Sherri Shepherd is the dumbest person on TV.  

Her first day on The View she stated that the Earth was flat… when Jennifer Gimenez, Brandi Glanville’s BFF, was a guest on The View, Sherri bungled her name so badly that Jennifer had to tell her how “Gimenez” was pronounced.   Go ahead, ask Jennifer, she remembers!

Sherri is the dumbest person on TV… but Bawba Walters is a total dumbazz for hiring her!

Watch as Sherri asks what a ‘tornado’ is…

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  1. Once upon a time, The View was a show that featured a journalist, a comedian, a lawyer (say what you want about Star Jones, she was intelligent) and an idiot. Now the show just features a bunch of idiots and is unwatchable.

  2. Dumb is Kathy Lee asking Martin Short how he keeps his marriage so happy, when his wife has been dead 1 1/2 yrs. And Alexis thinking she is going to Mexico???????

    • That would explain why his marriage is so happy! I know my first one would have considerable improved had he not be in it. LOL.
      I’m really surprised that Kathy Lee is so uninformed. From what I’ve read Martin had a lovely wife and marriage.I’m sure he is still dealing with his loss.

  3. This woman is beyond dumb! BEYOND!! I was soooo happy when they threw her butt off Dancing With the Stars. I quit watching The View a while ago. Between this dummy and Bawa who should have called it a day 10 years ago, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

    • To be honest I find it amusing. Take the time to watch Whoopi and Barbara interact and you’ll see what I mean. I love Whoopi and used to like Barbara. What I can’t stand is the way Barbara keeps interrupting Whoopi. It’s surprising that Whoopi allows it to happen…that contract must matter to her. And if you watch for it you will see Elizabeth sucking up to Barbara and you will also notice the Elisabeth is getting a lot more airtime of late. Is Babs grooming her for something???

      • I watched it for as long as I could. When they all had their heads so far up Bab’s butt after she wrote her life story “AUDITION”, I wanted to hurl! But the thing I just couldn’t take anymore is that Bab’s is at the very least out of touch! I know my pop culture and celebrity history ten times better than her. She will blurt out “facts” that are not only stupid but just plain wrong. Then it’s a few seconds before someone yells in her ear bud the truth! I just couldn’t stand her anymore.

        • I haven’t read Audition but I totally agree. I’ve lost so much respect for the journalist that Babs WAS! She’s doing herself a discredit by attempting to continue. I notice that Joy takes side swipes from time to time…ie. Frank Langella . I would love to know what Whoopi thinks about Babs (and Bill Geddes too!)

          • I had to laugh in the one segment where Whoopi passed gas …I died laughing That was a while ago.

  4. I also stopped watching for the last few years. It is painful to watch Barbara, no wait , to watch everyone on that show.

  5. I use to think Babs Walter was this professional journalist from the days of 20/20 and her specials, until The View came about! Her stock has crashed! Why would you put yourself on a talk show of questionable women who are not journalists and are so unprofessional. Sherri, has an IQ of a house plant, OKAY BIG DISCLAIMER here; I not picking sides or starting a big Wade v Roe, but Sherri announces on the View a while back how she use to sleep around and had numerous abortions and how her lost babies are in heaven now! Why would someone announce this???? Everyone has made mistakes in their past ,sometime it’s better left in the past!!! Dumb and Poor Taste are they the same thing?

  6. I’m VERY proud to say I’ve never watched the view and have no plans to break my record…

    • Me either. Except when I have advance warning that they are gonna have a guest on that is guaranteed to make them make butts of themselves out of some uninformed misguided attempted/competition to prove that each of them get to hold the title of “bestest ole librul in all the land” then I am sure to wash.

    • Critter, stand proud!!! I used to watch it once in awhile, but haven’t in years. Wish I could say I was in your line. lol

  7. If anyone can figure out why the world’s dumbest people are the biggest stars I would love
    to read the thesis.

  8. Hi.I totally agree. The most despicable ones are the Kardassians. I am sickened that Kim can make a porn tape and then become a “famous” person. I think that her mom, produced and directed the tape then let it out to the public. What happened to the good old days when you became famous by working hard at your acting career, you became someone people could look up to. The Oscars actually meant something. Elegance was the standard not something you bought and paid for. Stars…I don’t think that reality show actors (actors because they are the definition of fakeness) do anything to make them stars or produce anything that you could call quality products. In the old days you might have slept your way to the top, but in order to stay on top you had to be better then a good roll in the hay…..What are the requirements to be a famous person or star now-a-days? 1. Be a whore. 2. Be a bully bitch. 3. Fake. (acting isn’t required if you can lie good) 4. Money. Must have enough to buy everyone off. I would say there are a whole lot more requirements but I think most people know a good actor from a reality show white trash,butt kissing, foul mouth, skanky poopoo head…lol….Sorry kind of woke up on the wrong side of bed….lol…I also changed my gravatar picture and put the two most special and famous (to me)people in my life. My grandson and my dog!

      • Thank you Made. Those two have made my life wonderful..And they just love each other to death..

    • I totally agree with you especially about kim she is a pig, and i cant believe how many parents let there young girls watch that show. They should sit down with them and let them all know how she got famous, it makes me sick to be honest. I have a 14 yr old daughter who never watches that whore, she knows why she is famous i let her know and i dont want her making a penny off of us. There show is not real life, people r so dumb to follow them, i just dont get it. She knew all along what she was doing and that it would make her famous, she is not dumb just a slob. Ty.

  9. Jerry knowing that the young girls think that she is someone to identify with makes me sick. I guess we do have a shortage of female personalities who would be good influence on our girls today. Or if they are out there they don’t get the fame making shows. I guess good wouldnt give ratings that bad does.

  10. Sherri makes Elizabeth sound like a genious. This show is soooo stoopid. They should stick to entertainment news and leave politics alone. Every second one of them open their mouth to give a political opinion they offend one person or another. It surprises me that people so dumb are on tv, then again, it shouldn’t.

  11. Bawawa should put on her Depends and march herself into a retirement home. I lost all respect for her when she practically threw herself at Fidel Castro. This woman doesn’t realize that he’s a killer? I have lost family member in Cuba at the hands of that killer dictator. Again, I shouldn’t be surprised most of Hollywood and the media are communist and glamorized dictators. Joy irritates the heck out of me, I would love to reach across the tv and slap her. Whoopie is a has been, Sherri is brain dead and Elizabeth is eye candy. Getting off my soap box now. LOL

  12. I love when bill orielly is on the show — love when he makes fun of Joy. Joy is so lame. Sherri is just ok to me. LOVE whoopi — even when i don’t agree with her politically. I lost respect for Barbara Walters when she asked really nasty questions to Sen. McCains wife and then was beyond nice to Pres. Obama’s wife. That is not good journalism.

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