KATHY WAKILE: Before Kathy Was A Housewife…Rich Wakile Couldn’t Pay His Bills!!!

June 18, 2012  4:50 pm

Kathy Wakile… “We discussed the Bravo offer for about 10 seconds…”

Kathy Wakile has said numerous times that she had to think for months and consult with her family about accepting Bravo’s offer to become a New Jersey Housewife.  Closer to the truth would be that as soon as MissAndy approached Kathy… or Kathy approached Bravo… there was no thinking about it!  Kathy and Rich Wakile needed the money!

Rich Wakile… “Yeah… I told Kathy to take Bravo’s offer in three seconds!”

According to court records, Exxon sued Rich Wakile three years ago.  Exxon claimed in their suit that Rich could not pay for the gas delivered to his gas station… checks sent to Exxon bounced four months in a row.

 Rich Wakile… “We pay our bills!!!  Now that we got that Bravo paycheck!!”

NOTE:  The Wakile’s NJ Shore House is a rental… is Kathy’s Benz leased?   More frontin’ to make them look rich?? 

(Thanks to SH reader “MustangMommie”!!!)

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54 comments on “KATHY WAKILE: Before Kathy Was A Housewife…Rich Wakile Couldn’t Pay His Bills!!!

  1. regardless of what’s the real story, I like the Wakiles and wish them nothing but the best

    • I’m with you, I knew they where fronting and big time. In fact they attempted and did fraud on Exxon Mobile, so I don’t want to hear anything fromn Kathy or Richie about their holy than thou attitude. She rode that bike because she didn’t have a car until the check was cashed and they leased the mercedes.

      • I remember last season on one of the first episodes with the Wakiles, Jeff Goldblum “surprises” Frog Eyes with the Mercedes. You could tell that this was just not them and it was an image they were portraying for the show. The kids were like “WTF?? Dad can’t pay the bills at the gas station but he just bought mom a Benz? What she going to do with her ’93 Toyota Tercel in the garage???” LOL

        • That party they threw for Victoria and all her friends for prom was a bit much for them too. I am assuming Bravo ponied up the dough for that too.

        • Hey does she still have that Benz?? I don’t recall her driving it this season. I could be wrong.

  2. Bravo you make me sick to my stomach. NJ has been my home all my life. You bring people like this on the show and shower them with gifts when they can’t even pay their bills. Go to Short Hills if you want class. These people belong in Paterson. I wouldn’t buy a product that she sells. People talk down Teresa, please at least she is attempting to pay her bills. I’m done…

    • Yo, NJ has been my home all my life too, since the mid-1960s. Go to RUMSON if Bravo wants “class” — whatever the f*ck that actually means today, Barb. Because “class” ain’t what it used to be.

    • Barb you’re not the only Jersey girl on this board (smiles) and for the most I agree with what you say BUUUUT, a whole lot of classy, hard working people came from and still live in Patterson. Yeah, it has it’s trashy element but the RHONJ proves trash can creep into every community. Patterson has produced some noteworthy people.

      • I agree Jane my brother in law and his family come from Paterson and some of them still live there..He’s originally from Jefferson St. I’m sorry but I shouldn’t have worded it the way I did. I apologize.

  3. Great find, MustangMommie and Ms. SH! Joey and Mel and Kathy and Rich have been SO judgmental with respect to Tre and, particularly, Juicy. Now they’re being exposed to the whole world as the most hypocritical scum. Yes, Melissa, karma really IS a bitch!

    • I agree.Bravo you turn my stomach..they all belong in least Tre is making an attempt to pay her bills, you all milk the system.

      • Really how do all u tree fans know she is trying to pay her bills? Do u see the way they r living? Its not like they moved into a 2 bedroom apartment, they owe between 11 to 13 million!!! She would have to sell a hell of a lot of cookbooks to make a million let alone 11 million. So to me everything she is making now is paying for what they r doing now and for there lawyer. I would love for one of u ladies to prove to any of us on this site they she has paid anything off. Do u guys realise how much money she and juicy r in the hole? We all have seen the way they live thats where her cookbook money is going. Kathy and ritchie i agree the beach house is a rental and i dont see them spending money and now i know why they just dont have it.

        • I would imagine they have to be paying now since they had to withdrawl the bankruptcy. Her Bravo salary(have we ever got the numbers on the NJ girls yet) on top of her 3 cookbook sales her fabulini sales, her trump money and the fact that Juicy is liquidating a lot of assets all adds up. Not to mention the bankrupcy book that she is gonna write after this is all over. Her storyline appeals to a lot of people that were crushed in this economy so people will buy that book too. Her debt was larger than most average Americans but the trama is still the same(including the ‘reluctance’ to talk to friends about it) and seeing someone come out of it is inspirational.

          • MP: No numbers on NJ yet…but, just to add to your spot on projection: Tree also has top-notch people working for her who are guiding her along the way. There’s no way Tree could have thought any of this (cookbooks, Fabellini, teeth whitening, etc.) up on her own! Tree’s people are fantastic, but Tree is still dumb as a boxa rocks! Tree’s one lucky girl who really fell right into it! TFC!! SH

        • JV: I haven’t looked at their filing in a while so don’t hold me to the exact numbers, but the consumer debt part of their schedules was “only” around two million. The balance was from mortgages/loan guarantees on business properties, all of which were repossessed and sold by the creditors following motions for relief from stay. The balances on those debts went poof.

  4. I wish that Kathy and Melissa would just admit they wanted to be on the show for the money and attention. Teresa has her faults…many of them probably but I can’t stand Melissa or Kathy for the reason that they joined this show (maybe or maybe not behind Teresa’s back) knowing full well that they were about to air some of their family’s dirty laundry. Who does that? It’s sad and pathetic. If you are having problems with your family you don’t take it public. I think Teresa has a right to be upset. This was her “thing”, her “job”. Let her have her spotlight and you go find something else to do.

    • It is obvious that Bravo doesn’t care about these people’s lives and will go to any length to get viewers. This plan with Melissa and Kathy has backfired big time. From what I read on SH most people agree they are airing all the family’s dirty laundry and it is really not enjoyable to watch anymore. Bravo could have chosen 2 other women to add to the cast that have no relation to castmates. It already failed with Caroline and Dina and look what happened on BH with Kim and Kyle. These women sold their soles for the exposure and paycheck without giving any thought to what it would do when all their secrets come out. The sad part is the children have to live with this BS too and it will effect them.

      • I just don’t get why Kathy or Mego needs Tree’s premission/blessing to do anything! This is not the Theresa Guidice hour nor is the show called Theresa Explains It All…and of course those two did it for the money, who in their right mind is going to put all their sh*t on television without some sort of compensation? Theresa doesn’t deserve to be the only one of her family to be on a show, sure she has a right to be upset over anything she wants, but I’m not buying into her reasoning or lack thereof. Theresa only perpetuates this dirty laundry by holding grudges and telling her own lies. Almost everyone on this show is a hypocrite this season! I miss Danielle, at least she never hid the fact that she was kind of sleezy nor did she have to apologize for it.

          • Yep, completely agree Sincere2001. Kathy and MeGo’s intentions for getting on the show was to trash Tre. Plain and simple. That is all Bravo was interested in them for. What else do either one bring to the show??? So Punky, if this is not the Teresa Guidice show, please inform Frog eyes and the former Lookers Dancer. Oh and why you’re at it you might want to tell Jax and The Don too.

  5. Rich has a very icky quality..and it comes across on TV. I never liked him…from the moment he whipped out that SM mask on the mechanical forced&fake.

  6. Classic Kathy, on preview for next week. Tells Teresa at lunch that she never stopped caring like a “sister”. Then on the Taking Head, says, Oh I get it, she fought with Caro and Jax, that’s why she wants to come back. Kathy’s Karma, she’s married to Richie and it’s a life sentence, hehe

    • Did you ever watch Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? When he parks his friend’s father’s classic ferrari in the parking garage and the attendants take off in the car for a joyride?….Well, someone took that car to Rich’s gas station and he took it for a joy ride.

  7. Hold up THIS IS THE SAME WAKILE that said he was afraid to get on JoeG’s boat, because it might be repossessed. Kathy Wakile defiantly defended hr husband when she was told on twitter that he and Joe Giduice are the same person. This bitch couldn’t even pay his bills, or gas…WOW

    • I wish Tre or even Juicy would call ol’ Richie out on his $ issues. I only say that b/c Richie throws a lot of digs out on them. He thinks he is such a hard arse! He needs to be put in his place!

    • Rich, omg, how low can they go. Call the kettle black.. Rosie riding his (car lol). He doesn’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out… They get me sick, just thinking of the crap they do to TRE.. Karma is right around the corner, watch out!!

  8. Is there a class on how to be a scum bag? I missed that in my morals, ethics, logic, religion class my parents put me thru in my childhood….

    • Damn, my water just came out thru my nose. Note to self, SH fan comments are hazardous. :)

  9. Funny, Bravo HQ is in NYC — many corporate lemmings from CT, NY and NJ — work there. And yet f*cking Bravo has no f*cking clue when it comes to REAL New Jersey, all 21 counties. See, they totally forget about Sussex/Warren, Middlesex/Monmouth/Ocean and Atlantic/Cape May, also Burlington, Somerset, etc. Does Bravo REALLY want to portray NJ? Look elsewhere besides f-cking Bergen-Morris — these two counties can’t hold a f*cking candle to any other and do NOT represent our true state.

    Any true NJ-state girls on here know what I’m talking about.

    • Yea I’m in Ocean in fact in Stafford (Manahawkin) where Tre has a home…I looked up some records and I think her parents live 2 blocks away from me on Atlantis, not sure of it, formerly from Essex County and yes we have Newark there but we also have Millburn, Short Hills, Roseland, and Livingston to name a few. These people are all phoneys and couldn’t hold a candle to Short Hills.

  10. Rich is positively reptilian. He creeps me out so much. His “jokes” about burning Teresa at the stake, drowning her, and wasn’t there some kind of comment about burning down a house last season? He isn’t even remotely funny.

    At the pool party he had at his house (boy that was some treat, watching all the mouth breathing buck toothed Wakiles chewing with their mouths open),he said that he didn’t want his kids to invite too many people to the party because he was embarrased for people to know that he was related to Teresa. What an ass! Nobody would know he was related to Teresa if his bug-eyed freak of a wife hadn’t back stabbed her way on to the show. His freak show of a family wouldn’t be on the show if it wasn’t for being related to Teresa and he wants to act like SHE is the embarrasment. I don’t think they make them any douchier than Rich Wakile.

    • Ana, I’m sure that once u get over ur shyness and let us know how u really feel, we’ll be just fine. HAHAHAHA. So is it safe to say that u don’t find Richie to be a hottie?

      • I know, I know, I really should stop holding back. I only recently came out of lurker mode. I used to try to comment on the Bravo blogs and I really did edit myself to diplomatically express my sentiments without resorting to snark, name calling, or personal attacks, but they would never post my comments. Upon discovering Stoopid Housewives, I am unable to resist operating in my default setting, which happens to be full on bitch.

  11. Creepy Richie tweeted that the Ferrari is a 1990 Testarossa with low 5 figure mileage. Internet (non scientific) search puts value anywhere from $20k to $60k. Not impressed.

  12. The Wakile’s are being paid lots of money by Bravo….and for what?
    This guy is so disgusting looking ….and his wife OMG.
    Where Miss Andy Cohen found these people?
    The Gorgas’ also they are getting big paycheks…they are ready to give the soul to the devil just because Bravo gives them what they want…..the midget is so insane.

  13. It tastes like fish and it gets the job done? WTF? Rich is GROSS! But with Kathy using the phrase Happy Ending during a business meeting to describe dessert, those two are made for each other! Actually this entire show grosses me out – too much visualization of people having sex that I would NEVER want to actually see having sex! That includes Teresa’s midget brother Joe talking about his POISON – someone pass me a barf bag PLEASE!

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