14 comments on “LuANN de LESSEPS: Chats About Season Five of The Real Housewives of New York… VIDEO

  1. I can’t stand that snob…..I’m a New Yorker and I don’t watch this franchise. And BTW, for a ‘Countess'(I was tempted to leave out the ‘o’) she certainly has a crappy little apartment….the way this woman carries on about herself it looks to me like she ‘pretends’ alot.

  2. She’s actually really not that snobby. She does a lot of charity work (much more than any other Housewife) and that doesn’t mean just showing up and getting her picture taken. She organizes, hires people, works the events, etc… I used to not like her either but I read what all she was doing for others and was quite impressed. As far as little apartments…welcome to New York.

    • please NYC has Big huge penthouses and Apartments brownstones ect. She is choosing to live in a little thing for the times she stays in the city Her main house is in the Hamptons

      • Nothing goes on in the Hamptons in the winter, believe me, I live here…..her place here is a summer place for 3 or 4 months per year and she shares it with her ex-Count.. The tiny apartment is her year round residence. And she may do some charity work but she acts and talks like a SNOB…she has an ‘air’ about her that sets my teeth off…..and that article didn’t do anything more for me than to dislike her even more. The last few sentences of the article said it all……

        • This was at the end of that article: A previous version of this article erroneously identified LuAnn de Lesseps as a registered nurse. She is a licensed practical nurse.

          That was yesterday’s discussion, I think they may read SH, no? LOL

          • I always got the impression it was RN…The Countess sure made it seem that way whenever there was talk about it.

  3. Dear Luann,
    Next time you are doing an interview in your home, you might want to consider putting away your menthols and pill bottles.

  4. She writes a book on manners and then she is taped with her legs crossed??? Every Lady know that you only cross your Ankles never cross your Legs in public. She is so so fake!! I am so tired of her know it all attitude!

  5. Etiquette and manners is all about being comfortable about who you are and making others feel comfortable as well. Is that why she corrects the other ladies’ pronunciations? To make them more comfortable? To be mannerly?

    • I believe the reason there is friction between her and Romonster is that Romonster calls her out on her phonieness and alleged lack of parenting.

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