TERESA GIUDICE: YOU Can Name Tree’s New Hair Products… VIDEO

June 9, 2012  3:33 am

Remember back in May when Tree was asking viewers to submit names for her new hair products???

Well, you can now vote at Create Great Hair for the name that you like best.

AND…everyone who votes will be entered into a drawing and 100 of them will be among the first to receive all three products valued at $75… WOW!!!  Voting ends June 30.

The choices are:

  • Diamante
  • Milania
  • Gia
  • Teresa G.
  • The Star Treatment

NOTE:    Audriana and Gabriella should be really pissed that their names weren’t included!!   Good thing they can’t read!!

Would YOU buy hair products with any of these names on them???   The only hair product name worse than these is “WEN”…

42 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: YOU Can Name Tree’s New Hair Products… VIDEO

  1. Alfaparf already have a line called Diamante. So I voted for that, as being sued by a large corporation would make for a better plot line than the current warring families thing.


  2. I think the names they already have are extremely — pedestrian. With the two daughters’ exception, the others have no real branding “oomph” at all.

    What they should do is look at the character of Teresa’s hair. It is lustrous, robust. She does have absolutely beautiful hair.

    The brand name should reflect the characteristics that women with similar hair would want to achieve. Maybe even something as simple as “Mane.” OR, since she has the “Fab” in her books and wine — the prefix should also be in there.

    Perhaps “Fabulustrous.”


    • I was also wondering why they didn’t tweak Fab and come up with something. I think it’s hilarious that there’s already a Diamante? product on the market. Like Panda mentioned, that would give her a story line for the next 2 seasons with lawsuits. Her hair does look great. Noticed that on The View interview! – Wings


  3. Teresa’s hair is lustrous & robust? ROTL…sorry Lisa Vanderpumpernickle,

    Maybe ” Gia that smells terrific” …like the old one ‘Gee that smells terrific’ Herbel Essence commercial…just a thought ;) I have so many ideas…


  4. I wish she would let her hair naturally curl. Her, Mel, Kat….they all have curly hair. Yet they blow it straight and then curl it independently. They need to just let their “soul glow” LOL


    • DMB, I have very similar hair to them, and it’s costly and a PITA to do it curly every day. It’s so much easier to blow it out and add loose curls if you want–it stays put for 3 days (curly hair is usually much more dry).


  5. Agree with you ms sh….bad idea to name a product after one of your children when you have four… none of them grabs me except “lisa’s fabulustrous…..I agree with lisa, she should continue the play on fabulous…fabulucious, fabusheen, fabudazzle, fabuglow, fabuluminous, fabushine….


  6. I didn’t like the idea of naming it after her girls either…. but… if she had different products she could name it after each child. Milania – for crazy out-of-control hair, Gabriella – for tame fine hair, etc…. it could be cute.


  7. I think it’s a little weird to include 2 of kid names, when their tag line references ‘stars’ – Wings


  8. How bout ‘monkey mane’? I think all of these chicks just use coconut oil. They’re pushin’ fake crap at the public, yet again!!


  9. She should’ve gone simple and clean with “LLLocks” (for : LoveLoveLove) and the logo could’ve been three very small interlocking hearts beneath it.


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