ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis Tells How She Got on the RHOC… Her Clothes Are Inspired By Chanel, Valentino and McQueen… How Alexass Does It All!!!

May 31, 2012  10:10 pm

 Alexis flashing her fake ring…

 NOTE:  Alexass had nannies to clean up after the kids… because Alexass is a VERY hands-on mom and it’s VERY hard.  What a dumbazz…

                           NOTE:  Alexis’ “platform” is fashion design… Uh, OK.

NOTE:  Kinda thinking that the author of this spread about Alexass misunderstood the name of the person who recommended Alexass and Jimbo for the show.   Alexass told the LATimes back in ’09 (below) that Jeana Keough submitted her name to the OC producers.  So, “Gina Q… Jeana Keough”… that’s probably the same person in Alexass-speak.

Were you one of the dozens of Housewives-in-training who flocked to South Coast Plaza to audition?

I wasn’t. We met Jeana for dinner one night, and she was like “How are you guys? I hope you don’t mind. I turned in your name to producers. They’re casting now for this season. You’re probably going to get a call tomorrow.” And sure enough, I got a call the next morning.

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23 comments on “ALEXIS BELLINO: Alexis Tells How She Got on the RHOC… Her Clothes Are Inspired By Chanel, Valentino and McQueen… How Alexass Does It All!!!

  1. How’s Jimbo taking all this activity and change? Who is taste testing his food these days? What exactly does he do anyway? ????

    • Looks like the photographer was having a bit of a go at ole Alexis. That will teach her to rush

    • Her nose appears to be very photoshopped in the cover photo because it looks huge in the close up

  2. Holy crap! Those pictures are a manifestation of the passive-aggressive attitude of the “magazine” covering her! She looks horrible in all the pics (her legs look like stumps in those white wedgies), and let’s not EVEN talk about the vapid responses she gives in the interview. Aye carumba!

  3. I kinda feel like that bashing she took actually helped her. Good, now the women will be even more jealous.

  4. I really would love to see what Alexis real ring looks like? If you are going to use a fake, use one the same size as your wedding ring, because if you are so worried about the ring getting stolen (which is insured) why wear one that looks nothing like it and so extravagant? I think the fake one is for a “look at me” effect, not for fear of getting stolen. Why did she even admit that?
    I was wondering who the hell Gina Q was? I was thinking maybe since Jeana is the original Jeana that maybe Quinn was Gina Quinn and her nickname was Quinn? A

  5. Gina Q? Great journalism. Alexis only works with the most highly respected of magazines that can’t even get an intern to fact check names! As a former fact checking intern, that’s so annoying to see!

    ANYWAY. I think Alexis is probably a person on the inside and a good mother but she is seriously delusional. If her dress line only has 5 dresses or so what on earth is she spending all of her time doing!? Staring at her fake diamond ring all day!?

    • it’s especially ludicrous since there are only three dresses….two of them are just in different colors…..can that really be considered a clothing “line”??? can she really make any money from that???

  6. was the fake ring picture before or after her nose job, good lord I didn’t even notice the ring for her nose. Very drag queen looking in these photos.

  7. these are some of the least attractive photos of alexis. anyone know if she would have been given the chance to look at these before publication?

  8. I cant tell if she is still healing from her nose job, but her face looks terrible lately. Maybe she had too much restylne injecting under her eyes. She does not look rihgt

  9. uhh does she not realized that Chanel is designed by a man and Coco has been dead for 40 years?

  10. “… a Birkin is an always…”? Her bag is probably fake just like her wedding ring! With the way they keep up and moving in the middle of the night; I don’t believe this doofus owns anything that’s authentic.

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