GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched’s New Storyline… Buh-Bye Slimey!!!

June 6, 2012   10:50 pm

Who didn’t see this one coming?  It’s a predictable as the news that DonCaro MIGHT be selling her Franklin Lakes house!

 Slime and Wretched… so in love…

The Real Housewives of Orange County are now filming their season seven reunion show… and what happens after the reunion shows are filmed???  Speculation!

          Wretched and Slimey… “It says here that I’m supposed to give you da boot…”

Speculation about which Housewives will be gettin’ da Bravo boot, which Housewives will be getting another golden ticket from MissAndy and which of the Housewives will be getting new storylines.

                                  Wretched to Slimey… July 2011…anything can change in a year!

Word is that GretchenCHRISTINE **BLEEEEEEECH** Rossi, of “Fever” fame, will be cutting her bag-holdin’, bike-racin’ boyfriend, Slade **DeadbeatDad**Smiley loose and will continue on season eight of the Real Housewives of Orange County as a “single, successful businesswoman” building her empire of wretchedly over-priced, monstrously large handbags and “WretchedChristineBeaute” cosmetics along with her “singing” career.

                                            “Hey… I’m supposed to be carryin’ that Wretched bag!!”

All without the assistance of Slimey!

                                                                                How long will it take for Wretched to find another sugardaddy true love, like Jeff??

How will Wretched navigate through her life without Slimey as her rudder… guiding Wretched through all the rough waters of her life???

Bravo is of the opinion that this will make for fascinating television… especially watching Wretched as she breaks Slimey’s heart.  But Wretched will find the strength in herself to move forward… ALONE.


Yes, Slimey’s heart will be broken… shattered… but the Bravo script will instruct Wretched to be much more broken up than Slimey, as Wretched is breaking up her true love for the better of them both.   Wretched is such a charitable, giving, always thinking of others-type of person.

In fact, there’s a story circulating that Wretched was at “In and Out” Burger and she tore off a part of her hamburger bun; and some old lady asked for the leftover piece of bun!

Wretched smacked that old lady upside her head with her 80-pound WretchedChristine handbag; left the old woman writhing on the floor of the burger shack; grabbed her discarded bun, stepping on the old lady on her way out!   That’s just how wonderful Wretched is!!

22 comments on “GRETCHEN ROSSI, SLADE SMILEY: Wretched’s New Storyline… Buh-Bye Slimey!!!

    • How can you not believe that Karen? Word is she had to blow the TMZ camera guy to get the footage of the act scrapped all while Slimey held her hair back for her….When she stepped on the old woman she made a squeaky toy noise and then asked “who farted?” Sumpin about Slimey’s loose butthole. Of corse slimey was all kinds of mortified at her insensitivity to the appearance of his sphincter. This will be what caused the break up. Slimey will never recover…..allegedly (wink wink)


    • Karen is a joke from the manzo story. She didnt hit the old lady. Get a clue and read some post to have one ;) wink* wink*


  1. @karen… I think it is just a reference to a previous post about Carolyn giving an old woman her hamburger bun at McD’s


  2. I’m ashamed to type I liked Wretched once upon a time.

    Now that I’m over my shame:

    Who in the hell buys those hideous, tacky, cheap looking bags with the horrific logo hardware.


      • She probably does & makes a much bigger profit than Gretchen.
        Because Gretchen thinks negotiation is braying like a donkey & making ‘drawlings’ on napkins, whereas old crazy eyes understands business.


        • LOL Panda…too funny glad I wasn’t drinking something!! I’d be chokin’ right now!


  3. I have never loved Gretchen the golddigger, but if she did dump Slade I would hafta give her some kudos. That would be much wiser than having his love child and continuing to support him!


  4. She should dump him and get her dad to do the things she doesn’t understand, whilst looking for another Jeff.
    She is a proven skilled gold digger. She is wasting her time with slade the pauper.


  5. I thought she and Slimy were going to try and have a kid together. I read that somewhere (if it was on SH, I apologize for my forgetfulness). Guess not anymore. I thought it was a really idiotic idea when I heard it, so I guess I’m kinda glad for Wretched (ugggh, hurts to write that). I could never understand why she would have a baby with Slimy when it would much easier for her to get knocked up by some rich, unsuspecting guy and be set for at least 18 years (and let’s not kid ourselves, she has it in her to be that calculating).


    • I thought I read that too, here and elsewhere about the two of them trying to have a baby. I could’ve swore I saw a story mentioning him having his vasectomy reversed.


  6. It’s a first! Someone at Bravo said you can both get out or Slade can get lost. They hate his guts. Ha! Ha! I think they did the same thing with Russell and Taylor, and Taylor chose the show, too.


  7. I love everything about this post! Lol sure I feel bad about the non-existent old lady that got knocked in the head and stepped on, but… I vote the Manzo McDonald’s story gets worked in whenever possible bc that was the point, right? Recognition ;-)


  8. LOVE the burger story! Such ‘in the moment’ journalism and I’m impressed! Keep up the good work SH!

    PS… where were you 20 years ago when Carolyn ordered from the dollar menu for her poor old lady? I’m sure you were still a babe in diapers and couldn’t (yet) reach the SH keyboard….


  9. Obviously she doesn’t break up with him because they just had photos taken of them at some beach party. If they do break up this season then it will be just for ratings.


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