SH **EXCLUSIVE!!!: MELISSA GORGA… Inside Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Shore House… It’s A MESS!!!

June 9, 2012  1:30 pm


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Remember when Joe Gorga took Melissa for a visit to their New Jersey shore house?   AND… MeGo was so worried about getting everything cleaned??



Mary Loe says:
June 9, 2012 at 12:36 PM (Edit)   submitted the following via comments today at 12:36 pm… see her original comment on “Kathy Wakile’s shore house.”

SH reader”MaryLoe”… made an appointment with the real estate agent and took a tour of Melissa and Joe Gorga’s New Jersey shore house at 11 Mermaid Road…

Home for sale in Toms River, NJ $520,000

Nice Waterfront home all Updated with Spectacular backyard plus in-ground salt water pool, outside Kitchen & outside fireplace. Best waterfront location only 2 properties from the Bay with protection on the Lagoon. VALUE A VIEW!

These are her observations…

I decided to do some research myself, being a Toms River Resident for over 12 yrs now.  I found Joe & Melissa Gorga’s House on 11 Mermaid Lane, In Toms River.I made appointment with the realtor to see the inside of the house. I was SHOCKED when I walked into the house.First I went to the house a day before and peeked though the windows because there’s a 4Sale sign on it. The inside was a MESS furniture thrown all into the rooms.When the realtor took me in the next day he straighten up the house for me. Joe Gorga says he’s a “Great Contractor” well dear Joe go back to this property and clean it up and get some permits and follow the zoning laws like everyone else dose.

He took the garage and turned it into the front rm when u walk in. The Furnace/AC is up in the attic that you have to pull down the stairs to get up there. the house has NO closets no washer & Dryer no closets, The 2 closets I seen u need a 6Ft. Ladder get inside of it.

The cabinets were a mess it was like he threw it all together for the show. Doors opened opposite direction when u walk to the backyard and you step into the BBQ which is bar attached… which took up the entire small backyard.

Everything he did he was no in zoning laws, he built a big tremendous Fire pit on the corner of his property blocking the neighbors views of the water… that’s illegal.

He built a 2 ft step down the length of the small backyard so you can get to the dock there was no railings nothing to hold on to as you step down this BIG drop. This was a accident waiting to happen. He’s above the law with no permits for ANY of this construction. after you get in the backyard you have to be careful while walking around so you don’t fall into this big oversized built in green slim of a pool.

No railings no fence and no permits this house was a disaster.

I also pointed to the realtor that Joe has a Gun sitting there in the closet. Anyone could break into this house and steal it.

This house was thrown together just to impress the Bravo audience.

If Joey was such a good contractor he should have gotten the proper permits to build this dump of a house.

By the way the bulkhead is need of repair that’s $ 40,000 & up.

                         No hardware on the kitchen cabinets… cheap!

Melissa is not clean as you think she is. There was Pickles and red wine in with mold growing on it.  When you look on the side of the house he threw all the debris so his people next door have to look at that junk all the time.

I Found Melissa’s mother’s house on the dead end cul de sac and the house looked a little worn down she lives behind Shop Rite off of Fisher Blvd. I found Melissa’s sister Lysa’s house her home was in foreclosure. Her husband Richie this is their second marriage. What a mess all fame whores. What people will do to be on T.V.

PS: has anyone realized how much Kathy and Richie smoke weed from the bong. Aren’t they concerned that their kids are watching them?????.

(Thanks to SH reader “MaryLoe”!!!   Nice job!!!… What a dump!!!)

NOTE:  To clarify… “Giuseppe” and “Joe” Gorga are the same person on the mortgage.  Joe Gorga had to use his legal birth name “Giuseppe” and the name he uses now “Joe”:

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159 comments on “SH **EXCLUSIVE!!!: MELISSA GORGA… Inside Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Shore House… It’s A MESS!!!

  1. I think they’ll have a hard time selling this house. It looks small and there is no room to add value.

  2. I live in the area too .. This house will never fetch the price. There is one in a better area. Built to perfection with permits for 367..

  3. OMG!! That house is a hot a** mess!! It sounds like noone will be able to buy it if they wanted to because it may not even pass an inspection!! WOW!! Thanks “MaryLoe”, I apprecite you taking the time to give us the scoop! If there’s ever a RHODallas I’ll return the favor!! :-)

      • I hope that this isn’t a stoopid question so please forgive me in advance if it is, but what is a “bulkhead”?

        • I’m not sure but I think it is what we would call a sea wall? I know what it is on a boat but on a house I’m not sure.

        • A bulkhead is the lower area in the ceiling… in these pictures you can see one over the kitchen sink and counters. It is usually filled with electrical, pipes and duct work. In ours the fan above our stove runs through it, along with multiple other things.

          • Where I live, that space is called a soffit. I restored an historic home and had to build many to accomodate the central ac ductwork. Never heard it called a bulkhead though.

            • that must have been awsome cherry, I always wanted to do that. I have a good friend that restored a 150 year old plantation house, it is so beautiful I love to visit her. I do not, however, envy her heating bill ! I think it must be a labor of love but very rewarding.

          • I’ve always heard them referred to as soffits. If that’s the case I can’t imagine they would be that expensive to fix.

          • I am from NJ a bulkhead is a sea wall. They are very expensive to replace. A sofit in Nj is the same here as CA. I think 40k might be a high quote but I know my friends lot which is a corner cost 30k last year so the Gorga’s replacement is at least 20k

        • it is the structure that holds up the deck! They have to get a special crane to push the wood boulders all the way down into the sand. it is a seawall between land and sea If that is shot everything can go into the bay!


    • There is something wacky about that mortgage. If Giuseppe Gorga is the father, then he is on the hook. In 2007, a 2 and a quarter million dollar mortgage? If the ummpa is so wealthy, why does he need his father for collateral on mortgages and why is he talking over $2 million on shore house that is not even worth half a million?

      • See I have ALWAYS suspected the Papa Gorga bank rolled a lot of stuff for his kids. And that might be were the jealousy comes in on Joey’s part? He thinks daddy does more for Juicy and Tree than him and MeGo?

        • That makes perfect sense. But Melo needs to cut the crap and stop insulting Tree, because of papa Gorga cuts them off, Melo is back to working at the tanning salon.

        • That makes perfect sense. But Melo needs to cut the crap and stop insulting Tree, because if papa Gorga cuts them off, Melo is back to working at the tanning salon. I would love to do a run down on those apt buildings that the ummpa claims are in his kids names. I bet they are mortgaged up the waaazuuu

          • Ya know what I thought was funny about the one building for each child thing? My dad does the same thing about the two condos “this one will be yours one day, and that one will be your brothers” Guess which one gets the beach front one and which on gets the side unit? bahahaha Not that I am complaining I just hate when they talk about who gets what when they die.

            • My sister and sister in law use to talk about who get what when my mom died right in front of her My mom use to say Can you all wait till im dead at least

          • Why don’t you take a few moments go to the county clerk in the town were he says he built those homes. look up the deed for us. Would love to see how he’s building these pits. Rumor has it that both Joe & Mel were waiting to move to Ca. Once she became famous. I not sure if that was true.

      • Antonella: The shore house is mortgaged in a bundle with the Gorga’s big house on Pond View in Montville… which is WHY they have to sell the shore house when they decided to put up their Pond View house for sale. Also, “Giuseppe” is Joe’s legal name… both names have to be recorded for the mortgage. Daddy Gorga is not involved in the mortgages. TFC!! SH

        • Thanks mucho SH. I was starting to salivate and stutter as u can see from my double post. The listing of the mortgage is confusing. Sounds like the Gorgas are doing the financial shuffle to stay afloat. Maybe less time following wifey, more time on job sites for Joseph Giuseppe.

      • I don’t understand how he’s gonna pay that mortage off once there’s a sale (probably for less than $400,000). And, MaryLou’s description said there was a gun “in the closet”, but then it sounded like there were NO closets that were easily accessible. How’d she get to the closet to see the gun & where was this closet? *confused*

        • done, the bank obviously has a blanket mortgage on the properties and will release the shore property for the amount JoGo receives from a buyer, less broker fees and RE taxes. The bank isn’t expecting the full amount of their loan to be paid off by the sale, but I guarantee, they will take every cent available from the sale. JoGo won’t be putting any $$$ in his or MeGo’s pocket.

          • Yall reckon they will be living in one of them “high-end” lofts next season? Ya know while they “flip it?”

            • MP, I’m not so certain those high end lofts are getting constructed. lol The Millview Lofts hadn’t started actual demo and construction as of Feb 2012. I think the vacant building that Joe showed MeGo was the Millview project.

          • Thanks, CJ. That explains it. In NY, I’ve never seen someone with a a/k/a or even d/b/a listed twice on the mortgage the way Joe has. Normally it’s not listed as though they are two separate people. (forgive me though–I haven’t done real estate law work in over 15 years).

            • In NJ they use a/k/a and now that SH has posted the actual mortgage, it is clear that it does in fact say a/k/a. Thanks for the clarification SH.

        • hey DWB….I was confused as well by the closet situation….how is it you would need a 6 ft ladder to get into a closet….wouldn’t that be an attic or some other type of storage space other than a closet….and the gun???….seems dangerous?….possibly illegal?…especially now that it’s been put on blast.

          • The house has on 2 bdrms. In the master he built this closet but you need to step on a ladder in order to hang up your cloths, you can’t walk into it. it’s high up on the wall It must have been something from the old structure when he through this bungalow together. I always say want to learn about the house and it’s residents talk to the neighbors

      • The father’s name is Giacinto and Joey’s name is Giuseppe. Remember Teresa named Gia after her father.

    • It says that guiseepe sorry if i spelled it wrong is joes birth name, he had to use 2 names, his birth name, and joe.

  4. dang! this is hard core. I think it’s intersting that Lysa’s house is in foreclosure, you’d think that her incredibly rich and famous sister would bail her out. I realize that houses in vacation spots like this are far more expensive than houses in regular neighborhoods but I do think that price is a little steep considering that you can barely fit beds in some of those bedrooms . Is this a case of keeping up with the Jones’ or should I say Guidices’

    • Is Lysa the sister who told Teresa her invite to the christening was a technicality, then told the ummpa to look at her because she was his real sister. Cause if it is, I want to be at the sheriff’s sale of her house.

    • Good point. Remember when MeGo’s confessional said they)her and Joey) wished that Tree would have come to them if she was in trouble? Implying that they would have helped them out. Pullllleeeze.They would not they just wanted gossip so they could trash talk about it to their accountant friend. I suspect the same allegiance or assistance would apply to the broke marco sister too.

  5. Also he needs to put that gun away! I hope that it is high in the closet so that the kids aren’t able to easily get to it.

    • If it is he wont be able to get it either!!!! LOL It was to easy i had to say it. Tx.

    • NO not so this riffle is just sitting on the top shelf of a 6×6′ closet. It was scary, the realtor was a wanna be wise guy too. He had all to do but hated that I pointed out so many errors’

  6. Their furniture all looks like it’s from Ashley Furniture’s stores. So much for livin’ large! How could he put it on the market before the permits are in place?? He’s probably trying that b/c it makes the taxes cheaper? Our seller tried to do it to us and then he was forced to get them before the transfer, and only THEN did we see what our actual taxes would be. Bleh!

      • The junk in their house isn’t good enough to be Ashley. It looks like thrift shop finds.

        • Just gonna admit it, I have the same loveseat that is by the front door( the picture with the first interior shot). That and the ottoman shown are from the Cindy Crawford Home Woodrow collection. Still available online if you google it, I got mine at The Room Place 3-pc. set sells for $2600 and change. The set does not seem appropriate for a shore house though.

  7. This is starting to be really sad to me now. These people are getting the full view of what it means to be on tv. Your whole life will be on display for better or worse. Melissa came in with Gun’s blazing…saying how “we pay our bills” and those set up scenes of how they do business (walking on those contraction sites”. They were throwing so much shade at Teresa for her financial and legal mess. Remember….when you throw stones at others, karma is bound to catch up with you soon. I think this is not even the tip of the iceburg. For some reason I think there ALOT of skeltons on the Gorga story…..and i am sure Bravo is “interviewing” and snooping for more storyline for next season….that is if SH doesn’t find it first : )

    • You’re right, once on TV their whole life will be “on display, on display, on display, each and ever day, every day, every day” , lol, I couldn’t help myself!!!

  8. The Gorga “house of cards” will be coming down at some point……..they are all crooks!

  9. Wonder why they are selling. I am sure they think they will stay on RHONJ so where are they going to film their summer sketches? Unless they bought a summer McMansion on the jersey shore to show off. Anyone know why they are selling?

    • From everything I’ve read and seen, I imagine they can’t afford the shore house or the McMansion any longer.

      • Why would anyone sell in this market in less they have too? That would include Caroline as well. Just plain stoopid if you ask me. This is a great time to buy but not to sell.

        • This obviously depends on the regional market and when the property was acquired however it CAN be a great time to buy and sell. For example if current home was purchased in 2003 for 200k it will most likely be worth atleast what is owed. The seller could upgrade to a much larger home for a similar price and payment.

          To look at it another way, if property values have declined in an area 20% then the 200k home will sell for 160k (40k “loss”). But if a buyer is looking to upgrade then a home that was previously in the 400k range will now be 320k. 80k savings which offsets the 40k from the sale of the other home. Unfortunately for most people who purchased 2005-2009 they’re most likely stuck in a negative equity situation.

          I’m currently in the market for a vacation home because the prices are so reasonable right now. Investment property sales are also increasing in our regional market.

          • I sold one of my homes and did well. I got over the asking price. I didn’t have a mortgage so I had the time to get what I wanted. It sold it 6 weeks. It was one of those properties that doesn’t come on the market that often because of the location and the lot it sat on. I think that helps.
            The realtor you choose can make all the difference and don’t sign for longer than 3 months. It keeps them motivated and gives you the option to switch if you aren’t happy with them. My house was empty so I paid to have it staged. It was worth the money.

            • thanks for the tips girlfriend. I also have no mortgage(hope I dont come off alexish) and this is the right time where I live. (college town) It shows really nice since I painted and had wood floors installed. Gorgeous wood with each board individually distressed by prisoners here in FL. (none of that machine scraped stuff). I really hate to sell it’s so lovely.

  10. Is this a two story home? It looks it and I remember Joe claiming on the show he added this extra sound-proof bedroom for them. I just did not see it in the photos and with the size of what I see appears to be the master bedroom is so embarressing (just saying this because of all the bragging these people do) I of course would love to own it, but the reality is these folks need to own up to the truth. If they did it would make them better people and not fools.It is going to be real interesting what home they end up living in. They should hold on to this one because I think this is the best they can do!!!

  11. This song lyric comes to mind: ‘I’ll take a shack on a rock over a castle in the sand’. They just dug themselves deeper and deeper. And to think of the little comments that MeGo made, alluding to Tree’s financial issues. “We pay our bills”. Clearly, there’s something going on here, financially. The house does not look to be the finished quality that one would expect. And the safety aspects with the outdoor space would kill most people, even retirees or singles would take into consideration anyone visiting the home. Definitely, the price has overshot an investment owner picking it up.

    • kill the prospect of an offer, I meant! Of course, it could literally kill someone!

  12. That backyard looks like a death trap. HowTH did he not get busted by an inspector?

  13. Sounds like the writer has a huge anti-Gorga agenda. (The writing is terrible.)
    All bashing. Not one single good or even neutral comment about the place.
    How do you take it seriously when it’s obviously someone who hates them?

      • It REALLY does look pretty bad to me too. To me it looks like quick, new finishing to make it look pretty and shinny but very shoddy workmanship. I just would have expected more from Joey considering he does this as a living. It reminds me of a typical ‘handyman’s’ type of work…. not professional looking at all.

      • I also mostly concentrated on the photos. What they submitted was very difficult to read (and follow). Especially, with their mentioning the closets (or lack of them, which is it?) The photos told the story, regardless.

    • LoL, you make a really valid point Brinkley. Maybe my computer has “auto tune COLOR”, because the pool on my screen does not show “a green slime of a pool” either, but I think I remember it looking like that during construction.

      What really has me curious is the laws in NJ. How on earth can something be up for sale that didn’t pass inspection (if things are as bad as stated, one would think it wouldn’t pass), and how could it possibly pass without the inspector seeing the building permits?

      I also don’t understand how the description went from: no closets, then the 2 closets she did see “u need a 6Ft. Ladder get inside of it”, and then: “I also pointed to the realtor that Joe has a Gun sitting there in the closet.” Presuming neither brought a 6′ ladder w/them, how was this gun seen?

      I’m no fan of the Gorga’s, brother or sister, lol, but as you said, it definitely sounds 1 sided.

      I looked up the house, and it’s 70 years old, which is why I imagine the AC/Furnace was put in the attic when the AC was added, cause the house is on the small side. States there are 3 bedrooms, but only 2 bedrooms are pictured, I’m guessing neither shown are the master, says 2nd bath is in master. Also states that the pool is salt water, and house had a outdoor kitchen. Also says that the property was added to their listings 113 days ago, Last listed selling price was $450k in 2005.

      • So how can a house with no closets have a closet with a gun in it? and the pool looks Pretty blue and clean to me . It looks like a vacation home is it suppose to look like a mcmansion or something? Im not familiar with what houses on the shore look like?

          • Same here cherry. If big city folks knew how much house and land they could buy for the money they would hotfoot it down here in a hurry. My house aint all that special but its on the lake and THATS what we pay for but no where near what city folk pay for real estate.

            • They pay for convenience. It’s not perfect and we up north know it. we also know we’d get a lot better looking house and much more property if we went further but its the convenience that reels people in. I can get down the shore in an afternoon drive. I could not very well pull that off if my house was down south short of a air trip and that’s pricey. Its all about convenience.

              That being said – Toms River to me isn’t a ‘shore’ town. Its well populated. Lived in year round, has good schools and an amazing little league which represented for many years at the little league world series. But it is not what I consider a vacation home property. I’m sure some people use it for that purpose but many others do not.

          • The home is very close to the bat..the value is in the land.. I live in and know the area. They will be lucky if they get 400k

      • I don’t know about the NJ laws, but to get a certificate of occupancy your house must pass inspection. But I don’t know if not having a CO means that you can’t sell it. You could ‘try’ but the buyer would conduct an inspection sooo….very confusing….

        • Unfortunately in NJ the co laws are only strict for new construction. When you buy a resale home in toms river all you need for a co is smoke sectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. The buyer would have to have to have the issues addressed after the home inspection.

          • Not true. The laws vary from town to town. When I sold my house in central Jersey the town I was in required a complete CO for the sale. Many others are the same way. I can’t say I know what the codes are for Toms River however. But no bank or mortgage company will finance that house with the lack of some safety issues as will no insurance company provide home owner’s insurance. There is no way that house will sale as it is in those pictures.

    • I agree w u brinkley the house dosnt look great but the lost time i seen it on tv it was in shambles. To me it looks much better, im not saying it looks great by any means but compared to before you can now @ least live in it. To me it looks likehe finished it to sell it never intending to live there during the summer, so thats why im guessing he didnt invest in real nice furniture. Why would he spend the cash on nice things only to have to move them out when hesells it?

    • I totally agree. Why was she spying on Melissa sister’s home. That was none of her business, niether was the gun in the home. It just appears to be someone who hates the gorgas.

      • If your take is that she was “spying,” then SH would not have this information (so graciously provided by Mary Loe). It is public information anyway, and M. Loe was providing a service to us here (thanks, btw!). She was in the area anyway. To say it was “none of her business” is somewhat hypocritical since you are on this site and enjoying all kinds of information procured from and shared by other sources, right?! (Much of which may be none of our business, but it is all public information just the same.)

  14. From what I see in the photos, this house was thrown together quickly with only cosmetic things being done. People who flip houses often do this type of cosmetic work. They do just enough to make the place look attractive to sell. IMO the work that’s been done is very poor and cheap looking, not to mention all the safety issues. He’s trying for a quick sale to get some cash in his pocket.

  15. Wouldn’t it be cool if, in reality, Big Gay Greggy is actually a “mole” and is hanging with the Gorgas and Manzos and is collecting the dirt on them. I bet he hears and sees plenty when he is with them. And they are all so narcissitic (sp?) to think that he is their best buddy! That would be a hoot! I would actually start watching the show again if Greggy turned on them and started spillin’ some stuff on them!
    Also, Bravo would see ratings GOLD if they released that audition tape of MeGo and Joey at the reunion. Come on Bravo, air the tape!

  16. Please take down the multiple photos of Kathy Wakile. She is scary-looking and my youngest daughter started to cry while I was reading this post.

    • Hey, before Kathy it was a creepy picture of Melissa looking through me, into my soul like she wanted to devour me…. unnngh….. I’d take Kathy, Jacquelyn AND Caroline over Melissa.

  17. This is a vacation home. And what matters most in a vacation home? Location! And the location of this property is absolutely stunning. And the backyard “deathtrap”? Have you ever seen the super highend real estate along Fort Lauderdale’s waterways? None of those propeties have fences or barriers along the waterfront. To me, that backyard looks like a hell of a place to relax and drink Margaritas on a sunny day.

    Sure, the furnishings are beyond cheap and tacky. And MeGo and JoGo make me gag with their pretentiousness too. But why all of the negativity about a vacation home that 95% of us would love to have? What would the comments be like if we were looking at pictures of your vacation homes?

      • SH: So you wouldn’t like to spend weekends at a vacation home directly on the water? Obviously you’d want to redecorate it to your own specifications. But other than that I see nothing terribly wrong with this property as a waterfront vacation home… other than the fact that it’s in NJ. ;)

          • This is my pet peeve just because someone is supportive of a person does make them that person or a relative If I felt that way Id accuse 99% of the posters here Teresa or a Guidice Why do people do that?

            • Thanks for your comment! But I’m not even being supportive of the Gorgas, lol. I just don’t think the home is as awful as everyone thinks it is.

              But I suppose when normal everyday people post comments on blogs, they want everyone to think they’re vacationing in the Hamptons even though the chances of that being true are zilch.

              • the house and its contents remind me of the desert cabins people had in Calif

          • Right, I’m Mel and I “make myself gag with my pretentiousness”. Seems like an odd thing to say about myself. But, you know, whatever.

            • Hey dont worry on another blog i got accused of being Danielle’s lesbian lover
              That was pretty comical since I don’t even live in the Continental United states

              • Lisa! that is funny, unbelievable. I once was accused, here on SH, by some one who I didn’t recognize as a regular poster as being someone who knew Kim Zolziak personally and was trying to carry out some grudge hiding behind my key board! lol

              • Personally Out of all the housewives I wouldn’t tolerate any of them as friends and put myself up for adoption if i were related to them well except for Lisa V because id get to snuggle Giggy

              • When this kinda thing happens its just further proof to me of the accuracy of whatever observation you happened to be making about a given situation.

        • Butch, I live in Florida and no one I know would ever vacation in a place like this. It looks like a canal and the houses seem close. We always vacation beach front…either Atlantic or the Gulf….I don’t know of anyone who would even rent on the intercoastal. So, I hope I’m not sounding like an ocean front snob….but when you’re on vacation you want to walk outside and be on the beach, not on a canal. This doesnt even appear to be walking distance to the beach…..Location it’s not…..

          • I live in Florida too, Fort Lauderdale, Las Olas area. Beachfront and waterfront are two very different things. Waterfront properties are best for boat/yacht owners. Beachfront properties are best for sunbathers and beachcombers, etc. Here in Fort Lauderdale, intercoast properties are very highly coveted and are usually where the very wealthy chose to live.

            • Iknow what you mean and I said something similar somewhere else…that waterfront homes are primary homes here in fl as opposed to vacation homes.
              I just vacationed in Melbourne last week at the Port d’Hiver….. (gorgeous B&B) The beach was across A1A & I was super disappointed till I discovered the inn’s salt water spa pool….heaven! I might be a wee bit spoiled….

              • I’m in FL too, up on the panhandle, it’s all Condo’s here for vacationers, all the houses are on the bay, with the exception of a few on Okaloosa island. Nobody builds right on the beach around here because you just get blasted in a hurricane.

              • We Floridians would never vacation in those highrises. I grew up in Tpa and if you’re not too young I bet you remember all the mom and pop cottages in Indian Rocks….shame those are gone. The beaches in the panhandle are superb…best in the state…., crystal clear aqua water and powder white sand…..I envy you….it’s too much of a drive for me…..

          • This is NJ not Florida we are cramped. You can buy a condo beachfront right now in Florida for the price of the Gorga’s home. Toms river is for jersey you have the island beach side bay side you drive over the bridge and you are in toms river bay side to the mainland. About 4 miles to the beach. Toms River is a thriving year round community with good schools.

            • Thanks for that lisa but let me ask you a question….would you rent or buy that for a vacay?? assuming you were the boating/fishing type….It sounds like it’s considered a good community from your description. I actually had a beachfront condo here in florida on a desirable beach that I purchased in the two’s ~ 8 years ago… went upside down. There are condos in FL now that can’t be given away….big corps overdeveloped and destroyed the old florida charm…..I miss that….I have my faves but I’ll never tell…..

              • Thanks cherrylipgloss. I own a home at the Jersey Shore on the island.. I would buy the home if I wanted to live there year round at a reduced price. I have a small ranch 2 blocks from the beach that I gutted. The home is furnished cap cod style. My beach town is part of toms river called ortley, development killed the charm of the jersey shore too. Jersey home values held more then FL, but still came down. Ps started at team manzo, then Marco, then, Giudice. Now I think they need new blood storyline is getting old

              • I think I got the river vibe a little better after seeing the episode. Reminded me a little of Vicki’s weekend home. More of a boating/party feel….something I’ve never been around before. Luv/luv the cape cod look! I’ve been partial to Tre from the beginning and have yet to jump ship.

          • I agree Cherry…I used to live in FLA. I think the house looks worse than shoddy work & no place I’d like to live or vacation…EVER (& I’ve seen plenty that people throw together to get the rental income, just never that bad). I’d rather save longer & stay someplace nicer. That d*mn thing looks like it’s going to fall into the water. The houses on the intercoastals, even, would never be that crappy! And for the record, the Gorga’s seem so shady, I would never trust them…especially not Joe’s construction. Having said that, it doesn’t make me “for” one side or “against” the other…just amazed! I’ve thought most of what has been written here is similar to what I think.

        • Butch: The Gorga place is a dump. SH has the ‘luxury’ of spending time directly on the water… in a house on the intracoastal to the Gulf, a boat in the backyard, with the beach a mile away. The homes are not on top of each other and neighbors cannot see others backyards. Glad you would be happy with the Gorga house! TFC!! SH

    • From what I see of the view it aint all that great. But that’s just my opinion of course. It seems like they are spitting distance to their across the channel neighbors not to mention the next door neighbors are so close they could work a crossword from my yard while still sittin in theirs Too cramped for my tastes but to each his or her own. The pool looks sweet though.

      • The location isn’t perfect, especially since it’s New Jersey, lol. But that exact same property on the waterways of Fort Lauderdale would easily cost twice the asking price.

        • Thats true. But mostly that is because of the view. Like you said location. I am sure there are lots of very nice views “down the shore” too. But this one is just not one of them. They should just rent this puppy out and not sell it but I reckon they dont have a choice in the matter.

          • I’m with you Piley…even the view is poor. Canal homes here tend to be primary homes for boat lovers/fisherman….never vacation homes. The St. Johns and Indian River have nice views, but river homes tend to be permanent homes as well.

    • First, Butch, I agree with Brinkley, I would have enjoyed a report that was toned down in its obvious anti-Gorga sentiment and had more objective description.

      Second, I gotta tell ya — the photos, looking at the “bones” of the rooms, show me a home that I would feel too confined in. The kitchen cabinetry is one glaring example — how are we supposed to open the dadblasted doors?

      No, just because it has a waterview does not mean I would want to live there. It is obviously very poorly designed and constructed.

      I daresay that this is a teardown and rebuild. Someone should buy it for the land and create a whole new domicile.

    • Butch, obviously the Jersey Shore is different than beach/canal/bay property in other areas of the country, but the house itself is a dump. The rooms are small and the “quality of the workmanship” is poor at best. I’ve seen lake front rustic log cabins in the north woods that have far more charm and appeal than this place.

      Two pictures are very telling. The DR picture facing into the kitchen on the left and the LR on the right give you an idea of the quality of construction, or lack thereof. The fireplace is off center and even accounting for a crooked picture, the openings to the two rooms are not square. The left opening to the kitchen tilts left and the right opening to the LR tilts right. Further, the cold air returns above each opening are not square either.

      The placement of the batten on the walls of the small bedroom are questionable. Rather than any type of traditional placement, it looks more like placement to cover a bad drywall job.

      Further, the picture of the front exterior also gives some clues. The set of windows on the left are not square either and are not trimmed out. They should be trimmed in in the same manner as the center set.

      Although the kitchen picture is crooked, that soffit and facsia is a mess in the right corner.

      These are just a few of the things that can easily be seen in the pictures. I imagine an up close inspection would reveal far more problems. Generally, when the finished surfaces of a building are a mess, the mechanicals and structural issues are where the disaster lies.

      So, no, I wouldn’t want this building. It is a gut at best and tear down at worst.

      • Oh I could never live with that many flaws…..nothing irritates me more than something being out of square in new construction. I was my carpenters worst nightmare bc I’d spot something 1/16 of an inch off. They’d swear it was level and I’d have them check it and they couldn’t believe it….I know, I know….I’m ocd…what can I say???but I knew that my eye would go straight to the mistake every time I was in the room….

  18. I hadn’t realized that this is an older REDONE home.

    Look at the kitchen and is it me or do you notice the odd placement of the countertop and the window?

    • do you mean that the window is low?…or are you referring to something else?…like how teeny tiny that sink is….. also the no hardware issue ‘could’ be the press & pop open type….howevz….that would be an upgrade so I’m’ thinking they skimped. Also, tile floors are so 1980′s where I’m at…..especially ugly tiles!

      If this is any indication of his construction biz then he is a cheap mo-fo with no sense of style. This place should have been renovated Jeff Lewis style!

  19. Last comment you know after this article the home will be spic and span, garbage and guns disposed of.

  20. Why would any bank give them $2.5 m loan on a house that is not even a quarter of that price? Never has and never will be in that bracket. Lord knows the monkey business these people really do with mortgages and fake loans. In no time all their shenanigans will come to light. They probably have crooked peers in the loan, appraisal & RE biz. Very typical.

  21. all you negative people need to get a life and leave these people alone, what he heck is the matter with you all why do you care if the house is a mess, or how its built, whom owns it, why why why mind your business!!! I wish anyone luck in this sad world we live in, be happy for someone and maybe your life will be happy too….

    • Louise: Thanks for reading SH!! You must be new to SH, otherwise you know that we here are not only happy, but we’re all bee-yoo-tee-ful… and got brains, too! Unlike you New Jersey people!! Perhaps you can try your “guilt” comment on another site where you’ll be taken much more seriously! SH

    • well we would except these geniuses put their business out there for comment
      SO take it up with them not us.

  22. You guys seem to be keen observationists and have a working knowledge of real estate so I’m hoping you can answer this for me. I’ve read on this site that the Gorga’s mansion is very sparsely furnished. Why is that? How was their previous mansion furnished? Joe lived there quite a while. Is the furniture used in one mansion not good enough for another? If they are financially stable couldn’t they use their rhonj salary to buy some? I know Caroline said it took her a year to fill her new house but haven’t the Gorgas been in Meho’s dream house for several years? If it is supposed to be a flip wouldn’t you re.-use your furniture from the previous mansion? Who goes without comfy furniture if you truly live in a home that seems cavernous without it? If I were Carowhine or Whacko I would be wondering how well off the Gorgas really were if, after 2 seasons, they still didn’t bring in some furniture. Why? No furniture AND the power gets shut off? That definitely screams poser to me. If I considered them posers then I would wonder if some of what Teresa’s been saying about them was true. How come it’s so hard for Caroehine and Whacko to see? Well at least the kids probably enjoy all the empty space to rollerskate and ride their big wheels inside lol.

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