TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Husband Joe Giudice… Latest On Juicy’s Driver’s License Suit… In Court Today…. Wants “More Time” For Possible Plea Deal…

May 29, 2012  5:00 pm     From NorthJersey

        Teresa Giudice, Joe Giudice… 

Joe Giudice made an appearance in a Passaic County courtroom this afternoon...  in front of Superior Court Judge Greta Gooden Brown… asking for a continuance in his driver’s license suspension/fraudulently obtaining a driver’s license/wrongful identity/impersonation case.

Juicy Joe listened to his attorney.  According to reports, Juicy stood by his lawyer and said nothing.

“Real Housewives of New Jersey” hubby Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice made a cameo in state court Tuesday, where attorneys told a judge they need more time to negotiate a possible resolution to criminal charges pending against the Montville  resident.

“How much time are you looking for? You’ve already had a lot of time, to be honest,” Superior Court Judge Greta Gooden Brown in Paterson told Clifton Attorney Miles Feinstein, who is defending Giudice against charges of wrongful identity use and impersonation.

Feinstein requested another four to six weeks, to which Passaic County  Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay Mc Cann did not object.  Gooden Brown ordered all parties to return June 27, when there could be a final plea offer or a trial date set.

Giudice, 42, standing beside his lawyer during the brief status conference, did not speak.

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice, right, in court Tuesday with lawyer Miles Feinstein.

Authorities allege Giudice obtained a license at the Motor Vehicle Commission office in Paterson  in June 2010 using marriage and birth certificates that belong to his brother, Pietro (Pete) Giudice. Giuseppe’s (JuicyJoe’s) license was suspended at the time.

Giudice was fined, had his license suspended, was ordered to undergo counseling and served 10 days in the Morris County  jail after flipping his truck on a Montville road in January of 2010.

At the time of his sentence in that case, the prosecution called attention to 39 points that Giudice had accumulated prior to the crash. Those points, prosecutors said, were accrued through such violations as speeding, leaving the scene of an accident, careless driving, failing to maintain lamps, failing to wear a seat belt, driving with a cell phone and failing to pay parking tickets.

Prosecutors began to investigate the brothers when Pietro (Pete) Giudice, 39, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Lincoln Park. When the police officer ran Pietro’s information through an onboard computer, the search produced Giuseppe’s photograph, authorities have said.

 Pietro “Pete” Giudice…

Giuseppe “Joe” Giudice has made frequent appearances on “Real Housewives” and is the husband of “housewife” Teresa Giudice. Teresa also recently appeared as a resilient contestant on Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Teresa Giudice…  “Buh-bye, Joe!”

Giuseppe was indicted on the charges he currently faces in December. He faces 10 years in prison if convicted of the second-degree charge, and 18 months if convicted of the other, a fourth-degree charge. Giudice has already rejected a plea offer by the state of five years in prison, with no restrictions on when he would become eligible for parole, according to attorneys.

McCann said that at least some sort of jail time will be part of any plea offer, as the charges are too serious to allow a probation-only sentence.

Following the proceedings, Feinstein expressed frustration that people are making remarks about the case on “The Real Housewives” episodes.

“The matter will be tried in a court of law, not in the press or on the New Jersey ‘Housewives’ show,” Feinstein said. “During several episodes of the ‘Housewives,’ persons appearing have discussed Joe’s case.


They have a right to do so, but they should know better. They know nothing about the actual facts of the case and they should realize that the charges are mere allegations and nothing more. Comments made by those people can only prejudice Joe and taint the prospective jury pool. We are looking forward to Joe’s vindication.”   NOTE:  Perhaps Tree should stop giving interviews to magazines! 

NOTE:  One SH reader gave the following information:  

“Prosecutor McCann is a real hardnose, so he probably won’t cut Joe a break.  Also, the Judge used to be head of the Police Training Commission, so she’s also a toughie, not one of the “good ole boys” that might have helped Juicy Joe out.  Also, Miles, the lawyer, is a heavy weight who usually does high profile cases. He loves the spot light, so stay tuned, his “performances” are usually better than Hollywood.”  

If that’s the case (pun intended!)… Juicy might be seeing some real time… more than if one of his “good ole boys” were presiding!

(Thanks to SH readers “AntM” “PDM” and “cybraxis”!!!)

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260 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree’s Husband Joe Giudice… Latest On Juicy’s Driver’s License Suit… In Court Today…. Wants “More Time” For Possible Plea Deal…

  1. As has been pointed out before, Joe is related to a Judge. So far he has been able to leave the country while on bail, so it looks like he will get off with a slap on the wrist. That is what the pending plea bargain is about – how big will the fine be. Don’t expect Joe to spend more than a couple of weeks in jail, morelikely his connections will get him off with probation.

    • Idendity fraud is a bit differnet then Juicys prior offenses I think He obtained a DL using someone elses Idendity I dontthink they will gloss over that since it was fraud against a Goverment agency and involved Goverment Paperwork. The feds were ready to string his bum up in his Bankruptcy fraud no doubt NJ is ready to do the same.

      • Joe may be related to a judge, but I don’t think they are going to try anything in order for him to skate on this one. They know as you know already the Federal govt. was about to string him up for the bankruptcy fraud but he pulled it. The feds are watching and they know that NJ is a hot bed of corruption. The best thing for the people who would help to do is to let him do the 10 years and get out on parole in 3 years or something like that. Because the judge and the others don’t want a federal indictment to get them if found out they helped this case along.

        • Hope you are right. If he gets a sentence it will be 6 months or under and he will be out in a couple of weeks. Remember friends in High Places. It is North New Jersey. I hope I am wrong, but I think he will walk from it and laugh at everyone.

      • Lisa I hope you are right. He has already gotten off with forging his partners name on Bank and Mortgage documents. That should have been criminal but…… And he has gotten off with presenting forged documents (IRS Tax Returns) to a Federal Court as evidence (the Bankruptcy petition. Joe has friends and relatives in high places and the strings are pulled over and over and over again.

        • Technically he didnt get off of the Federal charges He dropped the Bankruptcy claim to stop the investigation He knew they were gonna crawl up his rectum with a Microscope and that would have not bode well for him nor Teresa who was also looking at serious jailtime. So no one got him off anything he just dropped the claim..

      • I think so, too. Have to set an example that we will not tolerate presenting false documentation to obtain a drivers license. Just because that is considered a sport down here in Miami, I wish someone would do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        (Sorry, Juicy, but you are a dumb-ass and you need some time away to force you to contemplate the error of your ways, and perhaps gain a few I.Q. points in the libarry, and you need to dry out a bit. Perhaps they will still let you do the splits.

    • What judge is he related to? I am curious to see what Judge you think is pulling strings. If he were related to a judge, it would have gotten moved out of Passaic County and u know that!!!

      • Shelia calm down. It is the same judge your husband is related to. It has been in the news. Stop playing games.

        • I highly doubt this is Sheila! You don’t go from hating someone to all of a sudden defending them on blogs. Antonella might be a friend of Teresa, but not Sheila. Anywho, Antonella you are OK in my book! Monica, not so much! To appear at the Fashion show and go up to Teresa’s SIL and say “i’m suing your SIL” is so low class, thrashy and unprofessional!

          • I googled who Shelia is. . . yuck!!! Be nice!!! Don’t be hatin’ Monica, just cause u married lisp boy Billy S.

  2. Boo-f**kin’-hoooo. I don’t believe for inkling Joe has changed his ways. Also don’t believe for an iota Teresa was not aware of the phony license at some point before it was discovered by LE. If Teresa/Juicy don’t want the reality of their lives broadcast, STOP APPEARING ON REALITY TV.

    • Im so tired of the excuses Chewy didnt know this chewy didnt know that BS she knew of the money issues,the fraud and the DL mess all of it How could she NOT know. People want to think Chewy was some kind of Mushroom wife who didnt know anything She is dumb as a box of rocks but she isnt that moranic.
      Hey Chewy Joe isnt “going away” he is going to Jail and have a buddy named BUBBA

      • I’m sorry, but I don’t see Joe telling Teresa. “I’ll see you later. I’m going to get a fake drivers license.” C’mon. He doesn’t seem the type to discuss his various shennagians prior to committing them with his wife, if you know what I mean. You can’t put everything on Teresa.

        • I’m sure she knew he was driving and assumed as in the past he was hoping not to get caught.

        • sorry She knew he lost her license You want me to believe that she didnt ask him why he was suddenly driving again and how did he get his license back? he may have not told her prior but no way she didnt know after the fact. Teresa tries to act like she is clueless but she isnt as clueless as her fans want to think she is .

          • I doubt he ever stopped driving except on the show. I don’t know what Teresa knew but I would have a fit if he was driving our cars because it would void our insurance. I tend to think of the worst that can happen and losing our assets in a lawsuit if someone was hurt while he was at the wheel would make me put my foot down. If Joe had a driver as he claimed what would he need a license for? Something other than Driving?

            • he would need a ID for any business transactions or to set up any accounts in banks that he hasnt done business with before. I know people think Teresa is a Mushroom wife keep in the dark and never asking questions But she is much more informed then we know and her ‘stand by your man” act sounds better when Tammy Wynette sings it.

              • Are u saying he needs a DL to conduct business? A bank will take County ID and SS Card if u don’t have a driver’s license.

              • I dont know about Jersey, but I know NY will issue a non drivers licenes for ID purposes. I’m sure Jersey also issues ID’s. This guy is just a crimminal. Lets face facts he tries to get money the easy way instead of working for it the right way. The only problem he has now is his wife is on TV and everyones watching everything they do so its harder to get away with it now. I am scared to know what type of things he was up to before the camera’s came into thier lives. Teresa is in no way ignorant of these things no matter what she says. Joe Giudice has no respect for Teresa so I’m sure he’s never hid his activities from her, he just expects her to “shut up about it Tre”. The only people I feel bad for are the kids, they have to suffer the embarrassment.

    • Joe’s in the Criminal Court Room and Teresa is blogging on her website about the wonderful time they had this weekend at their beachhouse (in someone else’s name) with pictures of her and Joe all lovey dovey. They are not taking the charges seriously which proves they have friends and relatives pulling strings for Joe to again get off.

  3. Jennifer Neehan is that idiot “lawyer” Monica Chicon. Monica, u saying that Judges in Passaic are crooked, can’t wait to get that out to ur hubby Billy Saracino.

      • @Lisa, because she used the same name on Andy Cohen’s fb and I know her writing style. She knew stuff about the case only the attorney would know. She was pissed because she said Teresa “attacked” her at the Newark Fed Court House. When I pointed out that the Judge had a gag order and she was posting stuff and I was going to tattle, she disappeared from Andy Cohen’s page.

        • That’s hilarious, what an idiot to use her full name. She has no room calling Tre an idiot.

        • Antonella, that is, IMO crazy. I post public knowledge facts anyone can get them. And I never disappeared from Andy’s page. I still post where ever I want. Stop the bullying and false information.

          • I really don’t care who a commenter is. You should be able to post with out hostility from anyone here. Generally that is the rule here and most all of us respect that. That’s the reason I come to this site. It is one of the few sites that doesn’t revolve around harassing each other. Here it’s all opinion and information. Antonella was out of line.

            • Jennifer accused me and Antonella of being Sheila. I think Jennifer was also out of line, dontcha think???

              • I think that is just as wrong. IMO Antonella was the one that started the harassment and it blossomed from there. You My sweet like ProstitutionWhore got caught in the cross fire. JMO and we all know what that’s worth.LOL.

              • Thank you, origiancyn1. ProstitutionWhore, I never accused you of being Sheila. I was commenting to Antonella only. IMO she is mostlikely Sheila Giucide trying to help her brother and sister in law. From all the posts and the insider knowledge of the Passaic County Court law cases, well …………. If she isn’t Sheila do her bosses know what she is saying and doing?

              • You didn’t accuse me of being Sheila?!?!?!? You wrote this TO ME “Shiela, you know I am not a lawyer. You know I am an old lady from Newark N.J. we have been through this before. Now stop your games. Go back to your brother-in-law and sister-in-law (aka Joe and Teresa or Guiseppe and Teresa) and tell them the people on the boards know who you are so you have to make up a new screen name.”

              • ProstitutionWhore, I wrote that to Antonella. I have now learned I have to state everyone’s name first. Sorry.

              • No one cares if who she is. It’s all about stoopid Housewives, myself not included. No reason to explain or defend. Love the info and different point of views. Enjoy the day.

              • ProstitutionWhore, I was not making the comments to you. I am sorry I did not know you have to put the persons screen name first so everyone knows who the comments are directed at. Again I apologize for my mistake in directing my comments.

            • I don’t believe I was out of line. I think if someone is going to give false information pretending it to be fact or information that she knows is improper, I am allowed to respond. Besides, if she is not idiot Monica, why is she taking such offense to it. Bullying? How the heck am I bullying anyone. How was I out of line?

              • For ALL: This is a perfect time for all to review the rules on SH:

                There are not that many rules; however, there have been TWO basic rules since day one of SH: Please no foul language and please no attacking fellow commenters. There is no need for either to get your point across! Since SH has grown, so have the rules, so please take a moment to read.

                We can all disagree… intelligently and politely. TFC!!! SH

              • Sorry if I said anything wrong. I will re-read the rules because apparently my reading comprehension is low. It’s a miracle I graduated high school, let alone college!

              • Same here Ms SH. I’ll not comment on commentators anymore. However since Monica appeared on HWONJ, she’s fair game.

      • Lisa, she knows I am not Monica. She knows Monica has no interest in this stupidity because she has a large successful practice and numerous clients as does her husband. They are serious about law and beat Joe Giudice in the court system. What they disclosed about Teresa and Joe helps everyone else that will sue the Giudices in the future. It is now court records and can be used in future criminal and civil cases. It is so silly to knock Monica by pretending I am her. Monica and her husband won the case, Joe lost, so who is smart and who is dumb?

        • If you are not Monica why do you speak for her by saying she has no interest in this stupidity, when clearly she does b/c she appeared on the show, even if she did get kicked out of MeGo’s house by The Don.

          • Exactly… also when Antonella first said that Jennifer was that idiot lawyer… later in one of Jennifer’s replies to Antonella she said, “who’s the idiot…” in reference to that statement. Antonella was talking about Monica. If Jennifer isn’t her then why bring up the idiot bit? Seemed to really bother her.

          • Housewife hoe, I was stating my opinion. I do not speak for Monica Chicon (aka Monica Chacon).

    • I don’t know who you are. I am not Monica Chicon. Wish I was – she is well educated, intelligent, successful, happily married and beautiful. And…. she would not waste her time on here, she would do something legal, as she and her husband did when they got the judgement and the admission of fraud and forgery from Joe Giucide. What they got as sworn public record in the civil case against the Giucides was a large part of why Teresa and Joe Giudice had to abandon their bankruptcy petition and in the end will have to pay their debts. Judgements don’t disappear. So Antonella, who is the “idiot”? Are you looking in the mirror.

      • That sounds just like sumpin Monica would say… I mean the well educated, intelligent, successful, happily married and BEE-YOU-TEA-FUL part. lol. ;) ;) ;) oh and ;)

      • she would not waste her time on here but she would waste her time appearing on a crap show like rhonj with Kim G and that is soooo much more important….and legal lol

        • It’s her. Trust me. She’s a screwball. Don’t let the term “lawyer” fool you. I wouldn’t let her do a closing for me, never mind anything important. And her “handsome” husband, hahahahaha. that’s a gem.

          • Right now if I were Monica I would be outlining a libel and deflamation suit. Think about that.

              • Belladee there are grounds. Read the statements Antonella has been putting in writing on here about Monica and her husband. That is libel (A published false statement that is damaging to a person’s reputation; a written defamation), slander is when it is spoken. It is deflamatory as it is falsely ridiculing their business and reputation. There could be a large monetary amount awarded because of where it has been written and why it has been written and the effects of the writing. If I were Monica or her husband I would hire a computer fraud investigator (could even involve the FBI because this goes over state lines and they have a terrific computer fraud and defamation department in Pittsburgh PA) and file suit in Federal Court.
                Again if I were Monica, and even though I am not Monica she can still do this as the slander and defamation is directed at her.

              • SH, I don’t like all the bullying and deflamatory statements directed at me, on this website, because Antonella has vulgarily labelled me Monica Chicon. I make a point of only posting public knowledge information and try not to lose my temper. I feel I have as much a right to post my thoughts as others and deserve the respect others want only for themselves. I hope you can respect this and I hope those that are vulgarizing and bullying others, including me, are reprimanded and not rewarded.

              • Antonella has given her OPINIONS about Monica on a blog about a reality tv show. I dont see the defamation. Anyone can technically due anyone for pissing them off or hurting their feelings and call it whatever they want. But it wont stick cause it is… well…. silly.

              • I took a media ethics class in college which was very relevant to my major, so I know what Libel and slander are. If it was that easy to sue for libel, all the tabloids wouldn’t be in business.

            • For having the OPINION that MONICA’S husband is not handsome? bahahahahaha. Laws a mercy… like for real.

            • Tell Monica to hire the expert, or rather I can call her at her office. Nothing I said is libel or slander, Billy does lisp and anyone who ever heard him speak knows it. Monica is not the brightest bulb and anyone who has heard her knows it. I think you have bigger problems stating on a public site that Juicy Joe is getting off easy because he is related to Judges. I am still waiting to hear what Judges he is related to.

      • Any attorney knows that JUDGMENT is spelled <<<this way, and not JUDGEMENT, so I doubt highly this Jennifer Neehan person is an attorney, although anything is possible in NJ……………

        • If u met Monica, u would understand the misspellings, etc. Besides judgement is actually accepted because it’s the UK spelling.

          • You got me on that one Antonella (Shiela) if you read my facebook page and have followed me for the last couple of years you would know I was educated in the British System.

            • Jennifer when someone on FB asked you why you are obsessing over Teresa you responded “when the Giudices IMO criminal activities effect you personally you become obsessed especially when they keep on hurting people, especially children and make money off of it and are celebrated for it.”
              So what did they do personally to you?

          • Antonella — you just taught me something and I’m a friggin’ copy editor! I know about the various different spellings in England and “judgement” as the typical British spelling was something I did not “realise.”

            For that: thank you!

            • I have to have to have to research this. This English teacher is always correcting this “error.” Frequently words that have been used a certain way eventually appear in the dictionary, since the dictionary describes, rather than prescribes, usage. We’ll see how long it takes me to research how long the “e” in judgment has been acceptable, especially since we usually screw up the original English, not the other way around. arrggggggghhh. (Sorry, guys — my little obsession — especially when proven wrong with usage). More fun that fighting about who is who. (Tackle that who/whom usage — I dare ya :))

              • I’m taking a stab because of the challenge, but I think (sort of, maybe) that whom is used after a preposition so it would be “about whom is who.” How did I do?

        • Belladee go back and re-read my post. I SAID : I wish I had been in the courtroom. Please don’t miss quote me to make me look bad.

          • I attached the link for all, so they can read it themselves, but anyway what is the difference? If you “had been in the courtroom” what exactly could you have done if you are an old lady from newark? That statement sounds to me like you wish you were there on the case. Just my interpretation…

    • She could be Kim Grannytell or that obssesed f’ugly cookie lady Andrea. Both are friends with Monica and can get the info from her.

      • Grannytell is my ideal. That woman says exactly what’s on her mind and does whatever she wants and could care less what anyone says about her. She’s got so much money that she could buy the Brownstone tomorrow, turn it into a strip club and call it Caroline’s

        • I think Caroline met her match with Granny! Caroline doesn’t like her because she is a bigger bitch with real money and her desire to get on the show makes scared of losing her top dog, leader of the pack position. Oh I think Carolines comedy club in NYC is properly named after her because she is a joke!

          • I wonder why Caro never talks about her career in real estate. That’s what she was doing before the show. Her poor hubby would beg his friends to give her their listings.

  4. Whatever someone might think of Joe Giudice, does anyone think TEN YEARS is an appropriate sentence for this kind of crime? Rapists and murderers are known to get — and definitely serve — less. I know in NYS, many convicted rapists get “3 to 5″ sentences. Even 18 months seems like a lot to me, especially since you KNOW his brother ok’d it. Does that make it no big deal? Just let him go? NO. But it is a mitigating factor. It’s not like he was stealing some strangers identity for nefarious purposes; he did it so he could DRIVE places. Even 18 months seems like a lot to me. I’m thinking 3 to 6 months MAYBE or a very long, very strict probation and a hefty fine seems reasonable. I know, tons of ppl are going to blast me for this, so let me say clearly HE SHOULDN’T HAVE DONE THIS AND HE SHOULD BE PUNISHED. I just don’t think the punishment fits the crime.

    • I agree!!! If stupid were a crime, throw away the key, but this seems like he’s being punished for being so high profile and a dummyhead

      • antonella-you sound alot like the tre herself. He is being punished because he fxxxxx up. He is stoopid and should spend time.

        • Antonella, aren’t you Pete’s wife Sheila posting to help Teresa and Joe. Yes now I remember you use this name on here and other sites to help your “family”.

          • I have no problem giving SH my first, last name and my cell. Why don’t u do the same Monica?

            • He should lose his license for 10 years maybe. I mean in Jersey if u get caught 3 times on a DUI, it’s 10 years loss of DL. So some jail time and 10 years loss of license for being a jackhole would work. haha, that way Teresa could keep an eye on him.

              • NJ Law
                1st offense –
                -under .08, 3 months lose of license
                -over .08, 7 months lose of license
                -over .15 7 months with an interlock device.
                2nd offense- within 10 years – 2 years lose of license with interlock device.
                3rd offense – within 10 years – 10 year lose of license, interlock device and 180 days in Jail.
                If suspended for a DUI and get caught driving – 10 days in jail and add’l year loss of license. Just for fake ID is a 4th degree crime. Presenting the false license to a police officer is a 3rd degree crime and implicating another in a crime (using someone elses name) is a 2rd degree, punishable 5-10. 3rd degree punishable by 3-5 years and 4th degree punishable by 1-3 years. Being that NJ has a very liberal justice system, most offensers do not receive jail time. The prosecutors office reserves the right to downgrade or dismiss any charges that they see fit

    • so he should get less time because His brother said it was ok..REALLY?
      10 yrs sounds right to me but he will get out early on good behavior and is unlikey to do the full 10 yrs.

      • I’m gonna re-read my comment Irish and see if it was indeed as simplistic as you just suggested. Okay, done. Nope, it wasn’t. I appreciate someone with pluck tho!

        • Ten years is quite a stretch …BUT…identity “theft” is nothing to sneeze at..there should be stringent consequences for having deliberately misrepresenting who you are for government ID. Joe has a real issue w/authority. He believes himself to be above the law. His brother is an idiot too. Maybe when Joe goes away Tre will cut the deadbeat loose. Whatever she earned on CA is going to the lawyers! !

    • Wasn’t he basically on probation for his DUI already? Losing his license was a consequence for that and his past record. Instead of doing what he needed to do he falsified government records. Probation would be ridiculous at this point.

    • Juicy committed the crime because of the sentence of another crime he committed. IMO, there’s lots of stuff we don’t know. Like, how many other uses did Juicy have for that information? I bet there were many times Juicy used the info illegally. It was not just to drive a vehicle. I don’t give a hoot what Teresa tries to say. She was well aware of $$$ flowing in which would require Juicy ID. the $$$ didn’t just appear from a tree growing in the back yard.

    • I have to agree. I would not want tax dollars wasted on providing room and board to anybody over this nonsense. Fine him, make him report weekly to a probation officer for several months or even put him on house arrest for awhile but please don’t waste the tax dollars on this when the jails are already overcrowded.

      For the record, I am not a cast member and I do not know any of the cast members.

  5. Whoops. I said the thing about 18 months twice! You know I meant to say it once! Ha.

  6. I think the sentence is fair and just. The mitigating circumstances are his prior criminal convictions/activities. He’s pushed the legal limits of what any citizen should be allowed to get away with, including fraud imo. He obviously thinks the law does not apply to him. Wrong. It applies to all of us and he should be given the same sentence as anyone else who breaks the law. He’s a criminal. This man needs to be taught that he is not better than anyone else and that if he breaks the law he will pay the price, just like the rest of us do. If they let him off with an easy sentence, then shame on them!

    • Yes i agree and i couldnt of said that any better. He just keeps stacking up offenses and doesnt give a crap who he steps on or over, he needs to be put in jail and then just maybe it will teach him that he is not above the law, but i wouldnt count on it.

  7. How are Juicy/Teresa supporting the lavish lifestyle, pr team and exorbitant legal fees? What Teresa makes on appearances, books and RH barely covers the taxes and routing living expenses for that monstrosity and new cars.

    • My guess is they are not paying back their bills like they say they are. I heard another one of his building was foreclosed on this past week.

      • They are not paying their bills, they are not making payments on the Judgements. They are making well over four million a year, with the salaries from RHONJ (Teresa, Joe and each of the kids get paid, and they get paid high because of the popularity of the show), the cook books, the book signings, the appearances, the magazine articles, the endorsements, the Fabullini sales, Joe’s winery business, Teresa’s clothing sales, Teresa’s hair products, the teeth whitening franchise and product sales, rental income on the store fronts they rent out (remember the pizza restaurant) the rental income from the government on their Subsidized Housing Apartment buildings. Teresa does not pay for clothing, shoes, children’s clothes, or accessories because she makes online and personal comments (when being interviewed) endorsements for the companies, designers, etc. The big question is, WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? They have transferred everything they can to other family members names (so creditors with judgements can’t take the property). Where is the payment for all of the above going? To offshore bank accounts would be my guess.

        • eventully it will catch up to them just like its catching up to Tayliar from the BH show.

        • Must irk u to no end that ur client has to wait for decades to get paid. Saying someone has off shore accounts and doing illegal transfers, wouldn’t that be slandering someone, Monica? ur going to need a good lawyer. lol

          • Personally I think it a shame that they would have to be paid for years when the Gudice’s benefit from the services and goods these people provided. It isn’t as if the Gudice are living in poverty and can’t afford to paid their debts.

          • gessiewtf, it is public record. When a judgement is won in civil court, the courts keep a record of payment. Most court houses have a public computer in the outer offices the public can use to look up details, or they can access them through various other sources that need the credit information, car dealerships, insurance companies, rent to own companies, etc., etc., etc.

            • If this is coming from public record, why are you all over FB pages witing all this stuff and more saying the info is from an insider?

  8. I actually think he will get a harsh sentence — to prove several points, notably, that just because you’re on a reality TV show doesn’t mean you can act feloniously and expect special treatment.

  9. I can understand Tre’s high stress levels. Joe’s cheating on the driver’s license was not worth it.

  10. I find it hard to believe that Joe isn’t abusive to Teresa. The way he talks to her is verbal abuse. If he does that in front of cameras on national TV, wth does he do when they are alone? His temper is scary and I worry for her and the children. This man needs help before he hurts his wife and/or children. I don’t buy that all Jersey men act this way. Mean, rude, abusive, disrespectful men act this way. No wonder he has so many problems in business. He clearly has a problem with alcohol and anger issues. IMO Teresa would be better off without him. I hope he goes to jail for a long time.

  11. First thoughts after reading this – Bravo needs a little extra time before they start filming Teresa’s new show, hehehe. And it is not a guarantee that a celebrity (not that he’s as popular as Michael Jackson but…) will be convicted at a jury trial. It only takes one juror. But if he did get off at this level/state I can see the Feds going after him – makes all their new antiterrorists laws look like BS! Juciy needs to work out a plea deal ie 3 yrs hopefully out in 18 months on good behavior.

    Wondering if the recent popularity of mobwives helped to get the new reported storyline of her new show going?? Do we know for sure if it’s a go?? Hope i am not taken in the wrong way I absolutely believe that it was 1 of the stoopidist things he could have done judges, cops and attorneys love high profile cases. The second he became a part of RHONJ he became a target. I hope he can get over himself and tone it down!!

  12. I think he’ll probably do about 2 years. But 2 years is still a very long time for Tre. Very sad. I feel bad for her b/c she tries so hard to put up this front like nothing is wrong when, meanwhile, everyone knows. She is in denial big time. As much as I can’t stand JoGo, I do think there is some truth to what he says about her being “real” and “truthful” for once. The problem is that he is so untrustworthy, even if she wanted to break down and cry on his shoulder, MeGo would use the info against the poor woman. It will be definitely interesting to see what Tre will do when he does go to jail, oops I mean “away.”

  13. I hope he gets the maximum sentence. He needs to realize he is not above the law.

  14. I dedicate this video tonight to Jenoica and Antreeonella, Its about youtube comment fights but just substitute HW blog comment fights and you might just laff till ya pee… or not.. but I hope so.

    • I LOVE IT!!! First time I had a madepiley video dedicated to meeeeeee!!! WOOHOO!! FYI, I was one of the three who pointed out the report on Juicy Joe being in court to SH. If I were Teresa, would I have outed my own hubby? Try again, Jenoica Chicon

      • I don’t know how anyone would hire Monica chacon as their lawyer after seeing her leak information just to be on Housewives. The fashion show and then showing up at Melissa’s party. Unprofessional skank!

      • Antonella, so you are close to SH and can contact “her” personally. And you know who else is contacting her personally. Interesting to know. Thanks for the info.

        • I don’t know about anybody else, but I’m getting tired of this BS between Jennifer and Antonella and wish it would stop. Jennifer, SH credited THREE people with the information. I’m guessing the one identified as AntM is antonella, although I suppose it could be pdm or cybraxis. But seriously, this paranoid crap has to stop!!

          • I totally agree with you. Let’s get back to what’s important.
            Has anyone mention how much to really, really, really dislike Mandy today! LOL.

            • Nope, but now that you mention it–are we sure his suits aren’t too small because he fell off one of the rafts and they shrunk!!! Or is it shrank?? Or does it matter if you’re using British spelling or Tori Spelling???

              OK, WHO, time for your meds!!!

    • Thanks MP,that was too funny. I admit, I stopped reading this site bc of some idiot that was posting.I got so pissed,I had to step away. So funny that you can get so upset with crap like that.

    • MP, that video is so funny and appropriate. Oh no, not the caps lock and multiple exclamation points!!!! This is serious LOL

    • Thanks for nuthin’ MP. I have a cold. I am trying my best to keep quiet so I don’t cough. But. . . I just couldn’t stop myself. I had to play MP’s video. I laughed and then coughed for 5 minutes and now I’m replying. I’ll eff your skull MP. Actually, thanks. It was so worth it.

  15. This case against Juicy is about so much more than the fraudulent identity. I don’t know the details, but it seems to me he needed it for a whole lot more than just driving.

    There’s a whole legal back story Teresa/Juicy don’t want us to know. Driving without a license would have created less problems than this did. Juicy was using the fraudulent identity for fraudulent business purposes.

    Once again, this is just my opinion, but it’s pretty obvious.

  16. Like I have said before, I did what Joe did when I was 18 and in no way deserve to serve 10 years if I got caught! I know, I know most of you Joe and Teresa haters said last time, it’s not the same, BUT IT IS!! I commited fraud! I want to Motor vehicles and then after went to the court house to get a county ID as back-up because back then if your license said dup on the bottom you needed a back up ID. Joe wanted to drive and I wanted to watch the hot guidos fist pump in Seaside and Hoboken in the winter! AND no yelling at me like last time! I am sensitive and have feelings!! ;-)

    • Was this before or after 9/11 because thing changed and laws were tightened.

      • This was 1997,way before they completely changed the licenses with the hologram which was 2004. I have renewed with the new rules and point system 3xs and to change my license to married name.

    • Lol, you are too funny! I agree that 10 years is way too much for this kind of crime. Many jails/prisons are over-populated with these kind of people. I think it makes more sense to impose steep fines and less jailtime. Let Juicy pay thousands of dollars to help the justice system pay for the housing costs and rehabilitation of violent offenders. I’d rather he pay highly for his infractions than see the tax payers pay for his three hots-n-a-cot for a decade.

      • exactly! Make him pay fines, lose his license, do community service, etc., but don’t put the man in Jail! He is not a murder/rapist/kidnapper/prostitution whore! plenty of other ways to punish him without jail. Living with 5 divas is punishment enough. Prison would be vacation for him! LOL

        • Problem is this isnt his first time in court nor his first offense Fines, probation isnt working next logical step is some jailtime and more then a week. , and he has no money he dosnt pay his bills so charging him Fines will teach him nothing.
          Its time to teach him a lesson and one he wont laugh at.

  17. Stealing someone’s identity is a big deal these days. It doesn’t matter that it was his brother. The point is he went into a government agency & obtained a fraudulent license just like the 9/11 terrorists. This is about security and letting people know there are harsh consequences.

  18. 2 cents alert: .01 No way will the same state that sentenced a convicted Dharun Ravi to 30 days send Juicy to jail. Fine + probation, possible community service-max. .02 Isn’t it some kind of blog no-no to make identity accusations? It doesn’t go anywhere and can’t be proven so it comes off very strange.

    • Meow, such a keen point. I felt that Ravi should have done about a year or so in prison for knowingly invaded privacy on two accounts. I find it absolutely invasive and abhorrent when someone can film another without that other’s consent, especially when that other is in his/her own home (in this case dorm room) having an intimate moment. This act has nothing to do in my mind with the resultant suicide, as there is no absolute proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the act precipitated the suicide (you cannot get a computer printout of someone’s thoughts).

      I am an exceedingly private person and hate the fact that if I’m out in public and I trip and it looks funny, some asshole can film me on his cellphone and upload it to Youtube and it goes viral. So — in this case, I do have a strong bias against videoing someone without permission for the enjoyment (Schadenfreude) of others.

      /rant over …

      • LV; Losing our right to privacy vs. gaining ‘security’?; a double edged sword for sure. Weasels as work film entire office parties so they can post unflattering images on their social media. I walk past a cop arresting someone in the street surrounded by tourists; arms extended-filming every second. A female teacher just got caught making out with her male HS student (he’s 18) in a public park (by a classmate’s phone-video) and is denying it’s her to keep her job (NYC). It’s a mad, mad world-2012!!

              • And ain’t you glad that a stupid asshole with a cellphone camera didn’t video it and share it with the world, Belladee?

              • Oh there is pictures out there and that’s why I shy away from being famous. Who knows when those pictures will surface! (you know I am completely joking and mean I was born 1979, right? I don’t want you to think I was really running around topless and drinking every night…lol)

              • You are one of my fellow “Enjay” faves, no doubt! Love your humor and your sense of morality. Plus your photo is awesome!

                Seriously, this issue really gets into my craw, kinda like a flax seed, ya know?

              • awww thanks! I think there is some rules about posting a video of people. If it is put on a show or website that would make a profit you have to sign a release or they blur your face. Unfortunately posting on or facebook doesn’t isn’t for profit, so you can do it without permission from the person on the video. I know it does suck, especially if you are having a bad hair day! LOL

  19. Joe’s complete driving record is horrible. He lost his license. He did not sneak around and drive without a license – he drove around with a fraudulent license. Probably very carefully. Who would think that Pete Giudice would get stopped and the cop noticed it was Joe Giudice’s picture? Only because of the RHNJ!!!

    I think 2 years in prison and then time at home with the ankle bracelet. License? Maybe 10 years before he can get one.

    It is a human tragedy. I worked one time with a woman whose husband was caught breaking into warehouses. She was pregnant with triplets. They already had 3 children. He went into the slammer. Her life went into permanent nightmare mode. She never knew his “night job” was the burglary jobs.

    Tre’s stress must be unbearable. And the others are kicking her around.

  20. Hey!! you guys, you need to calm down..juicy maybe a jerk, but he’s not Charlie Manson. These are “actors” on a reality show, get a grip. This blog today was hiliarous.

    • He wasnt acting when he got a fake license, he wasnt acting when he plowed into a tree or mailbox drunk and then Left the scene of the crime and did shots at his fathers house., he wasnt acting when he tried to defraud the US GOVERMENT. He is a serial criminal and deserves to be treated as such.

      • I don’t really care for his fake license. What makes me super pissed is his drunk driving. My brother got into a car accident because some drunk moron hit him. Thank God he is okay. But what IF something did happen? Since then, I really have a different outlook on drunk drivers. I think they are as scummy as rapists, peds, murderers, etc…

        • Agreed, people who think he just deserves a fine or CS what will it take him killing someone before he deserves jailtime.

          • What he deserves+what he’ll GET may be very different. They should throw the book at him but they won’t. A fake license isn’t funny if it gets the wrong person on an airplane either.

    • Judge Maenza, who reduced the penalty on his DUI conviction was quoted as saying he didn’t think he was a boy scout but he wasn’t John Dillinger either. That sums it up – some where between a boy scout and a notorious bank robber.

      • Well I suppose this Judge wasnt one of the people Juicy and Chewy stole money from I bet those people have a much different take on them as the Federal Judge they both Lied to

        • If that Tree had been a car would it have been more serious. Driving drunk is like taking out a loaded gun, shooting it and hoping you don’t kill someone. I’m sorry but I think the fact that nothing really has been a consequence for him gives him a sense of superiority. He said he had been through hell the last few years. Joe, Hell is burying a loved one because some chose to drink and drive.

          • I agree CYN i dont care what he has been through he could have killed someone he needs to learn his lesson before he does

            • Let me first say, I wont drink even a drop when I drive, nor will I allow my husband to drive even if he had 1 beer with me or our child in the car. Anyway, Everytime I go to a wedding or party there is always those people doing shots at the bar all night getting behind the wheel. I am often saying to the ones I know, I hope you arent driving or hope you are stayiong at the hotel. So all of them are doing what Joe did. People drink and drive all the time. NO it’s not right but why are you harder on Joe? You don’t know anyone close to you with a DWI?

              • APPLAUSE for belladee for telling it like it is!!! I been at PBA functions where I can’t believe the amount of alcohol that’s consumed. They all drive home. Not saying it’s right, I’m just saying. Judge Maenza recognized that the sentence Giudice got on the DUI was excessive, that’s why it was reduced.

              • Cops are the biggest offenders!! Yes, I too have been to PBA parties and guess where..the Brownstone. because the brownstone is so much up passaic cty sherrif dept’s ass!

              • Haha, that’s where our PBA parties were too. Been to the Passaic County Sheriff’s functions under Speziale.

              • the one i go to is all counties members of the PBA but a Passaic guy organizes it. was the room overpacked were you couldn’t even pull out your chair? I actually saw Tommy Manzo setting up some tables and thought, why does Albert get to wear $2,000 suits and Tommy is in a chef top and pants?

              • Belladee, I LOVE TOMMY!! Best zeppoli in the world!! He doesn’t want to be on TV and he doesn’t care that Al Sr. is a realty star. I go the Paterson PBA, Passaic Sheriff, Passaic Chief’s and NJ Honor Legion – mostly all at the Brownstone. Next time we go, I’ll go to micro and scream WILL BELLADEE REPORT TO THE BAR!!

              • you mentioned the one I usually go to! hint, it was recent and wasn’t at the Brownstone and I didn’t go because it was a little far.

              • I bet it was the one that had Rocket as Pres last year? Ok so next year GOOO! Or go to the Christmas party, that’s always local.

              • Is rocket a nickname? the President, whose term ended in December, wears a poofy donald trump looking hair piece. Was this the one you were thinking? I was at the xmas pretty where the food was gross and I thought the dinner was just cocktail hour, so i left really hungry!

              • Yes yes, that’s him. He’s a Paterson cop but that’s not a hairpiece, THAT’s HIS HAIR! I touched it!!! His name is Jim D.

              • Interesting! How exactly does an “old lady from Newark” know who I am? Because ur MONICA the Genius lawyer who showed up at the Gorga house and then gave interviews to Perez Hilton and that blogger from Chicago who u love love love!! Told u I’m not Sheila!!!

              • Antonella, something “Jennifer” wrote on FB, was the same thing Monica was quoted saying to one of the online mags. That proved it to me. The reason I have been backing you up in this is because from the first episode Monica appeared on Housewives, I was disgusted by this women. How does a professional go after someone outside the courtroom, gossiping with her relatives and contacting every media outlet as an anonymous source? Monica is a disgusting person! She wants to ruin someone because they owes her client money? I think Monica is more Cray Cray than Danielle and needs to move back to florida.

              • Grannytell wrote that Monica wants to bring Tree down so “don’t mess with her cuban gf” – she is obsessed with the Giudice family cause it’s probably the only case they ever won. She tried to mess with my BF AND got her fanny whipped by Joey A. Esq Wayne NJ. .

          • I agree, but you can’t really convict someone of crimes or accidents that could have happened, only what they actually did. Otherwise you could automatically charge someone for murder if they get a dui.

            • I am also thinking maybe he is an alcoholic, not just a party boy. He looks hungover and sleepy-eyed alot on the show. If he is an alcoholic it doesn’t matter how long he spends in jail, if he never gets treatment. He could get released from prison and go drinking and get in a car and kill someone the same day.

              • Kel, I agree he is a drinker. I noticed on the last episode, when T and Joe were talking to Gia in the morning before the field day, they were asking her about dance class this morning. On the table in front of Joe is a huge decanter of wine (the one you always see at their house) and a glass poured, right in front of him. Ive seen guys do this. Have a drinking problem, get a DUI, lose their license. So since they can’t drive, they look at it as an opportunity to stay drunk all day. Get drunk, get angry cause your in trouble and can’t do nutin! Drink more, yell at your wife, invite friends over to drink with you. Cause you can’t drive, so buddies come to you. You and your buddies drink some more, get drunk, they drive home drunk, you start a fight with your wife when she gets home.
                Yaknow, since she’s been out working, and your at home with the kids. Go ahead, take it out on her I mean she’s out f-ing around while your stuck at home with the kids. Not Fair Juicy.

          • I agree origcyn, I lost my best friend to a drunk driver and the ( drunk driver was 42 yrs. old) My friend was only 21.,I think driving drunk is like driving a TANK because you can run down/into anything!!! and the consequence for Joe should be jail time…he has no excuse for doing this and his lame azz answer was he crashed into a tree because he yawned/ blinked then walked to his friends house cuz, he was shaken up so he did some shots to calm himself down???? and you are right..Joe, Hell is burying a loved one because some ( you) chose to drink and drive, did you ever think this could happen to your own family?!?!

        • I don’t think the Criminal Judge could take into account stuff from his bankruptcy. It was limited to the DUI. But ok, I guess you’re right . . . he’s John Dillinger.

    • lol. Interesting Jayne. I totally had to look up that word but I am woman enough to admit it. ;)

      • i thought i replied but maybe i lost it….it’s intro to philosophy, the belief that reality is revolves around oneself….you exists because I think about you I thought the debate about who IS a screen name was applicable because no one will ever PROVE they are or are not the person that the other is accusing them of being so the reality of WHO is subjective (or objective i always get that mixed up) anyway maybe it’s a stretch but SH is way more interesting than my text book!

    • I’ll admit I talk to myself from time to time for stimulating conversation and to confirm how wonderful, talented and beautiful I am. Will this work for you? LOL

  21. I am going to go to the conference on June 27. My boss said he’ll give me an extended lunch. I want to see what happens.

  22. FYI, Juicy’s court date has been rescheduled to July 23rd. Judge’s secretary just informed my office.

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