SH BLIND ITEM: GUESS THE HOUSEWIFE!!… Which Housewife Saw A UFO???… AND Would Trade Lives With Nene Leakes???… UPDATE… Who’s The Housewife??…HOUSEWIFE REVEALED!!!

May 22, 2012   6:00 am   UPDATE May 27, 2012  Midnight

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Last chance for guesses!!  

This Housewife will be revealed Sunday!  


Scroll down to find this Housewife’s identity… 


What is the first word that comes to mind when you see a photo of Andy Cohen?


Which HW would you like to give a “good talkin’ to” about their hair?

all of the girls are pretty on top of their beauty habits, they all look fab!  

Which of the HouseHusbands would look best in drag?
Mauricio, his legs would probably look best in a skirt.  Or Slade, he could potentially look very pretty. 
What food/drink would you like to fill a swimming pool with and dive into?   (No fair answering “WINE”!!!)
Wine! Kidding- Red Velvet Cupcakes 
What is your pet peeve?  And why?
I like things to be very organized, I hate clutter and mess! 
Do you do your own grocery shopping?
Have you ever seen a UFO?
Possibly, but what I was seeing was unexplainable 
 On which would you participate…DWTS or Celebrity Apprentice?  
Celebrity Apprentice 
Prius or Bentley?
Oatmeal or Bacon and Eggs?
Bacon and Eggs 
Which Housewife from any franchise would you trade places with for a week?
Miss Nene Leakes! She has so many fun projects going on…
Coke or Pepsi?
How many pages are filled in your Passport?
Not as many as I would like, but maybe more as my kids get older.  
Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
George Clooney, duh!  
Which Housewife from any franchise would you  miss if they got da Bravo boot?
Probably Nene.  
Who is your biggest celebrity disappointment… and why?
I don’t like to point fingers, but I do hate when people with celebrity don’t use their platform to do good for others less fortunate.  
What item would people be surprised to know that you carry in your purse?
 A pair of flats in case heels are too much!
What is the minimum you tip for lunch?
Always leave at least 20% 
Best lesson learned in high school?
at a very young age, my father said, “You want these nice things? Your’ve got to work for them.”  
What is the last movie you saw?
I only watch movies with my kids these days- so the last thing I saw was the Avengers.  
How many of your fellow Housewives cast mates should be replaced… no names, just a number please!
I don’t like to give numbers! 
What is ALWAYS in your refrigerator?
Plenty of H2O and I love to snack on fruits and veggies. 
Have you purchased any of the Housewives merchandise or products?  If so, which?
I have definitely had Bethenny’s cocktails on several occasions, yum! 
You’ve been stopped crossing the border in the Andes Mountains; your bags confiscated.  You are allowed TWO items from your bags to proceed. Which TWO items will you take??
Lipgloss and my cell phone! 








Adrienne’s “people” were the most prompt and professional of all the Housewives which SH contacted… Teresa Giudice’s PR people come in second!

YES!!!  Adrienne Maloof saw an unidentified flying object… 

NOTE:  Adrienne is in great company… there are many celebs who have seen a UFO!   Victoria Beckham took a photo of the UFO she saw in October… HERE.

You can find out more about Adrienne via her websitefacebook page and twitter!  

        Adrienne Maloof… “What happened to YOUR shoe line, VanderpumpRump??”

Adrienne has designed a second collection for her shoe line with Charles Jourdan.  Wonder which of the Housewives will be wearing these???

SH reader “Romo” was the first with the correct guess of Adrienne Maloof… followed by “BSL” and “CherryLipGloss”!!!  Thanks to all who guessed!!!