TERESA GIUDICE: Setting The Record Straight… Tree Has Her Limits!… Tree Says If Joe Giudice Cheats, Tree’s Outta There!…

May 30, 2012  1:00 pm    From Life and Style


Teresa Giudice had been confronted with a series of nagging ugly rumors about her husband of more than 12 years — including reports that he’s repeatedly cheated on her — and now the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is setting the record straight to Life & Style, on newsstands now.

“I trust him,” she confides, standing by her man. “No woman has come forward and said, ‘Oh, I’ve been with Joe.’  That hasn’t happened.”   NOTE:  Obviously, Tree needs more than photos…

In fact, the mother of four insists her marriage is rock solid.

But if Joe Giudice did cheat?   

“We would get divorced,” she says bluntly. “I could never be with a cheater. That’s disgusting. And I’m sure it would be the same for him with me.”   NOTE:  Wonder how Tree’s defines “cheating?”  THAT is the question!

Joe and Teresa Giudice… “Do you have a sex tape, Juicy?”   “Youz gotz me confused wit yer brother, Tree!”

Luckily, Teresa believes in her marriage and is convinced the nasty rumors — including the ones about Joe, 42, frequenting strip clubs and having a love child — are nonsense. “Give me proof!” she demands. “I would want to see a sex video! I’d be like, ‘Bring it on, baby, let’s see it!'”

Instead, Teresa, 40, describes her husband as a “totally hands-on” dad who looks after daughters Gia, 11, Gabriella, 7, Milania, 6, and Audriana, 2, while she’s busy promoting her New York Times best seller Fabulicious: Fast & Fit.

  Tree and Juicy… “We got our own sex tape…”

Tree and Juicy… sex tape…


“The most important thing to us is our four daughters, and life is really good,” she tells the new issue of Life & Style, “If we weren’t happy, we wouldn’t be together!”   NOTE: Tree has much to lose by cracking the facade of her ‘happy family’  at this point in their lives.  Keeping the “happy wife, happy wife” theme going is great for her business/es!!  Look for Tree to better examine these “rumors” after the RHONJ has run its course and/or her cookbook sales collapse!

Juicy settin’ the record straight about Tree on Season Three of the RHONJ…

NOTE:  “One of SH’s “insiders” ID’d Juicy Joe’s dinner companion.  Here’s what they said:

“(That’s) Divana  she lives in Clifton and has been screwing Joe for years  she is also a friend of the family and knows Teresa. well  t gets f’ed again by juicy joe”