REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Take A Walk On The Bad Side Of Orange County…Bad Teeth, Bad Skin…

June 13, 2012  1:00 am

It’s always been a mystery as to why Wretched **BLEEEECH** Christine piles of coats of makeup on her face.  The mystery is revealed.

This chick has terrible skin… and needs to be under the care of a dermatologist quick!  Everyone thought that Vicki has bad skin… well, she does.  But, Wretched is tied with Vicki for worst skin in Orange County!

NOTE:  Whatever cosmetics Wretched is using, she should probably give it a rest… and then switch to a better brand!

And WHY were RHOC viewers subjected to Crooksy’s teeth???

For a man who is supposedly an insurance executive, why would he not get his teeth fixed himself???  There’s nothing worse than a man who does not take care of his teeth!   Well, maybe there is… women on “reality” shows who don’t take care of their skin!

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22 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Take A Walk On The Bad Side Of Orange County…Bad Teeth, Bad Skin…

  1. Looking at the picture of Taylor possessing Ms Lisa Vanderpump now looking at Crooksy’s teeth and Gretchen’s volcano’s? I now have to rinse my eyes out with vinegar and dap myself with holy water. Forever!!

  2. I have personally had to start watching these shows in my bedroom with the non-hd tv….watching it on hd was making me sick.

    • I think you meant grad gee ate, I loved the look of anger he gave her about his teeth, clearly the love is waning

  3. Those bumps on Gretchen’s face have always been there and I use to think they were blemishes too but in one of Gretchen’s old blogs she explained that they were moles. If I had moles on my face like that, I would try to have them removed but maybe they would just leave scars that are worse than the moles themselves or something.

      • NOT a fan of hers.. But can understand if she chooses to not have removed. A relative had some taken off, and it’s true – the scars can be just as bad. Have to weigh whether it’s worth it! Vicki’s could be hormonal related. Don’t remember her having them previous seasons. Why on Earth is she paying for him to get his teeth fixed!!! Guess it’s one of those tricks Alex McCord shared in her video blog for NY, ladies will try to do things on camera in exchange for discounts or even free services from the vendors (in this case, dentist or oral surgeon?)

  4. I don’t understand why they get botox & fillers on screen. Yet they don’t bother to get the surface of their skin fixed first?
    Both of them need to see Ramona’s laser lady next time they are on WHHL or at the very least buy a tube of retin-a.
    Also I bet Vicki is using one of those very high end super heavy moisturisers on her ageing but still combination skin.

  5. The heavy makeup is probably making it worse.

    Vicki can most likely honestly claim she has not paid for the dental work because what they received from the items/pictures sold to trashloids should cover the expense.

  6. I dont get why he hasnt took care of his teeth especially him working in the insurance buisness. I know some people r terrified of the dentist, but nobody likes going there but u need to take care of your teeth especially if u can affors it. I wish i would of got braces when i was a kid, but i do go to the dentist every 6 months havent missed an appt in 20 yrs. Sorry im going on its not hard to take care of your teeth its a fewminutes a day. Skin im a guy so i dont know what it takes to get those blemishes off these ladies faces but i know they have the money. I use sea breeze evey night but i dont know if woman do that. Tx.

  7. I’m actually more amazed at all the eye make-up Wretched is wearing. That must take hours to remove all that crap.

  8. As a young adult with acne, I have to say that bad skin can be just in the genes! I have been under dermatological care for over 10 years and while I feel my skin is under control, the scars left behind will likely remain. I haven’t tried any lasers yet, since I can’t afford it, but there is still no guarantee treatments will work. Think about Cameron Diaz- terrible skin- and I know she could afford any laser treatment or resurfacing. So, I just want to say that just because you have bad skin doesn’t mean you don’t take care of it- I’ve been diligently taking care of my skin for 20 years and it ain’t perfect! Thanks for listening :)

    • I understand about having bad skin and trying everything under the sun to fix it.Ladies its not easy,so knocking someone down for bad skin in my opinion is awful. if you ladies and miss stoopidhousewive has nice skin well lucky you

  9. I’ll bet these women are doing everything they can, with regard to their skin. Obviously, they’re vain. To my mind, not matter what you do, if you more times than not walk around with makeup on, no matter what you do, your skin will pay for it….in reality…makeup is not clean.

  10. Have you SEEN Gretchen without makeup?? OMG, I got a big pic on my screen once and it scared that crap out of me. She looks sooooooooo bad without makeup.

  11. Does Brooks’ butt get jealous of all the crap that comes out of his mouth? Why not just show his hemorrhoid surgery instead of his mouth? Same thing…..

  12. I had a few moles removed from my face, they do not leave scars… She should get them off now, because they will get larger as she gets older, , and then she may have a problem.

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