REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Sneak Peek… Goin’ White Water Rafting… VIDEO

Once you go white water rafting… you will never go again!

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19 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: Sneak Peek… Goin’ White Water Rafting… VIDEO

  1. my son is experienced and almost died on a class V (5) in panama after a drop and the water turned back on them, throwing them out of the raft and he hit his head on a rock. if not for being with the most experienced guide risking his life to dive in to save him, he would have died. he loves it and still goes back for more.

    • Oh nooo! That’s why I say never! I’m uncoordinated. I bet your son probably has some athletic ability. I’m too dainty. :-| Don’t make me! I could hit my head like BSL’s boy. Eeeeeep
      Or go down the waterfall like Miles… Why people? Why?!

  2. You couldn’t pay me enough to take a vacation with these cackling hens (bet the tour guide was thinking in his head shut the hell up) – why would they pick a place that has bugs, monkeys, sports etc. when they couldn’t even manage to camp the right way!!! MORONS!

    • Vicky, you are right. Going away with those women wouldn’t be a vacation, but rather a glimpse of hell.

  3. I have been white water rafting my entire adult life.(I’m 50)…..yes, it’s dangerous but you have to keep your head and listen to the Captain(the person in the rear who is steering with his oar) then you will be fine. I have never had an injury and I have been on the very best/scariest/wildest rapids(Class VI) or Class 6…..the craziest time is a dam release…..I highly recommend it for experienced rafters.

    • People that love it, love it. Curious about the dam–was that in the States? I am amazed how many people travel around the world doing this. Anywhere out of the country that you found better than the others?

      • I loved the Colorado River, but the Deschutes River in Oregon was a REALLY nice trip…..I don’t care for the Delaware, it’s overrun with amateurs. If you ever get to Canada, raft the Ottawa-the scenery is INSANE. Yes, the dam release that I was at was on the Delaware, but it was dicey with the ‘newbies’ who are a hazard at times. I have NOT rafted outside of the US. And of course, when you go, you MUST SWIM THE RAPIDS as well…..

  4. I go all over America white water rafting – it’s a lot of fun and I’m a 60 year old woman. Woo Hoo!

  5. Someone please tell me WHY they even bother keeping Sarah Winchester as a HW?? I haven’t seen her in weeks and I really don’t CARE…..

  6. I’ve white water rafted up to class 6 as well, very exhilerating !! but as mentioned you must listen to the captains instructions !! These ladies are so obnoxiously loud this would be impossible for their trip.

    Why why why must these ladies, and I say ladies loosly, be so friggin mouthy, dang ! why do I even watch this show, it’s an hour of addicting misery actually, at least for me.

  7. Does anyone else think that Vicky’s crazy behavior on this trip seems like she’s one some anti anxiety meds? She seems drunk, but said she hadn’t even drank. I’ve known people who are on those meds and have the same erratic behavior.

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