CAROLINE MANZO: Lauren Manzo DID Have Lapband Surgery…

June 13, 2012  3:00 pm    USWeekly

In a new interview, Lauren Manzo describes why she chose to have the procedure after previously rejecting the idea of following her father (Al, who had a lap band fitted in 2008) in having the surgery.

‘It’s hard seeing yourself on TV. The camera doesn’t add ten pounds, it adds 800 pounds! I had people writing me on Twitter that I’m fat, ugly, gross.’

 If you got lap band, why can’t I???

Though the hit Bravo series has long charted her consultations with dieticians, her fad regimes and her disappointment at her inability to lose weight, it was not until last summer that Lauren really hit her lowest point.

‘I hated myself,’ she admitted. ‘I got up to 185lbs. I couldn’t look in the mirror.  Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll be in a bikini. I’ve never worn a bikini in my life!’

She found herself becoming emotional for the smallest reason, adding: ‘Something wasn’t right with me. I was depressed.’  She explains that she had initially rejected the idea of surgery because she is ‘scared to death of doctors’, but this time she knew she needed to take some serious action.

Now that she has gone through with the procedure and seen some positive results, Lauren describes the lap band as the best thing she’s ever done in her life.  But it is no quick fix. Due to the restricted size of her stomach, Lauren must stick to a severely restricted diet, or she will vomit, and frequently suffers painful gastritis (stomach inflammation) and heartburn.

It has, however, served to instill some positive habits, that she has, so far, been able to maintain.

Lauren ManzoLauren in the latest issue of US Weekly…

Lauren only eats protein and vegetables, having cut out sugar, carbs and fat. If she drinks, she shuns sugar-loaded wine for vodka, and works out six days a week thanks to the help of a personal trainer.

Now she is so confident that she can lose weight on her own, she has had the lap band loosened, so that it restricts the size of her stomach a little less.

Though she knows that her boyfriend of three years, Vito Scalia, 26, would continue to adore her at any size, Lauren says he is delighted by her new-found confidence.

 Vito Scalia… “HUH???  I ain’t happy at all about this lap band crap!”

So too, is her famously blunt mother, Caroline, who once told her daughter that she looked like ‘eight pounds of sausage in a five-pound bag’.

 Caroline Manzo… “We LOVE our lap bands…”

But, like most women, one of the most satisfying moments for Lauren was when she realised she could fit into a smaller dress size.  ‘I bought leather shorts at Betsey Johnson the other day,’ she revealed. ‘A size 10 was too big. The next size they had was a 6, so I was like, “Forget it, they’re not gonna fit me.” But they fit!’

Now, she says, her goal is to feel slim enough to wear a bikini.  ‘Hopefully, by the end of the summer, I’ll be in a bikini. I’ve never worn a bikini in my life!’

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154 comments on “CAROLINE MANZO: Lauren Manzo DID Have Lapband Surgery…

  1. Goodness gracious folks You all gave her a hard time because she was fat, now she lost the weight looks great and you give her a hard time for how she did it …pick a side for heavens sake.

    • you’re right. actually, ive put on a few pounds. ill respond more in depth once i finish throwing up my dinner. who cares if im balimic as long as i look great (right?)

    • Lisa, to be fair, alot of us said we thought Lauren was beautiful the way she was. I think the critique is more about the fact that her mother made her feel so insecure about herself that she did something so very drastic at such a young age. I think it is sad that they said so many negative things about her weight that she was desperate enough to do something like this. I feel bad for her that I watched her for a whole season and she was miserable over 30 lbs. and it took a major surgery and putting her health on the line to get a genuine smile out of her(magazine cover). The hypocrisy involved in this whole situation reguarding Carloine is paletable. This season I heard more about Lauren’s weight than her ability as a professional in the beauty industry. Should that not be the focus of her life, her accomplishments? The most important thing we can teach our daughters is confidence, whith out it they are prey to all the bad people and pitfalls of the world. I think this young lady has been undermined her whole life and been made to feel that her physical looks define who she is as a person and that is NOT right. They have done her no favors with this philosophy as we all loose our looks eventually, beauty fades. Does anyone remember in the first season Lauren is sitting in the back yard with her parents discussing going to beauty school and how she wanted to do make up. Caroline was telling her she had to learn it all so she could have her own salon. Caroline and Albert were laughing at Lauren because they thought she was stupid. Talking head Caroline even tells us so in her face to audience camera interview. She has really done a great wrong with this attidtude. I belive that is what most of the sentiment on this thread is reffering to , it’s sad.

  2. I think this is ridiculous to have a lapband procedure when she’s not even 30. In high school, i weighed a maximum of 315 pounds, graduated at 275 pounds. Yes, the weight caused physical and emotional pain. I was bullied and taunted too. But guess what? I was 18 years old. No career, no children, no health problems that would prevent me from getting off my behind and losing weight. And i did it. I lost 100 pounds in about a year and a half in a healthy way. I’m not saying weight loss is that easy for everyone, even younger women. But if I could lose 100 pounds in that time frame, 45 of which i lost from portion control and walking daily in the first 6 months, surely she could’ve gotten her behind up and done the same. My family is big on food, as well. Everytime i turn around there’s cookies laying around. But I control myself. I turn 21 this summer, the weight is still off, with the exception of some muscle mass I put on. But Lauren is a Manzo. Take no accountablity or work hard. PS: She STILL didn’t get the main cover story, paid or not!

    • Oh, and i almost forgot: losing weight does NOT make you more confident! Confidence is a state of mind, not body! Lauren can get down to a size 2 and when she looks in the mirror, she’ll still see a little flab on her arms she wants to get rid of, or a “pouch” in her lower abdomin that just won’t flatten. You can’t accept who you become if you never accepted who you were. I hope she gets/has gotten some type of therapy. Dramatic weight loss in people with depression or who were never comfortable with their bodies can lead to eating disorders. Ok, I’m finished preaching lol

    • Lana: WOW!!! That is truly an accomplishment! You have amazing self-discipline, which is lacking in all da Manzoids. We are all clapping for you… it’s good to feel good about yourself; especially when you do it yourself! TFC!! SH

  3. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM why even bother coming out with this?? First of all, at 23 you can lose 30 lbs. You have a freakin gym in your house!!!!!!! Second, the only people ive heard of getting this surgery are people who are SEVERLY overweight. It has the highest death rate of any “cosmetic” procedure. You already had to get the band loosened??? This is a complete mess. Plus this chick is rude and annoying and they dont make bands for that. She should have just lied and denied like DonCaro.

    • She needs to lose more then 30 lbs to be considered in the range (she wants to be a lollypop head though,lol) Gastric Bypass is what I think you might be thinking of. Lap band is different. Gastric is what you might have seen on TLC’s 600lb woman. Gastric surgery looks horrific.

      • ohhh you are right, that is what im thinking off. I mantain my stance this was lazy as hell. Its not like it changes anything about your body except you physically are forced to eat less. have some freaking self control.

        • You guys are correct on this one! Lapband or Gastric will make you lose weight but your self confidence & your eating habits are in your brain! I have a good friend that had gastric way back in the day & he has almost died 3 or 4 times from it. there have been holes, seepage, etc. It’s been a nightmare. Also, my mom had the lapband and it IRKS me to no end that she does not get it! You have to change your eating habits/lifestyle in order to maintain the loss. My mom continues to eat poorly & her band is stretched—DUH! She also drinks too much (that has not gone away). It makes me mad because I suffered from anorexia & bulimia growing up & to see people with the Lapband eating too much then having to go to the DR to get it vaccuumed out or intentionally puke just sets me off!

          The only way Lauren is going to feel better about herself is getting away from her Mother & Brothers. It’s sad to me that her boyfriend does not stand up to them. Gee, you’re marrying your brothers best friend & he’s a puss? Red flag anyone? Her family is toxic & she will never have self confidence while she continues to have that close of a relationship with them.

        • If you are an emotional eater the lap band’s probably not going to work.I personally think being very heavy is just a symptom of something else going on,not just bc you like to eat. She seems to be really restricting her diet ,which is really hard to maintain. I’m skinny but like my carbs a LOT. I now have to eat gluten free,it’s sooooo freakin hard. The only reason I can contol myself is I feel really awful if I don’t.

  4. I think its worth mentioning the different standards of beauty that northern NJ has from the rest of the USA, except Hollywood. I’m NOT trying to be condescending, so please accept my apologies ahead of time if you get offended or upset by this BUT it is the case the NNJ has the same body type issues as NYC, since we are so close. You have heard “she’s skinny, but not ‘New York’ skinny”? Same standards apply to NNJ. I was born and raised here and have lived here as well as several other cities during graduate school, and have traveled to about 46 states, (women’s studies was my field, btw) and the standard of beauty greatly changes from place to place. So, to the viewer, yes, L’s family is VERY harsh BUT that’s COMPLETELY normal, in MY experience, for women in the NNJ area. There are very strict expectations of beauty here, which is puzzling, since you would think since its so metropolitan(here and NYC) that it would be more open minded, but to me, its one of the most closed-minded places in the USA.

    As you can tell, I can go on and on, but a few things are that women ALWAYS have to be wearing makeup, or people ask you if you’re sick. This is also the place where women wear sweatsuits with ankle length fur coats and all their diamond jewelry to the mall. Trust me, women who are not model skinny are, in my experience, considered fat and unattractive.

    If you are from eastern NNJ, maybe you will disagree, but before you do, I urge you to consider my points.

    • I live in North Central NJ and have logged a lot of time at Short Hills Mall. I agree with you. We moved here 20 years ago from South Jersey and I never saw so many thin women with great clothes and hair. My family says I’ve changed since I moved here LOL.

  5. LOL. I’m from Wayne/Franklin Lakes. I now live far south,but still NJ. Very,very different ! True you don’t see a lot of pajama pant’s worn at the Market Basket or the Short Hills mall. You will see a lot of inappropriate dressing going on for the ladies over 40 though.

  6. I’m not even going to read her lies…How many times I saw tweets from other young ladies saying they were doing what Fat-mouth was doing with those disgusting egg drinks. LIAR’S I don’t even want to look at the those uneducated losers anymore. Wonder who paid for her fat=band.

  7. OMG!! Did she discuss a magazine cover and interview with her mom’s close friend Teresa? I mean surely she didn’t just decide to sell some photos without running it by all the family and friends. This better be part of Season 5 so everyone can sling there -2cents worth.Sorry. Just Could NOT resist!

  8. MS. SH is that last picture from people of walmart ? Oh… if I didn’t see the crack I couldn’t tell front or back.

    • Oh, Annie, honestly!
      I truly cannot believe a girl/woman left the house with that on! I am completely flummoxed as to what exactly went on in her head when she chose to don those too-small shorts. I wish I was privy to her inner conversation — if only for enlightenment into the minds of the lost!

      • Oy,I know. The people of walmart site makes me wanna cry. I love me some WM but, I have seen some pretty scarey people shopping there. I told my bf that I walk out of there feeling pretty damn good about my self sometimes. But…it’s giving me a false sense of hotness.

  9. Isn’t this classic Manzo? Screaming at and blaming Teresa for not discussing, sharing, what’s bothering her or going on in her life – yet they do the same thing.

    Whatever tiny shred of credibility the Manzo family – Caroline et al – had is now completely gone. Lauren busted them all. What idiots.

    I don’t care that she had surgery. I care that she lied about the benefits of the stupid treatment that doctor gave her – liquid diet or whatever it was. Then she crowed about him on twitter. Obviously got paid for all that. And now, suddenly, oh I had lap band surgery. Liars, all of them.

    • Nope she was heavy enough,anything over 35 BMI is considered acceptable. If she had health issues weight related insurance might pay. I think it’s FDA regulated. People go out of the country (Mexico) to get it done if they don’t meet the BMI standard.

      • Some doctors will do anything for money. Do you think it was ethical to destroy Michael Jackson’s face. All she had to find was an unethical gastrointerologist. Simple.

  10. Good for Lauren for doing something she feels is right for her — and being OK to let people know she did it. That’s a terrific first two-step!

    And she does look as lovely as I always thought she really can look – a pretty face is a pretty face. Now she looks more like her beloved Dad than ever (oh, those big brown eyes…).

    WARNING: Sentimentality ahead:
    I look like my dad and miss him so so much to this day; he left us right after Thanksgiving 2010 – so dang hard to live with still. I’m sensitive to baby daughters and their dads (I’m the baby and only daughter too) – so forgive me, y’all, for my moment of … sentimental emotion; I guess it never really goes away?

  11. If a size 6 Betsey Johnson fits someone 5’3, 155 pounds, what size does Kate Middleton wear? A -6?

    • It seems that in NJ there are a whole different set of dress sizes than the rest of the world apperently Caroline wears a size 4

  12. I know little about weight loss surgeries, but from reading some of the comments, it sounds like the lap band surgery is adjustable, but is the gastric bypass surgery adjustable or reversible? I’m also curious if there’s different guidelines or benchmarks for permitting one surgery over the other.

    I’ve heard that weight watchers helps a lot of people take off weight and keep it off.

    • Both the lap band and gastric bypass are reversible. The lap band can cause a lot of problem like slipping, scar tissue, eating into the stomach, etc. It’s actually kind of scary. That was what bothered me most about reading this. Lauren could potentially have some issues down the road because of this. I just hope it’s the kick start she needs to maintain a healthy weight and can get it removed before it does any harm.

  13. This is what irritates me…..”Lauren only eats protein and vegetables, having cut out sugar, carbs and fat. If she drinks, she shuns sugar-loaded wine for vodka, and works out six days a week thanks to the help of a personal trainer”…….then why get the BELT? This shows that DIET AND EXERCISE are the key, so WHY THE BELT.??

    • It wouldn’t surprise me if its a plot by the Manzoids to become spokes-people for lapband. Just another desperate ploy to try to endorse some product and make money…

  14. I am calling Bullshit on the Betsey Johnson size 6 shorts. I am obsessed with Betsey Johnson clothes–have a wardrobe full of them and even got to meet her when I was in Vegas last summer (great lady, by the way). I am normally a size 6, but her clothes run small and I ususally need an 8 or a 10 when I buy Betsey Johnson…and I am half the size of Lauren Manzo–even post lapband.

    • In the immortal words of my sainted mother “just because you can get something on doesn’t mean it fits, and even if it fits that doesn’t mean it looks good.”

  15. These people all want to think they live a life of excess…what’s wrong with a little hard work? Lauren doesn’t do too much from what I’ve seen…what is so difficult for people to understand – go the the gym and eat healthy? ANYONE can lose weight that way. Lauren is unmotivated and lazy. She is too young to have this kind of procedure without trying a different (realistic) route. Why not hire a personal trainer instead?? She’s going to end up looking like a fool (like her mother) when they both gain the weight back. They will not be able to keep the weight off permanently because they are not going to permanently change their exercise and food habits. I wish Caroline would get booted already!!!! She will be the next Jill Zarin LOL!

  16. It’s sad that all she cares about is being thin – not being healthy. It really seems like there is something else going on there….losing weight doesn’t solve all your problems girlfriend!

  17. I have commented earlier in this post.

    I think a lot of us are not against an individual choosing surgery for weight loss, sometimes that is the only option if your doctor tells you that you are risking serious health problems if the weight does not get off very soon. Two of my former co-workers were in serious health situations and had the surgery – they are now healthier.

    I think the negative comments about Lauren’s weight loss is that Caroline took her to see Dr. Perricone for diet advice. A portion of the show was devoted to the doctor’s visit. And we were all led to believe that Lauren was losing weight only by following Dr. Perricone’s diet advice (berries and egg whites were featured prominently in the the doctor’s visit).

    And that’s the problem for a lot of us. Lauren was not straightforward and stated that she elected to get lap band surgery to assist in her weight loss. And it appears Caroline had lap band surgery but was stating that it was diet and exercise that resulted in her weight loss. And we know that Daddy Manzo had lap band surgery (it was admitted).

    It’s the misrepresentation that angered some of the viewers. I wish Lauren well.

    • Lauren said she did infact lost 15 lbs using his diet and had the surgery in the fall
      The Dr visits were filmed in the summertime it was only after filming stopped did she decide to do the lap band.

  18. I just think it’s disgusting that Lauren has been duping a lot of people into thinking that the myofusion shakes are how she lost a bunch of weight up until this article came out. I think it was last week on Twitter that ppl were asking about the shakes, telling her she looked great, and asking how much they were. A lot of people were telling her they went out and bought the stuff (at like $45.99 a canister I believe?) because they wanna look like her. She was putting up pics and replying it was the shakes.Then this week it’s pretty much like “Hehe, sorry guys, it was really Lapband!” So now you’ve got all of these people who were led to believe it was the myofusion who now find out it was pretty much a scam while she was off getting surgery. I don’t know if the shakes really work, but for her to let ppl believe they did for her when she was really getting Lapband is wrong. While I don’t believe that Lapband is the “easy way out”, I do think in her case she should have tried some exercise or something first. Let’s not forget when her & her brothers were in their basement gym, she did like 3 sit ups and was begging to get out of her training session. She ended up hitting a punching bag for like 2 minutes instead and left. I just think she should have tried a little harder on her own before choosing surgery, that’s all.

  19. Pure laziness! She didn’t want to do it through diet and exercise. That family is truly miserable-Caroline can’t hide her misery anymore. Are we really supposed to believe she didn’t have the lap band done too? Caroline can’t seem to wrap her head around the way her “perfect” family came off to viewers-mediocre and boring!

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