TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Says Juicy Never Cheated… Juicy Was With Tree’s “Friend”… VIDEO

May 25, 2012  11:15 am

These photos of Joe and his dinner guest were taken back in September.  Tree was busy filming the Posche Fashion Show for the RHONJ, while Juicy was having some fine eats at the Clifton NJ TGIF with someone who definitely was not Tree…


Back on October 7, 2011, a week after the photos were published by ROL, Juicy’s dinner companion was identified for SH readers…

“One of SH’s “insiders” ID’d Juicy Joe’s dinner companion.  Here’s what they said:

“(That’s) Divana  she lives in Clifton and has been screwing Joe for years  she is also a friend of the family and knows Teresa. well  t gets f’ed again by juicy joe”

Poor Tree!  Tree explains to Access Hollywood that Juicy has never cheated on her.  Tree is still rowin’ down that river… DeNile River!

UPDATE:  Tree is on her West Coast book tour and stopped in San Diego to chat.  Tree blurts out her memorized lines… including her explanation for the “JuicyJoe is cheating” rumors… and this time her recipe is Chicken Bruschetta.  Tree will be alternating the chicken and shrimp recipes… what happened to the ‘happy ending?’


(Thanks to SH reader “housewivesnj”!!!)