SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY EDITION: OC Musical by Seth Rudetsky… Adrienne Maloof “LightUp iPhone Covers…Shoes, SkinCare, Vodka”…”… UPDATE… Shana “Taylor Armstrong” Forfeits Ten Carat Yellow Diamond Ring… Part of Lawsuit Settlement

May 30, 2012  10:10 am    UPDATE 8:00 pm

According to TMZ instead of selling her engagement ring to ‘fight’ the MMR lawsuit, ShanaBanana has surrendered the ring as a part of a settlement.

Taylor has now struck a new settlement deal with the investors to make the whole thing go away. The new deal was struck yesterday, which requires Taylor to pay an undisclosed amount of money to the investors and fork over a bunch of personal property — INCLUDING THE ENGAGEMENT RING.

So the investors are the ones who put the ring on eBay and hope to fetch a quarter of a million bucks.

Adrienne Maloof is adding to her merchandise empire… it looks like Adrienne is in direct competition with Kathy Wakile with the red velvet cake vodka, but Adrienne’s bottle lights up!  With all this crap coming out, the only thing left for Adrienne to do is write a book…

In need of a new clutch to go with your sweet new Maloof pumps? “And then there’s the handbags…” the power mom continues about her business plans. “Again, the idea is luxury meets affordability. The line will open exclusively at Belk.”

Oh, and then there’s also that new vodka  partnership. “I’m part owner in a new premium vodka company called Zing. They approached me because they wanted to do something luxurious,” A explains. “So we did a red velvet cupcake vodka and it’s so smooth and fabulous … The bottles all have this LED light built in so when you press a button, the bottle lights up. It’s very cool and gorgeous and it tastes delicious. It’s coming this summer.”

Joe Joodice has been included in a list… a list of revolting reality men.

Seth Rudetsky, who is a Broadway big deal,  was the guest “bartender” on last night’s WWHL.  Rudetsky created a musical recap of the ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ reality series,  ‘RHOC, The Musical’.

Dr Paul and Adrienne Maloof with Ryan Ochoa showing off her new OMG! iPhone cases… they light up!  Adrienne love glitter and shiny things…

Adrienne and Paul hosted Ryan Ochoa’s 16th birthday party at their home… the Bravo cameras were there!

Besides the iPhone lightup cases, Adrienne and Dr. Paul will be introducing a new skin care line this week… which, obviously, will be stocked at his offices in Beverly Hills and his new office in NYC.

Literary Winner!

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(Thanks to SH readers “Lisbeth” “LisaDragonLady” and “JennyZ!!!)

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46 comments on “SH “HIT AND RUN” WEDNESDAY EDITION: OC Musical by Seth Rudetsky… Adrienne Maloof “LightUp iPhone Covers…Shoes, SkinCare, Vodka”…”… UPDATE… Shana “Taylor Armstrong” Forfeits Ten Carat Yellow Diamond Ring… Part of Lawsuit Settlement

  1. ROFL~~

    SH you scared the s**t out of me with the “Thursday” title. I’m supposed to be flying somewhere on Thursday and thought I missed my flight. The brain started scrambling.

  2. I never saw Taylor wear that ring? Why didn’t she have a fake duplicate made and wear it EVERYWHERE in case of a robbery, like Alexis? lol

  3. I guess her Russell beat me and abused me into signing Ruse didn’t work with the MMR folks Not that i thought it would.

      • Mp I think you need to tell us how you really feel Cuz i think you are holding back some

        • 250k for 10 car of crap. Wont even make a dent in what this lady owes. I hope Kyle dont buy that back for her.

          • I like the video, very appropriate for Taylor! I wonder if it is true about offshore bank accounts, if Taylor really has money stashed somewhere why not just pony up some cash in a settlement deal? Oh wait, that is what an Honest person would do…

            • It is the honest thing But we are talking about Taylor here who wouldnt know honesty if it walked up to her and punched her in the eye and caused a orbital blowout plus if she pulls the money out all the other people who they screwed over will file more lawsuits

          • I did read she had to pay money and fork over more personal effects besides the ring

            • Oh well at least that’s something. I guess the whole “battered woman forced to go along with my husband” crap didn’t pan out for her. Although I am surprised the suit is moving along this quickly, I was sure her attorney would be able to “muddy the waters” and drag it out longer.

            • They may be moving it along because Traylor wanted it to go away so she could stay on the show? Just a guess….

            • I tried to find this ring on eBay, and it’s not there. I cannot imagine how it could be worth $250K. Looks danged tacky to me, and I’m simply commenting on the ring and not as it relates to the Black Widow.

              It’s good to know that she’s getting dinged financially. It’s about time!!

              Still boycotting RHoBH until she is completely off the show, including NO cameos as a “friend” of the show. She is a revolting, narcissistic, pathological liar.

              Where the heck is CPS in CA when she habitually gets obscenely drunk w/ her child in her care?

  4. after spending many years trolling the housewives sites and reading tons of information i have drank enough to state my opinion tonight. this website has to be the ONLY site with educated readers, and readers smart enough/unbiased enough to state opinions. all of these other sites are making me so crazy. thank you SH for remaining consistent and UNBIASED, unlike all of these other wanna be, low-rent bloggers who all claim to be. its obvious they all jack your information from you, but i will no longer waste my time at work reading the opinions of their readers anymore because my head is on the edge of exploding.

  5. SH: do you still think Trailor will only be in a few episodes…seems they have a lot of filming under the belt by now and no word that I know about of Trailor being shown the door…any inside scoop?

    • That drink sounds revolting. In fact, maybe I should imagine its taste before I put anything in my mouth to kill my appetite so I can lose some impossibly sticky pounds. Sigh…..

      • I couldn’t imagine the nastiness of that texture. And I am a sweet drank kinda gal. At one time I thought that vodka infused whipped cream seemed like a good idea but alas it’s a bad bad thang. baaaaad So I could not imagine a liquored up cream cheese frosting.

          • If the bottle lights up, they must be marketing it to drinkers that get so bombed they need a light to find their bottle.

            • lol. Sumpin tells me too much of that kind of drink will be a one way ticket to sickville no time for a pitstop in bombedland.

            • Oh, I know a few gals that could drink the whole bottle before they started hugged the poney. lol

  6. So are Taylor’s legal woes over? Are there still issues pending, like the non disclosure of several investors?

  7. Interesting only TMZ is featuring the item; especially since refusing to deal with her because Taylor had no credibility. Nary a word on ROL about Taylor’s lawsuit settlement.

    Does this validate Taylor was the one selling all the items in the past about herself and the other cast mates? IMO, yes it does.

    What else was Taylor required to surrender?

  8. Maloof’s products at first I’m like wtf but they make sense with her Viva vegas hotel empire attire lifestyle

  9. I think the fact that Adrianne is pushing everything from shoes to skin cream is a little telling as to the financial state of her fathers business left in his children’s care. The Kings are a losing proposition,they sold the Beer distribution and sold all but 3 percent of the hotel. Promoting her new ventures via the HWs isn’t doing anything other than making her look desperate.

  10. I don’t believe that the MMR lawsuit was settled with a ring and some other personal property. I’ve read all the documents and don’t think it will be that easy for Taylor to get out of this one. She’s tried all sorts of antics to help her case that haven’t worked. I can’t imagine that it will go away so easily. I’ll believe it when I see the legal documentation saying so.

    • I was reading something this morning saying Taylor was the one who put the ring on EBAY to get cash for the settlement…either way they are not buying her poor abused widow ruse

      • And even though the old saying goes you cant bleed a turnip I just want them to give it the ole college try. Bleed her dry. She likes to try to hold herself out to be an “inspiration” to women of DV (Gag!) But really she should be nothing more than a cautionary tale. And it has nothing to do with her LIE about being beat.

        • I say the investors should just back up a u-haul empty the place and have a Big ole Garage sale.

          I like it better when we are on the same side…

          • Yep. Bish just needs two pairs of shoes and one of them has to be flip flops. And 5 changes of clothes tops.. The rest of that stuff has got to go. all of it. not nary a candle holder will be spared. Perhaps Dr. No Socks can even show up with some duct tape to help pack it all up ya know all supportive like n stuff.

            • Yup, and just because she doesn’t have anything doesn’t mean they can’t put leins or judgements up against her, they can. And every time she gets something of value it will go to pay off her judgements. she can declare bankruptcy but all the poeple that she owes money to can appear in court and object. They will all be notified of time and date of her hearing.

            • Omg madepiley, you are cracking me up again!!! “…and one of them has to be flip flops” baa haa haaa!!!

  11. What an idiot Taylor is boxing herself in with a high profile identity this time. No way she can just change her name and move on to the next scam. No doubt Taylor will try, but there’s no outrunning the internet.

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