REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode Nine… “Public Display of Rejection”

June 25, 2012  9:30 am

REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY… Season Four, Episode Nine… “Public Display of Rejection”  

Recap… by Sandi Duffy

Caroline’s Dog has a peace sign collar.  Ironic much?

Chris rehashed the whole Teresa argument with Lauren, Chris, Albie and Greggy.

                       Da Manzoids and BGG… their normal day.

WTH is BigGayGreggy doing there?  OK, WTH is the Manzo clan doing there, while we’re on the subject?  And Chris Laurita, stop with the TTC (talkin’ to da camera).  You are not a housewife.

                    Chris Laurita… “We’re goin’ to Napa ’cause it start with “N”, just like New Jersey… datz da only reason…”

Chris is talking about unviting Joe and Teresa to Napa. I can’t imagine why Joe and Teresa would want to go to Napa with that crew, but I guess Bravo is making them.  On a more personal note,  I just unvited my sister-in-law to Vegas because I need her to watch my kids.  She was totally OK with it.  See, I actually get along with my sister-in-law and both my brothers.

Jacqueline is either fake crying or having an asthma attack behind closed doors over the end of her friendship with Teresa.  I’m not really sure 1.) why she’s upset and 2.) why she ended the friendship…because Teresa is talking to magazines about her own problems that have nothing at all to do with Jacqueline and her family?  I really couldn’t care less if one of my friends was talking to magazines about her problems.

Joe and Teresa then rehash the argument.  I am sick of their argument.  It was stupid, and much like I can’t figure out the feud between Teresa and her brother, I can’t figure out why Jacqueline is mad at Teresa.

Teresa calls her cousin Kathy to meet for breakfast or lunch.

That should go really well.  Kathy arrives for the meeting wearing a hideous dress and I can’t figure out what the hell Teresa is wearing.  Teresa rehashes her fight with Jacqueline and Caroline.  Kathy decides that she doesn’t want to ruin her relationship with Caroline and Jacqueline by siding with Teresa…you know because she’s been such good friends with them for all of one and a half seasons of this show, but has known Teresa all her life.  Teresa really needs to rethink her friends and clean house.

            Melissa Gorga… “Hey, Ryan… can you see me?  I got all ‘on display’ just to talk witchu for ten seconds!!!”
Melissa is putting her troughful of make-up on because she is having a phone interview with Ryan Seacrest.  Her song, “On Display” is debuting on his show.  When did this happen and how did I miss it?  It’s no “Tardy for the Party.”

Teresa decides to go to therapy with her brother.  Joe reveals that when he was 11 the school tried to send him to therapy.  Why am I not the least bit surprised ?  Teresa is going to therapy with her brother because they are having trouble communicating.  They are having trouble communicating because they are both idiots who barely have a command of the English language.

JuicyJoe gives Tree his blessing… to see the therapist with Tree’s SISTER.  NOTE: Watch for MissAndy to force another apology outta Juicy for this!

Melissa is reading her Twitter on the way to her launch party where everyone is saying how much “On Display” sucks.  The truth hurts, Melissa.  I mean I’d rather go clean the puke out of my minivan after my son vomited Thai food in it tonight, than listen to Melissa sing  “On Display.”

            Caroline Manzo, lil Albie Manzo… “We don’t need your Dad to croak, you’re already da man of MY house…”

At Melissa’s launch party, I’m wondering if Bravo paid people to come because the place is packed and I can’t imagine more than four people care about Melissa’s song.  Caroline is wearing the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen and hanging all over her favorite child, Albie.

                                Thanks, SH reader, “HousewifeHoe”!!!… Never gets old…

I take it back.  Jacqueline is wearing the ugliest dress I’ve ever seen.  Kathy is sitting with Caroline and Teresa, kissing their asses, and Melissa looks like a stripper.

                 Kathy Wakile, Caro Manzoid, Jax Laurita… “To the ugliest dressed women in this crap hole…”

Teresa comes in, kisses her cousin Kathy, and blows off Jacqueline.  Jacqueline is actually hurt by this.  What did she expect?

Teresa finds her brother and tells him she will go to therapy with him.

                        Joe Gorga, Teresa Giudice… “Youz goin’ to da tearapist wit me… Bravo’s makin’ us. Dey are payin’ us, soz we gotta do it…”

I just realized that Richie Wakile hasn’t been in this episode yet.  Small miracles.  Whoever is doing Teresa’s make-up needs to ease up on the eye shadow.

 Teresa Giudice… Oh, the eyeshadow is even worse than this!!

Rosie shows up and seems loaded.  With Bravo’s whole gay agenda on this show, I want to say that I attended the Gay Pride Parade today in New York City and didn’t see Greggy or Rosie there.   (Note:  BGG was at the WeHo Gay Festivities in LA.  Don’t know and don’t care where Rosie was…)

              Melissa Gorga… “HEY!  I’m on display!!!”

I now have decided I need to ignore Jacqueline whining to the camera.  She pisses me off.  I can’t figure out why she is mad at Teresa.  I am done with her, the way Caroline is done with Teresa.

 CaroManzoid… “I’m done witchu, Tree…”

Chris and Albie imitate Jacqueline and Teresa having a conversation, and I have to admit, it’s pretty hilarious.  When Teresa and Jacqueline actually have a conversation, I realize that Chris and Albie nailed it.

Jacqueline is batshit crazy and Teresa is really stupid and listening to crazy argue with stupid is giving me a headache.

                       Jax Laurita… “Help me out here… I got no storyline…”

Caroline has the audacity to discuss Teresa with Joe.  When Joe TTCs I realize there’s something going on with his hair.  I think he has plugs.  It remind me of Ralph Macchio’s when he was on Dancing with the Stars.

Teresa confronts Melissa about Melissa talking to Danielle two years ago.  Danielle is back without being back.  Are they going to dredge up that book again, Cop without a Badge?  Burn!  Melissa was totally feeding Danielle crap two years ago.  At least she admits it and apologizes for it.

Jacqueline blah blah blahs, but my ears perk up when she says that “Teresa is the only one who can make money” and BINGO–that’s what Jacqueline is pissed about.  Teresa is making money and Jacqueline isn’t.

 If Tree is doing’ all the magz for nuthin’ like she claims , she’s dumber than originally thought!

Caroline is like the Greek chorus in everyone’s ear commenting on everything.

Rosie is a drunken mess and kissing Joe Guidice and wanting peace in the family.

 Richie and Kathy Wakile… This PDA was bad enough.  Watchin’ Rosie slobbering all over everyone is an even worse assault to the eyeballs…

Richie makes an appearance a the end of the episode.  Melissa speculates that Teresa is making peace with her family because she is fighting with her friends.


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285 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF NEW JERSEY RECAP: Season Four, Episode Nine… “Public Display of Rejection”

  1. How funny was that. All of a sudden Tree wants her family because the door has closed with Jax and Caroline. If I were her family, I would prefer to stay far away from her. I hate people that only know you when they are facing rough waters or are totally alone.

    The Manzo kids and Greg really need to find jobs. I know they get paid to show up but jeeze. They all seem like lifeless lumps.

    • That’s supposed to be the difference between family and “people”. Unfortunately Teresa’s family have mad cow disease.

      • I agree. Family is supposed to be there for you no matter what.

        I also agree about the Manzo “kids”. GET A JOB ALREADY! And why are they so invested in their MOTHER’S business? And why is BGG ALWAYS with them? Doesn’t he have a family of his own or other friends?

          • I gotta say that I am startin to lean more towards that thought. He has so many struggles. He stays below the radar (he is pretty quiet compared to Critterfur). Trying to pull off a girlfriend…..just sayin. Actually, that would be a “real” situation for a story-line.

        • Good question treasure..WTH are 20 somethings invested/ obsessed with mommie’s business or should I say mommie sticking her nose in everyones business? It’s freaking creepy that 20 somethings are also so tied into their mom’s identity on social media. Albie and mommie’s pic on twitter still freaks me out ! All the young adults I know including my son ( who has his own family) and my grandsons would BE EMBARRASSED ! They have their own identity, interests and friends.. the last thing they want or need is to be SO FREAKING INVOLVED in what I do or say on a social media site or blog.
          I can’t wait for the day these loser sloths / kids actually have to get a real job and work for a living and one day they will have to.”My Mother the Enabler” days are numbered and so are her lazy kids.. they WILL NOT get rich with their stoopid ideas. As far as BGG..I quess no one wants to “claim” him other than the Manzos.. would you ?? LOL !

          • I’m in my 20′s and my mom would still whip my ass if I got into her business lol. But then again, my mom and her friends don’t act like idiots.

          • Those kids of hers, are tied to her apRon strings.. If my children were still around at that age, I would think I did something wrong… Something is wrong with them.. Honestly, they are so dependent on her… Not the dad, he is not interested in those kids… I don’t think he is a good father… You never see him spend time with his sons… Not even having fun.. Never… I think they are gay, ( and there is nothing wrong with that), and personally, he doesn’t like it… That is why he didn’t go to ManOids brothers wedding, he is the one that is anti-gay, not JOE… That family has deep deep problems, so many, the closet is still
            Closed. If Carol-man doesn’t leave, she will be exposed… People will be digging. Up her secrets soon.. It’s getting to close… My opinion only.. I have two children, five grandchildren, they both are workers, college educated, and I am proud of them, and there spouses… But when they come over to visit, I love it, but their e father and I love waving Goodbye… We love our alone time too. That is why I say something ain’t right in that family… I do not think we are strange, it’s those ManZos!!!!

            • I agree with you 100% on the apron strings. My kids are 16, 13 and 8 and I look forwad to them moving out and becoming their own person and experiencing life. I understand that due to the economy a lot more kids are staying home longer but what is going on there is just bazaar. I see a lot of laziness and co-depedence. I think it’s a really bad thing if you have three grown ass kids, that are in their 20′s, living at home while not going to school or doing some sort of productive job.

              • The RHW must be the ONLY thing they all having going on in their lives – the ONLY thing. Lord knows, that BLK is going nowhere. Just out of curiosity, I looked at Ramona’s daughter’s Twitter, no where does she mention her mother is on RHNY, she has lots of age appropriate interests and I think she is a beautiful, well-rounded young lady, with her own life. She doesn’t need (or at this age, probably doesn’t want) her identity based on the show her mom is on. Those Manzoids should follow this young lady’s lead. She is a great example on how adult (or almost adult) kids should act if their mom gets a reality show.

              • That is really said if they have nothing going on..they are “children of means” so they should be making something of themselves. If Albie can’t do the school thing, then he needs to take his ass to the Brown Stone and put in some work for the family business.

              • Indeed. I am equally confused as to how Vicki raised such a grounded independent daughter.

        • Jax is so mad at Teresa because she’s literally taken the world by storm and is making money and she isn’t. All Jax does is to sit around the house drinking and watching CJ and the kids. Also the Manzo kids do look pathetic, they truly do. Albie can’t hold onto any girlfriend (has no money) and his other brother has never brought any girl home during the whole series of the RHONJ. I think the younger brother is gay and his lover is BGG. The reason he is in everything is because he possibly said to them if you don’t allow me on the show I will out our relationship.

          • I actually saw Greggy’s tween at the Laurita game day, so the Manzo boys may be, but I don’t think the man with the lose butt is the bf

          • I remember two months ago…Jac went NUTS on twitter and twitted to Teresa “yeah you might be makin’ lots of money NOW, but I know you will spend it as soon as you get it”

              • LOL at Antonella. Jax officially took the crazy train last night. I decided to watch because I’m dealing with a real life MeGo in my life. I hadn’t realized just how nuts or drunk/over medicated Jax has become. That girl needs some serious help. Unfortunately, whatever her problem is, it is probably hereditary.

    • I really don’t see anything wrong with Teresa reaching out for an ally when the other ppl on the show essentially went nuclear on her. It’s not like she wasn’t constantly trying to get along with them during all these Bravo-mandated get togethers before. She just stepped it up a notch. All I’ve seen is Teresa trying to stay above the fray and EVERYONE else, including yes precious, innocent Rosie, stirring the pot. Has she been actively really TRYING to put things right? Probably not, but in scene after scene, she’s mostly remained calm and kept her mouth shut and pleaded with everyone to please ” not discuss this here.”

      • How come she didn’t reach out to her good friend Kim? She never made any effort to reach out to Kathy before, so why now? They are all batshit but I think Tree is a user.

        I wonder if Rosie has watched any of her behavior. She is really annoying with the over the top loud persona and always seeming to be drunk/tipsy.

        • Well since Kathy said she never stopped loving her as a sister AND this was kathy’s only major role last night, wouldn’t she be the obvious choice. But of course we don’t want Kathy to jeopardize her 10 minute friendships with crazy and crazier

        • She probably did and Bravo thought the footage was too boring to use. KimD agrees with everything Teresa says. If Teresa is going to make up with MeGo and her brother then she kind of has to make nice with Kathy too. They’re a package deal as they are always together.

          • The whole scene with Froggy trimming her bush with her sun hat on was just too much. “Here I am in my lovely garden, trimming my bush. Ring, ring, Oops, that’s my phone. Why hello cousin Teresa. What’s that? Go to breakfast? Sure” click. Hmm that was so random and unscripted. But I guess this was a step up from last week where she had to share the front stoop with MeGo and the peanut gallery and had to pretend that the tabloid story really concerned her. She is pathetic. Rosie now needs to step in b/c she is so damn boring.

            • Rosie cracks me up, but wth on her being so over the top sloshed on the last ep? It’s like she was 16 and drinking for the first time. Or was she high? Switching gears, Caroline can give less than a febus about Kathy. Last season she treated her like gum on her shoe. Now all she cares about is what food she brought to the party. She told her, “You brought a tray then you can stay.” She seriously made up a lil food rhyme just for Kathy bc she’s just a caterer in Caroline’s eyes. Wtf is that?

        • AND.. Tre was not AWARE of all the shennagins /deceit of her family or so called friends at the time and maybe was still thinking Kathy , who had told her previously she wanted to get close / work things out again .. had her back. But apparently Kathy’s NEW FRIENDS and how THEY would look at her being nice or sincere to Tre are more important.

          • I don’t think for a second that if Mego and Kathy thought making up with Tree would give them more air time, that they wouldn’t. Those two numbnuts are convinced that DonCaro runs the show. Just wait. If DonCaro goes the way of JillZ, Mego and Froggie will be singing the “we are fa ma ly” (autotuned of course).

    • In a way I understand what you are saying about staying away from her (her family). I would hope that when your life is bad you can turn to your family. When my daughter first left the house she went through a lot of turmoil. She said and did a lot of nasty things. I was there for her with out approving of her behavior. When she finally decided to settle down and change her life she knew we were there for her. I think you can support the people you love yet not approve of their bad behavior at the same time. I guess it is the unconditional love but not being co-dependent.

      • Well said sd! I’ve been in a similar situation (with the daughter) so I can completely relate to everything you said.

  2. Yep That just about sums it up for me Jaq need to have a seat, and did u hear her say Tree have an 11 mil dollar debt. Well there u go Jaq that’s y tree didn’t tell u any of her bizz cause Mad day is here and ur spillin all the Tea…

      • I actually thought it was 13 million, but whats another 2 million when ur not going to pay them back anyway.

  3. Jax didn’t reveal anything that we didn’t know. That bit about the 11 mill was all over the papers. I am sorry, I know people think she is being nosey, but honestly If someone was my “best friend” for 10 or more years I would probably feel a little of the way that Jax was feeling. It’s hard to sit and hear all of these things in the media, feel concerned for your friend and not really know the truth. While I understand that she would be concerned I also think that Bravo had her amp up the drama a bit for a storyline. While I would feel hurt, I would have just cut my losses and realized that it was best to stay away from someone that didn’t value honesty and my friendship as much as I did theirs.

    • You may FEEL a little bit of what Jac was feeling, but lets HOPE you wouldn’t go bonkers on your friend and sob and hyperventilate and need haldol for 2 days straight because your friend wasn’t telling you every single detail about her private affairs.

      • Child I am made of sterner stuff. I can’t let people get to me like that. I would have cut my losses and kept it moving. I really do think that Jax has a bit of a stunted mental age level. She always seems like such a dingy.

      • Exactly. And the way that Jax has acted is further proof that she was not WORTHY of knowing anything. Women like Jax are the VERY REASON some people dont feel comfortable “opening up” to them. Tree might be a bit slow but she aint stewpid and she has had Jax number for a while now. No loyalty. Not worthy of a ham sandwich, much less any other dirty she feels such a deep need to hear about. Jax will have to just get herself full-fillled some other way. Not at Tree’s expense. She will have plenty to keep her occupied in her own trash heap of a fambily. Really am displeased that more times than not people who call themselves a friends wouldn’t know how to be a real friend to anyone. A real friend keeps their mouth friggun shut. Someone that has a deep seeded need to feel superior to others would get addicted to hearing about the troubles of “friends” like Jax has done. This was on camera. No excuse. Jax is no good.

          • I also agree MP . Watching and reading Jac’s excuses for her so called friend behaviour and her reactions to Tre , makes me think I am from f’n Mars ! But then I realise .. I am an earthling and not wacked out on box wines or suffering from delusions, be they self induced or forced to say in order to follow the “party line” or “bring me to your leader ” Don C.

        • I always felt it was good to help friends but when your friends problems loomed larger than your own then it is time to pull back. You have your own family and problems to take care of. You can support but not become all consumed. I am sure that in her own dumb way Teresa wants to handle it herself and not burnden people or maybe she had advise not to discuss the specifics with cast memebers or anyone else that would leek imfo. Jax is actively trying to imerse herself in every detail of Teresa and Joe’s problems. It seems suspicous t me.

        • You said exactly how most of us feel… Jax is a nut job, and a drunk too… Drunks usually chew gum all the time.. She does that!

        • Haven’t we all had a “friend” who was always whining how they cared so much and wanted to help others so much and wanted to be the peacemaker….but was the very one stirring the pot and repeating confidences and betraying. Well, Jaq fits the bill! I really liked her – never Caroline – but they both have wandered beyond the pale and nothing but Teresa “falling” and going down is gonna stop their quest now. Still, to this very minute, all I have heard is Teresa lies, Teresa is not a good friend, Teresa sold stories to the rags, but the very worse transgressions of all, in my humble opinion, have come from the Toxic 4 who have badgered her beyond belief. Are they EVER going to state in plain English the actual details of HOW Teresa lied, how did she betray others, etc.??????

          • I remember when the Atlanta bunch were going after Kim and all repeating that Kim is a liar, she lies, she’s a liar, but they never ever spelled out about what Kim lied. Same here. Teresa is a liar, she lies. But I have yet to hear what the big ole lie was. So far, everytime DonCaro has gone into details, we saw thru the BS that she was trying to put out there. The story in the cookbook was BS, in fact last week, DonCaro said she doesn’t dance on bars because she’s someone’s mother. How is that any different than what Teresa said in her cookbook?

            Someone puuuhleaz, tell me what the big lie(s) was(were) because I seem to have missed it.

            And, just so we are clear, the next person who calls people who support Teresa’s version delusional, I am using it as the defense in my trial for assault (slapping the piss out of the person).

    • ITA Bizzy, it would be so hard to sit back and know your friend of 10+ years is lying even if by omission. Teresa has outright lied to everyone. She tries to spin the story to make her look better. Guess what? It is not working. Does Teresa think we don’t hear the things she says. She changes her stories from one week to the next. Someone tried to call out Jac for bringing it up on camera, but my gosh Teresa has put it all out there. Anything for pub must be Teresa’s motto. I’m so sick of the fighting. I thought I would choke on my tea last night in the episode when Teresa said Joe Gorga needed therapy and it may help him. I think she stated that nothing was wrong with her. She needs more therapy than the rest of the cast members combined! She needs to get over herself!

        • @Antonella….I think someone was trying to say she lied by omission… my standards, she is just trying to maintain some decorum by not divulging private family matters….

          • So if she lied by omission, aren’t the others doing the same? Jax doesn’t talk about her bankruptcy, DonCaro doesn’t discuss her problems with Dina, the rest of her family (they are not “thick as thieves” but just “thieves”, Mego and Kathy don’t discuss their money problems or issues they have had with their families, etc etc etc. Heck, Jax plays semantics when she said they never filed “personal” bankruptcy, knowing full well the corporate bankruptcy alleged that they commingled and stole to support their personal lifestyle.

            • Absolutely…. I think all of them are entitled to keep certain personal matters private if they so choose…..everyone is going to have their own comfort level with what they are willing to share. I realize they are on reality tv, but I’m sure all of them have things they want to keep to themselves. For myself (and I don’t even have an explanation) but I always keep health matters to myself….that’s just something I’m not comfortable discussing….for other’s it might be money, children etc…..

      • Theresa is one of those chicks that think it’s everyone’s fault but her own. Everyone but her needs therapy. Sure. I guess whatever it takes for her to feel better and superior to everyone else.

        • I will admit, Teresa has a VERY hard time taking responsibility for her actions. But let’s be honest, most of us would do the same thing in her position and save our pride in front of people that have nothing but contempt for you. If you lay down in the desert, the vultures will eat you.

        • I can actually see Tree’s point about the therapy(I know that means I got more issues than tissues) but seriously, she is just reacting to their bullcrap(MeGo fired first) If they would stop, she would be fine. If JoGo NEEDS therapy to make him stop then thats on him for not having the good sense God gave a goose to just straighten up and act normal.
          I still get offeneded to my core that my certian members of my famliy(the crazy ones)think I should be medicated because I can’t “deal” with their crapola. Im like great, ya reackon they can prescibe me the date rape drug for the next time one of yall decide to eff me over? Hows about this, hows about yall get your crap together dont start nuttin and there wont be nuttin and we can all be happy happy joy joy all the live long day. sound good? good. then what the problem is? bahahahahhaha. Try as I might I cant find a video for this one.

        • Yes she does, but if you had all your so called friends and family coming at you with words of hate… Well I think all of us would start acting, and saying next to nothing… She is cornered, and most don’t like how she is being used.. Yes no one else has anything going on in their life, it’s tres life that is interesting.. Without her, they would have nothing.

    • Let’s play fair, then. Let’s have Jacqueline and Chris tell us all about their joint bankruptcy and how they were accused of using investors funds to pay for their “lavish lifestyle.” Who are these stupid people to go around judging other people? And had done nothing to Jacqueline, ever, to make her go bat shit crazy on her. As a matter of fact, when everybody was bashing Ashlee, her entire family and extended family, the only one I ever saw put her arms around Jacqueline and give her some comfort was Teresa. Everybody else was too bust talking about what a POS Ashlee is. Teresa was the only one who ever said Ashlee is a sweet kid. The ONLY one who gave her a little support.

      • Maybe that is also part of the problem between Jax and Tree. She probably hoped Tree would be forth coming so she could open up and discuss her drama. She did say it would be nice if her friend saw her upset and asked her what was wrong.

      • I cant remember the specifics but did you see the way Jax glossed over that one WWHL caller that touched on her issues?. I am convinced that call is what sent Jax over the edge to say what she did in those last final moments. Andy’s way of paying her back for bailing on the reunion I guess since those calls are usally bullcrap fluff or staged. She had ZERO amo and she was clawing at the air for sumpin to say. Her body lauguage was nutzo.
        Poll was tinkered with too. No way was that a dead heat. If so then I am concerned for our country if the voters on the poll actually register to vote for Pres.

        • Also in the beginning of the show when the bartender that works at the Palms asked her whyTH she chose to talk to Tree during the party. I wanted to give that guy a kiss for asking that one! Jax squirmed a bit when answering that too bc it just didn’t make sense. She had just told Tree that she was going to distance herself from her and bam!

        • Made, you are so right… I loved that.. Jax did look a little shaken at that moment.. Just give her another drink, she will be happy again, Not!!

        • MP, I’m convinced Jax is suffering from some mental issue inherited from her mother. She is obviously medicated and shouldn’t be adding alcohol to the mix. Another one that needs to get off TV ASAP.

      • exactly, ges….and if tre didn’t inquire, then according to Jac’s philosophy shouldn’t she just volunteer every bit of information to tre…..??? …. I don’t see the difference

    • I think Jaq only said that about the $11 million to be mean. She said it out of meanness. She wanted Teresa to be all apologetic to her – but Teresa felt the opposite. She was ambushed – it was Teresa’s personal business and she should not have to discuss her personal business when there are cameras around. IMO, Last night’s episode just confirmed, for me, that Jaq is really and truly nuts, Who would cry like that? Something is really bad wrong, maybe she just drinks way too much. I don’t see her “big heart.” I see her as a drunk, gossip, bad mother, know it all. She is absolutely no saint. Her and the husband bled that Signature Apparel company out of all its assets – to support their lavish lifestyle. Now all of a sudden, they probably need money – Chris is taking a more active role on the RHWNJ so that he can probably get paid more. Jaq is needing a storyline, or she will be cut. They already bled their companies dry. They are in big trouble, and they know it. Teresa is paying the price for that too. Good riddance to Jacqueline, take the rest of the Manzos with you.

  4. I noticed the “always honest” Jax (personality 23) failed to answer questions about her finances on WWHL.

    Why did “crazy lunatic” Jax (personalty 9) chase Teresa around the party to ask if they were friends when two nights before “puppet” Jax (personality 49) told Teresa she has to distance herself?

    • Yes she dodged that Question. yes tree’s bizz is out in the open but that wasn’t the question the asked about her status at the bank in (NeNe voice) lol Jaq need some serious anxiety meds…

      • Ha Ha- EATS! What’s yo status at tha bank????!!!!! I love it! Jac needs to consider some antipscyhotic medications as well. She is still saying on her Twitter that anyone who comments negative things about her are crazy and need to get a life…Ummmm- are we not allowed to have an opinion? Well, only if it favors the Laurita/ Manzo clan I suppose

        • And what personality # was that one Jaq??? Laughing at you silly girl … Now go cry in the closet with your drink, sniff sniff..
          Don’t forget your gum!!

      • I thought multiple personality disorder has been conclusively disproven! Must mean Jax is just a flat out beyotch…( your comment made me LOL).

    • That so pissed me off too.. She wanted to erase Teresa out of her life… She is crying like a Banshee, in the locked room… Next, she is Drunk, wondering why Teresa isn’t her friend.. Good Lord woman, grow the hell up… You are way to disturbed to even be on a show… Chris, he is getting to be as bad as she is… Perhaps a little Don-Carlo there… He is totally PW, over her being, what, good at head!! Oops sorry…

  5. Caroline set this whole thing in motion. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Jailbird Danny P was right – she IS the puppeteer, and crazy ppl’s ( Jac) strings are easily pulled. Yes, Jac is truly mentally ill, and as of now, Don has lost control of her, but it was Don who let her out of the basement and sic’d her on Teresa.

    Speaking of Jac being mentally ill – did anyone else notice Chris Laurita essentially told the audience that not only is his wife nuts NOW, but has been for 20 yrs with that little break-up story about her ex?

      • Do you remember a couple of seasons ago, after the Danielle stuff was settled Chris said to Joe Guidice “This is like the old Jax, the way it used to be, lots of fun.”? I want to say they were on vacay or something along those lines.

        • Yes, I do recall that!! Remember Fun Drunk Bobby from friends? One of Jax’s personalities reminds me of Fun Drunk Bobby as opposed to crazy lunatic bark at the moon Jax

          • I think it it eludes to the fact that Jax has been going through some stuff for a long time and didn’t just break down because” Teresa is a lying bitch”.

      • Lol Antonella. I got a creepy feeling about Chris while watching the last couple of episodes. I think it is quite possible that he tells Caroline about Jax’s day-to-day activities. I also suspect that he called Caro over for the ambush.

        • Agree 100%. He’s the one who told Chuckie when Jax left him with his son (the famous punch in the face). I would beat anything that Chuckie badmouths Jax to Chris, just like she accuses Teresa of doing about Mego.

          • “Chuckie”! lol good one. I think a lot of Jax’s issues, well MOST of her issues, with Tre are from Chuckie’s constant pressuring and pulling. It seemed to be the same thing with Danielle, Jax was trying to be her own person and be Danielle’s friend, but Caroline wouldn’t allow it and kept harping at her until she turned against Danielle. I bet Chris was involved in that one too. I wonder if the drinking isn’t Jax’s way of lashing out at them, because she feels no control of her own life.

    • Wasn’t wacko jacko also arrested for domestic violence against a former boyfriend in Las Vegas? She also punched don caro. She likes to act like miss sweetness and light for the cameras, but the chick is a psycho bitch. Um, not that don caro didn’t deserve to get punched. I would love to punch don caro.

      • I have an funny feeling that Tree’s comment last week about cheating was not about Chris, but about her ex Matt. Maybe that’s why she thru his clothes out and Tree knew it would trigger Jax.

        • Yes! This! Chris put it out there, and now Tre’s comment in her blog about “forgiving someone for flirting…to find out two years later it wasn’t just flirting..”. I agree completely! It’s the only thing that makes sense. Jax went all nuts after she found out Matt wasn’t just “flirting” (two years after the fact) with a friend of hers, that he actually slept with said friend. Which is why she tossed all of Matt’s crap (two years after the offense had taken place, but she just learned about it) out on some front lawn. Why doesn’t Jax ante-up?

    • Yes, I think Chris is actually ashamed and afraid of his wife’s behavior. Did you see the look on his face when she blurted out the classless “11 million dollar debt” insult? Was this before or after the Laurita’s finances hit the fan? I don’t even think Caroline and Chris are close either. I don’t think I’ve seen them talk directly to each other this whole season. Not even at Jaime’s wedding. DonCaro will probably cut Chris and puppet Jac off after the reunion when she finishes the Don’s dirty work

    • True that! Caroline has definitely lost control of the lunatic, as Jac was rude to Dina on twitter and talked shiz about her in one of her blogs. Even though Caro is not on good terms with Dina (and thanks for spilling that on WWHL Jac!), I doubt she would want anyone speaking ill of her. “Do not speak of MY sister! She is NOT here! Did you here ME?? ” (to Danielle at S2 reunion). :)

      • Oh you mean wibble Albie lied when he said they made up on Mother’s day and it was in a ………………drumroll……………………..TABLOID??

        • Nope, you are right, I must have it twisted!! The Manzo’s never lie, wink wink. See the following:
          1. The Manzo’s are thick as thieves= Some of the siblings do not even speak
          2. Al Manzo lives in Patterson= Actually he lives in Frankin Lakes
          3. Lauren’s “young mind defied” the diet= the diet was dumb and Lauren got a lab band
          4. “We are not missing anything. We get to see [Dina] all the time” Caroline to Andy at S2 reunion= Actually Dina distanced herself from the group immediately after she stopped filming
          5. Jac had PP Depression= Caro said something crazy and got hit
          6. Caroline’s children are off limits because they didn’t “sign up for this”= No, booboo, they did sign and they get paid.
          7. “You were never a friend to me” Caroline to Teresa two episodes ago= In a blog writtern by Caro 0n 7/9/09 about Tree “She is a tremendous mom, wife, and friend. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Muah, muah muah.”

    • Hmmmmm, didn’t think of that… When we put our heads together on SH, we do those losers a lot of good… Maybe Chris is setting jax up for something .. He has had enough, nah, they are in it together. And she would punch him anyways.

  6. Jac is the biggest hypocrite. 1) She’s mad because T is angy about MeGo contacting Danielle 2 years ago. Why does this make her angry? OH YEAH! because Jac is still angry about things Danielle did, wait for it: 2 YEARS AGO. The only difference is Melissa is family and on the same show. If Danielle was a relative of Jac or still on the show and forced into Crackin’ Jac’s daily life, she’d be in an asylum by now. 2) Jac is mad that T won’t discuss her problems on camera. Teresa is NOT the sharpest, most eloquent tool. She may try to explain her innocence, and end up putting herself and husband in jail. It’s best if T let’s her PR people and lawyers help her with magazine statements, especially when those magazines can be brought up in court. Now when T asked what Jac’s problems were, she wouldn’t say. There’s either no real problem, or, like T, doesn’t want those *real* problems that affect her *real* relationship in *real* life played out for drama on a phoney reality show. 3) Jac says T never asks about her problems. She just did at the party, and looking bck at when they were on the boat at the Shore, T asked 50 questions about Asslee, not one was followed by judgement or comment. She let her friend talk about a problem. They’re 40 year old women, they’re not supposed to be up under each other. Jac’s problem is that she’s childish (her actions at the party, ugh! Even Chris was ashamed). Somebody needs to institutionalize this woman far away from Twitter, alcohol, and plastic surgeons! She looked disgusting on WWHL

    • I think Jax is trying to look young and compete with Ashlee. Jax – long hair – highlighted (does not look good) – fillers and botox to hide wrinkles. Pathetic. Jax really does not look like a young mother (2 kids) – she looks like an escort. Is this marriage on the rocks also?

        • She did look absolutely terrible last night. She did gain at least 25 pounds. The makeup was packed on so thick, the hair is a mess, the dress was ugly. I felt sorry for her when I saw her. What is that makeup she is selling? It must be putty based. Yikes…. she is in trouble.

          • Agree Jac looked like crap. She needs a lapband stat and some make-up lessons..oh wait isn’t she a cosmetologist?? LOL she looked bad..especially next to CaroleR who I think looked great.

            • I don’t think a lap band would help unless she gave up the booze. If you continue to drink high caloric beverages, such as alcohol, the lap band doesn’t work very well.

    • I am just wondering if Jacqueline was worried about getting called out recent things, concerning Danielle.
      Here’s my thought, first she desperately didn’t not want the D subject broached PERIOD (even though her little attention starved, I am a victim, personality could have possibly got a new pity party going) and then the anxiousness at the party and butting into Tree and Mel’s conversation with an emphatic “two years ago”.
      I don’t know but it just reminded me of getting busted at something with my sister. I know we were only caught at part of it so I make sure she hears me say, “two years ago”, so she doesn’t admit to yesterday. Just a thought.

  7. Bankruptcy and going to jail? There is a reason for the statement in the magazine. Teresa knew she had a $250,000 advance coming if she signed the cookbook contract. She did not disclose this to the court as of the petition date. but waited to sign the contract and get the advance shortly after the petition was filed.

    The debtor signs the petition and states that it is true and correct under penalty of perjury (which is a crime). Teresa committed fraud. And she could be indicted for perjury and go to jail. Teresa did not have to tell the magazine this – any bankruptcy attorney would tell the magazine this when looking over the Giudice’s petition and told about the pending book contract advance that was not disclosed. And after the plan is filed and approved, you cannot increase your income for six months. Teresa certainly increased her income right after filing the petition. Her attorney must fix it – since he is an officer of the court.

    Jax – is in much worse shape. She and Chris and the other Laurita defendants in the Signature Apparel converted corporate money for personal use. Over $7 million dollars was drained from Signature by the Laurita brothers and ther spouses. New cars, trips, personal items, etc. And Blk Water is also in a federal suit.

    Jax – say goodbye to Franklin Lakes. Tre made a mistake that can be corrected but the bleedout of Signature Apparel by the Lauritas cannot be corrected.

    The Lauritas are pathetic. And the Manzoids – laughable. Albert Manzo ripped off the New Jersey taxpayers with his false address to get on the Water Board and get the free insurance to get his lap band surgery. Hey Caroline – Mrs Ethics – are you going to pay the insurer back? Al had to be fired by the Governor of New Jersey. Don’t go after Teresa with your hubby and baby boys and your brothers all swimming in cons and frauds.

    Jax – stop crying and start growing up.

    • LoveNJ: Excellent post!! You should be the host for the HW reunion shows and ask these pertinent q’s!!

      • First, I need the name of Tre’s trainer. Then, I can throw Andy back on his chair. As of now, my biceps aren’t big enough. But it would be fun.

        Also, Albert Manzo, Tommy Manzo and the Brownstone are being sued for fair labor standards violations – OT, etc.

        Hey, DonCaro, dontcha think you work at the Brownstone and make sure the labor laws aren’t broken? You are so good at pointing fingers at everybody.

    • Just a quick question since you seem to be in the know. Is the Laurita thing a criminal or civil issue? Do they risk jail time, too?

      • In New Jersey even if it’s a civil suit, you could end up in jail. There is a law in New Jersey that if you have done anything illegal and it is brought up to a judge, the judge has to report it. The law stems from a divorce case, but I am not sure what the law is called. I do know some people forced into mediation because of this law, they could not go in front of a judge because they may have ended up in jail. I do also believe that T’s bankruptcy filing also had to do with this law, but that is just my opinion, I do not know for sure. One of the people I know declared bankruptcy when he was being sued civilly because of this law. They tried to say that it was a false filing in his case, but after looking into his finances, he was able to file. It is a legal strategy that his attorney’s came up with. I think T’s lawyers did the same for her and Joe because of the civil cases against them, again just my opinion. I think after she filed and they looked into her finances, they figured she could make a deal and pay it back instead of going ahead with the bankruptcy. If I am right, I am sure they went over her back taxes and she probably refilled back taxes that might of had some income missing when she first filed them.

    • Thank you! *while standing and applauding*. I just hope that some other official people can use all that has been published, posted, said, filmed to clean up that mess……The Real Housewives of New Jersey Court Room Chronicles!

    • Something is upsetting the Manzo boys this week they are whining on twitter about being upset about something. Sid they settle tha Blk lawsuit and have to pay a load of money? Since the suit is private I guess we wont find out.

  8. The part where they showed a door with Jac’s crying was so scripted!!!!! Bahhahaha they probably took that scene of Jac crying over Asslee to use against Teresa.

    • Jax is a wimp. She had Chris throw Ashlee out of house. She couldn’t even do it. When Ashlee was a young child, what did she witness? Jax threw her father out and left all his stuff on the lawn. Not so classy – and she damaged Ashlee

      • Ashlee knows she’s not wanted. She knows both her parents started new families, and would rather that she lurk in the background at this time.

      • Jax threw Ashlee out because she was jealous with how Chris would lavish her with gifts and attention.

        • Yeah, there is a little creepy vibe between stepdaddy and stepdaugher. I am off work today and enjoying this blog!!! Everyone is adding a lot of great comments today.

          • Didn’t he tell her once(Ashley) to shut her mouth while he actually stuck his finger in her mouth? Lol

      • What drove me nuts about the scene where Ashlee left when Chris threw her out: Jax having her baby bounce on her lap in the other room chanting “Make the right choice, make the right choice”….Her passive aggressive demeanor is not funny (although, I think she thinks its good tv)…..1) the scene I just mentioned 2) reading Gia that book that was a 2 yr old level 3) role playing for Tre about how she felt the rag mag situation went down….somebody sedate her, puhleeeze!

  9. Is it just me or does Albie seem like he is depressed? Although he is their quiet child, he was never that quiet or looked so depressed.

    • He is prolly depressed from the emotional incest to which he is subjected to by don caro. She expects those kids, particularly Albie, to fill the emotional void left by having a loveless marriage and an absentee husband. She is a sick, sick woman.

      • There is definitely something off with him. Wonder which one of the boys is in a relationship with Greg?

      • Ana – I’ve thought that for a while. There’s a term for that, but I can’t recall it. The child, particularly the oldest son, fulfills the mother’s emotional needs, needs she’d normally only get satisfied by a husband or boyfriend. Albie and Chris probably don’t even realize what they’re doing. It’s probably normal to them. I keep saying, they’re not going to realize how odd and unsustainable the nature of their relationship is with their mother until they’re married 10 yrs down the road, and their wives buck Caroline’s authority and influence. If they don’t learn to respectfully check Caroline, they’re going to find themselves in MISERABLE marriages.

        • I think the term is emotional incest. There might be other terms for it though. I pity the poor woman (or man) who ever marries a Manzo boy. Can you imagine having don caro as your mother-in-law? It is the stuff of nightmares.

          • There is an interesting article in Psychology Today about Mama’s Boys. It is much more common and accepted in Italian society. It was very interesting.

            • Medicated: The article may be interesting and being a ‘Mama’s Boy’ may be fully acceptable in Italian society. However, being a ‘Mama’s Boy’ is not something to be proud of in the US. Case in point: The reality show “Mama’s Boys” was quickly cancelled… no one wanted to watch 30-year-old, or older, GROWN MEN still living at home being waited on by their MOTHERS. Pathetic. Whoever thought that show up should be fired! TFC!! SH

              • I remember watching a TV show a serious one on 60 mins or some such show about in Italy how some men depend on Mom from everything from doing their laundry to cooking for them well into their adulthood some lived at home some didnt It was interesting to say the least……..and weird but only because thats not my culture.

              • I have also read about the declining birth rate in Italy. Coincidence? I think not. The mommies fill the roll of wives and they don’t get married or reproduce. It is a big problem. They are not even reproducing at replacement rates.

          • Like Ana said – emotional incest is one term. I THINK ( don’t quote me ) the term I’m thinking of ” Little Husband ” – where the son and mother basically have like a husband/wife relationship MINUS the sex ( I hate Caroline, but I wouldn’t accuse her of THAT ) . It comes about because again, like Ana said, the real husband is emotionally or literally absent.

        • Ashlee moved away but not successfully. Too young and a bit delusional (fashion designer!!!!).

          Albie needs to move away. Go to NYC and get a job and his own place. Does he have the balls?

          Christopher – has a tougher skin. Needs to go back to work at the Brownstone.

          Lauren – needs to move and get some therapy. She is one miserable chick. And a lazy one – but I think that is the depression.

    • nah, i think it’s because he’s gay and mama manzo won’t let him be himself on TV. thats why he and BGG weren’t allowed to sit next to each other on the bus to jaime’s wedding. why can’t she let him be great?!

      • I kind of suspect it’s him, Caro was trying to hard to set him up with Christie Brinkley’s daughter. He seemed almost reluctant when she was trying to push them together.

        • Didn’t Alexa Ray Joel (Christie Brinkley’s daughter) announce recently that she had twat rot, AKA HPV, AKA venereal warts? I guess albie dodged a bullet on that one.

          Oh, and don caro pushing them together made me want to hurl. When she was talking about how they (wart girl and albie) had so much in common because they were both “children of privilege”. Does she really put her socioeconomic status on par with Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel? What a delusional asshole.

          • Yeah that whole comment about them being children of privilege was something. Ouch, I didn’t know that she declared she had some crotch rot. Yeesh.

            • Yep. It was in the news in October of 2011. The first thing that I thought of when she made this announcement is how don caro wanted Albie to get with her.

            • I don’t understand if they were “children of privilage” why did they have to share a bed? Albie said that in his talking head a few seasons back….

              • You know, now that you mention it, that is so true. They are probably what is considered “new money” and mortgaged to the hilt. I remember watching the wedding special for Dina and wondering how they afforded such largess.

              • Hi, I remember that and I think a lot of the price tag (was it $1M or like $4M?) was the Brownstone fees, which they obviously didn’t have to pay, and vendor deals- but they reported everything at it’s full market price. Still, it was absurd and tacky. Def all nouveau.

          • I think Albie was so uncomfortable and weird that night with Alexa Ray Joel because he was expected to perform like a trained circus monkey for Mommy Don’s reality show storylines.

  10. Jac was disgusting on WWHL last night. Her last minute dig at Teresa about how after the fight on the deck, jac ran to her husband, don caro ran to her family (why didn’t she run to her hubby for emotional support instead of her kids?), while Teresa ran to their family was really stupid and you just know the don caro put those words in her mouth. She was so desperate to get those words out there, lest she incur the wrath of don caro.

    Teresa ran to Dina, who is a friend of 20 years, to talk about a problem she was having!!! Wasn’t jac criticizing Teresa for not talking to her friends about her problems? Well, she had a problem and she went to talk to a friend (Dina) about it. I guess Teresa is only allowed to discuss the problems that jac & caro decide she should talk about and then only with the friends they decide she is allowed to discuss her problems with.

    • Jax talked to her husband and Lauren. Then they called a council meeting that included bggreggy, when did he become family? Did I miss the wedding?

      • If Jax is so into honesty, tell us if it is Albie or Christopher that Greg is doin’. Or both. Come out of the closet – Uncle Jamie did.

            • Now, now Miss Andy wouldn’t like you to use the “f” word. I call them fruit flies or fairy princesses. Though Lauren is more of a hag than a princess.

        • BGG made fun of Albie’s hamburger bun story the other day on twitter. He is pretty hilarious.

          • Did anyone notice if Albert Sr is ever around when BGG is around? Are they one and the same, do they not like one another or is BGG the stand in for Sr.? Hmmmm

      • Wasn’t it vomitrocious watching the Manzoids loll around on chaise lounges drinking wine and discussing Teresa? Don’t they have anything better to do? This is how they spend their time? Watching them made me want to blow chuncks.

    • Sure wish the fact that Tre went to Dina’s house, Dina is on the outs with Laurita/Manzo families so she probably was the best person for Tre to talk with (empathetic with her situation)…..I see nothing wrong with what Tre did. Dina & her have known each other for years.

  11. I truly don’t see why Jac was hurt by Tre saying hi to Kath and not her. When someone says, “for my health, I am going to distance myself from this relationship”….the onus then falls on them to make the first move. In other words, Tre, out of respect for Jac’s decision, would naturally give her the time to think it over, get a better perspective or just soften with time. Then it would be Jac’s move to approach Tre when she was better eqipped to deal with the situation. Tre did the right thing.

    • I totally agree, Jax can’t want to have her cake and eat it. If just the night prior you told me you didn’t want to be my friend, then it was totally acceptable if she ignored her upon entering.

    • Jax cut the friendship – with Caroline present.

      If Caroline was not there, I don’t think Jax would have cut the friendship.

      Mama Manzo thinks that if Tre is isolated, then she will be off the show and the Manzoids will dominate. Sorry DonCaro – but as Juicy Joe says you are boring.

      Mama Manzo wonders why Tre was at the Laurita wedding – guess what? She was invited by your brother. She is the show and he wanted to ride her ticket (Jamie fussed over Tre big time). And your husband Albert could not even fly in for 1 day for the wedding. NJ to Illinois is about a 2 hr plane trip. Fly from Newark to O’Hare, catch a limo to Barrington area, attend the wedding, limo back to O’Hare and fly to Newark – all in one day.

      Lauren is boring and neurotic (and probably depressed – I think Ashlee is depressed too). The Manzo brothers can imitate and shoot other people down. Why not imitate their fat dad and sister – equal opportunity here. But they can’t even get a job on their own. Albie can flunk out of law school – did Juicy Joe make fun of him? Nope. Did Tre tell Lauren get off your ass and workout. I do it and other people do it. Nope.

      DonCaro – what was the error in your strategy? You thought Tre would not fight back. Well, she did. Also, Tre is attractive and funny. Juicy Joe is street smart but crude. But he had your number long time ago. Best advice to Tre about Jax – get another friend.

      • Yes, @Love NJ, there just is no show without Tre….good or bad, all the action revolves around her. The only way the others have airtime is either in a scene with her or talking about her…..

        • Cherry: Think about it. All the Manzoids and Greggy are on lounge (or slacker) chairs and can bash Tre to Uncle “Bankruptcy Bleedout” Chris. Can’t have another topic of conversation.

          Uncle Bleedout Chris says he may withdraw the invitation to the Giudices for Napa. Then do it asshole. But will not do it – because Juicy Joe and Tre are the buzz of the show.

          But if Jax and Chris are going to talk about the Giudices finances and make comments about them not disclosing everything to their family and friends, why don’t they disclose their bankruptcy adversary proceeding? And all the shit they are in.

          As Juicy Joe told Tre he doesn’t know Al Manzo’s or Chris Laurita’s finances.

          And the Lauritas’ bankruptcy mess is a matter of public record – New York bankrutpcy court.

            • Hah hah! Chris is acting like he has any say about the guest list for the Napa trip. Bravo is paying for the trip and Bravo decides who is going. It’s that simple, really.

      • It still blows my mind that there are people who don’t get it !
        Tre DID NOT invite herself to the wedding just as she DID NOT invite herself to the upcomming Napa episode , just as she DID NOT INVITE and “mike up” the guy from Lookers to the season finale !
        All the Manzos and Laruitas and their offspring and their adopted loser BGG are aware that it is a contractual obligation to the show and producers for cast members to be where they want for filming. Just as it was well known to Don Caro that on a certain day at a certain time (5 freaking hours, since a drunk Jac still can’t get her asshat point across , that Caro was to “appear” returning bathing suits, yeah , right) while Jac was filming with Tre.

        • My favorite part about Caroline returning the bathing suits is that she did it when it was dark out. Now we know this was filmed last summer, and summertime in NJ it doesn’t get dark until about 9:00. So Caroline seriously waited until 9PM or later to return bathing suits to Jacqueline’s house? Highly, HIGHLY doubtful.

      • Chris Manzo commented that Juicy Joe changed and he now sits around and makes comments about other people meaning joe Gorga. This was at that dinner Juicy incited him to. Chris however can sit around and make fun of Teresa! Just like his mom such a hypocrite.

        • honestly, juicy’s advice to tre about the situation is the best to date….”get another friend”, “move on with it”, and “ta hell wid dose people”….

    • I think he’s sexy, but these last couple of episodes are making me give him the side eye.

      • Im with you on that. He is losing his crushablity with every TTC he does. knock it off Chris.

      • It’s always gross to me when the “men” get involved with the women’s catfights. It’s effeminate.

        • I agree…..a friend of mine got her husband who is a DOCTOR (my husbands partner) involved in a disagreement we had. He even made phone calls to other husbands about it! It honestly was gross! heck I didnt even tell my husband…’s weird….just downright weird!

  12. “Don who let her out of the basement” LOL. That reminded me of Richard Lawson’s depictions of Jac back in the day.

  13. I am so sick of all these NJ RH but keep watching it, I must be as stoopid as Teresa and her mob lol

        • I’m a fan of hers, does that make me rabid? Seriously, I’m on twitter and I get attacked by Melissa’s fans all of the time. It’s not just “Teresa’s fans” There’s also Melissa Worship on other sites too.

          • Do u remember when Jay M. said something negative about Mego’s singing and her sisters and Greggy called for a boycott? haha. I tweeted Mego’s sister back then and she responded back that they might have gone overboard.

          • It depends on the contents of your tweets, posts, etc. I am not a fan of any of these women — but I honestly don’t really dislike any except Taylor. I enjoy this site because the posters are more sophisticated and less likely to be “team” anyone, and I love how Ms. SH researchers and investigates to uncover the truth about these franchises and their players.

            I honestly can’t understand how any woman can “worship” any of these HWs, although I can see being entertained by them.

            • I don’t “worship” Teresa. I like her. Big difference. When Melissa’s ‘fans’ give their opinion on this site, they always say something about Teresa’s fans. It’s pathetic and laughable.

              • PW, that is the only thing that gets me riled. Apparently anyone who supports Teresa’s version is described in a variety of terms. The other thing that I have noticed is the anti Tree sentiment, never goes into detail. “she’s a liar” “she’s dishonest” but to get them to identify is close to impossible.

              • I can disagree with people and still like them, case in point Miss Antonella there we rarely agree but I find her funny as heck fire.

              • I know you don’t, PW — I can tell by your comments, you’re cool. But we have BOTH seen some really irrational and vulgar Kool-Aid drinkers for Melissa and Teresa on some other blogs, haven’t we? As I said, I just can’t stand the “team” people. The franchise intrigues me but doesn’t own my life, and this blog is entertaining, educational — and has some AWESOME posters I enjoy conversing with — including you!

          • I too am a fan of Teresa’s and the bashing “mob” “rabid fans” “worship”gets old. Have liked her from the beginning. I think people are passionate because perhaps that “mob” caught on a little faster than some at what was going on over at Jersey.

        • there are a few of those kind on IMDB no matter what Tre is right everyone else is wrong

  14. Hey Chris Laurita, here’s the thing… Your wifey is going to have fights with her friends. That chit happens. It’s not your job to play referee. It’s not Teresa’s fault that Danielle is being brought back in Jax’s life! It’s quite possible that Jax may bump into her at the nail place or grocery store… Doesn’t she live in the same neighborhood? I also found myself mumbling the similar remarks as JoDice about it all, “So what… You’ll make new friends… I don’t care!” I cannot believe Chris took his wife’s cra cra chit to JoDice! I was waiting for him to get a roundhouse to the face with all that nonsense. Jax needs to either adjust her meds, take her meds and/or get out of Teresa’s bid’ness! Maybe even have a spa day followed by a shopping spree bc those hideous animal print dresses ain’t working for her.

    • Where was Chris’ sage advice warning against Kim G when Crazy Spice Jax (personality # 3) remained friends with Kim G even though Kim G was encouraging and accompanying Danielle to the Court house against Ashlee?

      So it’s ok for Crazy Spice to remain friends with Kim G, but not with Teresa? What’s wrong with that picture?

    • ha! that is funny you say that because I saw a pic in us magazine (i think) of Caroline posing with Karen and Ramona! I thought it figures she would be friends with them they seem cut from the same cloth.

  15. Jac Laurita was nuts on that show last night and last week!

    What is wrong with her? Time to get her off the show.

    Time for all of them to stop using Teresa for more air time. Can’t stand this show anymore, they’re bat-chit crazy.

  16. Jax is crazy. She actually makes Tree look sane. Last week she wants to distance herself from Tree and then she has a spasm at the party because Tree honors her wishes and leaves her alone. My head is spinning. Also, Chris talks out of both sides of his mouth. He talks trash about them with his wife and family. Then, when he is talking with Juicy, he basically agrees with him that this is all bulls@#t.

    Was surprised that Miss Andy did not call out Jax on her switch up? (Leave me alone!/Why aren’t we friends anymore?) But then, maybe he is Team Jax…..

  17. What’s happened to this show??? It’s supposed to be about the Housewives and now most of the camera interviews are with the husbands and sons. First the Manzoid boys then JoGo, Richie “I wanna sleep with Teresa” Wakile, Big Al and now Chris. What a bunch little bitches – really. Be a real man and get off your wife’s or mommy’s gig and get your own thing.

    Watching all of these grown ass men on TV every week bashing one woman is DISGUSTING. What a bunch of p*ssy-*ss pigs!! Ugh – they make me sick.

      • They do act like a bunch of mean girls don’t they? It’s not housewives, it’s house men.. I don’t think any of them work either… Sitting around in the back yard, drinking wine, and who shows up with more, good ole Chris.. And why is Lauren aLways
        with her brothers.. He’ll I had 5 brothers,and I would love that they wouldn’t be around to kick my boyfriends ass, for kissing me goodnight .. Something is wrong with family…

    • I know, right? Joe Gorga often gets just as much, if not more, camera time than his skanky trollop of a wife. When is melissa going to realize that she is getting upstaged by her midget monkey of a husband and get all pissed off?

  18. Caroline is nothing but a cliche` dispenser. “Buckle up” – “Put on your big girl panties” – “You’re in the OK Corral” -”‘When one door closes another one opens”. I love this show, but I don’t know how much more I can watch, I find I am actually yelling at the television when Caro or Melissa are giving Teresa a hard time. If they told me black water could cure cancer, I would not buy a single bottle of it, because I would not want her to make even a nickle. I cannot understand how she or Melissa even have one fan between them. Caro is an absolute, mean, horrible human being, who lies nonstop and then talks about her great character. Melissa is a sneaky slithering worm who would talk to Teresa’s enemy just to try to ruin Teresa’s life, and the way she and Stumpy talked about his parents, they just are vile. I would not purchase anything they put their name on.

    In contrast, I live on Long Island and Teresa was in Westhampton this Saturday and I could not make it to the bookstore so I called and ordered over the phone. She inscribed it to my daughter and I can pick it up whenever it is convenient. I actually would have felt bad if I did not go there while she is in my neck of the woods, and she can thank those bitches for creating this protective feeling her fans have for her. To me it is no different than watching the older woman on the school bus being bullied for no reason, you want to do something to help her out. So keep it up Caro, Melissa and Stumpy; you will make her a millionaire yet.

    • Caro and Crooks should get together. They could spend all day speaking to one another in bumperstickerisms.

    • I went Saturday and met Teresa, she was lovely. She spent time with everyone, posed for pictures and inscribed your book with any message you requested. In the past I have gone to book signings where the author only signs his name. Teresa is a hard worker and is the only housewife that works.

      • HWAddict, I only saw your comment now, do not know how I missed it. I have heard that from others, that she is great with the people who come to see her. Was it crowded? I would have loved to meet her, but could not get out of an obligation. I am new here, hope by hitting reply that that means you get this, Thank you for the information.

        • I waited on line for 45 minutes and it was worth the wait. Teresa was real and down to earth. I am sure she would rather be at home with her girls, but, she is out working to get her family back on track financially.

      • LOL @ Ms. SH…good point!…

        I just hope his sold like 109 copies compared to Tre’s three consecutive books on the bestsellers list….

        Tre was not my fav housewife- she’s so airheaded…but with the Wacko Jacko and Momma Manzoid turning like that chicks head in the exorcist….i was forced to choose Team Tre…but they all are driving me crazy, including Ms. Andy…its just all too fake for me.

        I’m sure Ms. Andy’s feelings would be hurt if Tre’s book out sold his by leaps and bounds.

      • I said that before in here about that, just about any book makes the ny times best seller list, and of course certain people in here didnt like that, but its true. Im probably one of the only guys who come in here and i have to be careful what i say because certain woman get all pissed off @ me. Im a fan of the show but if i say something against tree im a bad guy and im a fan of the other hw, which is so not true. Even pw said be careful that jerry guy will say u tree fans r sticking together. I said i was sorry plus u know how many woman in here have said the samething, but im thrown under the bus because im a guy. I watch the show w my 14 year old daughter we have fun together she got me hooked, then i find this site i had a few thoughts and they werent well recieved. Yes i agree jax may make tree a millionare but ladies she will still owe 12 million. I could never live my life the way these hw do im to nice i dont go screw people over and not pay my bills, thats not my way and im guessing thats not the way of the woman that come in here. So for anyone to idolise any of the hw is just plain crazy, why would u they will stepon ur neck or worse there families to make a buck and that is sad. U ladies take care i am going to mexico for a week w my wonder wife and daughter my 2 fav people in the world that i would do anything for. Ty.

  19. Did anyone else catch Jac’s comment when she was talking to Teresa? “It wasn’t supposed to be an ambush, it was supposed to be an awakening” That right there tells me it most definitely WAS a set up and there were no childrens bathing suits to drop off! I already knew that, but that just cemented the deal for me….

  20. Ana, you are right he also has the same problem as Caro, sprouting all the trite sayings to cover up a mean, rotten character.

  21. “because Teresa is talking to magazines about her own problems that have nothing at all to do with Jacqueline and her family? I really couldn’t care less if one of my friends was talking to magazines about her problems” BAM BAM…see that is why i’m not MAD at Teresa….SHE IS SELLING HER STORIES….she is taking advantage of the situation, and instead of tabloids trying to find info on her, SHE GIVES IT TO THEM FOR MONEY…shoot why not. Also Teresa said she never told the other about her personal issues, BECAUSE, “IT’S HER LIFE, HER ISSUES”, and SHE IS RIGHT…NO ONE SHOULD DEMAND TO KNOW YOUR FINANCIAL STATUS…unless it’s JUDGE….NO ONE

    • If Chewy wants to give her stories to the Tabs then so be it but I dont want to hear a word from chewbaccas lips complaining “people are asking her questions” she expects people not to ask her stuff well Chewy next time keep your private business Private.
      And why do people ask Chewy about her finances one only has to look at the Public record to see.

  22. Yes Debbie, I caught that also. As a matter of fact at the awakening if you look at Caro’s face when she is waiting for Jaq to answer Teresa’s question about if she ever told her not to talk to Melissa and Kathy, Caro is worried. Jaq closes her eyes as if she is thinking real hard, but does not really want to lie. Finally the Don gives up waiting for an answer and says you implied it. I think she made Jaq not attend the reunion because of how she called out Dina about the book and then the abrupt make up hugging with Danielle. I think the breakdown was just another of Caroline’s lies because she did not trust her to stick with the script.

  23. Wouldn’t it be hysterical if Tre and her brother found a therapist that did their sessions in Italiain. All that yelling and talking really fast and no one would understand anything, then it’s over they hug. Therapy success!!!

  24. Here is my take on the whole thing this whole making up thing with the gorgas, guidices and wakiles is a load of bukllshit.
    Once Teresa realized that bat shit phony whining ass Jacqueline and Don know it all Manzo had jumped ship she had to think quickly, if she is fighting with everyone who is she going to film with?
    Let’s face it the Gorgas and Wakiles have no story line without Teresa so Hey lets go to therapy and film that.
    If anything Crazy Jacqueline and Don Caroline better watch out what will their storyline be three lazy assed overgrown adults mooching around, Teresa really is the show good or bad, Melissa the jealous bitch that she is even said at the screening party “This is turning into the Teresa show” she wanted to focus to be on her and her stupid song.
    Caroline and Jacqueline need to get a life, also Jacqueline’s husband Chris needs to stay the hell out of it. I love me some Joe Guidice he couldn’t give a rat’s ass and neither should he Teresa should cut her losses and move on Jacqueline’s whole argument is stupid and so is Caroline’s.

    • Chris laurita is bored he doesn’t have a job so he hangs around the house eavesdropping on his wife’s conversations.

  25. Che- that would not only be hysterical, that would kill Caroline to not know what was being said. Well, Tre did say her father said he would do it.

  26. Last night’s episode was like a trainwreck…you can’t help but watch it even though it’s horrific!
    I want to know why Jac has to roll her eyes back into her head like the LA Dodger pitcher from the 80′s (Valenzuela) or a lizard)…good grief, that was driving me nuts. I’m wondering if she’s listening to the “voices” in her head or something.

    Did any of you catch that add during a commercial break for a movie that DonCaro was giving her opinion on about fambly? I about pucked! She talked about love, honesty, forgiveness, everyone makes mistakes, BLECH! How about walkin’ the walk there, Frown the Clown?

    I said this on another post but I was cracking up during WWHL when Andy proclaimed the night as a “free drink” night while Jac is hosting! HAHAHAHA! Freudian slip?

    ITA with this post about the real truth finally came out why Jac is upset with Tre and its “She thinks she’s the only one allowed to make money”……No, she’s the only one being asked or being proactive. Nobody gets anywhere in life by sulking & having a pity party like the Laurita’s/Manzos/Gorgas do.

    Is Jac preggers, on antidpressants or is that a liquid weight gain? Man! She looks so puffy in her talking heads!

    • Jac looks simply Terrible.. Does she have a waist? From her boobs to her ass, it’s straight big belly.. Weird ass.

      • Jax has a Bailey’s belly. All that Irish cream is bound to settle somewhere. Maybe that’s why Chris lurks around corners, hiding and watching her drink, he’s afraid she’ll have her Bailey’s goggles on and try to molest him.

  27. My personal opinion (my conspiracy theory) is that during this week;s episode and last week’s episode, this feigned “concern” for Teresa’s financial situation was cooked up by the other women so they could look like they really care, but actually are notifying the viewers that the Giudices declared bankruptcy and then made all kinds of improvements to their home, and keep spending like they always did. Case in point: Melissa talked about how she isn’t worried about Teresa at all because she seems fine, and her house and yard look great after all the improvements that they did, and she’s just so darn happy for her. Jacqueline talked about all the things the Giudices had done to their home, all the expensive improvements, so they must be fine. Caroline’s parting shot: Nice bag. Jac’s specific remark about them being $11,000,000 in debt. (Some of these things i did know, but i didn’t know about the home improvements, and that does make Tre and Joe LOOK bad, like they are screwing their creditors and still get to live the high life). So Jacqueline invited her over and acted all concerned, but she was doing it for the cameras and for US, and possibly for the bankruptcy court. They want us to judge Teresa harshly and force her the hell off that show. Public opinion really matters on these shows (right, Jill? Kelly? Alex? Danielle?). When Caroline showed up and got all tuff guy on her in that guido voice, i immediately thought “oh, she’s under the mistaken impression that people still think she’s the voice of reason”, like when she had that “meeting” with Danielle a couple of years ago.

    PS did you see Joe Gorga’s face when Tre told him she will go to therapy with him? He just stared at her like he had no idea who she was.

    • good theory….the seasons were filmed back to back so makes sense that Don Caro was still on her high horse….its just comical now to watch/listen to her talking heads because she is so hypocritical that is hysterical! I’ve said before that I think part of the reason Jac is so upset is that reading about Tre going to jail made her freak out about her own situation as well.

        • Did anyone else catch at the end of WWHLl last night(the on air portion) Jax was yelling “when that fight was over we went to our familys. Caroline went home to her husband, I went to my husband and Teresa went and complained about us to our family!” I guess she means Teresa called Dina and told on them!! lol

            • I agree about Jax freaken out. 18 USC 151-57 covers the criminal statutes used to indict for bankrutpcy fraud. What is most importan is knowledge and intent. Did the Laurita defendants have the knowledge and intent to convert Signature Apparel assets to personal assets? If yes, there may be jail time.

              Did Teresa have the intent of defrauding her creditors when she signed the contract and received the $250,000 book advance after filing for bankruptcy? If she did, that’s bankruptcy fraud. If she did not understand that the failure to report potential new income was bankruptcy fraud, she is not guilty of fraud. Her plan would have to be amended to account for new income (which is now sizeable since she had sold 3 books, launched a wine brand and sells various clothing items and makes product endorsements).

              Jax is afraid for the Lauritas – personal trips, cars, etc – the bankruptcy trustee has the proof. Over 7 million dollars converted. Bye-bye Franklin Lakes.

              • Haha, love love love Love NJ for Federal citation. Muah baabeeee! I haven’t checked in forever, but I thought the Giudice Petition was amended shortly after the Trustee pointed out about the advance.

                How interesting that Jax thru out the 11 million in debt but conveniently forgot to mention the 7 million of her family’s debt. Here’s the diff, the 11 million included real estate holdings and I’m not sure how much of that has already been liquidated to reduce the Giudice debt (no way to tell since the Bankruptcy has been pulled, but since no one new has sued the Giudices or related businesses it is safe to say they are paying it down). On the other hand the 7 million debt is based upon funds that have been funneled out of the company for the Lauritas’ private use.

              • I know 2 of Juicys buildings were foreclosed on last month i think it was.
                I hope she is paying down the debt it is the right thing to do.

              • What town were those in Lisa? I know the Edgewater, NJ condos he built were sold for a major reduction. They were originally priced at half a million and then sold at around $280K.

              • I dunno I just read a blip it was commercial property though not condos, You are right I do think they did sell some as well.

                I do look forward to seeing how the Lauritas bankruptcy goes so we can rag on them

              • read Teresa’s second blog she said the majority of the properties were sold and they settled with the banks. She also said some properties are still in the market…not too sure?

    • haha, so right about the ummpa lumpa, yeah now he really has to go to therapy. That’s going to go over big with his buddies.

    • Sue on WWHL Jacqueline said that her speaking with Teresa on the deck was her way of giving Teresa a chance of explaining herself to the viewers!! So I think that you are right on with your theory.

  28. Bravo was basically making fun of the stupidity of it’s viewers by showing that scene of the Manzo boys trash talking the women’s argument. I was infuriated that they included it and thought we’d find it ‘cute.” I watch this show to see the women’s interactions. I hate those worthless, jobless puke offspring of the Manzo’z and I want them off this show. I don’t care about any of their stupid grown children wasting my time.

    • I hate the boyz myself but I prefer that then the stupid backyard chair discussion. I found it kind of funny personally. More appropriate then their talking heads or apartment eating/discussions.

  29. Those Manzo’s are vile. Caroline has raised her kids to be disrespectful, jealous and spiteful and let’s not forget lazy. Do any of them work. They should take lessons from Teresa on work ethic. She could give them a lesson or two

    • I love when Chuckie the Clown judges Gia (like she did Danielle’s kids) saying they are sad, but she doesn’t see bitter Lauren or her scary mommy dependent boys.

  30. if you look back to the scene where Teresa and her husband are in their home discussing her brother and therapy, if you listen to how she is speaking you will notice she wants go to therapy with her brother, but at the same time does not want to go against her husband. she says she wants to go to therapy to HELP joe Gorga cuz he may have a problem ect.. you can see her trying to talk fast to her husband so that he sees it as her helping her brother. Alot of *old school* women never go against their husbnads which is what i see as T trying to get her her husband to approve. Look closely… when Juicy gives her his blessing to go with her husband to therapy, her face lights up. its priceless. THAT Kathy Wakile, is respect

    • The lack of knowledge and the old labels that came with seeing a shrink still exist today.

      A mediator therapist would be a big help for Teresa and her brother, but it should have been kept behind closed doors for only them…not tv viewing.

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