SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND EDITION: Kathy Wakile, Caroline Manzo “PartyTime”…Gretchen Rossi “MissBravo”… How “Reality” Is Made… Melissa Gorga “Very LATE!”…

June 9, 2012  11:40 am

Melissa Gorga was out pushin’ her vodka at the Wine Guy last night… MeGo was over FOUR hours late!!!

NOTE:  Would YOU have waited over FOUR hours for MeGo????


 Gretchen Rossi… “Andy picked ME for MissBravo! ” 

Wretched **BLEEEECH** Christine Rossi is more than delighted that MissAndy has chosen her as the Housewife who would win a beauty pageant… and she has highlighted this on her site WretchedChristine:

We may never get to know who Andy Cohen’s favorite Bravolebrity is but I am very flattered he thought of me when asked about who would win Miss USA!

Tsk, tsk, tsk on Wretched!  MissAndy has been saying that Wretched is the pageant Housewife for quite a while… obviously, Wretched doesn’t pay attention to what MissAndy has to say!!

A very fascinating look at how those images you see on TV or movies become “REAL” … how they turn back time for BoardwalkEmpire

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” Kathy Wakile and Caroline Manzo host a private dinner held at Masina Trattoria Italiana in Weehawken, New Jersey.   The “private dinner” was a fundraiser for National Brain Tumor Society during a fundraiser hosted by Dining Out New Jersey, as mentioned at the HudsonReporter


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(Thanks to SH reader “CherryLipGloss” and “cybraxis”!!!)

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34 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEEKEND EDITION: Kathy Wakile, Caroline Manzo “PartyTime”…Gretchen Rossi “MissBravo”… How “Reality” Is Made… Melissa Gorga “Very LATE!”…

  1. Somebody needs to tell Katty that just because you can squeeze into a dress, doesn’t mean it looks good on you. And, Don Carlione is taking menopausal frumpiness back a couple of generations. Don Carlione and Lisa Vanderpump are close to the same age ……

    • Don Carlo seems to have put on a bit of weight , she is not a size 2..she is trying to out do her father-in-law, tiny?

      • I’m not really referring to her weight. I know plenty of full figure gals that look fabulous. It is more her hair, outfit, etc. But, she definitely isn’t a size 2 or 4. lol

  2. Whatever happened to class and elegance when choosing what to wear? All these women seem to think by wearing tight, short, short dresses makes them hot or whatever. It just makes them look like old frumps trying too hard to hold on to their youth and it ain’t becoming.

  3. Very cool video. I love movies that depict old timey stuff. Speaking of which I watched the Hatfields and the Mcoys the other day. LOVE IT.

    • Have you seen Boardwalk Empire? I am really starting to appreciate scripted shows. I hope TV moves back in that direction.

      • LOL. I know what you mean Cyn1. Even knowing that Hatfields and McCoys was loosely based on the real feud it was still fascination to watch Kevin Costner do what he do how he do it. I have never watched boardwalk empire I might just have to check that out.

    • I watched it too….I found myself getting mad at my family for interrupting my H&C time…there was so much turmoil, it kind of reminded me of the RHoNJ but with guns & chew (no spitoon needed)…no offense to NJ folks, just that’s what the HW’s have seemed to have turned in to.

      • lol. I know what you mean. Even my countrfied hind end had to turn on the closed captioning to catch what they were saying half the time. It did a good job of nutshelling what the feud was about but some things were left out or tweaked. For instance the uncle was not accused of fornicating with his dog… it was a cow believe it or not. And I think one of them actually was married to a first cousin. Cant remember which. Also no one has EVER been able to find records of Rand McCoy fighting in the civil war for either side. much less right along side Devil Anse. But it was a really good movie. And the depiction of the “hearing” to settle the stolen sow was purt near close to way things went down.. or so I have heard.

        • All I could think of was JuicyJoe, Rich or Joe G when Bill Paxton ran into that tree & fell down during a shootout!…My mind went from haha! dummy fell to Bill Paxton is Chet in Weird Science still to Hey, that reminds me of the NJHW hubbies!

          • bahahahahahahaha. Too funny. He was Chet. I forgot all about that. Ya know it DOES show how easy stoopid old beefs can fester into eventual blood shed and keep on till no one knows what the heck they fightin over anyways. The Gorgas,The Gudices,The Hatfields, The McCoys. Lets get deep in this thing. I kept thinking of the way the Gorga’s do Tree when they hung that tow head kid.

            • That is a good one MP! Poor Tre…simple minded, smiling, doing what her PR people tell her…although not wearing vintage little house on the prairie…she’s just like that boy. Gorgas are one kick with da boot away…..Oh & DonCaro looks a lot like the Uncle ;) (messy hair, always snarling, “petite” figure….IMHO)

  4. Whoever is letting Caroline grow her hair out is a failure. It is limp and sad and makes her look like a wet, dying dog. Kim Zolciak needs to send this bitch a wig.

    • LOL, if Don Carlione put on one of Kim’s wigs she would look like a pooch in need of a visit to the groomers. Hey, maybe Don Carlione should try a dog groomer, since her stylist isn’t doing her any favors.

  5. hmm, Kathy must be tiny too cause she in caroline look about the same dress sizes in these pics. Maybe I should move to NJ soo I can be considered tiny too! lol

  6. Four hours late? Bet they did not know about Long Island east bound traffic on Fridays. Everyone on the island knows the L.I.E. is bumper to bumper on Fridays due to people heading out to the Hamptons.

  7. Do you all think Tamra is jealous of Andy calling Gretchen a beauty queen? It is just so apparent that Tamra is trying so hard to look like Gretchen. I really believe the breast implant removal was more about trying to look like Gretchen. Then she has the audacity to make fun of anybody with implants or a big chest.

    • maybe it’s just me but I think it’s kind of an insult for someone to say you look like a pagent queen. I think it implies that your hair is to big, to much make-up and a general fake over done look

      • hell yeah it’s insulting…..andy mentioned gretch’s pageant look at one of the reunions….it’s like saying Adrienne is his pick for queen of the ice capades….nope….not a compliment….

    • I think she must be carey….and I never thought about Tam imitating Gretch, but you’re onto something….as soon as tam breaks out the side braid it’ll be confirmed….

  8. What the hell is up with the Manzo boys receading faux hawk? I can’t help but laugh and cringe at the same time… Sorry mama manzo and lauren, your sons and brothers are not as handsome as you make them out to be.

    Greg’s queeness has rubbed off on both of the boys. They should be concerned in getting laid, not with who mommy is arguing with on this season.

  9. Every pic I see of Caroline and Christoper lately the don is hanging all over him! Is it me or has anyone else noticed?

  10. Kathy doesn’t look too bad!! I mean the dress is slightly too young for her but the color looks really nice on her. I can’t even look at Caroline anymore. She used to be my favorite, but when she compared her children to Alexa Ray Joel she was done in my book. Comparing your d-list spawn to the child of an american legend was disturbing.

    • That was the first time Caro acted really off her rocker. She was all over Alexa Ray! I bet Albie was so nervous because he knew how much it meant to his mom that they go out.

      • Alexa was so sweet and respectful towards her and it says a lot about her. If a woman was so transparently trying to pawn off her son on me, I don’t really know if I would have been able to maintain my decorum. I also read somewhere that Alexa’s mom Christie Brinkley refused to film with them. Thatta girl!

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