CAROLINE MANZO: Jaime Laurita’s Wedding … “Historic Television Event”…

June 13, 2012  8:00 pm   Bravo

NOTE:  Was anyone aware this episode of a Housewives “reality” show was a “historic television event?”   Maybe Bravo shoulda told everyone!!

“How many fingers do you see??   Thirty?? You’re too drunk to marry me…” 

“There’s still butterflies in the stomach of millions of Real Housewives of New Jersey  fans who found themselves crying along with Jaime Laurita and Rich Lane, as the two tied the knot in a beautiful and emotional wedding during this week’s episode.

 First anniversary coming up…

The fact that it wasn’t just a reality wedding, but an historic television event in the fact that it was the first majorly televised gay wedding, makes it all that more special for Jaime himself.

 Will their anniversary be a Bravo special???

“We knew that what we put out there in one take was going to be a perfect sort of rendition of how we felt about each other. For me and for Rich … we knew what the message was that day and we knew what we developed over the years.

 “The REAL message was: It’s either Dina or ME!”

I can’t express how grateful I am and how thankful I am for the response. It’s overwhelming and it’s humbling,” Jaime told us in an interview.

 “You should be thanking ME for pullin’ strings at Bravo!”

Following the episode, an outpouring of support flooded the web as fans — and even non-Housewives fans — flocked to Twitter and other social media platforms to show their support for the nuptials.

  “I’m done with tweetin’… YOU tweet somethin’, BigGayGreggy!”

And looking back at the wedding, it’s something that Jaime could never have imagined years ago, but said that the timing for the episode was absolutely perfect. “The universe has a great way of responding to your dreams. I always felt that being the one in my family to bear the cross of being gay and have to live through life … the timing of it all it seemed to be the perfect time for something like this to come out.

 “Rich and I always dreamed of Juicy and Tree being at our wedding!”

Looking back on it, it’s even more magical than I can remember. Politically and lovingly, we’re just grateful of the timing,” Jaime says.

As for his favorite moments, Jaime says he has two. The first one involves the woman closest to him: “My heart dropped inside of me when I saw my mom,” Jaime says, reflecting back on the ceremony.

 “When’s Dina gonna be here??”

“As a little boy in a vibrant italian family, the one bearing the cross through life, when I saw Rich’s mom and my mom together — that moment of them walking up, it was unbelievable. I never thought in a million years the day would come. I was the kid who used to go to all of the family weddings and see all of these weddings and I used to say ‘I want that to be me one day.'”

         “Now you can be just like me!”

                                       “Just don’t ask to borrow my hat…”

And his other favorite moment was a reflection on his life and how much he’s accomplished.

 “Tree helped build our love house…”

“The biggest moment was looking back at the house and the house looking back at us. It’s the house that love built — we designed it, and it’s a very difficult thing to do. When I looked at my partner and his beautiful face and the my house, it was perfect.”

And as for the outpouring of love and support from those who saw his big day? “All I can say is thank you from the bottom of our hearts,” Jaime says emotionally. “We’re proud the people of America are lovingly reaching back to us and wanting more and saying ‘thank you’ back. This is what the world needs more of right now, and I think we can grow globally.  That’s reality.”

NOTE:  Are Jaime and Rich looking to become Bravo’s version of ‘The Beekman Boys?”

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