TERESA GIUDICE: MORE From Tree… Never Knew RHONJ Was Going To Focus on Tree…Says She Stays on RHONJ Because of “Contracts”… Tree Cooks!…Tree With Dina Manzo…VIDEO

May 25, 2012  12:30 pm   More from Tree’s interview with AccessHollywood

                                                                            Teresa and Joe Giudice… back when BroJoe and Juicy were still hangin’ with each other (before the evil Melissa appeared)!!

Tree continues her chat with BillyBush and KitHoover from Access Hollywood.  

Tree says: 

  • She signed up for a show with “friends and strangers”
  • avoided the mention of Danielle Staub
  • Tree’s not the “villan”
  • Tree can’t quit because of “contracts”

NOTE:  It’s the interviewers job to keep the interview going… but just ONCE, just ONCE!… would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to see an interview with Tree where the interviewers DON’T keep the interview going.  Just let Tree continue to stumble and mumble through her thought process!

 Tree JOO-ICE… Tree is on her way to developing HagfaceKyle’s “ManHands”!!!

On to Tree’s obligatory cooking segment!  

Tree prepares a version of her ‘Shrimp Diavlo… over angel hair pasta”… could anyone ever forget that recipe???  For her new cookbook, Tree does Shrimp Diavlo, but variates by calling it “Diablo” and serving the shrimp as a salad.  Be prepared to see Tree cook this recipe over and over and over…

NOTE:  Tree’s media people have taught her well when it comes to spewing out all the points which are necessary to push her cookbook… in other words, Tree can memorize words and put together sentences…. when the words and sentences are written for her!

 Billy Bush doin’ the electric slide…and Tree ‘doh-see-doh-in’ with Kit Hoover!  All happy dancin’ because they all got through Tree’s mumbly-stumbly “just off the boat, first generation, English is my second language, blah, blah, blah”  interview!!

NOTE:  Tree also mentions her Bellini drink.  Why mess up a perfectly wonderful, classic drink?  WHY??? Just know that if you try Tree’s “Fabellini”… know that the classic Bellini is a MILLION times better!

                             Tree’s Fabellini launch party was filmed and will be seen on an upcoming episode of the RHONJ…