GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!!… Which Housewife Is Planning To File Bankruptcy????…UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!… It’s Danielle Staub!!

May 9, 2012  10:50 am    UPDATE June 5, 2012  6:00 pm

The mystery is solved!!  

The bankrupt Housewife is Danielle Staub!!   Yes, Danielle is a booted Housewife, but still a New Jersey Housewife!   

Danielle listed $1.9 million in liabilities, and has only earned $63,791 this year — $13,791 from her work with Dial-A-Star and $50,000 for appearing on VH1′s barely-seen reality show “Famous Food.”

Danielle lives in a North Bergen apartment and is still trying to sell her house, since 2009!   She’ll now consider under $1 million for the house, which she was trying to sell for a little over $2 million three years ago!

Included in her list of creditors are:

  • her Land Rover and another car (not listed),
  • Danielle’s utility company,
  • her attorneys
  • several credit cards,
  • clothing stores and
  • her ex-husband, Thomas Staub!

Which Real Housewife from New Jersey… is about to declare bankruptcy?

                                               DonCaro… MeGo… BlandKathy… Jax…

Not Teresa.  

Wonder who this could be…

Any guesses????  

(Thanks to SH reader “Chameleon69″!!!… and CDAN!!!)

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215 comments on “GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!!… Which Housewife Is Planning To File Bankruptcy????…UPDATE: Housewife Revealed!… It’s Danielle Staub!!

  1. I’m thinking possibly Kathy. They spent a fortune over the last year to live large. Probably way beyond their means.

  2. Melissa is all over Facebook talking about the sale of the house and how they are looking for property now for Joe to build them a home in Franklin lakes.

        • Teresa lives in Towaco NJ, it is very close to Montville. Jacqueline’s husband’s company is already in bankrupcy. Melissa and Joe have to sell there house and shore house to avoid bankrupcy. They have liens against their home and Joe Gorga has mortagages and a partner in the buildings he ownes in Paterson. He has no cash to operate his business because banks are not that willing to give a construction loan anymore. I know this because my husband, father and uncles all own constructuion companys in New Jersey. Good luck trying to get 3.8 million for that house. You can buy a house in the East Hill section of Bergen County, NJ for that price. The houses on the East Hill could be smaller with less property, but the commute to NYC is a lot easier. The East Hill is more prestgious

  3. Has to be the Gorga’s. If not then Jax. Gorga’s house could be on the market because they know they probably aren’t coming back for season 5 plus Melissa’s songs are raking in the big bucks like they thought. How are they going to pay the mortgage with RHONJ money?

    • I dont think its the Gorgas I think its the Lauritas they already did a buiness bankruptcy so Personal is next Just hope they dont get Advice from Chewy and Jailhouse Juicy

  4. Joey has had to paySoul Diggaz, Chris Judd, the freaking studio, all of her I tunes songs both times, a makeup artist, venues that will tolerate her, a personal stylist, a gigantic mortgage and taxes, and God knows what else. I doubt that her idiotic appearances bring in any money. My guess is that her singing career has brought them to the brink of financial ruin. Or could it be Jacqueline? We know they are swirling down the drain. Hmmm….This is a real brain teaser.

    • So he pays for all that garbage for his wife, but can’t pay for services people provided (Christmas party) or people that he builds/flips homes with. It has to be Mego or Jax. Kathy seems to live within her means and the Don would have talked about it already, seeing as that’s what she wants Tre to do. Actually, take that back. Supporting 3 grown children must get expensive. Providing your daughter with her own little business takes money and paying rent for your sons ain’t cheap either.

  5. I don’t think it is Caroline, but if the Brownstone is in trouble, so is Dina and Tommy. Anyone know if any of Tommy and Albert’s other siblings have a cut?

      • Do you know how many siblings they have? I know Albert and Tommy run it, but you never hear of the other siblings Manzo siblings working there?

  6. NOW, I’m thinking Jacquelyn. Joey buys properties and fixes them to resell so it is no surprise that they are selling their homes. They never purchased them to own, they just want it to LOOK like they are buying homes for themselves to seem rich for the show, He fixed up that shore house and now it is time to sell it, pay back the bank and make a buck for himself.

    • I knew the shore house was a flip as soon as they showed it! However, Melissa claims Joey surprised her with her dream home.. who sells their dream home? But Melissa has already started blaming Teresa.. she says she moved to be closer to Teresa and now is unhappy.. So its Teresas fault she is leaving her dream home.. she’s a proven liar!

      • After reading the article and Melissa sending out things on Facebook about selling the house I’m kinda having second thoughts. Why would she be talking so much about selling and building if they were filing bankruptcy? It would make them look like bigger fools. It can’t be DonCaro, she would have to put a plastic bag over her head. I am now at a loss and will wait.

        • Not really any different from how we watched Teresa spend money like water just before they filed and after.

    • Joe bought the shore house for $450,000 in 2005, did TONS of work to it and is listed for $520,000. Doesnt sound like much of a profit. Nothing is selling for asking price in NJ, so I doubt he will even get $520,000

      • Seriously??? $450,000?????????? That house & that area is crap, IMO. I wouldn’t take it for free!! Who wants to go to a beach that’s more like a carnival than a beach?? Bleh!

  7. Teresa lives in Towaco. Just outside Montville. The Manzo s live in Franklin Lakes. I think its jax Laurita & fat hubby Fred Flinstone Laurita. Their biz has been tanking & there are 3 lawsuits against them. Them definitely.

  8. I think it’s Danielle Staub, her house from the divorce is STILL on the market, and is selling for less than a mili, i think the asking price is $985,000. She is NOT working, and is tying desperately to hold onto her 15 minutes.

    • I dont think its Danielle Staubb….the reason behind my thinking is she gets large ammounts of child support and im sure she also gets spousal support as well….

  9. Since I’m also boycotting the show I don’t have a clue but my wish is for the Moron Manzos – but its probably the theiving Lauritas. Just as good.

  10. I suppose the Gorgas are going to build on a construction loan again and live in the new place before the balloon payment is due and so on for appearances while they’re still on the show.

    • Only if they can get another loan, which i doubt. If Joey G has that much experience, he would show it off, where are the other homes he built?

  11. it has to be the Lauritas because they pierced the corporate veil in their bankruptcy filing and the courts are going after them personally, and want them to put the money back into the corporation that they raided as it was in bankruptcy. So Miss SH was right about the filed corporate bankruptcy and it was also a clue: because they mismanaged and treated the corp like their personal bank account, so the courts are going after them personally now.

    • I know about this scenario that gets alot of people who own companies in so much trouble. They did do that, but I can’t buy that they think filing for bankruptcy is going to protect them. Because if it is just to protect their ill gotten gains from the raiding of the corporation then not only will it be thrown out but it could also add more charges for them when the federal govt. charges them for bankruptcy fraud and embezzelment. But if it is the Lauritas (which I don’t agree but you never know), then it will be a bombshell of an explosion to the Manzo’s.

  12. My final answer after much consideration is: Jax. I just bought stock in Zoloft, prozac, valium, scotch and inflate-a-tire (which she will be injecting into her face herself.)

  13. Well let’s see we know it’s NOT Tree, i doubt it’s Kathy only because i think gas stations are doing well overall, not the Manzo’s cause the Brownstone does ok for itself, now MeGo it could be with all the talk of selling houses but it’s also been brought to our attention this may be what they do so i’m not going with that, so i’m going with Jax since she all of sudden now has the online beauty tip bizz thing (or whatever it is she’s doing) all of a sudden & i can’t imagine that BLK water thing making them what really do they do for money besides the show?? guess i’ll just stay posted here until we find out!!

    • moving to LA huh? Well that doesn’t sound like something that someone what was “very close” with their in-laws would want to do. Now what’s Momma and Papa Gorga gonna do that one night of the week that Melissa cooks for them?

      • Lol i love your comments. But yea ok LA & Joe is going to do what for money? Build? (joke) he can’t keep his bizz in NJ while living there unless he’s going to swim back & forth. I want to know who told her to continue with the nightmare of a singing career? I kinda have to laugh cause whoever it is, is getting paid so guess the joke will be on the Gorga’s eventually!

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  17. I’m sure Caroline will be thrilled to hear this news.

    She has plenty of hate to go around.

    • Annie Sez…It’s not just a store, it’s an obsession! (that is the slogan, No idea how I knew that???). Annie Sez is in Edgewater down the hill from where she lives now.

  18. How is it that her ex husband is one of her creditors? Did she get hosed in the divorce or what?

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