MELISSA GORGA, TERESA GIUDICE, DANIELLE STAUB: Melissa Gorga Emails to Danielle Staub … Danielle Tweets From August, 2011… Almost A YEAR Ago!

August 9, 2011 7:00 pm  REPOSTED June 14, 2012 11:30 pm

While looking for something else…

…came across these interesting tweets from Danielle Staub and Melissa Gorga from August, 2011…almost a YEAR ago…

Danielle’s latest tweets… as of 7 PM on 8-9-11.    Danielle/Angela/Beverly will finally be revealing the truth about the mysterious communication between her and Missy Gorga… and how Melissa contacted Danielle to help Danielle “take down” Tree. From Danielle/Angela/Beverly’s latest tweet to “InTouch Weekly” magazine, “DAB” will be holding out on her tell-all about the Real Housewives of New Jersey until the correct outlet comes up with the correct amount of cash for DAB to squeal.  Could expect no less from a sharp scammer pro like Danielle/Angela/Beverly.  Any guesses on how much she’s looking to get??

Danielle has new tweets today… the following tweets were just posted by Danielle around 10 am:


Big mystery that started last night during Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live finale. Danielle Staub, former cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, tweeted Andy that Melissa Gorga gave her all the dirt on Tree Joodice and contacted Danielle about being on RHONJ.

                                                                       Yeah, I got all the dirt on Tree… what about it???

Tree responded that was the reason that she got all up in Danielle’s face during the reunion show… because Danielle mentioned Melissa’s name.  Puh-leeze, Tree!!!  As one who watched that particular reunion show over and over again because you were all over the talk shows explaining that you said, “Don’t BRING up my family,” when you clearly said, “Don’t BREAK up my family,” there was never one mention of the name Melissa during that RHONJ reunion show.   The rumored reason Tree went after Danielle with such viciousness and said, “Don’t BREAK up my family,” was that Danielle said something about Tree seeing her new nephew.  And we all know Danielle was NOT referring to Melissa’s little boy, Joey as the nephew…

Over the past 24 hours, Danielle has been sending out tweets stating that Melissa contacted Danielle and that Danielle has collected and still has every tweet and (phone) message between her and Melissa.  Here are some of Danielle’s “mystery” tweets from her Twitter account… the first asking Danielle to help Melissa to expose Tree and Juicy:

Danielle/Angela/Beverly’s latest tweets refer to Don Caroline’s lap band surgery… and the chaos the cast of RHONJ caused in their upcoming planned “surprise” family vacation to Punta Cana: 

NOTE:  So… Danielle is coming out of the woodwork now.  Why now?  Why has Danielle been holding on to Melissa’s correspondence regarding Tree for almost two years?  Why would Melissa trust Danielle in the first place?  Oh, there are so many questions!!!

The biggest question, though, is this:  Danielle, when are you going to release all this dirt you have on Tree and now Melissa that you reference in your tweets???   For God’s sake, if you have something to say or wanna spread some dirt on someone, then stop the hinting via Twitter and just do it!!!

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48 comments on “MELISSA GORGA, TERESA GIUDICE, DANIELLE STAUB: Melissa Gorga Emails to Danielle Staub … Danielle Tweets From August, 2011… Almost A YEAR Ago!

  1. I bet she wants to sell the info and there has been no takers. It only has a limited shelf life so she should just get on with it and forget about a payday IMO

  2. She was waiting for the right payday, maybe. Danielle’s nuts though so I’ll reserve judgment for when I actually see PROOF. I’m a little confused. Are all those tweets real?

    • The tweets are real G but some posters apparently do not read Ms SH’s posts in their entirety ( which drives me nuts !!) in which it is clearly stated that it is a reposted blog from 2011. So those tweets have nothing to do with Danille’s 2012 BK situation as some stated below. Now if because of D’s current situation she would try to make $$ off a what she knows from back then..uhmmm who knows.
      But it is interesting that all of a sudden MeGo owns up (somewhat, although with her own spin on it) to even communicating with D prior to it being mentioned on an up comming episode. It looks to me like a lot of damage control being done by MeGo and other cast mates on the show prior to the reunion . This is due to their fear / or just in any case there is any mention or exposure of some of their BS at that time.

      • I think DS is wacky but if she does have dirt she needs to spill it ! Another reference to some of what DS was tweeting about at that time, this is from an interview Sept. 2010…. and one paragraph in particular from page 2 of the article:
        So what were you saying? ( this question from interviewer)
        DS reply – “Teresa never greeted her nephew. I have proof of that in email. She never said congratulations to her brother when her nephew was born. HER BROTHER HAS BEEN DIRECTLY CONTACTING ME FOR THE PAST YEAR AND A HALF, letting me know how he feels about his sister. And how he and his wife — pregnant wife — were thrown from her house because they brought my favorite cookies to Christmas Eve.…/catching-danielle-stau...

        • “year and a half” so that would put the time frame into S1. I am surprised that Joey would be talking to DS but not Lookers. She will not stop trying to take Teresa down until Teresa is dead. She has talked to Teresa since S3 reunion yet Teresa’s name is always coming out of her mouth. Teresa very rarely mentions her or any other the women.

          • That is odd. It might have been Joey made initial Danielle contact at MeGo’s behest since she was a non entity at that point and he was the brother? I have ZERO respect for the brother because of that. In fact I think we all ought to go back to calling him just “the brother” and MeGo “the sister-in-law”

            • If DS is telling the truth, I don’t know how MeGo is going to get out of this one. To quote Ricky Ricardo “you have some ‘spainin to do”

    • I agree she is waiting for a nice pay check for all of this info, she is not going to give it up for free.I beieve she figures all of these women r making big bucks for this show and im not getting a penny, so im gong to get mine sooner or later.

  3. Having a bf and cousin whose a cop, it makes me nuts when rent a cops pretend to be cops. The guy in Punta Cana is a University security guard, not a Chicago cop!!! Big difference, cops are cops 24/7, University personnel when not in uniform, do not have cop authority. And out of the Country, not even cops have law enforcement authority. Further, cops should have defused situation, not escalated it.

      • Lisa, if you go back and read all the imfo on the Punta Canna incident you will see that they were University security gaurds, it has always been reported that way I think the confusion came when they tried to come off as Chicago cops to the authourites in Punta Canna. Once they were back in the states and they had filed law suites it was revealed that they were campus security.

    • @Lisa, When the incident happened, (I know it was in the winter) Albert Sr wanted Passaic Sheriff to get involved to get his sons out of Punta Cana. They were being held and their passports were taken. But Albert’s friend, Sheriff Speziale was already gone, even though the new guy wouldn’t help, they announced right away that Adolfo arreola was not a cop, he worked at a university in Chicago. Arreola and his cousin Jason Gomez were the guys who claimed they got their butts kicked by Juicy, Chris and Albie (who believes that one?) The story was that Gomez tried to punch Teresa when Arreola’s mother in law got sprayed with champagne

  4. Ms SH. What are you implying by Tree saying “Don’t ‘Break’ up” vs. “Don’t ‘Bring’ up? What is the inference there? Thanks!

    • I heard the same as Ms. SH. For what it’s worth, I always interpreted that to indicate Teresa was well aware of the effect Melissa was having on their entire family and didn’t want to give Melissa a platform to further her corrupt agenda. This was personal to Teresa and I don’t blame her for that. She signed up for this show but did not expose any family difficulties. She protected them – her parents in particular – from being upset. Melissa, I think Teresa knew, would harm the family if she got on the show.

  5. Would Danielle still be under a gag order of sorts from her contract with Bravo? Perhaps the time is approaching where she will no longer be bound by their restrictions and she will be able to talk about this and/or share the information she has.

  6. Does anyone know when Bravo will film the reunion to this season? Maybe we will see Daniel on it…if so, I would liken it to a PPV event!!!

  7. Scootergirl, that sounds exceedingly plausible; I feel you may have hit the nail on the head.

    Meanwhile, the very fact that this site is read ravenously by all the HWs and Bravo employees, these tweets will likely be addressed, sanitized perhaps by Bravo and Melissa. Danielle, in my opinion, however, has the control/power here.

    If Danielle is holding out for a high payday (and really, who wouldn’t), I do not blame her.

    Now that this is all getting front-page attention (SH is akin to front page, while the others are merely gossip pages) — we may see this unfold soon, potentially before the reunion — expressly for the reunion.

  8. I really don’t think she is holding anything proovable. Emails can be reproduced, so I am thinking she has nothing that can be sold. At this point, TRE being on magazines every other week, they would have already bought the dirt off of Danielle. I believe she has nothing sellable and she is just talking to remain relevant.

    If you do have anything Danielle and want to clean your name at least alittle, come out with it now!

  9. To bad DS moved out of Franklin Lakes, Bravo could of brought her back on the show to stir up some major drama.
    Caroline hates her… so no matter how I feel about DS it would be worth it…LOL

  10. I hope Andy is a little more fair this year; I don’t want this just glossed over. I want to watch Meho squirm and try to backtrack and then let Danielle come on with the proof. Also I want the Don to have to explain the scheme to help that Doctor sell his egg white and vitamin diet when they knew Lauren got lap band surgery. They would still not be telling the truth but someone in the doctors office squealed. I think Caro should be charged with fraud, lots of people bought those vitamins and crap because of how it was working for Lauren;and I am sure they were making money for endorsing it. I know we will have to see 10 minutes of crap about Joe and the loose butthole, which by the way if Joe hated all gays I don’t think he would have kissed and hugged Greggy. My husband would not kiss another man and he has no problems with gay peeps.

    • Isn’t it just sad that they were going to promote the liquid diet doctor even though she had surgery!! They should all be ashamed of themselves!! I am glad that the information was leaked, and the doc has the nerve to be upset because now people know that it wasn’t all due to him!!

  11. I do recall a correspondence from Danielle to one of her fans saying that if Teresa phoned her personally and apologized, she would release the information. Teresa won’t do that because of her friendship with Dina, she really went after Dina personally and psychotically, so Teresa is a fraid she will lose Dina if she does.

    • I think in a strange way that is why Jax is backing MeGo in this. I think Danielle has crap on Jax and always had. I bet you anything that Jax feels like if she takes MeGo’s side and makes her interaction with Dannielle look more innocent than Danielle makes it out to be then we will not belive what Danille has to say about her. I hope all of the B.S. comes to the surffice and we here the whole torrid backstabbing mess and maybe just maybe if it all comes out I might forgive Bravo for subjecting me to this crap.

      p.s. Danielle if your reading this, this is your chance to pay Caroline back for humiliating you and getting you kicked off the housewives. She is already suffering big back lash for being a mean bully. It may make people reconsider your position in all of this seeing how they tried to do the same thing to Teresa. She had you investigated and really it is her and her clan that are being sneaky and underhanded. Show your evidence and prove to everyone you were wronged. Let Stoopid Housewives have the exclusive you know if it is here everyone will read it!!!

  12. It’ll all come out in time – and I can’t wait. Can’t stand Melissa!! I hope Danielle does it in a ‘ big way ‘ and exposes MeGo as the lying fool that she really is!! Those who live in glass houses Melissa…… Can’t wait for the day her and Joe G file for Bankruptcy!

  13. Wonder if Danielle will be a surprise guest on the reunion show. Miss Andy is all about the ratings and this would be huge!

    • Ms.Andy loves MeGo and JoGo. Also think he’s afraid of Danielle, so I doubt he’d ever have her at a reunion show. Danielle does have two daughters to support, so I hope she can sell the info and make a few bucks.

  14. This season has been predictable, but I can’t wait for the reunion show. Hope all is exposed and Teresa comes out winning.

    I wonder what they’re going to do for casting next season. What do you guys think?

    • Off subject here but had to tell you. My son just called, the one struggling to be a media Photographer (mainly Bands) and he is being published in Rolling Stone. Tell Gabe when he’s ready I have the hook up for his photos. He was so excited apparently he made enough to pay off loans that his father and I made him. I so love that he was so thrilled about that. Lord my Mommy is showing again.

      • That’s awesome!!!! Please let us know which issue his work will be in. Gabe gets Rolling Stone and has several covers framed in his room along with all of his dad’s old Kiss albums.
        Go Cyn’s son! So inspiring when someone’s dreams come true!

      • Wow, band photography is a hyper-competitive arena. To sustain, he really now needs to be more aggressive than ever, building upon this one huge feat. And he can also now raise his fees, immediately. The music business such as it is today is all about the buzz — and that extends to far more than the bands, but to the synergistic talent — management, PR, photography, stylists, as well. When (not if) your son generates that buzz, he can grow in very, very quickly, with the august publication of his work in The Music Bible, the one and only Rolling Stone.

        So, Mother Cyn, whoot whoot! In my parlance, I say that this is SO GROOVY!


  15. FYI, Where I attended undergraduate, William Paterson University, in Wayne, NJ, I was told that my University Police were, in fact, Police, were called such, the police station, was a police station, they carried firearms, etc. Soooo………. This should have posted this in reply to Lisa or sd

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