TERESA GIUDICE: Tree on Celebrity Apprentice… Donald Don’t Know Her Name Either!!…VIDEO… Arsenio Hall Won CA!!


No matter who wins Celebrity Apprentice, the interesting part of tonight’s CA involved Teresa Giudice.

First, da Donald scrambled Tree’s last name… is it JOO-DICE of JEW-DE-CHAY???  Donald had no idea, so he just combined the two…

Then Adam Corolla said that Tree is so dumb she thinks the word “naive” is a douche.  Tree then replied to Adam by giving a definition of “naive”…

The best part of the finale of Celebrity Apprentice is who showed up at Arsenio’s par-tay!

LOOK!  It’s HuffPo’s SHUTER!!  As you all know, Shuter is a Bravo mouthpiece, so it’s not surprising that he showed up for Tree…

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28 comments on “TERESA GIUDICE: Tree on Celebrity Apprentice… Donald Don’t Know Her Name Either!!…VIDEO… Arsenio Hall Won CA!!

  1. That’s funny, I always thought Adam Corolla was a brand of douche! I think he is probably sour grapes because so much media attention went to Tre, instead of to his dead career.

    • Well said Kel!
      I was so glad to see him go, he screwed himself for not putting Andretti up there to talk about cars and took the limelight for himself. He is such an insufferable d-bag!

  2. I watched the show and I was thinking exactly the same thing, ms sh, when tre replied that she was too trusting and tries to see the….blah blah blah….oh the naive-ity of it all!

  3. Newbie poster here and YAY I’m a fan…Now onto Arsenio’s win. YAY for that too. Teresa G, wow, her seemingly quiet and calm demeanor during CA could have just been oblivion. I’m pleased that Hall won, and actually would have been equally so for Clay. I have read other posts here about the Aubrey/Hall feud. I will say this, Aubrey could stand to get a heavy dose of humility, and Arsenio should just shut up and stop feeding the beast that is Aubrey. I really dislike her, and isn’t she lucky that my opinion means bubkis.

  4. I agree about Adam. I was a big fan ever since The Man Show days but when he fired Danny Bonaduce from his morning show, he screwed himself. The two of them were actually hilarious together. I remember almost crashing my car more than once because I was laughing so hard. He said he was sick of Danny talking about being an addict, etc. The listeners loved it. Adam was just jealous that Danny was so great on air. Adam works beast with a good side-kick. He’s not a one man show and he definitely was never supposed to win CA.

    • Speaking of ruining a radio show, is it just me or has Howard Stern’s gig on the America’s got talent ruined his show? I mean knock it off Howard. Sick of hearing ’bout it.

    • l/s: But does it look like the Rob-ster is wearing a wedding ring???? He didn’t have it on back in September when he was on with Joy-less Bay (as in bark at the moon) Har discussing Tree being on CA!!

  5. Whats so funny is Tree denied being naive and then went on to say she was the definition of naive. “too trusting an try to see the good in all people” Dear me Tree.
    And CLEARLY Clay won in terms of money by apx 200k and I am shocked that good ole Dolla Bills Yall Trump didn’t give that more weight. Then again its naive of me to think that Trump isn’t banking on Arsieno to make a comeback and therefore increase Trump’s chances of being mentioned repetitively on his new talk show.

    • I thought that too when I heard Tre deny being naive. I was like “c’mon Tre, that is exactly what naive means.” I’m sure she didn’t get Corolla’s joke about it being a type of douche. How embarrassing to be made fun of on live national TV. And speaking of Howard Stern, did you hear him interview Ms. Andy a while back? Howard said “Do you ever feel guilty that these women are so dumb that it’s almost the equivalent of taking mentally challenged people and putting them on TV to make fun of?” That is how I felt last night when Adam made that joke, she has no idea that she is being made fun of or people are laughing AT her.

      • I would hope he would have cleared that one with her before he zinged her but you are right people looooove to make fun of her. Wish I could get paid to be made fun of
        time for some old skool

      • She didn’t go on expecting this attack. It was a low blow. He caught her off guard and she was trying to be pleasant. Haven’t we all been put in situations we weren’t expecting and then walk away thinking…..”damn, why didn’t I say something back to this asshole?” I know I have.

    • MP, Clay could have raised a million and Arsenio none and Arsenio would still have won. No way was Trump not going to choose the Magic Johnson Foundation as the winner of an extra $250,000.

      • That’s just what I was thining. Clay out performered Arsenio in every way and if Arsenio hadn’t hitched is ass to Magic Johnson he would never have one.

  6. Seeing Trump and Teresa interact sans any editing, I thought he really was not as enthralled as she wanted us to believe.

  7. I don’t watch the show (Trump disgusts me), but I’m glad that Arsenio won. Why do all these people call Trump “Mr. Trump,” even when the show is over. It’s creepy.

  8. The Donald should have been told “You’re fired.” a long time ago. Nothing is appealing about this show.

  9. Arsenio winning was nothing more than Donald Trump cheating again. Clay raised more money, had a better show, more people, was really instrumental as project manager and took charge. Arsenio did not. Arsenio also used the most vulgar language possible toward another contestant and THIS type of person is the apprentice (makes you wonder). The show is just not honest.

    • tibl: Would be so un-PC-like to point out the major difference between Arsenio and Clay… just like Trump bent the rules for a transgender contestant in the Miss Universe contest to curry favor with the LBGT group, Trump went with the PC choice for Apprentice. Clay outdid every requirement and should have won. Disgusting. TFC!! SH

      • I agree with you, Ms. SH. I’m not a Claymate, but he is the only one I’ve ever called in to vote for on Idol, and I did buy his first CD. And that foul mouthed Lisa Lampenelli…what a bully and gutter snipe. Tre kept her dignity, at least. Kudos to her for going up against a pack of coyotes led by Aubrey and Lisa.

  10. Future celeb apprentices are going to be hard-pressed to get donations when the donors realize that Trump manipulates the outcome no matter how much money is pledged.

  11. These people are on tv to entertain us get it? If they were like you and me they wouldn’t be on tv or entertaining. Some tv suit thought these people would make him or them money. It has nothing more to do with then that.

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