TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Says Juicy Never Cheated… Juicy Was With Tree’s “Friend”… VIDEO

May 25, 2012  11:15 am

These photos of Joe and his dinner guest were taken back in September.  Tree was busy filming the Posche Fashion Show for the RHONJ, while Juicy was having some fine eats at the Clifton NJ TGIF with someone who definitely was not Tree…


Back on October 7, 2011, a week after the photos were published by ROL, Juicy’s dinner companion was identified for SH readers…

“One of SH’s “insiders” ID’d Juicy Joe’s dinner companion.  Here’s what they said:

“(That’s) Divana  she lives in Clifton and has been screwing Joe for years  she is also a friend of the family and knows Teresa. well  t gets f’ed again by juicy joe”

Poor Tree!  Tree explains to Access Hollywood that Juicy has never cheated on her.  Tree is still rowin’ down that river… DeNile River!

UPDATE:  Tree is on her West Coast book tour and stopped in San Diego to chat.  Tree blurts out her memorized lines… including her explanation for the “JuicyJoe is cheating” rumors… and this time her recipe is Chicken Bruschetta.  Tree will be alternating the chicken and shrimp recipes… what happened to the ‘happy ending?’


(Thanks to SH reader “housewivesnj”!!!)


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94 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree Says Juicy Never Cheated… Juicy Was With Tree’s “Friend”… VIDEO

  1. I believe her. Her “friend” is far to pretty to be chasing after a short felon without a drivers license.

  2. If he cheated and she accepts that sort of behavior that is their business. I feel bad for their children. Their family business is splashed all over the place and it’s just a real crappy crappy thing to have your life be fodder for people’s gossip. Even if he were not cheating, the tabloids need to sell issues so they will push the envelope. I have no idea why people choose to do reality tv, especially when they have young children. You want to show your ass and make a spectacle of yourself that is fine, but if you have children that can be influenced in any negative way then you shouldn’t do it.

    • I agree. Teresa probably wouldn’t leave if he was cheating anyway. She wants her family intact no matter what. Gia’s outburst should have never been the climax of a story.

      • It is her business, but I do feel badly for her. She has said it over and over, we’re “old school.” Old school Italians (or any number of old school cultures) don’t get divorced. Juicy knows this and his behavior towards her is getting worse and worse. It’s sad.

        • Maybe his behavior was always that way but he played “nice” for the cameras up to this point…Juicy has to be fed up…not to mention nerved up facing his criminal charges, etc. and who knows what else lurks behind those mansion walls. Agree w/Bizzy…about the kids…have to believe there’s alot of teasing and talk at school for all of these kids.

  3. I am not saying Joe isn’t cheating, but I don’t think Joe is stupid enough to be seen out in public with the girl he is cheating with. He has to know he would be recognized anywhere in NJ, especially a TGIF. Just doesn’t make sense to me, unless he wanted to get catch. and How the hell would the pic end up with Kim G? I am sure they could have order food at a hotel room before or after they got it on.

    • I think he’s that stupid. Who goes to the DMV to get a false license when everyone.knows who you are.

      • Who knows. But he did manage to keep pictures of Tara(and baby) out of the tabloids. Sorta weird huh?

            • yeah I just googled about it online. Where have I been?? Anyways, I doubt that story is true b/c someone would have outed that and sold the story and pics along time ago. $ makes the world go around

            • Well true. However, according to rumors Tara is from a wealthy family. One that would rather not be associated with the RHONJ mess.

            • Regal: “Tara” had been discussed on SH quite a while ago… when Tree said on the NJ reunion show to Danielle “Do not BREAK up my family!” It was well known that Tree was referring to Juicy’s kid. Tree then tried her best via media outlets beginning the day after the reunion show aired to convince everyone that she said, “Do not BRING…!”

              It’s not always about the money. It it were, my sources would have sold out a long time ago! You’re certainly free to decide for yourself what is true. Again, it’s not always about the money… for many, cash is NOT a motivator. TFC!! SH

            • Thanks! Don’t know how I missed that one. Interesting though. For some reason I thought Tre went crazy after Danielle asked if she acknowledged her nephew Joey. Mego and Jogos son.

            • Thanks Bella. I know it might be a coininkidink but seems like I remember a sweet girl with the last name Frey(not Tara but a brunette with a cat) who used to tweet with Bonnie Grippe a lot.

            • I know, but I still think there is something to this Tara. It’s really hard finding any information about them (hell I would love to have known what business convention he met her at and when. And Teresa did say don not Break up my family. As others said and I agree, Teresa is old school. She will allow him his daliancies as long as he keeps it quiet. The only person that I cam close to is Vincent Palermo’s kids which he had from his other wife. He had two daughters named Danielle and Tara. In a comment section about his house someone made comment that Danielle was being stalked by the sone of another mobster.

              Situation seems reverse, but maybe it was supposed to be like that.


     (check comment section)


            • OOOhhh, how ironic that all the legit Guidice babies are girls and the one Guidice baby boy is from an affair… this is definitely juicy (pun intended)

            • Especially considering the half a million prize that is alleged Big daddy Guidice has offered his younguns for the first Guidice baby boy. I still struggle to fathom that one.
              I had almost forgot all about Tara until drunken Juicy ranted last season saying he had wanted to leave Tree…. reminded me of Vicki’s meanness about her depleted love tank kinda like it was said for the benefit of someone else. Juicy has a drunk tank.

            • Wow, I’d never heard about the baby boy bonus. I do feel sorry for Tre. If she left Juicy, she wouldn’t get any support from either family. His treatment of her is getting worse. I hope she doesn’t become a DV victim.

            • What a douche! If there is a boy out there of Joe’s, I think he would have left Teresa for that family. Stop threatening to leave her, and just do it.

            • MP, this song has always made me want to vomit. But, thinking of Juicy and whomever-well the room is spinning. LOL

            • I am with you on this song. Sumpin about it has always given me the willies. I dont know why.

      • I read that article when you posted it. What I am getting at is it is too much of a coincidence that they were able to get that picture. Meaning how would Tom Murro’s staff be there. Were they following him from Montville? Did Davana have involvement just to get herself know and get her 15mins of fame? I can understand it coming from a fan, but for it to come from someone Kim G is BFFs with and Jac having the pic to forward to Teresa so soon after? just shady

        • I see what you are saying. Like when the film crew kept Tree busy outside during the feild day while her daughter was inside being lambasted by two grown women who hate her momma. Production is in this up to their necks.
          Now in light of the Lookers connection to an alleged adulterous romp that MeGo had(according to poster), then it stands to reason that production would scramble to get the heat off MeGo as quick as possible. Diversion. I dont think there is anything to the TGIF girl.

          • You mean the poster that sent an email to SH or was there something else? I wasn’t on SH site for about 3 months but caught up on all the stories but not the comments.

          • It cracks me up the words people are using to discribe the Gia bratty tantrum and the Ladies trying to talk to her. I have heard Bullying “jumping on her” My personal favorite was of course one poster on a blog who said she was being “mentally abused” by jax and Caroline maybe its just me but they just talked to her they didnt yell at her, corner her or even discipline her they simply tried to get the brat to understand she was being well a brat. IMO all the the finger pointing and excuses(like she is Hormonal) are all aimed at the wrong people Teresa and her parenting or lack of is the problem I dont know about anyone else but my mom woulda sent me into next week if i had raised my voice to adult that way it wouldnt matter what they were doing or saying to me.
            Teresa needs to face the fact that if she wont dicipline or kids thats fine in her own home take them to someone elses home they may just do it for her as so they should.

            • Lisa,you know I respect you and your insight but I do think these women were ganging up on her and doing it JUST FOR SHOW. They dont care about Gia. Tresa knows better than them how to parent her own child. All I can do is speak from my own parental experience, I got two, very different children. I got one that would go off by themselves to cool off and lose their mind if someone they KNEW didn’t like their momma came in PLAYING THE ROLE of caring adult. In fact my child would have prolly came up to me immediatelyafter the cheating and want to leave ( I suspect that Gia might have done that first too) and I would have refused to let my kid dictate to me when we were leaving and sent them inside to cool off. Fully expecting everyone to leave her the hell alone. Tree handled the situation with considerable restraint after she found out what they did. All she said (not yelled) was “I dont get in your family businesses, so stay out of mine” That was a warning that I would have not given. I would have went for the jugular(verbally of course) and left both of them blubbering heaps of tears and regret after breaking off a lil home truths in them.
              Cant wait till BH comes back on so we can get back to agreeing about SHAFT. lol

            • HAHAHAHA yea its ok. I dont like Teresa sometimes it clouds my judgement I imagine its the same way for people who dont like caroline and Jax I saw 2 women trying to calm a brat down other people saw 2 women beratting a hormonal pre-teen yeah we need more taylor storys so we can agree she is a nutbag

            • MP, completely agree with your take and what my response would have been. Also, I’d never chase another person’s upset child around , try to sit them down and read them a book. If they asked for their mother, I’d get their mother. If they were sitting down with another child to try to blow off some steam, I’d leave them alone. To me, it was Don Carlione and Jax that displayed bad parenting skills which is clearly evidenced by the daughters they produced.

  4. This isnt the first time Juicy has been spotted with someone Not Teresa If this were a Isolated case i would think ok its just a friend but He has been seen to many times with “family friends”
    where there is smoke there is fire
    if it looks like a duck quacks like a duck its ain’t no chicken

    And yes Juicy is that stupid who in their right mind thinks they can Lie to a Bankruptcy Judge and get away with it,.

  5. I’m confused about the timeline. Wasn’t Tre discussing the rumors of Joe cheating when they were at the Shore house on RHONJ a few weeks ago??? Yet he was seen with this chick when they were filming the Posche fashion show? *confused*
    ETA: According to all the NJ rumors, he’s been cheating on her for a long time and she doesn’t admit it to the public. What happened with that rumor that he fathered a little baby boy??? They’ve exposed their lives to the public on their own accord, so I don’t have much patience as far as them deserving any privacy.

    • Her discussion with Joe at the shore house was aound June and this happened September 27 or 28.

  6. All I can say is that Tara must be some kind of self esteemed-challenged skank to have spread her legs for this guy.

    • Or juicy must be the original tarzan and him and Joe Gorga are really arguing about the length of something else if you catch my drift!

      • Eww! No way! U know JoGo has am itty bitty thing b/c the best he could get was horsey face. And she just wanted his $

  7. In this video Teresa was referring to the photo of them all dancing, looked like a wedding but I can’t remember what the event was. She was just pointing out how rumors get out there over something so innocent. Does that mean Joe never cheated, who knows. One thing I would like to know, with Tara being from a wealthy family, why would she settle for a date from someone like Joe at TGIF?

      • Why would this Tara girl be with Juicy?? And if she is from a “well to do” family, why would she need to be put up in one of Juicy’s cockroach infested Condos? If he did cheat, Tre would never leave him. She’s old school and “turns her head” about her husband cheating. But she’s way too good for him.

        • I remember that now. The thing about that is I always thought Tara was a younger single girl. If memory serves the twitter chick was older and married. right? Or am I confused?

          • I am almost positive I found her date of birth to be 1972 and she lived in PA. I remember posting it on that story SH posted. there was pics of a little boy oh her twitter too.

            • I knew I had the right chick! She got maaaad, told me off kinda, black balled me from her blog and made her twitter private for a while. I checked it today and her twitter is open. I’m still poofed from her blog tho. :-( Lol!!

            • Yeah I checked her hours ago when I wrote it , but didnt want to mention it isn’t protected because I know everyone is going to try and follow her and she will protect it again. I checked her blog and everyone is blocked.

            • What did she say to you? Do you think she wrote that letter herself to know you were blowing smoke up her ass?

            • What she said to me was short. Well, after I kissed her butt on how much I liked her blog and the stuff she sells. I asked her what construction company she used for her renovation that she mentioned on her blog profile that she did on her home. Bc I just moved to the area… and needed a trusted company. She not only lied and told me that info was never on her blog and that her blog has been inactive for over a year. She also said, “Why would I know about builders? Why don’t you google it?” It took her a few weeks to answer me, but she blocked me and deleted that info from her blog profile a couple days after I sent it. She also changed the profile pic on her “inactive blog” from a pic of herself to a coffee cup. I asked the construction co bit bc isn’t that the family biz? If her blog was inactive I wouldn’t have been able to register, right? Nor would it have alerted her to my email. Hmm

            • OK now that I wasted my whole fri night researching her I can answer that. I can only find that her family owned a roofing company and Tara ran it. Looks like her father retired and it is now closed and her parents moved away. I got lots of stuff on this chick! Nothing interesting though.

            • That kk letter? I contacted her after that hit SH. I don’t think Tara wrote that letter or has an Ivy league degree. That just doesn’t match foolin around with JoDice.

    • Yah, “protected” from the truth! What a moldy, oldy piece of trash she is! Disgusting piece of aging garbage.

  8. I just gotta say thanks to all who post the juicy info and explantions and links…madepiley, Buck Henry, and others. Tonight I spent way too much time learning about the cray cray Giudices and Gorgas, lol. Is this Peggy broad really supposed to be on RHONJ soon or what? Is she someone who will out Mego for her shady past? I saw a post on here of her on a radio show talking like she knows stuff, but haven’t seen much else about her.

    • kel: Thinking you meant “Penny”… her becoming a NJ HW is wishful thinking of her and her husband. IMO, Penny and JTG are very nice, hard-working people… I like them! However, doubtful that we will see Penny as a HW. TFC!! SH

      • And yet, Penny seems the kind of woman who would be good for this show because she does have a successful local business that she has cultivated, and I believe she is also involved in charities.

        Can you imagine some of the characters who Penny deals with in her salon? I think she’d be a good addition to this cast, even as a featured “friend of” like Brandi G.

  9. Romo, I agree with you about the KK letter. Maybe the writer of the letter considers everything beyond community college to be “ivy league.”

    • I went through Tara F’s tweets(I think I have the right Twitter of hers) She seems to be obsessed with Bravo. Here are some tweets I found about NJ.

      “I wonder if my book will make someone flip a table? How crazy was that on Real Housewives of NJ? Love the “thick as thieves” statement!”

      “Will the IRS visit Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ? Who pays $120,000 for furniture in cash?! red flag. AND she’s a table flipper too!”

      “Leaving for girls getaway weekend w/bf’s-headed 2 Atlantic City. Let u know if we see Snooki, Situation, J-WOW or any of the NJ Housewives!” She wrote that tweet on January 22, 2010. Didn’t Joe get caught with a blonde in Atlantic City just last year in October?

      • ha ha! I have been doing the same! (not done yet). She doesn’t have a little son but her nephew does. Her kids are 15 &11. I think this is a ploy to get her book sales up!

      • After finishing my stalking..errrr….reaseach of Tara, I do not believe at all that they had an affair or even know each other! I think this is her way to get her name out there so her book sells. Her family’s shore house was in Avalon, NJ which is hours away from Tre’s house in LBI. Avalon is by Cape May, which is at the end of NJ. Her maiden name isnt Italian, so she can’t be 100%. Why would Joe be doing buisness with someone who works on highrises in the philly area?

        • He may not be having an affair with this particular woman, but there is no doubt in my mind that he is cheating on Teresa. She’s just too stupid to not leave him.

          • i was reading something today supposedly from chewy saying juicy cant be cheating because no woman has come forward yet. Teresa sure loves sailing on the river denial

            • Don’t ya just know the damage Tree would do. Juicy would be praying for a table she could flip.

            • Why would any woman come forward and admit to sleeping with THAT? Why would any woman WANT to sleep with that? He’s so disgusting. IMO, none of the Househusbands are attractive with the exception of Chris Laurita.

            • If I had to pick a househusband to have a roll in the hay with, I would go with Joe Gorga. I think Rich is gross and would sleep with Al Sr, before him! If I could pick anyone it would be Albie. I really don’t think he is Gay. I think my gaydar is pretty good, but I could be wrong.

            • If the rumors are true about Joe Gorga on steroids and coke I think he is closer to a heart attack, then manboobs Giudice.

            • I have to disagree with you..Joe Guidice aka stumpy has been taking steroids ( rumors) just look at him since season 1. He is still short, and he is always working out (aka) getting ready for prison this season his ( always working out on camera with his shirt off ewww)He is as guilty as sin and knows it!

  10. I am sorry, but I think he cheated. Do you see the way that he talks to Tre. He has no respect for her. He acts like he is “God’s gift to women.’

    • Dont be sorry Jess, I think he cheated on Tree, and now (maybe caught)…He talks to her like a piece of chit, and her mother & father. He has no respest for anyone. I am so sick of Teresas excuses for defending his ( bad behavior) . And I cannot stand her saying that ” Italian’s are all like this”…Bullchit!!! Joe Joo-Dice makes me want to puke…and my hubby agrees!

      As far as him acting like he is ” God gift to women” is a JOKE… as I have said before, he has SHORT MAN SYNDROME.

  11. Which is only slightly different than Joey’s”like an angel from heaven” lol. These men all have ridiculously skewed ideas about themselves.

      • Exactly. And look what happened to him.. always showing up everywheres uninvited makin a nuisance of himself and causin trouble for everyone he comes in contact with(except for his followers). Yep that JoGo is one heck of a fallen angel.

  12. Do u think Bravo will still film w/ Tre when Juicy goes to the pen? Do u think they will film Tre when she visits him?

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