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                                             Tamra Barney…

Tamra Barney answers questions re the details of her engagement to Eddie Judge… maybe in response to WretchedCHRISTINE… BLEEEECH!…and her ‘setting the record straight’ video…HERE.  

Whatever the reason, here’s all you ever want to know about Tamra and Eddie’s engagement:

               Tamra and Eddie… tubbin’ it!

The Dish: Your ring is stunning! Did you help Eddie pick it out?

Tamra: This is a funny story and the first time I have ever told it publicly. Eddie and I are big Costco fans and go together once a week. Everyone knows that the jewelry is right when you walk in. For the past year, I would look and try on the rings, and he would always drag me away telling me if I didn’t stop he would actually buy me a Costco ring one day. I told him I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Guess what? He did! The best part is, it came in bulk! We often joke that we will get married at Costco. I love my ring and it is the exact ring I had been looking at for the past year. However, I am having my jeweler at Nuggets and Carats design two pave eternity wedding bands to go on each side of the ring.

  More about Tamra and Costco… HERE.

The Dish: Did you have any clue that he planned to pop the question while on vacation?

Tamra: I thought it was strange that production wanted to go on our vacation three months after we wrapped up filming. I had talked to Heather and she said, “I bet he is proposing.” So then I couldn’t stop thinking about. I didn’t want to get my hopes up since Eddie loves to travel and takes me away every chance he gets.   (NOTE:  That’s a pretty huge clue… when the Bravo cameras want to follow you around AFTER production for the franchise is over!)

The Dish: Who was the first person you called to tell you were engaged?

Tamra: I called my Mom and she was so excited.

Tamra’s mother… with her new boyfriend… looking very excited!!

Tamra: Eddie wants a destination wedding in a foreign country. I am worried about the cost for family and friends to travel. I want everyone at our wedding. It will be all about celebration for us and less about tradition.

The Dish: Have you decided on a date or have a general idea when the wedding will happen?

The future Mrs. Tamra Eddie Judge…

Tamra: No date set yet, but we need a year. I want to be together for three years before we walk down the aisle. I want more time spent together with the kids as a family, [so] we just moved in together to make sure the kids adjust and work out any issues that might come up.

The Dish: Are you a Vera girl? Monique Lhuillier? Or do you have another dress designer in mind?

Note to Tamra:  Whatever you do… do NOT go dress shopping with Hagface Kyle!!!

Tamra: I have no idea what direction I will go in; they are both amazing designers. I would be honored to wear both.

The Dish: Will any of your RHOC co-stars be bridesmaids?

Tamra: Now that’s the million dollar question! I guess you will have to watch and see.

NOTE:  Tamra and Eddie… Eddie being a new “Dad” for the first time… moving in with Tamra… and all the situations that can result… smells like spin-off material!!

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  1. Spin-off my blogging ass! They aren’t that interesting. I don’t think Simon will sign off for his kids to appear on Bravo in the future. Maybe a one episode wedding special:

    “3rd Times a Charm for Tamra”

    “Tamra Loves Eddie”

    “Tamra Gets Hitched Again”

    I wish Tamra well. I truly do. However, I’ll pass on a spin-off or wedding special. I won’t be watching Kim’s spin-off either. I’ve seen enough of her wigs & overexposed cleavage to last me a lifetime. I’ll pass.

    • Chris: Tamra said she wants to wait for three years… if that’s the case, there will be no Tamra/Eddie wedding next season. It IS a great was to secure her spot on RH of OC!! TFC!! SH

      • I think she said that as in they’ve been together two years, she wants to wait one more year before the wedding so they’ve been together for three years, because she said ‘No date set yet, but we need a year. I want to be together for three years before we walk down the aisle. ‘

        That’s what I got out of it anyway, thanks so much for posting the interview! :)

  2. LOL… Glad I’m not the only one who thought that dress Kyle picked out for M’s mom was hideous… Eeeeck!!

    • Not surprised; the clothes Kyle wears looks like they came off the set of American Horror Story from the role of the older women! The only people that dress well on HWOBH are Brandi and Camille.

  3. The simple fact that the camera’s went along on their vacation AFTER production was complete and the fact that she says you’ll have to watch and see in regards to the bridesmaids, leaves me to believe that Wretched was correct in her interview. It all sounds completely staged to me. All down to her saying she wants to be together for 3 years before marrying. Perfect way to secure your spot on the show for at least another two seasons.

  4. She’d better keep her receipt from Costco for that ring. EVERY piece of jewelry I’ve ever bought there has fallen apart.

  5. Idk, maybe it is just me, but I think the Costco thing is kinda cute. It sounds like somethin one of us ordinary gals would do! I think if it is true, it debunks Gretchen’s supposed story about Bravo paying for it…why would they get a Costco ring if Bravo footed the bill? As for the trip, if Bravo filmed it, I actually think its ok if they paid for it, they used it for the show, after all. I think Bravo pays alot for those big adventures the gals take, like to Africa, don’t they?

    • I think it’s cute about the Costco ring too. Granted it’s a $4,000 ring, but IMO it shows how down to earth they are as a couple, and I think they’re sweet.

      As for the filming of the trip, Tamra would definitely be suspicious, but despite the finale party being filmed in December the ladies were still being filmed at dinners, just doing stuff around their houses, at the beach etc throughout January and February, as they tweeted multiple times about.

      • I actually love the Costco thing, too. It’s the first thing I’ve seen on any of these shows that is “real”. Although, I give the marriage two years, tops.

    • Because Bravo is cheaper than hell! Which is why when Slade started making demands about the wedding, they shut him down and ran to Tamra with the offer. I know this for a fact. Slade, speaking as Gretchen’s agent told them they wanted a more elaborate wedding and they just dumped him and went to Tamra.

  6. The girl is smart. They gave her a ring budget and she followed it to a t. The destination honeymoon is not optional it’s going to be part of the show, so get over it. Neither is the three year time-table. She will find a reason why it is sooner rather than later. Like, “Keep your end of the deal.”

    • So you think Bravo only paid for a 4k ring?? Kinda shabby for Bravo! I can’t imagine Gretchen sporting a 4k ring, she’d want more like a 40k ring! Lol

      • Shabby? It’s a wedding package deal, and it was take it or leave it. Slade left it so Tamra snapped it up. I’d jump at the chance for someone to pay for my third wedding, too.

        • Ya, it’ll be interesting to see how lavish a wedding it turns out to be. I was just thinking that surely Eddie coulda afforded a 4k ring and a vacation on his own. (Idk what he does for a living, some kinda legal stuff?) But maybe this all includes some grandiose wedding and honeymoon too, then? And there’s rumors that Slade still has the yellow diamond from Jo…why doesn’t he sell that already? Wierd.

  7. Tamra was asked about designers for her wedding dress. Her reply was “I would be honored to wear (blah blah)”
    That sounds like she is waiting to see who’s going to GIVE her a dress?
    Will she & Eddie pay for anything? I want to get married on Bravo!

    • The Kardashians ruined Reality TV Weddings for me….From the previews, I don’t believe Kim’s wedding is going to be a very good show either. Wretched excess creates so many problems. The French had a very good solution for such wretched excess. I wish Tamra a healthy Wedding, one based on substance not excess.

  8. I like Tamra and wish her well! She is lucky to have found a great guy and also in the looks dept that accepts her and her children! Best Wishes! I like her more in the recent episode where she has put the ugliness asside with Gretchen.

  9. Gross. Can’t stand Tamra and could care less when she gets married. She is the biggest faker of them all. She will say/do ANYTHING to stay on TV. She’s a good little puppet and will go along with whatever…She is always trying to stir the pot and get arguments going – and she loves every minute of it. Have fun with your costco ring (real classy) and your Bravo paid wedding – you should be so proud. A grown woman (and man??) need a network to pay for their wedding b/c they can’t do it themselves. good luck with this marriage. Hopefully Eddie realizes what kind of trash she really is before the actual nuptials…can’t stand her.

  10. Weren’t there rumors that Eddie is gay? Well, maybe Tamra doesn’t mind sharing once in awhile. The whole thing sounds like a Bravo-induced script.

    • I don’t know if there were rumors whe was gay, but I definately get a “John Travolta gay vibe” from him.

  11. 3rd “marriage” – she’s been tramping around OC for YEARS – meanest bitch on any HW show (how low can you go?) — don’t tell me this one is going to wear white and play the virginal bride act! Eddie must be a real dolt to want to marry this little wh… vixen. How about the marriage ceremony in the KY jelly aisle at Costco too?!!!

  12. Is Eddie an attorney or a paralegal? I’m wondering wtf they pay paralegals in CA, because if he can afford anything that’s shown on RHOOC (dinners, gifts, trips…), then I’m moving there!! NY paralegals don’t make more than $150,000/yr.

    • I thought he was a paralegal in a family business. If he’s debt free, food for thought, his budget would go further. Maybe that is the case? And he’s mature (still young) and no kids that he’s paying child support on. I do agree all of these vacations, Bora Bora, etc. Yeah, right, no way he is covering those.

  13. Do you mean “Stoopid Blogger”? I can hardly read through the post on this site due to the many gramatical erros.

  14. Re: the pic of Tamra’s mother, it’s plain to see where Ms. Barney got her timeless style and classic chic.

  15. Just a kick of a funny… I am on this closeout website for designer clothing. Low of the high end kinda thing, anyway Alexass’s clothing is on there. Actually Tal by Alexis. Ugly stuff too. AND only one item has sold out. Generally half the sale is gone by this point. Ugly stuff.

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