SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Which Housewife Has A Crush on Matthew McConaughey… AND… Loves Pink Lipstick?… HOUSEWIFE REVEALED!!!

June 5, 2012  1:30 pm   UPDATE  June 10…

WHO is this Housewife????

Wonder which TWO Housewives she wants to get rid of???



YES… another Housewife has submitted their answers to the SH questionnaire!     


What is the first word that comes to mind when you see a photo of Andy Cohen?
I’ve known Andy a long time Andy and I have come a long way.  I am VERY proud of his success and consider him as a very important factor of the success of our franchise and the other franchises.

Which of the HouseHusbands would look best in drag?

No comment – I don’t think any of them would.

What food/drink would you like to fill a swimming pool with and dive

Wine or Vodka

What is your pet peeve?  And why?

I have a hard time tolerating laziness. It is so important to me to be constantly doing things, so when people lack work ethic, it tends to drive me a little crazy.  Also bad table manners.

Do you do your own grocery shopping?

YesHave you ever seen a UFO?
No, neverOn which would you participate…DWTS or Celebrity Apprentice?
Actually either one, but Celebrity Apprentice would be ideal.. I love to multitask and have always had a passion for business. The show would allow me to utilize my strengths for a good cause.

Prius or Bentley?

Oatmeal or Bacon and Eggs?

Eggs only

Which Housewife from any franchise would you trade places with for a week?

Actually, none….I’m really happy with who i am and where I am with my franchise.

Coke or Pepsi?
Diet CokeHow many pages are filled in your Passport?
Not enough. I have always loved traveling!

Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
Matthew McConaughey.

Which Housewife from any franchise would you never miss if they got da
Bravo boot?

Awe, that’s not nice to say.  I love them all.  We are like a sorority.

What item would people be surprised to know that you carry in your purse?

4 shades of like pink lipsticks

What is the minimum you tip for lunch?

I believe in tipping well, but good service is really important.  Minimum 20%

Best lesson learned in high school?

Always have faith in yourself,  love your family and never forget where you came from.

What is the last movie you saw?


How many of your fellow Housewives cast mates should be replaced… no
names, just a number please!

2… TWO

What is ALWAYS in your refrigerator?

Water and lettuce and turkeyHave you purchased any of the Housewives merchandise or products?  If so, which?
I bought some Wines By Wives. Relaxing with a glass of wine is one of my favorite ways to unwind.
You’ve been stopped crossing the border in the Andes Mountains; your
bags confiscated.  You are allowed TWO items from your bags to
proceed. Which TWO items will you take??

Easy, my blow dryer and my foundation.


NOT… Marysol Patton… Adrienne Maloof… Teresa Giudice… Melissa Gorga…Sonja Morgan… Aviva Drescher…

The Housewife who answered these questions is…

…from the Real Housewives of Orange County…


Vicki Gunvalson!!!

SH reader “Mimi” got it immediately!  Thanks to all who played!!!


Check out Vicki’s website…    Vicki’s twitter


Vicki’s FB page and, of course, WinesByWives!



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52 comments on “SH BLIND ITEM: Guess The Housewife!!!… Which Housewife Has A Crush on Matthew McConaughey… AND… Loves Pink Lipstick?… HOUSEWIFE REVEALED!!!

  1. I agree with the majority (thus far) I think it is Icky Vicki. Even her answers annoyed me! lol

  2. Ramona! Lisbeth finally we agree on something!! this answer screamed Ramona…Which Housewife from any franchise would you trade places with for a week? Actually, none….I’m really happy with who i am and where I am with my franchise.
    If not Ramona it’s Luann

  3. I am going with Gretchen Rossi, I think the blow dryer is a must have for her and the foundation!!! She also wears a lot of pink lipstick :o)

    • I will be very curious to know the answer, LOL. Vicki just doesn’t seem the type to keep water, lettuce and turkey as must haves in the fridge considering she has a more full figure than the other OC wives. Oddly though, that is what Heather ordered for “breakfast” during the glamping trip. I just can’t picture Heather saying if stranded up on a mountain, she would take a hair dryer and foundation. I would have expected to her to answer with her toothbrush and toothpaste! We constantly see Gretchen blowing dry her hair, with only foundation on,.. For Vicki, she doesn’t seem to get very much volume in her hair period. I thought of Alexis as well, we see her with a hair dryer and foundation only. Pink lipstick also. I just would be shocked for a mother of small children to answer wine and vodka for the pool diving… Lastly, the answer about Wines by Wives, why would Vicki buy when she sells that product? Oh my, I have way to much time on my hands this evening…

      • I think you are on to sumpin there mama. After reading your assessment Ima gonna say Gretch. She sleeps with the a big turkey titanic that sucks eggs every night. And she would give a plug to the wino wives thing since Tamera is in on that and now they are playing besties.

        • Still not sure how that squares with the “I have a hard time tolerating laziness.” bit though.

          • I thought about that too, Gretchen has been defensive of the lazy remarks made about Smiley. For the HW who responded, they sure took some time on that answer! One thing I do know, is Vicki wears more of the red and coral lipsticks. Oh dear, now I have gotten you entangled in “who could it be, who could it be… ” sorry MP but I am glad to have some company!

            • Wretchen is stuck on that frightful shade of blood fuchsia. And I have always thought Vicki needed to take her lipstick way the heck outa frosted town. But the dweling on the lazy thing is another reason to vote Gretch. Sumpin but a lady protesting too much or sumpin like that.

              • I thought Gretchen too, but I’m always wrong at these so you don’t want to sit next to me. :-|

    • remember this person does their own grocery shopping. I don’t see Lisa pushing a cart..LOL

      • I think it is probably one of the OC or new NY gals, but wanted a different name out there. I think I’ll keep going with Lea just like BSL did with Adrienne. Eventually, you gotta be right. lol

  4. This could be NY Heather. I just read her blog and a lot of things she said in her blog are similar to this interview. (example, bad table manners).

  5. After all the Crooks posts on here I cannot believe it’s Vicki unless she was touched my God when she opened the e-mail. I’m going with the brunette on RHOOC. Her name is Heather right? If not you all know the one married to the plastic surgeon, final answer.

      • Hahaha! Hi, Deb! I’m so bad at guessing these. I’m curious, though, who would want a pool filled with wine and vodka and have a refrigerator with lettuce in it. I would not want to live with that person.

        • Haaaahaaaaa BSL, Trust me I am the worst at guessing these sweet lady ( look at my record, not even one correct answer) and your curiosity has me thinking the same, I hate to say it but the only person who I could think who would want a pool filled with wine & vodka and eat lettuce is……wait for it…………………….Traylor, Shana bananna, and who in the WORLD would want to live with THAT person. Not me or you or a million other peeps!

      • Mob Mistress, there’s no way that you’re a sore loser. My guesses are what you would call confidence boosters for every one else. You are such a gracious winner, and when you don’t guess right, I always vote for you for Miss Congeniality, you know that!

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