitter on the way to her launch party where everyone is saying how much “On Display” sucks.  The truth hurts, Melissa.  I mean I’d rather go clean the puke out of my minivan after my son vomited Thai food in it tonight, than listen to Melissa sing  “On Display.”

            Caroline Manzo, lil Albie Manzo… “We don’t need your Dad to croak, you’re already da man of MY house…”

At Melissa’s launch party, I’m wondering if Bravo paid people to come because the place is packed and I can’t imagine more than four people care about Melissa’s song.  Caroline is wearing the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen and hanging all over her favorite child, Albie.

                                Thanks, SH reader, “HousewifeHoe”!!!… Never gets old…

I take it back.  Jacqueline is wearing the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.  Kathy is sitting with Caroline and Teresa, kissing their asses, and Melissa looks like a stripper.

                 Kathy Wakile, Caro Manzoid, Jax Laurita… “To the ugliest dressed women in this crap hole…”

Teresa comes in, kisses her cousin Kathy, and blows off Jacqueline.  Jacqueline is actually hurt by this.  What did she expect?

Teresa finds her brother and tells him she will go to therapy with him.

                        Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice… “Youz goin’ to da tearapist wit me… Bravo’s makin’ us. Dey are payin’ us, soz we gotta do it…”

I just realized that Richie Wakile hasn’t been in this episode yet.  Small miracles.  Whoever is doing Teresa’s make-up needs to ease up on the eye shadow.

 Teresa Giudice… Oh, the eyeshadow is even worse than this!!

Rosie shows up and seems loaded.  With Bravo’s whole gay agenda on this show, I want to say that I attended the Gay Pride Parade today in New York City and didn’t see Greggy or Rosie there.   (Note:  BGG was at the WeHo Gay Festivities in LA.  Don’t know and don’t care where Rosie was…)

              Melissa Gorga… “HEY!  I’m on display!!!”

I now have decided I need to ignore Jacqueline whining to the camera.  She pisses me off.  I can’t figure out why she is mad at Teresa.  I am done with her, the way Caroline is done with Teresa.

 CaroManzoid… “I’m done witchu, Tree…”

Chris and Albie imitate Jacqueline and Teresa having a conversation, and I have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.  When Teresa and Jacqueline actually have a conversation, I realize that Chris and Albie nailed it.

Jacqueline is batshit crazy and Teresa is really stupid and listening to crazy argue with stupid is giving me a headache.

                       Jax Laurita… “Help me out here… I got no storyline…”

Caroline has the audacity to discuss Teresa with Joe.  When Joe TTCs I realize there’s something going on with his hair.  I think he has plugs.  It remind me of Ralph Macchio’s when he was on Dancing with the Stars.

Teresa confronts Melissa about Melissa talking to Danielle two years ago.  Danielle is back without being back.  Are they going to dredge up that book again, Cop without a Badge?  Burn!  Melissa was totally feeding Danielle crap two years ago.  At least she admits it and apologizes for it.

Jacqueline blah blah blahs, but my ears perk up when she says that “Teresa is the only one who can make money” and BINGO–that’s what Jacqueline is pissed about.  Teresa is making money and Jacqueline isn’t.

 If Tree is doing’ all the magz for nuthin’ like she claims , she’s dumber than originally thought!

Caroline is like the Greek chorus in everyone’s ear commenting on everything.

Rosie is a drunken mess and kissing Joe Guidice and wanting peace in the family.

 Richie and Kathy Wakile… This PDA was bad enough.  Watchin’ Rosie slobbering all over everyone is an even worse assault to the eyeballs…

Richie makes an appearance a the end of the episode.  Melissa speculates that Teresa is making peace with her family because she is fighting with her friends.