TERESA GIUDICE: Setting The Record Straight… Tree Has Her Limits!… Tree Says If Joe Giudice Cheats, Tree’s Outta There!…

May 30, 2012  1:00 pm    From Life and Style


Teresa Giudice had been confronted with a series of nagging ugly rumors about her husband of more than 12 years — including reports that he’s repeatedly cheated on her — and now the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is setting the record straight to Life & Style, on newsstands now.

“I trust him,” she confides, standing by her man. “No woman has come forward and said, ‘Oh, I’ve been with Joe.’  That hasn’t happened.”   NOTE:  Obviously, Tree needs more than photos…

In fact, the mother of four insists her marriage is rock solid.

But if Joe Giudice did cheat?   

“We would get divorced,” she says bluntly. “I could never be with a cheater. That’s disgusting. And I’m sure it would be the same for him with me.”   NOTE:  Wonder how Tree’s defines “cheating?”  THAT is the question!

Joe and Teresa Giudice… “Do you have a sex tape, Juicy?”   “Youz gotz me confused wit yer brother, Tree!”

Luckily, Teresa believes in her marriage and is convinced the nasty rumors — including the ones about Joe, 42, frequenting strip clubs and having a love child — are nonsense. “Give me proof!” she demands. “I would want to see a sex video! I’d be like, ‘Bring it on, baby, let’s see it!’”

Instead, Teresa, 40, describes her husband as a “totally hands-on” dad who looks after daughters Gia, 11, Gabriella, 7, Milania, 6, and Audriana, 2, while she’s busy promoting her New York Times best seller Fabulicious: Fast & Fit.

  Tree and Juicy… “We got our own sex tape…”

Tree and Juicy… sex tape…


“The most important thing to us is our four daughters, and life is really good,” she tells the new issue of Life & Style, “If we weren’t happy, we wouldn’t be together!”   NOTE: Tree has much to lose by cracking the facade of her ‘happy family’  at this point in their lives.  Keeping the “happy wife, happy wife” theme going is great for her business/es!!  Look for Tree to better examine these “rumors” after the RHONJ has run its course and/or her cookbook sales collapse!

Juicy settin’ the record straight about Tree on Season Three of the RHONJ…

NOTE:  “One of SH’s “insiders” ID’d Juicy Joe’s dinner companion.  Here’s what they said:

“(That’s) Divana  she lives in Clifton and has been screwing Joe for years  she is also a friend of the family and knows Teresa. well  t gets f’ed again by juicy joe”

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125 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Setting The Record Straight… Tree Has Her Limits!… Tree Says If Joe Giudice Cheats, Tree’s Outta There!…

  1. Boy I hope Chewy has a Life vest because she sure is swimming in the pool of denial.

    • I would agree if it is her husbands intention to get caught so he could file for a divorce but practically everyone knows who he is and they are waiting to get the so called goods on him just to make T look bad, you know any means necessary to hurt T.

  2. [insert extreme eye roll]

    If he does significant time incarcerated, we’ll see “The Joe Cheated On Me Show”. She’ll file for divorce and count her money.

  3. So the only thing that will make her believe he cheated is that there must be a sex tape? Wow, Juicy really did hit the jackpot with Tre.

  4. I know we’re off topic here but I found this interesting blurb on the RHNY cast members on Wikipedia. ” Alexandre and LuAnn de Lesseps do not belong to the regular French aristocracy. Alexandre’s forbears are not even mentioned in the

    1911 “Annuaire de la Noblesse de France”. [6]

    Husband Alexandre and LuAnn belong to what one calls “la noblesse d’apparence” ou “la fausse

    noblesse”. [7] Today the port of a regular French aristocratic title is regulated by the French Ministère de la Justice, which holds a “Répertoire” of all

    recognized French noble families. [8] LuAnn and Alexandre De Lesseps are not mentioned in this list and therefore cannot bear a noble title. De Lesseps i

    • she said something about Her hubby getting the title because he or his father did some work on the suez canel. It sounded like it was a Honorary thing not a title that has been around for 100s of yrs and passed down from father to son for 100s and 100s of yrs.
      Its sounded kind of made up

      • Similar to being knighted for an achievement? I am dying to see if she address the Carole as princess since she has made it clear she expects to be addressed by her title. Think this scenario being played out should be funny to watch.

        • yes just like that, Once you are Knighted you have the SIR forever IE SIR Elton John for example though the title isnt passed on. and I dont know if the spouse gets a title

      • While her ex-husband certainly looks old enough to have built the Suez Canal, it was her ex’s father.

        • Lol…I’m remembering what a big stink Da Countess made when Ramonster alluded to him being much older.

    • The title is a Napolenic one. It means nothing & was a cheap way to honour people who had done things for the empire.
      The French nobility is different & technically doesn’t exist anymore, but they had peers etc like the British.
      In France its legal for them to use it, but its not different to a surname, it doesn’t mean anything.
      I’m fairly sure Caroles title is honorary too. Queen Elizabeth didn’t acknowledge it when Carole’s father in law became a british citizen. But the HUGE difference is that her husband was actually part of the european royal family.

  5. Thank you Teresa but as a fan I don’t bother with negative stories that are designed to make you look bad. I respect you too Teresa.

    However, I do want to recall some points about the photo of Joe and T’s makeup artist.
    1) who took the photo?
    2) why was the photo taken to make it look like Joe and this woman were alone
    3) Kim g. doesn’t she have something to with the circulation of the photo?
    4) whoever took the photo was wall aware that there were in fact two couples on a date but chose to photo Joe w/ the so called mistress at the table together while T and the so-called mistresss husband were dancing
    5) T’s so called friend Jacs, she believed the salaciousness of the photo and why would she do that?

    I believe T’s marriage is about is as good as any other good marriage. My parents were married 51 years before we lost Mom and they surely had their marital ups and downs. Everyday was not a peach but they loved each and were committed to each other. I think my Dad cheated though after Moms burial several women that I didn’t know approached me and said they knew who I was but I know my Mom didn’t know these ladies either, made go ummmmmmmmmm.

    • RahRah: This “story” is directly from Tree’s mouth! If anyone is making Tree “look bad”… it’s Tree!

      All of your questions can be answered by doing some research on SH. Use the drop-down “categories” menu and/or the “search” bar on the right. Also, the woman pictured is NOT Tree’s makeup artist. TFC!! SH

      • thanks, and honored that you responded to one of my post.

        I only want my fellow posters to remember, T has addressed the cheating issue in the past as it relates to the photo. Sorry I could not recall who the actual woman is in T’s life but do remember that her and Juicy were on a double date with another couple and T stated in some interview that she was dancing with the friends husband when that photo was taken. I want people to think even though some dumb decisions were made but to be totally ignorant and take your sidepiece to the local TGIF knowing people from the neighborhood are in and out of there would be just too ridiculous for words literally. That is were you want to go to make certain it gets back to your spouse, because before you get the check the whole town would know.

        I know, I am a small, small town girl.

        • Even if you want to pretend that this is the make-up artist dining with Juicy and Tre was supposedly kickin’ it up on the dance floor with the friend’s husband, I haven’t been to TGIF in years, but I don’t recall any dancing that goes on at this chain restaurant. And I believe this was not a TGIF that was close to the Guidice mcmansion.

      • There has been to many stories to many pictures of Joe with other women for this to a Misunderstanding or something it isnt. I dont care if a marriage is up or down there is no excuse for cheating period. If Teresa wants to play Clueless and be in Denial only person who looks foolish is teresa And no one is making her look bad she does a excellent job of that ON HER OWN.

  6. IMO, what Teresa says and what she knows to be true are different. She knows the truth about Juicy (women, criminal activity) but will never admit it. It’s not in Teresa’s best interest to play anything but the ditzy wife. Admitting knowledge of the not illegal infidelities will also mean distinct possibility of lying about culpability in the criminal activity as well. Teresa’s signatures are all over the fraudulent documents.

    Teresa knows. EVERYbody knows. It’s gone too long for anyone to believe she didn’t know. The only people to get hurt by this are the children. They will someday have what I refer to as the brick wall moment. Gia is trying to deal with it now, but Teresa is ignoring all the signs. I can guarantee her peers know and are relentless in taunting. The others are not far behind.

  7. If it was me, I wouldn’t leave my husband because of rumors and a picture of him eating at TGIF with a women we both know. God knows what Joe told her that lunch was about. It would do Teresa no good, financially, to leave Joe without proof. I wouldn’t doubt if Teresa has her eyes wide open and is looking to catch him. She has already shown us that she isn’t as stupid as she appears. I’ve been in a situation with a cheating boyfriend. You know in your heart but they can turn every story around to make it innocent. With a bf it is much easier to just say, eff it and leave. Not so easy when you’re married, with four young children, debts and assets. Its not like Teresa can publicly say, ‘Well, I think he might be cheating, I’ll just stay until I find out for sure’. If there was a sex tape or some other hard evidence Teresa could use that in her file for divorce and come out of it without having to support Joe and possibly eliminating some of his debt from her plate. I think she knows what she is doing.

    • I don’t see T as some punk, she is a table flipper remember. There isn’t any reason we should even be posting about divorce.

      A lot of you married women would be surprised at what some people will do, men and women. Or, the secrets we keep from our spouses and to me this is not a man or a woman issue but a person issue.

      It is with most mothers that they will not put their family at risk but Dads will do such things.

  8. Honestly I don’t know what to make of the rumors of his infidelity. If he has cheated and T is willing to turn a blind eye to it for whatever her reasons then that is her business. Of all the things, I really hate to see that aspect of their personal lives playing out in the tabloids, because they have children and that kind of stuff gets back to them. Personally, it if were me, I would be doing 5-10 for hurting him and the heffa he was messing with. I can see her wanting irrefutible proof because it can be used in court to get out of owing him a dime of her hard earned money. I don’t believe she is as stupid as people seem to think. She might have taken a passive role when it came to his business dealings and played the vapid air head because that was the easiest route, but she is showing her true drive and brains now that they are somewhat down and out. She is now running a very lucrative company that is supporting her family and is doing her best to make it rain. T strikes me as the type of woman that won’t divorce him because of her children but she would make his life miserable.

    I think that if he had had several affairs and there was a baby and a baby mamma out there it would be out. People love their 15 minutes of fame and the check they could collect while making the circuit. Now would be the time to strike and get paid while he and T are a hot commodity because of the show. When their time is up, and they are no bodies again, where would it benefit them. Doubt anyone would care about a bunch of has beens.

  9. I can’t believe there are women out there that would sleep with him. YUCK! I sure as heck wouldn’t be proud of it if I were one of them!!

    • He is not that bad looking of a man. A bit short and stumpy for my taste but he is not a hideous looking man. Her brother on the other hand is too odd looking for my taste. I likea man with a sense of humor, but if I were Melissa I would wonder why he was so comfortable throwing on that dress for the Halloween episode.

      • agreed Bizzy. Joey looks like an umpa lumpa. Nothing appealing about him, I don’t care how big his checkbook is. I give Melissa credit for living with that slug. She deserves every gift and every dollar she gets.

      • I don’t care how much they pretend.. I see no true love between JOGO and MEGO. None.. there is no chemistry there at all. There are times that you can tell MEGO can’t stand him LOL

    • LOL, that’s why I find the stories of all of the girlfriends and love child questionable. Strippers and “paid professionals” are more like it.

  10. @CJ…I don’t know. I don’t really get that feeling that he is a cheater like that. I can see the sheisty business dealings because it takes lots of money to live they way they do, something about him, as gruff as he is at times, still doesn’t make me see him as a cheater. I think that the show has highlighted him in some bad ways but I think he loves his children and family. Don’t everyone beat me up now. Now the other Joe, I think he would be trying to “poison” everything that walks. He seems oversexed to me. I would have to keep an eye on all the pets, inanimate objects, pillows and holes in the walls with him around. He seems like he would want to show everyone his mr. happy.

  11. You have to remember, Joe is old school but also Teresa. She knows he cheats, and may have been told that is what men do but they come back to their wives. But she doesn’t like it, from her expressions she hates that he is out with other women.

    • I really never understood how people could raise their children to think like that. Yes it might not be in your face but it’s still wrong.

      • My Grandfather was upper class European and he had 2 distinct lives. One he lived at home and one with his many mistresses over the years. He considered himself a wonderful husband and provider. He would never have considered a divorce. On the other hand he has his mistresses. In his mind he did nothing wrong and he made sure his other life never touched my Grandmother. Much easier to do in a time before cell phones and the internet. I never understood it but that’s the way it was.

        • Wasnt it in Old New Orleans Men of wealth had a Wife at home and A black Mistress set up somewhere else in the city and they raised 2 familys it was one way the women could live well and get rich. They actually had Balls so these men could meet the Mistresses . They even made a movie about it Vanessa Williams was in it

          • I think in some places it was just an accepted way of life. Have you ever seen the movie GIGI. It is based on how that lifestyle was common place and accepted. Funny When I lived in LA. I sold my first housse to an wealthy older man that bought it for his mistress, Red!I thought it was strange he paid cash and had us put in her name. He lived in N O and would drive the 30 min to see her. When he wasn’t there her boyfriend stayed with her. So, it still goes on.

    • I am praying she/they don’t continue that antiquated thinking when teaching their daughters.

      • Nah she wants them to marry Jews so they can be spoiled and catered to Teresa is a one stop shop for Stereotyping
        I was married to a serial cheater and My old school parents didnt believe in divorce We separated but I let him back after a religious friend convinced me to give him a second chance all that did was give him more chances to do it again. we eventully divorced I cant imagine anyone going thru a marriage knowing cheating is going on after living it i cant believe i did. Its hard ending a marriage but its harder knowing your spouse is cheating its like being slapped in the face over and over. But Teresas seems to be the NJ version of Scarlet O hara If she dosnt see it it didnt happen . In her minds eye if a women dosnt come forward it didnt happen WHO WOULD ADMIT they humped him (besides teresa) and make sex tape as well I mean really.

        • As a Jewish girl, what do you mean T wants her daughters to “marry Jews so they can be spoiled and catered to?” If I marry an Irishman is he going to be drunk all the time?

          • She said that to Gia I think in season one She said she wanted Her girls to marry jews because they cater to their wives Gia responses was “she dont wanna marry a jew” I wasnt the one who said it Teresa on camera

          • Bravo Lisa Vanderpumpernickle. You are so right. Kudos.
            I remember the episode well, it was extremely anti-Semitic with Gia describing Jewish boys and men in a very anti-Semitic way and Teresa and all laughing and laughing. It disgusted me.
            It also disgusted me earlier when it was described how the wealthy men in New Orleans had Black Mistresses. This is a racist statement that cuts me to the core.

            • Actually it was quite Common In that time of History for wealthy men to have a family with Black Mistress You might want to check The History books before you scream Racism. . And it wasn’t Gia Making the anti semantic comments it was Teresa.
              Do you even watch the show at all.

            • It was called the Placage system These women became common law wives to the wealthy men Of The city. Some of the men had other families some did not.

            • thanks for the info, lisa. it is part of the city’s history and culture and i find it very interesting. i am curious, though, what exactly jennifer is referring to with this part of her comment: “It also disgusted me earlier when it was described…” i was intrigued how and/or where that became part of the discussion about joe and this lady at TGIF. no biggie, just seemed like it came out of left field.

            • She was referring to me I had brought Up the subject earlier then The comment about Teresa and the Jewish comment The other Lisa made a Comment about Irish men drinking as a Dig to me I think she thought It was me who said Jewish men make better Husbands when IT was Teresa herself who said it to Gia Not me.
              I find the Placage system interesting to Things like that were done openly and w/o shame
              Now a days we may find it racist or wrong but then it was just the way things were done
              Mother Henerette delille was born in this society her mother wanted her to marry the same way she went into the nunhood instead I think they are trying to saint her now

            • again, thank you for explaining. i should have looked higher up in the thread before i asked. i initially thought she was referring to something on the show and i was wondering how in the world i missed it. :)

            • Jennifer, I don’t believe that Lisa meant it to be a racist comment. I think she was referring to the practice of Placage that was common in Louisiana’s earlier history. I’ve read a number of books that mention the practice and mention the elegant quadroon balls in New Orleans. Lisa and I may differ on the subject of Gia and Teresa, but I’ve never seen her make any kind of racist or unethical comment. Further, Ms. SH, wouldn’t allow it.

            • Thanks CJ I am the opposite I despise it and those who are, I was rasied by a bigot I know bigotry when i see it and strive as a adult not to be one.

            • CJ: No need to apologize to Jennifer. That is the way things were back then… it’s a true part of history. No apologies necessary to anyone. If someone gets offended by historical facts, that’s on them. AND… it’s NOT racist. TFC!! SH

    • That is not old school. That’s cheating school. I am Italian, born there, came to this country when I was 5 years old. My father, my uncles, no one cheats. I never heard the men in my family verbally abuse or call the women names. Fight – of course. The abuse and the cheating is not old school. Makes me nuts when Tree says that!!

      • It’s her way of excusing it. My family came from Europe &didn’t abuse cheat and they even lived within their means. I don’t get Tre’s parents. Whet are their values?

  12. Bizzy r u juicys lawyer or what how could u stickup for that guy the way he talks to her? Please dont say he is old school and its ok like when he calls people faggots, this is 2012 you dont treat people like that especially your wife. I dont know if he cheated and a lot of women will turn a blind eye mostly because they dont have the money and the man makes it all. Well thats not the case here because i dont think he is making much if anything and she is bringing in all the bucks. I agree with a comment in here that if she left him now it could hurt her with her book sales and other stuff, which i think is really sad. Why should she have to stay with a guy like that, it sucks for her. You said you like a funny guy? U really think he is funny? I think he is rude to just about everyone he talks to, like his shit dont stink thats how i see him and im a guy, im shocked that any woman would think its ok because he is old school or his family comes fromthe old country you can talk to your wife anyway you want or cheat on her is bullshit!!!!

    • I dont know whats worse the way Juicy talks to teresa or teresa Just sitting there taking it and making excuses for him.

    • First off I never said it was ok to use that excuse of old school and standing by your man. I don’t think he is rude to everyone he talks to. I think maybe his tired if having all his business on front street and tired of her family. Don’t make it seem like we know everything about their lives. He has been highlighted coming off rough a few times but I think we also need to look at the context of their situation/topic.

      Bravo is in the business of making shit dramatic to have high ratings. So while Joe isn’t mr innocent I think they show everything to show him as an ass.

      She is also a grown ass woman and if she doesn’t care for his tone or demeanor I am sure she would put him in his place. The woman has balls and I don’t think she is miss innocent. The faggot comment you reference I never said in any of my postings that I condoned or found it funny. It may be 2012, but there are still small minded bigots in every place in this world.

      Also if you reread my post about liking a man with a sense of humor that section of the post was about JOGO, not juicy.

      • i love how people say SO AND SO isnt innocent but but but then list a a bunch of reasons why the behavior is ok, Granted the show likes drama but its never ok to cheat or yell at you wife tell her to shut up in the manner Joe does. perhaps if he drank less and stop committing crimes he might be a decent human being right now I wouldnt throw water on him if he were on fire he reminds me to much of my ex
        he drank,called me names told me to shut and cheated with every floozy he could find If Chewy is waiting for the behavior to get better it wont.

        • What crimes? Are u talking about the DUI? Because that’s the only crime he was convicted of. The other things were a civil adversary proceeding in his bankruptcy case where he was found to have committed fraud and thus the debt of $260K not dischargeable under the bankruptcy proceeding. If we are calling a DUI conviction a crime (which I guess you could) then everyone who has a DUI conviction is a criminal? There are dozens at each municipal court in each town in New Jersey that I guess we can label criminals. I like Teresa, I don’t like Joe, but let’s not make him the poster child for everything evil in the world.

          • My niece Sara Deckert MN was killed by a drunk driver july 10, 2011.Yes it is a crime. It is to bad that the drunk driver was also killed. We wanted him in jail. You dont know what kind of effect it has on the familys of both partys involved. We were told that his parents didnt even pick up his ashes. They left them at the funneral home. How would Tre deal with this kind of situation it he had killed someone other than hitting only a tree?

            • I am so sorry to hear about your niece. My brother was drinking and driving and killed an 18 year old kid who was one of his passengers. He has to live with that every day and it is hard.My brother is an openly sensitive person and it does weighs heavily on his conscience.He plead guilty to vehicular homicide and thus began his decent into the system and prior to sentencing drugs that he would have never ever tried to dull the pain/forget for a minute had the drinking and driving not happened. I despise drinking and driving because of what it goes to the lives of the people involved(not only my brother but my momma too who does his time with him-people with loved ones in prison know what I am speaking of) and the life it takes away from the victims.
              Juicy seems to have a gruffer exterior(protection mechanism) than my brother but I cant imagine ANYONE killing someone by drinking and driving and NOT being effected. Unless he is a stone cold sociopath it would probably send him further into his drinking than before if he doesn’t deal with it properly with very very in depth psychological treatment. But as “they” say admitting it is the first step and Juicy is not there yet.

            • I am sorry for what your family is going through. It is hard on every one. I use to be a bartender and also got a dui 13 yrs ago. I am so ashamed of it. I quite bartending and got into travel. If I had not I could also have killed someone along with myself. I now have a lic plate with a broken red heart with remembering victims of impaired drivers around the heart. It is a reminder of Sara and also for me.

            • My comment wasn’t meant to be a soap box. I think the fact that Joe’s consequences were reduced and he was given a suspension of his driving privileges, probation and I’m sure an assessment didn’t make much of an impact on him. I believe most people take this as a serious offense and make it their last. I think Joe looked at it as an inconvenience he could get around.I agree with MP that it effects the offender, the victim, and both families when a death occurs. IMO hitting hard on the first offense stops a re-occurrence. My point was that Joe got probation and instead of dealing with the consequences he chose to ignore it and illegally find a way around it. It is wrong that the punishment would be to lose some cash and more probation, which he didn’t respect the first time around.

            • it seems some have such a casuel attitude about DUIs and say things like “its just a dui” when does it stop being “just a DUI” after what the 12th DUI and he is in front of a Judge after Killing someone. the time to take action is at the time of the First DUI Not after someone is killed and everyone is scratching there Butts and saying Gee HE HAD 12 DUIS
              im outraged.

            • Lets not forget Juicy tried to get out of the mailbox DUI by saying he slide on ice and walked to his dads house and starting doing shots then called the police. to explain why he smelled like a brewery And Teresa recited the story as well. Real honest people those 2

            • I was a first time offender and learned my lesson. The pos that killed sara ran from the police and it was a high speed chase. They clocked him close to 100 miles hr when he hit her. Her sisters started Sisters for Sara. They are trying to pass a law that if you get pulled over the police , they can take your car keys so you can not run. But I dont think they are doing very well still trying to get over it. Now it will be the one yr anniv.That is going to be hard. You can google sara deckert MN and see what a pos he was. He should have been in jail yrs ago.

            • Sorry MP. I have two brothers and it’s heartbreaking when they hurt it rips my heart out.

          • Yes everyone convicted of a DUI is a criminal. You go to court you get convicted you are a criminal with a criminal record. I dont know who you are and what your connection to Juicy dontcare either but the man is a crook,a slum lord and yes a criminal and one dosnt have to be convicted to be that . ask his tennents who went w/o electricty because your buddy refused to pay the bills I bet their feeling about your buddy isnt all warm and fuzzy
            or about the folks who he still owes money to I bet they think he is a crook and are hardly singing his praises I bet the Federal Judge he lied to thinks that as well.

            Juicy is a crook and one day he will get whats coming to him.

            • Oh and Chewy will get what coming to her to because she isnt some innocent bystander here she is just as bad as him but w/o the booze and DUIs

            • Juicy is nothing to me. Teresa is nothing to me. I live and work in the area. I am a viewer. I don’t know why my motives are questioned simply because I disagree. If I questioned who u were in relation to the Giudice’s because of ur strong distaste for them, u would not be pleased. Clearly u have strong opinions on the subject so I will refrain from commenting on ur posts. I don’t believe a DUI (without hurting another person) is as serious a crime as other crimes. For instance, when convicted of a felony, u lose ur right to vote, a DUI conviction does not hold such a penalty. I’m sorry, that’s just my opinion. As far as what he did or didn’t do in the bankruptcy, he committed civil fraud, the judge had the right to forward it to the prosecutor. In fact, his business partner said he went to the prosecutor and they refused to prosecute. He was convicted of a DUI, but nothing else.

            • I think your opinion changes when it effects your life directly. What you feel is a harmless crime can be a life changing experience whether it be the offender or the victim. The fact that people do it all the time or no one was hurt does little to change the fact it is like playing with a loaded gun. As long as people condone it you won’t see change. It isn’t about being caught as much as changing the thinking about drinking and getting behind the wheel of a car. If you can’t afford a driver, cab, bus or a phone call then you shouldn’t drink.

            • I am not trying to minimize DUI, our legislators have given us the penalty for DUI and first offenders normally get as little as 3 months loss of license. The law does not consider what ifs. If we did, then we have to consider those that text, apply makeup, tune the radio, turn around to check on their kids, etc. We can’t punish for what might have happened What I asked is what “crimes”, I keep seeing posts that Juicy committed “crimes” PLURAL. That’s not accurate.

            • Well, that is a technicality at this point.He was convicted of the DUI and it has escalated to his latest charges. I don’t suggest punishing someone for what might have happened but recognizing those that do not respect the seriousness of what could have happened at accepting the consequences. I think Joe is one of the latter because of his actions.

            • Im not suggesting the death penelty for DUI but something more then a slap on the wrist
              It should be taken seriously and more serious each time the person is caught.
              Underage drinking to needs to get tough as well I know some states are but not all.

            • Having a trial before someone is convicted is not a technicality. If he is convicted, I will a agree he committed CRIMES. I never said DUI is a harmless crime. Clearly those who have been personally touched by tragedy as a result of DUI or other crimes feel differently than those who have not – it doesn’t make one side wrong and the other right.

            • No one is asking you stop commenting Ilike a lively debate. I do disagree a DUI is a big deal and shouldnt be treated as a casuel event. I have been accused on other blogs of being Melissa and Daniells lesbian lover
              so Im sorry people are question who you are.
              And yes what he did on his bankruptcy was wrong dead wrong had I done that on my bankruptcy i would have seen fines and jail time and the only reason it wasnt forward to the US Attoneys office is he dropped his bankruptcy claim. Civil crimes are still crimes you cant wrap them up in a pretty bow and make then look nice. if one lies so easy and often it shows what kind of Chacter they have. Just because he only has one conviction so far dosnt mean he is some kinda saint.

            • True and the fact that the Manzo dont have a record YET is not proof of their straight n narrow ways either. IMO It’s just further proof that they got the po-po in their back pocket is all.

            • very true MP very true..The Manzos know how to bury the bodies the Guidices put them out on the front on display for all to see then Chewy goes to the Tabliods and gives interviews about them.

            • The Manzo’s oughta be thanking their lucky stars the tabloids aint interested in them and their legal shenanigans and not be jealous of a few dollars Tree makes by playing them. In that way, Tree is taking the heat off them. Its not like she is selling their stories… mostly cause aint nobody buying.

            • Good Point. I cant wait until the Lauritas Business Bankruptcy hit the press they have been pretty Mum about it thus far.

            • Which brings me to this point. Tree knows alll about the laurita’s financial crap as well as the Manzos but so far she has not tried to get one of them to “be honest” on camera about it.
              She has learned (or perhaps was coached?) from getting burned by backing up Juicy’s lie about the DUI So that’s another reason why she mandated to the others not to bring up jail time over the ID thing.
              She aint so willing to lie for him on camera anymore so its best not to even bring it up…. unless all the rest of them want to pour out their guts about what their husbands have done and I dont see anyone lining up to do that.

            • That sounds logical…..hey you need to head back over to the Shanna discussion where we agree on everything

            • The Manzoid’s had a fund raising party in their backyard a season or two ago. Wasn’t it for their local sheriff’s election?

            • Manzo’s and the former sheriff were best buddies. Manzo’s best friend Bernie Kerick (who was in the show training their dog) was the former sheriff’s partner in the NYPD in younger days. Kerick’s wife was supposed to be one of the original NJ housewives, but then he got in legal trouble and she didn’t want to draw more attention to him

  13. I don’t think Tree is in THAT much denial. We all know she has a very good publicist. She just opened the door to a way out. She believes he is faithful but if actual proof were offered she would leave.

  14. She knows how much pain a divorce would cause her girls and how much joy it would bring her enemies. She would not divorce him unless she was pushed up against a wall. Besides, I think they don’t care that these stories circulate, and may have even planted some of them to keep their names in the news.

    • Controversy, gossip and drama means ratings for bravo, and a check for the cast and numerous interviews with paychecks from mags. So while some of this stuff makes them miserable or look like an ass, they are laughing all the way to the bank.

  15. For those of you making excuses for Joe (and yes, I mean you too Teresa) can someone point me to the scene where he is actually nice to Teresa? She keeps saying she and Joe never fight but I cannot think of one instance of him being truly kind to her…and I ain’t talking Xmas gifts/anniversaries etc….but true kindness without a put upon look on his face….

    • That is so true klg. He is always telling her to ‘Shut Up’ and /or yelling at her, about her family and her brother Joe…oh, and threating to leave her… He isnt a kind man at all, and when have you ever seen him holding or playing with any of his girls?…

      • The show is an hour long per week, do you really think that even scratches the surface of their lives? He is yelling about her family because they hurt her. I am not saying she is innocent in all the drama, but it has to be frustrating for him to see her hurt and feeling betrayed by her own family.

        • From season one, Joe (aka) stumpy has done this to Tree so I really think he is as brutal as he always is. No doubt it is frustrating for him, but Tree knows not to go and tell him all the stuff going on between her & Joey, yet she does as HE said in the car. As to your question ” do I really think that even scratches the surface of their lives”, not everything no, but it does show a pattern of stumpy showing his true self on camera!…God only knows what goes on behind closed doors? Dont you even wonder about that? Sorry, but I do.

  16. I am so so so unspeakably sick of people getting mad at this “it’s old school” argument. I hope you all have the same contempt for Jackie O. & Hillary Clintion as you do for Teresa. You all hold these people to such redidulious standards! Teresa is a human being.

    • Bullie, no ones holding T to a ridiculous standard. She is holding herself to that standard. And she’s screaming about how high her standards are. She also represents herself as ‘old school’s so all that’s happening here is that people are caller bgluff.

      • Clearly, critical thinking is not your strong point. When did she scream about how high her standards in relationships were? Do you equate mindless snark about size of homes to be the same thing as relationships? If she doesn’t think she has proof he cheated, then why do you care so much?

        • I do believe Tree has used the term “old school” herself when explaining Juicy in relation to him telling her to shut up. Maybe she needs to get her one of them there old school tranquilizer guns next time he pops off at the mouth.

        • Wow, why so hostile. All I sai was she holds herself to perfect stanards and no one is perfect. BTW Critical thinking doesn’t include attacking personally. grow up a little K?

    • I dont recall Jackie O and Hillary getting on TV saying they were staying with their spouses or excusing their behavior because “they were old school” and FTR Jackie O tried to divorce JFK but his father paid her a Million bucks to stay in the marriage so he could be president. If he had lived I dont think she would have stayed married to him esp after he left office unfortunitly we will never know.
      Yes Teresa herself says she is old school no one is putting that label on her but Teresa herself Personally I think she is a fool to stay with him.

  17. I have a feeling that Joe obviously is a cheater or has cheated, and Tre just refuses to admit it publicly, at least right now. But I would bet that two minutes after she gets done with every “Joe never cheated” speech to an interviewer, she is on the phone to the girl in question outlining how she will ruin that gal’s life if she goes near Joe again. I can almost hear that conversation now…I bet Camille has nuthin on Tre when it comes to the “I’ll take you down” rant.

  18. OT, I havent been on here for 4/5 days so I am trying to catch up…Where is BSL? I miss you sweet lady and I know so do all!, :)

  19. I know a lot of women who take a hubby’s garbage. Then, when the kids are raised and pretty independent (not like the Manzo’s!!!) – at least 18 year old, they split.

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