GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Charity Party For Slade’s Son, Grayson… PHOTOS

June 23, 2012   8:40 pm

With the release of Wretched **BLEEEEEECH** CHRISTINE Rossi’s latest single, “Unbreakable”… and the setting for the  finale of the Real Housewives of Orange County continuing at Heather DO-BRO’s museum home…  it doesn’t seem as though there will be space during the season seven finale (airing on Tuesday) to put the spotlight on Slimey’s son, Grayson, for whom Wretched says “Unbreakable” was written.  However, the event  may be included in the “lost footage” episode…

WARNING:  You may experience severe symptoms of “auto-tunitis” while listening to Wretched’s “singing”… it is best to have several cold cloths and a bucket nearby before playing…

The OC season finale… with ‘SugarRushSarah’ being the villain for snapping off a tiny piece of HD’s naming cake… was filmed December 2011.

Slimey and Wretched DID have a charity event for Grayson Smiley held at Wretched’s hair stylist’s, Victor Paul, salon filmed on November 23, 2011… a month before the DO-BRO’s FondantFiasco!

                                 Slade Smiley being filmed while on cellphone outside the Victor Paul Salon…

The OC cast looks as though they all had a great time… and were very cozy with each other!  

Wretched and Slade Smiley were the hosts of the $50-per-person charity event, which featured a performance by illusionist Anthony “the Magic” Hernandez, singing by Jamie Hartmann and Tony Award-nominated actress Susan Egan, silent and live auctions, appetizers concocted by members of the Orange County Restaurant Association and a DJ from Playlist 92.7 FM… the station where RadioSlade is heard.


A crew from Evolution Media filmed the gathering for an upcoming episode of “Real Housewives.”

Grayson Arroyo Smiley, 11, has diffuse fibrillary astrocytoma, a rare form of brain cancer. He has undergone seven brain surgeries.

All five of the reality TV housewives appeared at the charity event at Victor Paul Salon to raise money for Grayson.  Other guests included Michael Costello, a fashion designer who appeared on season 8 of “Project Runway”;  and Henry DiCarlo, meteorologist for the KTLA 5 Morning News.

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36 comments on “GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Charity Party For Slade’s Son, Grayson… PHOTOS

    • Off topic but….Bravo blogs for RHONJ has pulled all comments on all latest HW blogs. Not sure when it happened but I just looked now and all comments wiped out, nowhere to make new comments.

      • They also changes the format so you can’t read it by date. For example, you jump over there to see what has been written the last couple of days. No more. Also they will leave up three new ones for Melissa and fifty for Teresa and five for Caroline. They really ruined it. forking imbeciles.

  1. Wait holup!! Heather renaming party was in Dec, this Charity Function was in Dec and isn’t that Sarah, Gretchen, Heather,Alexis, Tammy all at the same event… Soooo y they have beef now.. Oh forgot Tv drama!!! Duhhhhh

  2. Vicky and Crooks were not at the party? Sarah appears somewhat sober in those photos….emphasis on somewhat. LOL!

  3. It breaks my heart to see this poor, sick, child and know that he has such a douchebag for a father. Gretchen trying to pass off this single as a tribute to the boy makes me ill.

    • Gretchen is just as much of a douche by proclaiming in her one-on-one interview this season that she has enough money to pay the back child support but she’s not going to do that. I understand that she wants him to man up (absolutely) & Slade was slime long before Wretched started dating him, but dont announce it to the world….I personally think its tacky. That’s not something to brag about. (IMHO)

      • Yes very tacky. She is saying, I could pay for Grayson, and have Slade owe me instead of Grayson suffering, but I won’t. She loves Slade so much she will have his kid, but she won’t make him sign a note owing her. I don’t think you should have to pay for your man, but under these circumstances, it would be feasible. She could have Slade sign away his profits from the show until its paid back. Just an idea.

        • Yeah, I just dont know what the answer is to this but it sounds tacky for her to say that! I’ve tried to wrap my arms around her statement…As Ms SH says “BLEECCH!”….On a much lower level, what was the purpose of her telling Alexis 15 times that the Fox News asked her 1st before Alexis when she was at Alexis’s house….WTF? Does she say this stuff out loud so she can feel better about her producer induced situation? Or so the viewers know just how “hot” and “wanted” she is? I thought Jeff didnt leave her any $$ and puleeze, she could not have earned that much $$ from her bags, makeup, etc… I just was so disgusted with her saying she had enough money to help that poor boy out but wouldnt cuz her man needs to learn on his own…BLEEECH!

        • You nailed it perfectly ” I could pay for Grayson, and have Slade owe me instead of Grayson suffering, but I won’t. ” This is exactly why Wretchen is a very bad person. Devoid of any redeming qualities. And she deserves to get knocked up with Slade’s baby.Deserves it!

          • Isn’t Slade “fixed”? Gretchen would have to pay to have his vasectomy reversed before he could shoot any baby batter into her.

          • Then writes a song for Grayson… for what? Publicity, that’s what. I haven’t seen if she’s going to donate any portion of the profits that she happens to make from that God awful song to Grayson. She should! If I were her and dumb enough to be in her shoes; I’d pay what Slade owes. She can afford it, Slade can’t/won’t. That’s the only reason she won’t marry him. Then give Grayson the money he has been needing for his treatments! It’s back child support anyway, hello?! If Gretchen isn’t willing to do that then she needs to cut Slade loose. Slade needs to earn money and pay Grayson’s bills too! He has a ton of medical expenses… It’s Ridiculous… That poor child.

            • Yes ma’am. I would turn that trick Slimey into a hump-n-dump right quick and in a hurry. ah ba-bye

  4. Supporting Grayson and others in similar situations is what ALL the housewives should be doing. Hawking their wares and talent, or lack of is getting old. Sooo over all the housewives.

    • Agreed! It hurts my heart so much that many of these women don’t care about anything but fame, (off topic, but Kim buying three dresses for her wedding? If she loves children so much why doesn’t she volunteer her time and money to children in need?. . . sorry, had to vent.)

      • Dont be sorry u r so right about that, have one dress take that other dress money and give to a church that will help feed people. I really hope they all have there own charities they give to every month like i do, i know i cant give close what they could give. I have every month, wounded warriors project, aspca, heifer foundation, and jim valvanos cancer society. Sorry not bragging just that if anyone in here was thinking of doing a donation i think these 4 r really gd charities. Ty.

    • SH says the song was written for Grayson, but nothing about proceeds… Guessing a “portion” will be donated… A smaaallll portion. Makes me sick, exploiting Grayson’s illness to make a buck. If I thought for a minute they actually spent time with the child or pd his bills, this could be seen as an extension of that. Now it just feels dirty.

  5. I’m confused. What are the funds being raised for? A foundation? Medical expenses? Child support arrears? I don’t know much about how these things work but from reading here, I gather everyone involved gets their cut first. Whatever is left, is donated to the actual cause of the event. (Am I wrong?) So in this case, what is “the actual event”? Where will the money, if any left, actually go?

  6. Well so this is how he’s gonna get money so he can get Gretchen preggers before she dumps him. I guess this works for everyone, they can promote themselves while raising money to pay for the kid, and Slade doesn’t have to get a real job. Does anyone even listen to her song lyrics and see that the song is just another club ditty about women being strong? It just amazes me how she could exploit Grayson like this.

  7. I remember The first season of the show Slade had a very good joband a big beautiful home , he was living with Jo and seperated the kid were with him a lot! I remember a scene where they went to the garage he had a very large collection of expensive monster masks. I believe sometime after that maybe the second season he broke up with Jo after counsling and she was starting to sing they were planning on making a spin-offI believe but it never worked out. I think Slade lost his job and then sometime after that is when he dated Laurie etc . I really don’t think he is as horrible as eveyone makes him out to be probably just fell on financial hard times . I can’t see why Gretchen can’t pay the support for him and he can pay her back. Lets remember poor Jeff supported her while dying

    • I remember that scene now that u have put it in here andh did look like a hands on dad @ that point. One thing that bothers me though i reember him having this woman come to his house and jo could pic out any jewelery she wanted and it wasnt cheap. So u r right he had money then, but i still believe he wasnt paying his child support because he is so far behind now and it hasnt been that long since he lost his job. Last i saw he owed around 140,000, and say he hasnt pd a dime in 4 yrs since he lost his job he would have to be paying 35,000 a year which is almost 3,000 a month just for grayson which to me seems like an awful lot. Ive never been divorsed or pd child support so i am far from an expert on this, but i believe he stopped paying when he was still making gd money. Ty.

  8. The whole situation is disgraceful. And none of it passes the smell test.

    I will say this, however. Who the hell gives a rat’s ass that Heather changed her maiden name to Dubrow. Show of hands? Who would spend that much money on a party to celebrate such a non-event. Who would make a scene about somebody swiping a little frosting off a cake? Are you kidding me? Did she swipe a silver candlestick or did I miss something? Who is pretentious now and acting like she is five? That was a producer-enduced set up that fell flat on it’s face for entertainment and drama factor. That’s the best you got? That is the worst behavior at the party? Sorry. I thought the worst behavior at the party was Tamra and Wretched’s dresses.

  9. I don’t buy this nonsense about Slade not being able to find a job and pay his child support. I don’t care if he works at Walmart, he needs to grow the ef up and support his children! :( It’s not Gretchen’s responsibility to do it, it’s HIS! If he can’t find a job in the OC then he needs to move across the country to somewhere he CAN find a job. I can’t stand this sorry excuse for a man.

    Also, WTH kind of father leaves a marriage with a son who is that sick? He’s not a good father, or a good human being either. He should be ashamed of himself. I feel sorry for the wife he left behind so he could play at being a playboy while she carries the burden of caring for a horribly ill child. Why any woman would want to be with him is beyond me!

    • What didn’t you hear him say one the show he has 2 jobs, comedian and working for Gretchen and now the radio show. Too bad the three of them doesn’t add up to the career he could have at Micky D’s.

      • Yes, if this man wanted to he could get a job at McD’s or some other large business. He could work in higher management or international business, if he really speaks fluent Japanese. Vicky sells insurance, Tamra is opening a gym, Gretchen is selling crap, why can’t Slade get a j o b or even open his own business. If he is so into cycling he could open a custom bike shop. I think this is what bothers Gretchen, this man has no hustle, no ambition. Look at men like Joe Gorga, he is an idiot but he has hustle. You don’t see Joe Gorga carrying Melissa’s makeup bags around. He may be a gumba and less than honest, but he gets off his ass and works.

  10. Sadly, Slade probably thinks if/when Grayson passes, he won’t owe the back child support anymore. Delay, delay, delay. Good luck with that, idiot.

  11. I agree get a job and help ur kids mom out already. Slade speaks japanese? Did he say that or did someone else say it? I just remember him talking about doing the tour d france and we all know he lied about that, so im wondering if its a lie about the japanese language.Ty.

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