SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Where Am I?”… Alex McCord “Spills It On RHONY”…VIDEO… Housewives Paychecks… Kim Zolciak “Wine Pusher”… UPDATE: Caroline Manzo Moving Outta Franklin Lakes (One Day..)…

June 6, 2012  2:00 pm   UPDATE  3:10 pm   UPDATE 6:00 pm

This gets filed in the “Huh?” or “Who Cares?” or “Did Someone Actually Make an ENTIRE Story Outta This?”  Just as Melissa Gorga announced that she and JoGo are moving INTO Franklin Lakes, Caroline Manzo mentions to USWeekly that she’ll soon be moving OUT!

“[Albert] works so hard and so long and I look around and think ‘What do I need this for?’ I don’t need it,” she says of the expansive home featured on Bravo’s hit. “We’re coming to that point in time where Lauren will probably leaving me soon and it’s going to be the two of us again.”

Though no listing is on the immediate horizon, Manzo — whose husband owns New Jersey catering hall The Brownstone — tells Us “it is on my radar to sell my house and downsize.”

NOTE:  What’s next?  Jax Laurita makes an appointment for a manicure?

Just what everyone wants!  ANOTHER Housewife with ANOTHER wine!!  

This time it’s Kim Zolciak shillin’ in direct competition with her fellow ATL cast mate, Nene Leakes… muscato wine!

****  A comprehensive gallery of the Bravo Housewives salaries at CelebrityNetWorth !****

Poor Tree Joodice… is this a case of stoopidity or dumbazzery or maybe she wasn’t sure where exactly her parents got off da boat, as this may just be a case of bad geography!  Not only does Tree have a difficult time in naming somma her ingredietzeesezz for her “recipes”… but Tree don’t even know where she is!

• BostonHerald:  That Teresa Giudice of “Real Housewives of New Jersey” fame, really needs to get out of the Garden State. There was Teresa and hubby Joe at the Brookline Booksmith signing copies of her new cookbook “Fabulicious, Fab & Fit” when she got a little confused about where exactly she was.

She looked down at heriPhone to consult Google maps and asked a handler “Are we in Massachusetts? No, really, isn’t Boston in Massachusetts?”

To which, the gofer replied, “We’re in Brookline, and yes, it’s in Massachusetts.” Which only made Teresa more confused. “But I thought we were in Boston?” she said.

EX-NY Housewife reviews the Season Five premiere episode of the Real Housewives of New York for the Dr. Phil-owned RumorFix

Alex McCord… ex-RHONY

(Thanks to SH reader “DVelez”!!!) 

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132 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY: Teresa Giudice “Where Am I?”… Alex McCord “Spills It On RHONY”…VIDEO… Housewives Paychecks… Kim Zolciak “Wine Pusher”… UPDATE: Caroline Manzo Moving Outta Franklin Lakes (One Day..)…

    • Oh Teresa poor poor clueless Teresa I guess maybe she only knew werer Italy was for the first 5 yrs of her life so Now her world geography is messed up now.

      • Your comment bashing someones intelligence would have much more impact if it had punctuation, correct spelling or capitalization.

        Just sayin’.

        • At least I know where Brookline and Boston are.

          And nice try at insulting me it didnt work Just saying

          • Your comment read like a teenage twitter with it’s random caps and no punctuation and bad spelling. It’s not hard to decipher if it was read phonetically.

            I’m very happy you know where Brookline is is, lisa.

            • Oh well sorry But when you type on a Phone sometimes things get bungled
              Instead of insulting someone try asking for clarification it goes over much better then trying to embarrass them.

            • Lisa, I’m on an iPad that has a mind of it’s own. Everyone stop being the grammar police!! How u comment on a phone, I would go nuts!

            • I hate the autocorrect I text my friend in FLA my text gets autocorrected and it gets all bungled She has to text me back with HUH? all the time. Luckly I havent had my text changed to something Uber embarrassing

            • Antonella and ALL: SH has learned that various devices are not as precise as we would like… and have loosened the rope around what used to be the very tight neck of the grammar police! Please, just try your best! Thank you! TFC!! SH

            • It was the juxtaposition of you insulting T for being stupid and the totally messed up message saying it ;)

              It wasn’t an insult. More an observation.

            • No hard feelings, I was actually trying to make a funny because people think Teresas mispouncations and such stem from her only Speaking Italian for 5 yrs It was my lame attempt to say she only knew about italy for ….well nevermind.

    • I don’t know where Brookline is and I’m fairly intelligent. Many times performers on tour give the wrong locale while performing. As long as Tree’s driver knows, she should be ok. At least she doesn’t think she’s in Antartica

      • Good Point ! Brookline just outside Boston. I believe the Kennedys lived in Brookline but I could be mistaken.

            • If I was frequently spending time in a different city each night, I think I’d forget or find myself somewhere that I’m not familiar once or twice. Not a fan of Tree’s, but I can see how it can be confusing. Especially, if she was actually in a suburb of a Metro area (if that is what this Brookline is?) I’ve also never heard of Brookline. – Wings

  1. I just returned from spending a few days with my daughter and her Family in another state. (*kiss*) She is not a HW watcher, but a HUGE CA fan. Didn’t know who Teresa was. Wondered how anyone so STUPID got on CA. I asked daughter if it was just an unlikable Teresa or what. She assured me Teresa was just STUPID!

  2. That’s the charm of Teresa. Kinda Lucy Ricardo.

    Alex – it’s sad but let it go. I know both Simon and Alex lost their day jobs (hotel manager and graphic designer) a couple of years ago. I don’t know if they have enough income now without RHONY money.

    Must be scary.

    I love this site – thanks for all the updates and comments.

  3. I do agree about Heather and the bad edit reference, because as heartbreaking as it was I was even thinking ‘Oh come on, this story again?’.Wonder how Alex and Simon are doing finance wise now. Didn’t they start that Luxe linen company? Hmmm.. she does come off bitter. But the perspective adds value, she just needs to tone it down and not come off bitter. – Wings

  4. Interesting about the HW salaries. NeNe post CA has done well for herself. Wonder what Tree’s next season salary will be?

    • NeNe has done well, but check out Kim and Kroy’s net worth!! If that website is correct they certainly can not afford to keep living they way they are living!

  5. I love Alex’s bitterness. Bring it on! I always find it entertaining how serious these ladies take this nonsense show.

  6. I really enjoyed Alex’es commentary. It was great to have an insiders take on how these shows work. I didn’t think it was all that bitter, but delightfully sarcastic and seemed to ring very true.

    • In my way of thinking, this is what Alex does best – Her blogs were always the most intelligent and insightful and this video blog is going to be refreshing – a point of view that no one else presents -

  7. I never was much of an Alex fan and her husband made my skin crawl but she certainly puts an interesting angle on things. The part she says about Ramona bullet pointing the evening because it is irritaing to have the production crew there during the party. Um, hello? that is your job right? On the other hand all the ” that is life and you’ll get used to it” junk I could do with out. It is not life it is reality t.v. and you are getting paid for it. To quote NeNe Leeks “Don’t get it twisted”!

    • I see your point. Kinda creepy to think Ramoner wanted production to catch her acting like a raving lunatic when they were trying to open that bottle of wine to her specifications.

      • I don’t think Ramoner was even thinking about production when she went into her crazied frenzy over the wine being opened. That was her precious pinot grigio and she wanted some momma’s milk bad, real bad.

  8. Caroline Manzo moving out of the neighborhood just as the GoGo’s are moving in is her way of saying ” you were good enough to use against Teresa and torture her but let’s not get carried away here and think we could be neighbors, in fact if you can afford to move here this neighborhood is getting a little rundown, on to greener pastures!”

    • I bet they move to Passaic county to get the freebees they got used to when he was using a Paterson address.

        • I read today that Speziale, the former Sheriff, for whom they had a fundraise, applied for a job as police chief in Port Lucy Florida. Maybe they can move there and Albie can be a poopoo.

          • Florida is God’s waiting room and the Don is about the right age to come down here. She’ll love it, lots to complain about! Tourists, the heat, the humidity, terrible drivers. So come on with your size 4 self Caroline but just a helpful hint down here in FL, a NJ size 4 is a size 12 here.

    • No I think Caroline is moving because of a blind item that came out over a month ago. It said that one of the housewives where going to file for bankruptcy. At first I thought it was Melissa and Joe Gorga (kinda still do) because they put their house up for sale along with their beach house. But I started to think about the stuff I read about the Brownstone today and over a few years and maybe they aren’t doing as good as they say they are (remember Teresa made that real fast snippy comment about Caroline and how the Brownstone made their money). Because from the reviews you will see many people hating the service, the food and the location along with the place also.

      So it could be that the Brownstone is being avoided more now because of the reputation of the place (remember those places and restaurants go by reputation, and if you don’t have a good one your done). And Caroline downsizing because she needs to financially (especially since she may be gone for next season)

      • Buck, you could be right, but I think the blind item you are referring to has been disclosed as being Danielle Staub.

      • Her house is really not that big. Her kids lived there, they visit often. She lives near Jaq and Dina. She also started a new business with Lauren that is just down the street from the house! The only reason she could be moving is because of financial problems. The Brownstone has been getting negative reviews. My friend just went there for a wedding and she said the place needs to be updated BIG time.

        • She will never get that price for that house. For some reason houses are for sale all over Bergen county now. It will be on the market for a while. It is a very nice house though. Maybe she is moving to get rid of Lauren!

          • Yes, and with the market as it is now, I would not be surprised if this casual move isn’t really a reaction to her home being valued waaaaay less than it is worth. If they carry a mortgage, I’d bet on a short sale in the Manzo’s future.

        • I will agree, the Brownstone is in desperate need of an update. It cannot compete for clients with other places around, but it is a good fall back cheaper joint w/ good food.

      • Maybe because the Black Water lawsuit is now going into private mediation for settlement. Chris and Albie Manzo are defendants and probably will have to pay some money. DonCaro will have to cover them. I don’t know how Chris Laurita will get money – unless DonCaro pays his share. The case is in federal court in Los Angeles. The court order of 5/25 said that it was going into mediation and the next status is in July. If no settlement, probably trial.

      • I must say that I’ve been going to the Brownstone for years – well before the RHONJ came along – have never been there when it wasn’t packed – I mean with hundreds of people in at least a half dozen different “halls” – place is as popular as anything because the food is actually pretty good, the drinks are cheap as are the meals – never been there as a restaurant patron – don’t even know if they serve singly, but for clubs, meetings, fund raisers, etc it’s hard to beat – so – don’t know if they’re doing poorly financially, but I would be surprised if that were the case – they could probably even afford to raise their prices a tad – have been there with a group of over 400 and many other events going on at the same time and it is as smooth as can be – very impressive – and no, I’m not a Manzo fan nor do I have any beneficial reason to write this!!

        • I agree daisymae. I have been to many events at the Brownstone. The place is great, the food is great. The Manzo brothers are very generous to anyone who needs their help, charities, politicians and kids groups. They have a reputation for being wonderful. Whereas Caro has a reputation for being a witch. Dina is really not involved. So I would be surprised to hear if the place was in trouble.

  9. KUSH means the incense a lot of young people are buying to get high, it is supposed to be like marijuana and it does not show up in a drug test, that is the name of the product which is sold in some stores and online again online. So we see little angel Victoria is like hey ha ha I’m cool I’ll put KUSH in my artwork and no adult will get it, that I like to get high, the bath salts stuff is very dangerous and results in some deaths and bizarre behavior, its like PCP was in the 80’s.

    • One of my co workers was talking about Bath salts today I never heard of it or it just hasnt hit my area yet

      • It, has been a big deal down here, they have been outlawed finally! They are a bunch of chemicals that are all perfectly legal and people smoke them. They are sold over the counter and every KID knows exactly where to buy them. In my state they were selling them at convience stores. I felt very uncool when they first started hitting the news because I was totally clueless.

        • sd, sorry to burst your “cool” bubble.. but you and the “news” source you obtained such “creditable” information from are both completely clueless. It’s not about the kids or outlawing dangerous chemicals after all, if this were the case.. the most dangerous drug with the leading cause of death, tobacco, would be the number one priority and most certainly a major concern for e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e
          but, I digress..

          Bath salts were said to be blamed for Jason Russel’s (Kony 2012 fame) meltdown. Now, he didn’t eat face but it was caught on video

          • I didnt get what sd said to warrant a “a bursting of a cool bubble” and I dont know were she lives but we just got that junk outlawed here too. And these people on this stuff ARE doing very very weird and yes sometimes criminal things. I am not gonna quote a new source about it cause I dont have to that was what my brother was on that had him so messed up he was trying to inject PROZAC into his veins. He started on that bath-salts stuff thinking it would be a “legal” way to get high(cooked outa his mind more like) and still pass a drug test Over the years my brother has taken all manner of any and all kinds of drugs and NONE OF THEM made him as insane as this little pot of poison that he bought at a smoke shop for like $14 a pop. Parents do need to be aware of this crap.

            • My “cool” comment was in reference to sd:”…I felt very uncool when they first started hitting the news because I was totally clueless.”

              I don’t know where she lives nor do I care, that isn’t the point. The point is prohibition simply does not work. I didn’t ask anyone to quote any references or discuss personal experiences. You see, I think ALL PEOPLE.. not just parents (as you clearly stated) need to be educated about this “crap”

              You’re going to suffocate yourself if you wrap that security blanket much tighter – prohibition is an illusion. I’m not the only one that recalls morphine, cocaine, and even heroin being pushed by all trusted Bayer Pharmaceutical

            • Then what do you suggest? And try to tone down the smartass a bit cause I am truly interested in your suggestion to the problem.

            • Still interested in your suggestion to solve the problem Alexa. Do you think it is a problem? Lets start there.

            • It’s a large scale problem, Ms.Made, but it starts with proper education and a logical approach to drugs. I also believe that our idea of what classifies as a “drug” is construed.

              For instance.. How many people still believe the myth that cannabis causes brain damage?

              Well, four minutes without oxygen will result in brain damage and it has nothing to do with cannabis. Suffocation kills.. imagine that.

              We have our troops protecting poppy fields and Mexico is run by drug cartels. If I had all the answers.. I’d be running for office.

            • Thanks for your reply. I am for legalizing (and taxing) marijuana. This bath salts stuff is a different animal.

            • Alexa, so should the bath salts be on the counter next to cash register at 7-11? Maybe school vending machines?

            • Yes, CJ! Now go kick rocks, for everyone’s sake. Unless that is.. you have something more ignorant to add to your already blatantly foolish remark

            • That comment was foolish in itself and the sole reason we can’t move forward to discuss actual change in this country, but my apologies for being crude.

          • look, I am always ready to hear someone elses point of view and will graciously apologize when I don’t have the right imformation or I have misunderstood and I am pretty sure there are plenty of posters on her that can confirm that. I am going to make an exception in this case and tell you this, if you are any advocate at all you just lost an opprotunity to communicate or educate with your nasty attitude, please refrain from commenting on anything else I may post after this, I will not respond to you.

    • Kush is actually a specific type of marijuana that grows only in India. It is considered to be very high quality. The product you’re referring to is a synthetic marijuana product sold commercially in the U.S. under the brand name of “Kush”. Two different things.
      Regardless, one thing is very clear…..Victoria likes her weed

      • that is true, when I looked up KUSH that is what I read too and little vic vic does indeed like the chronic. I bet LuAnn willsay she put that in there to cronical her life during that time and it has nothing to do with the present time.

        • Lol, ya, just like the girl passed out in the bushes at Victoria’s house had nothing to do with Victoria…

    • The guy who was eating the other guy’s face down in Florida was on bath salts. Of course Victoria is a mess. The Countless IS a PART-TIME parent!

  10. Bath salts are horrible. They are around my area. Word is getting around but the name isn’t super well known to many parents yet, so spread the info to friends who have teens.

  11. I just read that this Friday on “The View”, they are having Teresa and Melissa on to try to resolve their issue. Apparently, Whoopi and the other View hosts all are on Teresa’s side after learning how Melissa got on the show. I believe Melissa is even asked if she indeed did come on the show to take Teresa down. It’s about time someone defends Teresa and exposes Melissa! Can’t wait to watch!

  12. Bath salts kill. The naked guy who ate the homeless guy’s face off was on bath salts. There have been two incidents if not more of cannibalism because of bath salts. I heard it also cooks you from the inside out and that is why people tear their clothes off.

    • Please educate yourself before spreading more disinformation about “dangerous drugs” that “kill”

      • Its no good Alexa. It destroys people. If you are on this stuff please stop. It will not end well. I say this out of compassion because I know that it destroys. I have seen it.

        • LOL. I’m not on the “stuff”

          Cheeseburgers destroy people too, it’s called obesity.
          It doesn’t usually end well, I have seen it…

          • True but in the case of the cheeseburger only the consumer of the cheese burger gets hurt. In the case of drugs that make people loose they freakin minds others are in danger. This woman was on the road. So its kind like an “Your right to swing your fist ends were my nose begins” type a thing.

            • I certainly do NOT condone driving under the influence. That doesn’t mean I’m ignorant to that fact that people drive on pharmaceuticals and the fact that even commercial pilots are allowed to consume Benzodiazepines (hypnotic sleeping pills) and amphetamines (stimulants) while flying

              So, what is your point?

            • Well the fact is bath salt people dont just snort the stuff and sit tight. They tend to get out and about on this crap. Do you agree that it is crap?

            • That woman should have been arrested for her fashion sense. WTF was she on, cause it wasn’t just an occasional cheeseburger!

            • And her brassiere was all shot to hellz and back too. Now speaking as a big tt’d gal myself I KNOW that I would have to be on some pretty wicked stuff to ever think that was acceptable running around town in attire.

            • For a sec when she was in the back of the squad car, I thought she was trying to make a pass at the cop, nope. I want to know her blood alcohol level.

            • Mp, I really want to know how you keep getting these clips of me! I wasn’t wasted by the way, I just really had to use the bathroom! lol sorry, I thought this needed an insert joke here.

          • People who eat Cheeseburgers are not roaming the streets eating people faces

            so I am not sure what your point is

    • Love NJ: Perhaps you are not aware of the C&D letters SH has received from New Jersey. FYI: ALL the Housewives read SH… as do Bravo-ites and producer-types… TFC!!! SH

      • Holy crap! I thought they were kidding about the C&D letters! How pathetic is that. I want to know the lawyer who wrote those letters with a straight face. Dear SH, stop making fun of a cast of people who allow Bravo to portray them as the biggest jokes in Jersey history!!! Just ask our Governor!!!

        • OMG this is hilarious about the C&D letters MS SH! I thought it was a joke. I’m happy to know the HW’s, Bravo-morons and producer-idiots read SH. Maybe they’ll learn the truth about how we all feel about the shows. They certainly don’t allow us to have an opinion on the Bravo website, do they?

  13. I don’t know what’s going on in Caroline’s life but something is. She looks horrid! Her hair looks dirty and unkept, her clothes look like she got them at Goodwill, her posture is even bad. Whatever is happening in her life, it’s certainly showing in her face and appearance. She’s aged 10 years this past year.

    Financial problems will do that to people as will problems in your personal life. I’ve seen it happen to many of my friends. I was shocked by Caroline’s appearance this season. Something is wrong, that’s for sure.

    • I noticed that too Lisbeth, she seemed to lose weight and try to glam it up more last season, at least for the reunion. That is why I am thinking this move has less to do with her kids moving out and is maybe more about financial issues or BLK water lawsuits. Or maybe going through menopause and hearing that her hubby has other broads on the side is wearing on her..

      • oh heck Kell, you just gave Caroline her excuse to blame Tree for her twisted ankle! If Tree wasn’t always dressing in labels and all blinged out Bravo would never had made start wearing Loubouton shoes and she would have had her hushpuppies on instead and her ankle would never had twisted!

        • Oh snap, you are right! If Tre didn’t harrass Caro by always dressing nicely, Caro coulda worn her hush puppies (lol) or her Sketcher Shape-ups. That dastardly devious Tre strikes again!

  14. Does Tre know that according to our dear leader we have 57 states? I hope she learns the name of those other 7 states. I’m still wondering which they are. I would like to visit them.

    • They are:
      State of confusion
      State of denial
      State penitentiary
      State of the union
      State of the art
      State of Denmark
      State of mind

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