SH “HIT AND RUN” TUESDAY: Andy Cohen “Radio Star”… Derek J “Changes”… Aviva Drescher, Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson… UPDATE: Adrienne Maloof “Skin Care Launch”…PHOTOS

June 5, 2012  12:30 pm   UPDATE 6:45 pm 

Dr. Paul Nassif and Adrienne Maloof attend Adrienne Maloof Skin Care Launch at Bishops & Barrons on June 4, 2012 in New York City.   NOTE:  Adrienne has definitely taken full advantage of her husband’s knowledge of the latest advancements in anti-aging techniques… or Adrienne’s had her eyes done!  Adrienne is looking more like Linda Thompson… and that’s not good!

And who else was at the Maloof Skin Care Launch Party???  

It’s Jillz!!!  With her husband, Bobby Zarin!!  

Jillz is wearing one of her shapewear camisoles…

  Trying to stay relevant, ex-NY Housewife, Jillz and BH HW Adrienne Maloof…   MORE photos below…

                                                         The ever-lovable, ever-affable wonky-eyed MissAndy…

MissAndy Cohen will be giving Howard Stern some competition… it looks like MissAndy wants to take Howard’s “King of All Media” title away from Howard!

MissAndy will be hosting a radio show for SiriusXM beginning Thursday at 10:00 am…

WashingtonPost:  Andy Cohen loves pop culture about as much as he loves to talk. Now he’ll be talking pop culture even more for a five-week run on SiriusXM.Cohen, who currently hosts the Bravo talk show, “Watch What Happens Live,” says the new satellite radio show will cover more than “The Real Housewives” franchise.
“There will be some ‘Housewives’ talk, I hope,” Cohen said in a telephone interview on Monday. “I want to talk to Caroline (Manzo, “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”) about a story that I tell in my book about when they were cast and how that casting went down.”  Then he added: “But it’s not the ‘Housewives’ radio show.”   NOTE:  The NJ casting story has always been that the NJ Housewives were chosen from/suggested by the Chateau Salon… and Dina Manzo was the person who was approached first.  Dina then brought in the rest of the original cast.  If DonCaro has a different story, it will be the first anyone is hearing it!Being passionate about television as a kid, Cohen says one of his favorite shows was the “Battle of the Network Stars,” a reality series that pitted stars from the three major networks against one another.“To me it was like the gay Olympics. It was the biggest stars all wearing bikini-little speedos and tank tops,” Cohen said.  His first scheduled guest on his radio show appeared as a contestant.  Valerie Bertinelli. I really want to talk to her about that,” Cohen said intensely.  NOTE:  If MissAndy is excited about Valerie Bertinelli as a guest… his radio show should be a real excitement… maybe he could talk to Val about JennyCraig, too!  Aviva Drescher, one of the new cast members of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of New York City,” exits NBC Studios in New York City. The statuesque blonde stands out in a form-fitting pink dress with a belt and brown high-heeled sandals.

 Derek J… his first “performance” in full drag.  MissAndy should be so excited!!   Many more photos at FreddyO

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    • I read the book but I can’t recall the story he’s referring to. I do remember him saying that the first time he had all of NJ women in his office was like a BIG taste of what a reunion is like. They were all against Danielle and Dina was especially nervous about the whole show, etc.

      I know Teresa has said Caroline wasn’t supposed to be a HW so maybe he’s referring to that, too.


  1. Aviva looks gorgeous. I have to give her props about being so open about her artifical leg. She can be real source of confidence building for young women.


    • She is very beautiful in a waspy sort of way, I personally, would give anything to be that tall. I think someone kind of slammed LuAnn for saying something like she is so graceful you would never know she had an artifical leg but I kind of get what she was trying to say when I look at this picture. This woman looks amazing, statuesqe, impecibly dressed she isn’t just an insperation to people that have challanges, I think anyone would aspire to be that poised. I think LuAnn may have just said it akwardly, if I were Ramona I would really stick it to her though for JillZ and LuLu putting her on the hot seat at the reunion last year for a similar remark she made about Jillz step daughter. To wrap this up, I want to like Aviva, mainly because her name is a palindrome, but I have been stung by these house wives before so my vote is still out!


  2. It looks like Adrienne had more than the eyes done. More like a face off, liquid face thingy… transplant. It’s wax, right?


  3. OMG is that funky Dineva in the group picture with Derek J??? I love him since his live on the scene progress report of Chateau Sheree.


  4. Adrienne looks like a totally different woman. Her nose is thinner, her skin is tighter, her cheeks and lips even look different. I think she definitely had major work done while they were not filming.

    She’s beginning to look like all the other clones in Hollywood with overdone plastic surgery. So sad. She was fine before so why would her husband allow her to get unnecessary surgery?


    • She did look fine before but I doubt Paul has much say over what she does when she decides she’s gonna do it!


  5. I’m so sick of Adrienne shilling stuff….she has a 100 grand worth of spa equipment so her face should look decent. Hope this endeavor fails like her hoofs.


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