TERESA GIUDICE: Tree on GoodDay Philly… Tree’s Table Flip Produced The Joodice’s Last Daughter!… VIDEO

June 14, 2012  5:00 pm

 Teresa Giudice… “All I did was flip a table… and 9 months later I had a girl!  Juicy wanted a boy… so I’ll be flippin’ another table real soon!”

Tree made an appearance on GoodDayPhilly today as a part of her international cookbook tour!  Tree really thought that “Philly” was in the Phillpines… let’s just let her think that…

Tree’s recipes on this tour are the USUAL:  Chicken Bruschetta, Green Beans and Pignoli cookies.  Get used to this spiel from Tree as she has ALL the information memorized re her tour menu and does not waiver…Tree gets all of her necessary talking points in!  Note:  Remember her last cookbook tour her menu?  “Deviled Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta” and her happy endings, “Cannoli Cupcakes?”

Tree revealed that her baby-makin’ days are not quite over, as Juicy is still hopin’ for a boy.   One of my New Jersey sources may have been correct when they said that Daddy Joodice will pay big bucks for whichever of his sons produces a boy…will Tree and Juicy go for the money???  Note:  It might be good karma… or simply the right thing to do… to pay off the IVF doctor which the Joodices included in their bankruptcy BEFORE they get pregnant again!

                 Teresa Giudice… “Dina just texted me…she said she wasn’t invited…”

The most absurd thing Tree said during this interview… hands-wavin’, stumbling aside… is that she and Juicy were wishing different things JUST LAST WEEK when they set their ‘wish lanterns’ aflame at Jaime Laurita’s wedding.  Is she serious???  We all know that Jaime’s wedding was a year ago!

Tree on GoodDayPhilly…


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13 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree on GoodDay Philly… Tree’s Table Flip Produced The Joodice’s Last Daughter!… VIDEO

  1. This is the best interview I’ve seen Tre do. She seemed much more relaxed and comfortable with her speaking points. And I agree that guy was a bit creepy. Did he forget he was on TV asking if they were “breasts?” Such a juvenile comment. I remember this is the same guy who interviewed the Kardashians and made fun of the way they talked. (which was actually funny)


  2. After four girls, I dont think Juicy has the sperm to create a boy. Thats why he is so jealous of Trees brother with 2 boys.


      • Marty it is the male who determines the sex not the female. Some men can not have one or the other sex. Look it up.


        • You don’t have to explain nor do I have to look it up. Being that I am an NICU nurse. Your comment is just stupid. Don’t think he would trade anyone of those beautiful healthy little girls for a boy. Now would he had liked a boy along with those four girls? Don’t know ask him.


          • Never said he would trade any of his girls. What I said was he is jealous that Joe and Melissa have boys and he does not. He said he wants a boy and to try again. LOL Ding, ding ding. Juicy is to honest(only in his mind)to lie about wanting a boy so he can get the $$$ from his own dad.


  3. Oh, ugh and ick. I enjoy Teresa’s personality, but I honestly don’t need the TMI, about Joe getting so hard and horny and f-ing her senseless and out pops Audriana.

    PLEASE stop with the TMI. Keep it wholesome, Bravo and Bravo-employees, will ya? I ain’t a prude, but if I wanted sex-crap, I’d rent porn or watch HBO flicks.


  4. He seemed like he was flirting with her.
    Is it me, or does Teresa’s hair looks a lot more healthy here?


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