REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Sneak Peek… The Attack On Alexis Begins… VIDEO

On the next Real Housewives of Orange County… in keeping with the winning formula of “let’s take a trip and bash one the Housewives”… this time the locale is Costa Rica and the Housewife being bashed is Alexass…

Of course, Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi makes it all about HER!

Empathetic Vicki makes it into Alexass’ room!   Wretched **BLEEEECH** Rossi STILL makes it all about her!!

NOTE:  Was there some reason that ALL the Housewives had to fly from CA to FL for Vicki?  Was there some reason that Vicki couldn’t fly separately and meet the others at the airport??  Have ANY of these chicks ever traveled… ANYWHERE??


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29 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Sneak Peek… The Attack On Alexis Begins… VIDEO

  1. It was an eye opener to see the clip of the “intervention” with Vicki along with the “intervention” with Alexis. It really shows Tamra has a behavioral pattern; pick a victim, get everyone against them, and have an attack- I mean “intervention”. Maybe Tamra should become an work on the reality show Intervention- Oh wait, that won’t work a true intervention only works when people truly care about others. Did anyone else see that little smirk on Tamra’s face after Gretchen went to check on Alexis?

    • Yes. Tamra is just evil. Somewhere along the line she learned that being spiteful is her best attribute.

      I think Tamra and Eddie will break up. He seems nice and she is a manipulator. He will figure it out.

      And, I do like Alexis mostly because she’s harmless – she doesn’t seek anyone out to rip them on tv — now, she says a lot of dumb things, but she handles herself well under pressure. I recall Tamra throwing a drink at Jeanna and pushing her, etc. not to mention all her nasty insults on everyone. Even Gretchen was the target for like 3 years.

      • I agree! I hope Eddie dumps her a** and SOON! You never know – he might be totally on board the gravy train and go through with the (bravo paid) wedding for fun! He’s gross anyway. I hope he realizes the kind of person Tamra really is..hello…doesn’t he watch the show?!!!

        I love what you said about Alexis handling herself under pressure – you hit the nail on the head with what Tamra did! Just proves she is a real piece of trailer trash.

  2. And Gretchen getting mad for Alexis not wanting to talk to her right after she turned on her in a group setting?

    NEW TERM: Gretch Much?

  3. I think it is now clear why Tamra befriended Gretchen. She wanted to take Gretchen and Alexis down, and she knew in order to do that she had to buddy up to one leaving the other open for attack. Heather came on and immediately disliked Alexis, so it all worked out well for Tamra. It was Alexis and Gretch vs. Tamra and Vicki, now it looks like everyone vs. Alexis. I don’t really care for any of them this season, I can’t respect women who gang up high school style on people. I guess I do pity Alexis now, after seeing Jimbo dominate her and her tearing up during the gang bang. Alexis is vain and shallow, but the same can be said for them all. None of these women are completely self-made women, they all married/dated for money at some point. Even Vicki who likes to brag about her financial prowess now was at some point a single mom who married Don, which I assume is how she got to OC in the first place…

    • I agree with you all the way but Vicky is 100% self made, Don never made the kinda money Vicki does. She is the one that finaces her lifestyle that’s why Briana is worried about Brooks taking advantage of that.

      • Yes Vicki is without a doubt a hard worker. But I saw an article a while back that said Don was the bread winner at first, supporting her and her daughter and taking them to Ca. Who knows what she woulda ended up doing in life without meeting Don. Without support she may have had to work different jobs and not had time to start a business. Like with Gretchen, where would she be without that kind fiance of hers (Jeff?). If she had met a rich older man who lived in say, Alabama, would we even know her name? lol

  4. Tamra loved every minute of that dinner – especially when she suggested Vicki go check on Alexis…she couldn’t hold the smile back. Gretchen was never a true friend to Alexis and now she’s (Gretchen) playing the victim. Gretchen is over Alexis and wants to jump on the tamra/heather train. I started out (season 1) liking Gretchen, feeling bad for her when she was a target etc… and now I cannot even stand the sight of her! She is #1 liar right up there with Tamra! I remember on one of the reunion shows she lied about having an eating disorder at some point in her life…based on what she was saying and how she handled herself I can tell she was saying this all for attention – and it’s sad! She is a disgusting human being – same as Tamra.

    Gretchen is delusional to think that she doesn’t know why Alexis doesn’t want her in the room. A friend would have stopped this ‘intervention’. Tamra loves drama and I swear sits at home maliciously plotting ways to cause it. She is a huge manipulator! Just wait till there is a fallout between Heather and Tamra – that will be good! (and you know it will come eventually). For Heather wanting to appear so ‘sophisticated’ and ‘above the drama’ perhaps aligning herself with nasty Tamra was not a smart move – because Tamra is dirty and vile.

    I’ve said before that Alexis irritates me, but does not go out of her way to cause harm to anyone. She doesn’t try to pick people apart or say hurtful things to them. I don’t think she has ever placed a target on someone and set out to sway others and be cruel. I also like the way Alexis handles herself under pressure. She may not be able to articulate very well what she wants to say (and I think she should be a little more aggressive!) but she holds her own – and I like what she said to Tamra. Tamra had no response *crickets!*

    Also – everyone was ragging on Alexis for ‘one upping’ nasty Peggy…however, the first thing Heather did when Alexis said she had to leave early was b/c she had 3 kids at home etc… Heather was the first one to yell out “I have four!”

    • I agree. Heather and Tamra will fall out too. Already Tamra said Terry said Alexis was phony and Heather and Terry did a video (Ms. SH has posted it) saying “thanks, Tamra, for putting us in this position”…

      Tamra, Tamra, sittin in a tree
      Says, “Hey why isn’t everyone fawning over me?”
      First comes the backstabbing
      Then comes the screaming
      But Tamra just keeps on dreamin’

      Tamra Tamra has a mirror on the wall
      “I need a victim to feel better about me after all”

  5. this kinda crap makes me embarrassed to be female, men do not do this lol. I actually feel bad for AlexAss this time.

  6. These women are as loyal as the local $20 B.J. Hookers.

    John, “Am I the only one?”


    25 minutes later…

    John #2, “Am I the only one?”

    Hooker, “Yes baby.”

  7. Tamra is the definition of “Mean Girl” she is awful. And Wretched is a moron. Why would Alexis want her in the room when she participated in the “intervention.” Who is Tamra kidding? They are all materialistic, if not they would all drive crappy cars, live in small, conservative houses and not wear designer clothes, etc. Sure Alexis may be pretentious and promote all the expensive things she has but does that make her a terrible person? In Alexis’ defense, she really had no idea that her saying these things was bothering the ladies so much. Why does Tamra feel the need to call her out on it and attack her? She acted like she was doing Alexis a great favor and let’s hug it out. Eff you, Tamra. She is wicked.

    • Tamra is still the same mean girl she was in 7th grade. I imagine she made many a girl’s life miserable. Now she’s getting paid for it.

  8. I know sometimes people who are intoxicated claim to see “pink” elephants and I have heard the expression “the elephant in the room” but I am unfamiliar with the term “white” elephant. Is there such an animal? Or is it a race thing? Do OC housewives deal with a better class elephant? Just wondering……..

    • I always thought that White Elephant was a term for a object that was not worth the cost to maintain, or an inexpensive gift. Yes there are white elephants.

      • Where I am from, a white elephant gift exchange is where we sit and trade or draw numbers for old Christmas gifts no one wants. Maybe by saying “white elephant” she meant to say the issue no one wants to deal with? idk..

      • We love having White Elephant gifts at Christmas parties. You bring a horrible, wrapped gift that nobody would want. Someone chooses it then has the opportunity to exchange what they got with someone else’s bad gift. This goes on until there are no white elephant gifts left and you’re stuck with the one you have at the end. It’s actually lots of fun.

    • amused: Alexass is just stoopid! There are “white elephant” sales; there are pink elephants, but never heard of there being a “white elephant” in a room! LOL!! TFC!! SH

  9. Alexis was so rattled she got her elephants confused. lol What she meant was “there is an elephant in the room.” It means that there is an issue or problem that should be and needs to be dealt with and everyone is ignoring it, pretending it doesn’t exist. (In reality, how could you possibly ignore an elephant in the room? You can’t. That’s the point.)

    Poor Alexis had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day, didn’t she?

  10. I always visit and read the blogs. I very much enjoy this site. This time, I had to comment. Alexis may be a very silly lady (honestly, she makes me laugh out loud most of the time…or else I smh), but she is not malicious. Tamra is so jealous of Alexis she can’t even stand it. I used to love Tamra. Not anymore. Alexis has the dress line (I didn’t say it was any good, I don’t know) and is on TV (she’s trying) and getting great opportunities, Tamra is only now starting to do something after all this time. She was jealous of Gretchen. She couldn’t be as free and happy as Gretchen was when she was with Simon and she hated that. She really started hating Simon when he was starting to lose money – not before. She would still be with his controlling behind if he was still as rich as before. Gretchen is fun and funny, but I do not like that girl. She is no friend to Alexis at all. I sense the passive aggression coming from her towards Alexis. She doesn’t seem to really like Alexis as a friend at all, she just pretends. It may be jealousy too, I don’t know what it is. And Heather just annoys me after watching this…a lot. Ok. Done. Now, back to my life.

  11. Tamra likes being a bitch. This show gives her the opportunity to be one all them time. Say what you will-Alexis is the most genuine, I think she can get a bit jealous at times…not allowing that jealousy to dominate her better judgment. When Alexis is jealous she tries to prove she’s just as good as everyone else, whereas Tamra tries to prove she is better than everyone else. Just one word describing tamra? Hater!. Gretchen wants tamra to like her, she will do anything. Heather wants to be like alexis but her reputation wont allow her.

  12. I finally watched (or tried to) the costa rica episode 2 and I was terribly distracted looking for tamra’s belly button during the beach scene….was it me, the angle, or my resolution? I never saw the darn thing!

    • I finally found it on starcasm…… (I was apparently looking in the wrong place) It is now approximately four inches lower and indicates a tummy tuck as well as the breast reduction surgery she had.
      With all the fuss over Alexis’ nose/septum/sinus surgery (your pick) you’d think Tamra would have been more forthcoming about her own surgery(ies).

  13. Tamra Barney BTW….Waddles was her Maiden Name Her New Tummy Tuck with the Look a like Octo Mom Belly Button is so Obvious. I have nothing nice to say about Mr Ed nor Heather who looks like an Alien with a Widow’s peak like Eddie Munster. Tamra’s been on more laps than a Napkin. I have been reading all your posts here and i totally agree with the comments made about Ms Turkey Waddles Too tired here to bring up all this Drama Vomit….Niters :-)

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