May 31, 2012  11:50 pm

We all know that Kim likes her wigs… BUT, Kim need to re-think her attachment to her head pieces.  Kim looks much better with her REAL hair…

Does anyone disagree????

 Kim Zolciak… WiggedKim and REALHairKim

 Kim gettin’ ready to take off that wig!!

  The wig is off!!

Note to Kim:  Ditch the wigs!!

Kim got some wedding presents from Kroy…

 $400,000 bracelet…

 $90,000 earrings…

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67 comments on “KIM ZOLCIAK: Wanna See Kim’s REAL Hair???… VIDEO… PHOTOS

    • It’s the ‘mature looking’ thing that bothers Kim…. she doesn’t want to look her age. (Despite the fact that the wigs occasionally make her look ridiculous)

    • She does look better without the wig, in fact it makes her look slimmer. But also I will agree, the reason why she may have been wearing wigs is because of some issue with her real hair that she was embarrassed about. Also Kroy is going to use up all his money in no time, just you wait. Instead of being a little cheap and trying to ween Kim off of the expensive gifts, he went all in and continued the lifestyle that only her “friends” can give her and not him. Because to be honest with you he isn’t a Miami developer with deep pockets and he isn’t big poppa, he’s little poppa.

  1. looks much better….. but kim ease back on the bling hun you will work through kroys money in no time

  2. She looks amazing without that wig., much more natural beauty shines through and she does look much thinner.

  3. You KNOW she had them working on her real hair for HOURS before she pretended to casually take that wig off!! It looks good though

  4. How is it that Derek aint seen her real hair in over a year? Someone has been maintaining that head of hair. It looks great.

    • I agree, it looks way to polished and cut just right, someone has to have been cutting it!

      • Vicky & Pattigirl, do either of you remember the episode of RHOA where someone was throwing a party or get away and Kim couldn’t go because she said she had to go to Los Angeles to have her hair colored. And Sheree said something like, “why doe the bi**ch need to go to LA to color her hair, doesn’t she wear wigs?” I think Kim’s hair maintenance has been in LA.

    • Ya’ll correct me if I am wrong but didn’t she mention once in the past that she went to L.A. to get her real hair colored? I Can not remember the circumstnaces but I want to say it was when she was on the tour bus and she made that comment. I guess my question is does Derrick just style her wigs? I’m confused too.

  5. Wow. Her real hair looks great, if she really had this hair all this time, why the wigs? If she likes the Miss Piggy look, why not just use some extensions? I’m guessing her real hair was really in bad shape at some point, maybe she caught her hair on fire while waving a ciggy around a few years back, and she just got it back to the point where she can ditch the wigs.

  6. Why does she have the wigs? And why does she spend money on peroxide and damage her own hair if she uses wigs?

  7. Ok I may be the only one but is that really all her hair? I mean look at Joan Rivers hair, it looks real and parts are clip in pieces. And I agree with the previous poster, they worked on that hair way before she revealed it.

    • IMO only the first layer is her “real” hair. The second and third, longer layers are clip in or weave in pieces. The first layer is much thinner than the others. Kim’s main complaint about her hair is that it is too thin. She hasn’t exactly lied. She did show her “real” hair. It just happened to have some extensions added to it! LOL!

  8. Maybe she wears the wigs so that not too many people notice her around town right away. Kind of Keeping it low key without the wig and maybe no make-up when not filming. Could also be she just loves the make-up and wigs LOL

  9. Maybe she wears the wigs so that she can walk around town kind of un – noticed. Without make and the wig she may actually be able to still keep in disguise a little . Of course it also could be she just loves the wigS and makeup!!!

  10. Didn’t she say she lost all her hair when she was sick? Although, she lied about other stuff about her illness, so who knows?

    • That whole “illness” thing was just bs if you ask me. She probably was between sugar daddies and attempted to do her hair on her own and messed it up.

  11. I think her hair is finally growing, she might also have an extension or two in the back. When she was going through her short lady loving stage, her girlfriend posted a pic of her sans wig and it was really short. She looks so much better without the wig. I have no idea why she just doesn’t let her own natural hair grow to her preferred wig length and stop wearing the wigs.

    The wedding bling has to be rented/borrowed for filming. kroy doesn’t make money like that. He is a Montana boy that seems to be very down to earth. I don’t see him blowing money like that, much less having it. He is not in the big poppa money league.

  12. I can only WISH for hair like that……and she hides it? It’s obvious that it was ‘done’ to the hilt before the ‘casual’ reveal, but I love it! She looks less ‘cheap’ and ‘tawdry’….almost respectable….lol

  13. She looks great with her natural hair and of course it was worked to a tizzy before the unveiling. My issue is what is up with Kim not paying ‘Black/AfricanAmerican’ women for their services? What the hell is up with that? First she stiffed Kandi for TFTP and then refused to pay for TheRingDidn’tMeanAThing. Now she is trying to stiff her landlady/interior designer, claiming she charging her 3 times the original amount? I don’t believe it! That was alot of custom decorating of the home to Kim’s taste and the painting alone would’ve been in the thousands. Throw in window treatments, furniture and other assessories and $15,000 sounds ridiculous for customizing a million dollar home. Especially as she put the lady on a 2week timeline. Kim seems to like to pay what she thinks things are worth if it doesn’t have a tag. How terrible to take advantage of others. Also as for AntonioDavis, the landlord, wanting to inspect the property, can you imagine his outrage once he sees all of the construction that Kim has authorized for the wedding on his property? Then we have the recent garage fire on a rental that she was ‘closing on’ in a month, several months ago. Kim is the tenant from hell!

    • ITA! She’s seems to be on her own selfish timeline when it comes to paying for certain types of services. And, she is treating her so called friend/landlord very disrespectfullly (just like she did to Kandi)! Also, it didn’t seem genuine to me that she was truly sick the day before their wedding. Need attention much!?! Kudos to her and Kroy as far as KJ goes though! :-)

    • I don’t know if it’s necessarily black/african american women. I think Kim is just like your typical wanna be rich bitch. They want something for nothing, that is how they can keep living the way they do. They want top of the line stuff and think it should be uber reduced or free because they are so well known/rich that it would be a marketing kudo for the company or service provider (insert eyeroll). She is just disgusting all around for taking advantage of people. Kandi should really sue her ass. I guess she is taking the high road and being the better person. Lesson learned for her, contracts are a must and you really shouldn’t work with “friends”. Sad to see how much Kim thinks she is just so special that people should do for her, kiss her ass and not expect payment for services rendered. Personally if I were her landlord/interior decorator I would have asked for cash up front and made sure to add in a clause that the cost of services rendered were doubled due to the timeline she gave them for pulling that house together. I personally find her to be a grimey biotch. She better hope her cougar ass can hold it down with Troy. The same way she stepped into Lee’s marriage there will be a chick waiting to do her the same turn.

        • Sheree is the queen of entitlement and wanting freebies. Didn’t Marlo say that Sheree was nortorious with the staff at Nordstroms for buying, wearing and returning. I am sure that if Sheree should ever need any more legal help, the attorney in question would either laugh at her or want a huge retainer up front before he did a lick of work for her.

    • I believe Kim mentioned the dispute was over the decorating done to the GUEST ROOM that her in-laws were to stay in. I think her decorator/landlady saw all the cameras and bright lights and thought she’d try to get in on the Bravo money train. I think Kim plays a dumbed-down bourgeois hick for the show, but I don’t think she’s a dim girl at all.

      • Not true, at the time of filming, the so called decorator lady was the rightful owner of the home and was renting. The same lady also prepared the house for the family after the baby was born. Kim just doesn’t want to pay. On the same day she was buying bling from the jeweler. If I was the owner, I might have thrown her and her wigs out of my house.

        • Aurella: Had to pop in here. Your comment is totally illogical. Kim’s purchasing jewelry has nothing to do with paying her rent. Your comment would make sense if Kim and Kroy were not paying their rent. They have since purchased the Roswell home. TFC!! SH

          • Completely innacurate information. Kim has not bought the house, matter of fact Kendra is pursuing a legal eviction.

            • Mel: Nothing “inaccurate” about the info. Kim owes Kendra Davis $58,000 for decorating the Roswell mansion, and hasn’t paid up, yet. Tweets between NeNe and Kim: Honey, when you move into your dream home honey you buy it. Kim: I do [rent], but guess what, we’re closing next month. We bought the house. (Note: Kim has yet to purchase the Roswell house…)

              You may be better off reading a site that suits your special needs. SH

            • Like I said….there is something wrong with buying expensive jewelry, BUT, avoiding paying people who you already owe! I hope the jeweler got his money, before leaving anything with Kim! Seems to me, she wants to play but does not want to pay.

            • I dont think she really purchased any of that jewelry. And certainly not for the prices he quoted.

  14. I think she looks great i actually really like the length. Kroy will be making i believe 2,400,000 next year but i could be wrong. I was curious when kim said he signed a 3 yr contract so i went to the atlanta falcons web site and it has all the salaries of the players. So anyone could go and look i just know the montana boy is making some good cash. He may not want to spend it like kim though!!! LOL. Plus a football carrer isnt usually more than like 6 yrs or maybe a little more if ur lucky and dont get hurt, so i hope he slows her down. I remember her saying she made more money than kroy the year they met and i believe the minimum salary is around 400,000 which is some pretty good money in my book. I have no idea how kim makes her money except what she gets from the show, does anyone know? Ty.

    • That is what he makes before paying his agent his share and let’s not forget good old Uncle Sam. There is now way with the cost of either renting/owning that house, the property tax and the upkeeep that he can keep spending like that. He is going to be broke as a joke if he keeps up this mess. Too many players in the past have made way more than he has and have eneded up broke by the time they retire.

      • NFL agents only get 3%, their fee is irrelevant and it is a tax deduction for the player.

    • I think Kim has the show, her fees for appearances,royalties from her music.
      2,4 million sounds great but after taxes, his agents cut and retirement/benefits doubt he gets more than 60 percent of that. If we believe what we see on the show it looks like this season he has spent over half his salary on Kim’s jewelry alone. I think the bling is borrowed for the event.

        • yes that is correct, that was what all the fuss was at the reunion between Kim and Mugshot about the house not being hers and it was all Kendra’s furniture.

          • Then wanting a walk through is just drama for the show. If she was decorating it she knows what shape the house is in and any changes made.

            • I think the walk-thru had to do with unauthorized changes made to the property for the wedding. She changed the pool, the hot tub, etc. There was alot of obvious construction going on.

    • I have been wondering how Kim has soooo much money too. I know she receives a salary for the show and other endorsements but she has absolutely no limits when it comes to spending money. For instance when she bought her wedding dress for $58k online. It’s like money is no object. Is it all for the show?

      • I don’t KNOW this, but I imagine that Bravo paid for the wedding and I am sure vendors all over Atlanta were dying to give freebees to be part of that fiasco. I imagine this is why she lost her florist. I can not imagine that if they were getting paid for all of that plus the chance to work with a “celebrity” party planner that they would back out at the last second. I think she could probably afford that dress if Bravo was paying the rest. If I am wrong, as soon as Kroy gets injured or dropped she is going to be sitting at home wearing those crazy wigs in some trailer park outside of Atlanta cause they ain’t gonna have no money! lol

        • Of course Bravo footed the cost of the wedding and the vendors came out of the woodwork for free product placement. Odds are the vendors charged her or Bravo material costs and nothing more in exchange for product placement. That dress was hideous. I highly doubt she paid that much. Too much of what we see is rented or borrowed with a lot of these reality tv shows.

          The minute Kroy gets dropped or hurt and the cash runs out she will be looking for a new big poppa. He will want to go running back to Montana where he is comfortable and near his family. Do you really think she will be living in a nice small house somewhere in Montana while he holds a regular job and earns a regular salary. I wouldn’t hold my breath. She is too much about the bling and being taken care of. From what I can see she has household help, a nanny and an assistant…for what? Other than the filming she does nothing else.

        • This is a common misconception Bravo didn’t pay for Kim’s weding, the same way they didn’t pay for Bethenny’s wedding. Bethenny’s wedding cost around 100K altogether, some of the vendors do give you discount in lieu of promotion but there is still material’s fees to pay. If Bravo would buy any this women want how come Bravo hasn’t bought anything of personal nature to Bethenny, she is a far bigger star than Kim.
          I doubt she spent 1 million but she sure spend at leasy half of it. Kim bought the dresses so she still has them, why would Bravo purchase them.
          Bravo is really cheap so I dount they would do it, not for Kim or any other HW.

      • And she paid 58 g’s for a used dress that cost 58 g’s when new?! I’m not sure if I believe that….and the 400k bracelet?? hmmm….a bracelet? or a house AND a car? let me think…..

  15. I watched the episode, but the difference is so much more compelling when you see the photos side by side. She is wasting time and money on those wigs. And aren’t wigs hot and itchy? I’ve never worn one but I could just imagine how annoying they might me.

  16. Kim would be gorgeous if she went with her real hair, got smaller implants, and laid off the lip injections.

  17. The thing about wigs is that they look like wigs. She looks much better with her natural hair. Now if she could polish up her personality…

  18. i might be the only person with this opinion, but, i think she looks better with the wigs. she is so overdone with the lip injections, implants, and clothing, that the big hair completes the look. i’m not saying it’s a good look, only that it is her look. i do think she’d look so much better if she would go natural, including stopping the cosmetic procedures.

  19. She does look better without the wig. I just remember a co-worker who always wore a wig because she didn’t like her hair and she died an early age 45 of a brain tumor. Scared me, I won’t wear one unless I have no hair.

  20. I just absolutely love Kim’s hair….love it! Not that my opinion matter, but if Kim didn’t have a wig line, I would not be able to accept her wearing a wig.

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