SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY EDITION: OC Musical by Seth Rudetsky… Adrienne Maloof “LightUp iPhone Covers…Shoes, SkinCare, Vodka”…”… UPDATE… Shana “Taylor Armstrong” Forfeits Ten Carat Yellow Diamond Ring… Part of Lawsuit Settlement

May 30, 2012  10:10 am    UPDATE 8:00 pm

According to TMZ instead of selling her engagement ring to ‘fight’ the MMR lawsuit, ShanaBanana has surrendered the ring as a part of a settlement.

Taylor has now struck a new settlement deal with the investors to make the whole thing go away. The new deal was struck yesterday, which requires Taylor to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the investors and fork over a bunch of personal property — INCLUDING THE ENGAGEMENT RING.

So the investors are the ones who put the ring on eBay and hope to fetch a quarter of a million bucks.

Adrienne Maloof is adding to her merchandise empire… it looks like Adrienne is in direct competition with Kathy Wakile with the red velvet cake vodka, but Adrienne’s bottle lights up!  With all this crap coming out, the only thing left for Adrienne to do is write a book…

In need of a new clutch to go with your sweet new Maloof pumps? “And then there’s the handbags…” the power mom continues about her business plans. “Again, the idea is luxury meets affordability. The line will open exclusively at Belk.”

Oh, and then there’s also that new vodka  partnership. “I’m part owner in a new premium vodka company called Zing. They approached me because they wanted to do something luxurious,” A explains. “So we did a red velvet cupcake vodka and it’s so smooth and fabulous … The bottles all have this LED light built in so when you press a button, the bottle lights up. It’s very cool and gorgeous and it tastes delicious. It’s coming this summer.”

Joe Joodice has been included in a list… a list of revolting reality men.

Seth Rudetsky, who is a Broadway big deal,  was the guest “bartender” on last night’s WWHL.  Rudetsky created a musical recap of the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ reality series,  ‘RHOC, The Musical’.

Dr Paul and Adrienne Maloof with Ryan Ochoa showing off her new OMG! iPhone cases… they light up!  Adrienne love glitter and shiny things…

Adrienne and Paul hosted Ryan Ochoa’s 16th birthday party at their home… the Bravo cameras were there!

Besides the iPhone lightup cases, Adrienne and Dr. Paul will be introducing a new skin care line this week… which, obviously, will be stocked at his offices in Beverly Hills and his new office in NYC.

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