KATHY WAKILE: Before Kathy Was A Housewife…Rich Wakile Couldn’t Pay His Bills!!!

June 18, 2012  4:50 pm

Kathy Wakile… “We discussed the Bravo offer for about 10 seconds…”

Kathy Wakile has said numerous times that she had to think for months and consult with her family about accepting Bravo’s offer to become a New Jersey Housewife.  Closer to the truth would be that as soon as MissAndy approached Kathy… or Kathy approached Bravo… there was no thinking about it!  Kathy and Rich Wakile needed the money!

Rich Wakile… “Yeah… I told Kathy to take Bravo’s offer in three seconds!”

According to court records, Exxon sued Rich Wakile three years ago.  Exxon claimed in their suit that Rich could not pay for the gas delivered to his gas station… checks sent to Exxon bounced four months in a row.

 Rich Wakile… “We pay our bills!!!  Now that we got that Bravo paycheck!!”

NOTE:  The Wakile’s NJ Shore House is a rental… is Kathy’s Benz leased?   More frontin’ to make them look rich?? 

(Thanks to SH reader “MustangMommie”!!!)