SH **EXCLUSIVE!!!: MELISSA GORGA… Inside Melissa and Joe Gorga’s Shore House… It’s A MESS!!!

June 9, 2012  1:30 pm


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Remember when Joe Gorga took Melissa for a visit to their New Jersey shore house?   AND… MeGo was so worried about getting everything cleaned??



Mary Loe says:
June 9, 2012 at 12:36 PM (Edit)   submitted the following via comments today at 12:36 pm… see her original comment on “Kathy Wakile’s shore house.”

SH reader”MaryLoe”… made an appointment with the real estate agent and took a tour of Melissa and Joe Gorga’s New Jersey shore house at 11 Mermaid Road…

Home for sale in Toms River, NJ $520,000

Nice Waterfront home all Updated with Spectacular backyard plus in-ground salt water pool, outside Kitchen & outside fireplace. Best waterfront location only 2 properties from the Bay with protection on the Lagoon. VALUE A VIEW!

These are her observations…

I decided to do some research myself, being a Toms River Resident for over 12 yrs now.  I found Joe & Melissa Gorga’s House on 11 Mermaid Lane, In Toms River.I made appointment with the realtor to see the inside of the house. I was SHOCKED when I walked into the house.First I went to the house a day before and peeked though the windows because there’s a 4Sale sign on it. The inside was a MESS furniture thrown all into the rooms.When the realtor took me in the next day he straighten up the house for me. Joe Gorga says he’s a “Great Contractor” well dear Joe go back to this property and clean it up and get some permits and follow the zoning laws like everyone else dose.

He took the garage and turned it into the front rm when u walk in. The Furnace/AC is up in the attic that you have to pull down the stairs to get up there. the house has NO closets no washer & Dryer no closets, The 2 closets I seen u need a 6Ft. Ladder get inside of it.

The cabinets were a mess it was like he threw it all together for the show. Doors opened opposite direction when u walk to the backyard and you step into the BBQ which is bar attached… which took up the entire small backyard.

Everything he did he was no in zoning laws, he built a big tremendous Fire pit on the corner of his property blocking the neighbors views of the water… that’s illegal.

He built a 2 ft step down the length of the small backyard so you can get to the dock there was no railings nothing to hold on to as you step down this BIG drop. This was a accident waiting to happen. He’s above the law with no permits for ANY of this construction. after you get in the backyard you have to be careful while walking around so you don’t fall into this big oversized built in green slim of a pool.

No railings no fence and no permits this house was a disaster.

I also pointed to the realtor that Joe has a Gun sitting there in the closet. Anyone could break into this house and steal it.

This house was thrown together just to impress the Bravo audience.

If Joey was such a good contractor he should have gotten the proper permits to build this dump of a house.

By the way the bulkhead is need of repair that’s $ 40,000 & up.

                         No hardware on the kitchen cabinets… cheap!

Melissa is not clean as you think she is. There was Pickles and red wine in with mold growing on it.  When you look on the side of the house he threw all the debris so his people next door have to look at that junk all the time.

I Found Melissa’s mother’s house on the dead end cul de sac and the house looked a little worn down she lives behind Shop Rite off of Fisher Blvd. I found Melissa’s sister Lysa’s house her home was in foreclosure. Her husband Richie this is their second marriage. What a mess all fame whores. What people will do to be on T.V.

PS: has anyone realized how much Kathy and Richie smoke weed from the bong. Aren’t they concerned that their kids are watching them?????.

(Thanks to SH reader “MaryLoe”!!!   Nice job!!!… What a dump!!!)

NOTE:  To clarify… “Giuseppe” and “Joe” Gorga are the same person on the mortgage.  Joe Gorga had to use his legal birth name “Giuseppe” and the name he uses now “Joe”:

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  1. Why would any bank give them $2.5 m loan on a house that is not even a quarter of that price? Never has and never will be in that bracket. Lord knows the monkey business these people really do with mortgages and fake loans. In no time all their shenanigans will come to light. They probably have crooked peers in the loan, appraisal & RE biz. Very typical.


  2. all you negative people need to get a life and leave these people alone, what he heck is the matter with you all why do you care if the house is a mess, or how its built, whom owns it, why why why mind your business!!! I wish anyone luck in this sad world we live in, be happy for someone and maybe your life will be happy too….


    • Louise: Thanks for reading SH!! You must be new to SH, otherwise you know that we here are not only happy, but we’re all bee-yoo-tee-ful… and got brains, too! Unlike you New Jersey people!! Perhaps you can try your “guilt” comment on another site where you’ll be taken much more seriously! SH


    • well we would except these geniuses put their business out there for comment
      SO take it up with them not us.


  3. You guys seem to be keen observationists and have a working knowledge of real estate so I’m hoping you can answer this for me. I’ve read on this site that the Gorga’s mansion is very sparsely furnished. Why is that? How was their previous mansion furnished? Joe lived there quite a while. Is the furniture used in one mansion not good enough for another? If they are financially stable couldn’t they use their rhonj salary to buy some? I know Caroline said it took her a year to fill her new house but haven’t the Gorgas been in Meho’s dream house for several years? If it is supposed to be a flip wouldn’t you re.-use your furniture from the previous mansion? Who goes without comfy furniture if you truly live in a home that seems cavernous without it? If I were Carowhine or Whacko I would be wondering how well off the Gorgas really were if, after 2 seasons, they still didn’t bring in some furniture. Why? No furniture AND the power gets shut off? That definitely screams poser to me. If I considered them posers then I would wonder if some of what Teresa’s been saying about them was true. How come it’s so hard for Caroehine and Whacko to see? Well at least the kids probably enjoy all the empty space to rollerskate and ride their big wheels inside lol.


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