REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: BravoTV Blogs… Vicki Gunvalson “Intense and Happy…Feels Bad For Alexis”, Sarah Winchester “WHY???”…


I am the one usually in the middle of the tension — or the target for the tension. I felt really bad for Alexis. I mean what was she to do. . .just sit there and agree with all of them as they are bashing her? It was brutal not only watching it, but also being there and really not doing anything to help her out. I felt no matter what I did I was going to be brought into it somehow.   NOTE:  WOW!  So, Vicki did nothing!  No matter how strong one is in their life — business or personal — nothing can compare to the hurt one feels when their friends all turn on you. I know that feeling and I am stronger for experiencing it — I guess.

I hope Alexis gains the strength from this pain and I hope she will come away from this hurt being a stronger and even more empowered woman. I really like Alexis and I think she has all the potential for her own greatness. In fact, I love all the girls. I just wish we could get to a place where we all can be friends and it’s not so divided. It sure would make life easier.   NOTE:  That will never happen… as we all know!  Without the continual pot-stirring, there would be no basis for any of the phony baloney Housewives “reality” shows!

I ask myself a lot what is it about women that puts us into this drama that we do to ourselves? Do men do that to each other? Do men go on a vacation and talk about their wives out loud? Do men call each other pretentious and fake?   NOTE:  Is Vicki serious here???  Does Vicki really expect viewers to believe that the ‘drama’ isn’t demanded of them from the producers?  Does Vicki really expect viewers to believe that she and the rest of the ‘Real Housewives’ get that Bravo paycheck in exchange for NO drama???  What a crock!!

I don’t think so nor have I ever heard it. I think there is something to learn from men in this area. Now don’t get me wrong, I am so glad I am a woman — but there are times when I wonder will we as women ever settle down with each other and start encouraging one another instead of breaking one down? What would it be like if we did?   NOTE:  There would be lots of the same drama if the name of the show were the “Real HUSBANDS of…” with the wives playing the ‘supporting’ roles.  Let’s hope THAT never happens!!!


The girls trip in Costa Rica this week looked liked a blast! I’m glad they were all able to get along (for the most part) and let loose and have some fun.  I’m so happy to hear that Vicki is so happy in her life right now. It’s always nice to see people in a good place and happy with who they are with and where their life is headed.

I’m looking forward to watching the rest of the Costa Rica trip next week. It looks absolutely amazing there!   Note to Sarah: Feel free to book a trip to Costa Rica… what’s stopping you???  A better question might be:  WHY is Sarah writing a BravoBlog???

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18 comments on “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY: BravoTV Blogs… Vicki Gunvalson “Intense and Happy…Feels Bad For Alexis”, Sarah Winchester “WHY???”…

  1. LOL! I think it’s that annoying drunk girl that went bowling with Gretchen and fought with Vicki..LOL!!


  2. Hey, Vicki, plenty of women get along with each other without any drama. They just aren’t reality tv ho’s.


  3. Shame on Vicki for not shutting that down! With her as a friend who would need and enemies? Not huge fan of Alexis and I do think she is pretentious, shallow and certainly insecure so she should at least feel good about NOT being Tamra. What a nasty, judgmental two faced bitch. Who does she think she is pointing out others faults in that way? She should some of that time worrying and working on herself and her own faults of which their are many. Gretchen obviously has aligned herself with Tamra for self preservation. The ONLY one on that show I would be friends with is Heather.


  4. I go on vacation with my girlfriends every year (usually to Vegas and last time we stayed at Planet Hollywood so in your face Ms. Maloof). We are all in our 40s and there is NEVER ANY DRAMA. We have a great time and we all get along. How dare she claim women are full of drama and men aren’t. Only women who agree to appear in reality TV shows have drama on vacations.


  5. Tamra is a mean girl and always has to have an “enemy”. First Jeana. Then Gretchen. Now Alexass.


  6. Vicki is a hypocrite, immature, sullen, selfish, attention seeking and a control freak. Her persistant search for a full love tank and a true friend is nausiating. It’s almost as though she can only handle having one close friend, and then that friend is then required to be ‘faithful’ only to Vicki. My daughter had a friend like that recently and wouldn’t put up with her behaviour, and she’s 12 years old! It’s about time Vicki grew up.


  7. vicky is just plain nuts david brooks ayers is everybit as much of a slime ball as slade slimey jim b is a chauvinist iys like beauty and the beast terry dubrow is great eddie is a creepy fame seeker i also really liked donn these women seem to have trouble picking lifemates


  8. One, why does Sarah blog??

    Two, these women fight because they have no interest in each other. They have no girlfriend bonds because they were not friends before the show. They were cast and brought together. Their personalities are all about themselves and that is why they are always fighting. Jealous of each other.


  9. Vicki and Tamra both get on my last nerve. Vicki is a selfish, screeching, controlling witch imo. I couldn’t tolerate her for more than five minutes. She has an awfully great opinion of herself to be an average-looking insurance salesperson.The way she treats Briana is unforgivable. That poor child never gets to finish a sentence because it’s always all about Vicki. I resent her comments about women not being able to get along. My friends and I don’t act like Vicki and the other OC women . . . ever.

    Tamra berating Alexis is laughable. Tamra reminds me of a low class, uneducated barfly. She’s vulgar, rude and not nearly as attractive or smart as she thinks she is imo. I’m not particularily fond of Alexis but who is Tamra to tell her anything? I felt sorry for Alexis. Tamra needs a reality check just like her buddy Vicki imo.


  10. Seems like in the beginning Simon had made a few comments about TammyFay having a foul mouth and that she embarrassed him in front of his friends for some of her behavior. I think (from meeting her mom) she comes from people who are just above the white trash line. I think that the deal with her father leaving her mother for another woman really messed her up. I think she has major issues with men. I think she is one of those women who have those issues as well as low self esteem issues that have made her not like pretty women,men who try to change her and has made her mad at the world for her less than stellar childhood. I see her as maybe not fitting in at school with the cool girls. I can picture her as a girl who once she had sex decided that was something she could use to get what she wanted and it made her feel powerful. In my day we called girls like that sluts. Vickie was the one who pushed her into fixing herself up. She had Simons money to make her fit in with the rest of the OC types. I think whenever another female tries to fit in she becomes that slutty,bitchy person who will go for the jugular. Vickie wasn’t wild enough for her. She thought when Vickie divorced they could become party girls together. Didn’t work out that way. So, she picked someone else that she could manipulate and act 20 again. Wretchen. Slade really pisses her off because he was one of those guys who used her when she was younger then dumped her. He also sees her for what she is.(nope don’t like him either) Heather is just another stepping stone for her quest to be part of the rich in crowd. I don’t think it will last with those two as Heather really has some set standards and TammyFay doesn’t really have any standards. So, Housewife bullies are: TammyFay, Don Caro and the Manzo clan, Kim and Kyle and last but not least Ramoaner. Maybe they should have their own show so they can rip each other to pieces. Bravo do you think that would be enough drama for ya?


    • Great comments morninglaurie! I think you’ve done an excellent job analyzing Tamra. I see her as a very “hard” woman. I see very little softeness to her, even with her children. I don’t see anything attractive about her either and it’s mainly due to her unfortunate personality. After you mentioned it, I recalled Simon’s comments about her crudeness and I saw her embarrass him on many occasions with her foul mouth and dirty jokes. The life she leads shows in her face. She will age quickly because she’s always angry and is so hard-looking already.

      I’d add Vicki to the bully group. She’s determined to always be the center of attention, leader of the crowd and is so judgemental of the other women. She goes about it in a more “backdoor” kind of way but she’s still a major bully imo. I’d love to see a show with all the bullies together! Now that would be some major drama! ;)


  11. so right about tamra. has to bring someone down every season, to make herself look better.
    tarma you r and always will be trailer trash. no insult intended to people who live in trailers. just an
    expression; but u know what i mean. she cannot live w/out a man to take care of her. get a real
    job. u set a horrible example for your kids. eddie will be gone as soon as your stint on housewives
    is over. trust me on that one. gretchen, u r harming your own image hanging out w/her and slimey.
    too smart for that. get on w/your life.


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