ARSENIO HALL: On “The View”… Talkin’ About Teresa Giudice, Aubrey O’Day on Celebrity Apprentice… Says Juicy Don’t Know…VIDEO

Arsenio’s comments re Tree and Juicy are bleeped… can anyone figure out what Arsenio said???    Had no idea Aubrey O’Day was such a skank!

(Thanks to SH reader “RobinP”!!!)

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101 comments on “ARSENIO HALL: On “The View”… Talkin’ About Teresa Giudice, Aubrey O’Day on Celebrity Apprentice… Says Juicy Don’t Know…VIDEO

  1. I saw, well I thought I saw a scene on CA where Aubrey was on Arsenio’s shoulders standing by a chain link fence taking a picture of a NY skyline for their team. Anyone else remember that particular scene?

    Did he use the “V” word when she was up on his shoulders….I thought he did, but can’t remember that scene completely.

    Don’t get me wrong, Aubrey came off on CA as being all about herself, but Arsenio should try and remember what words and what he was implying when he had Aubrey’s legs wrapped around his neck and over his shoulders.

    Teresa was no doubt appeasing Aburey and her camera pics. I don’t think she knew how to say “ahhh…what makes u think I want or need to see visuals of where who’s been visiting you!” I picture Teresa trying to be cool in a weird position that Aburey put her in.

    • Yes he used the “V” word when describing what part of her body had been on his neck. He later said that it wasn’t a bad day. He also then said in the confessional that most men would want to “do” Aubrey, that she was very attractive but that he just didn’t have that like of relationship with her.

    • ^ You posted exactly what I was thinking CLG ! As I can’t find an unedited / not bleeped out version anywhere online. Ahh the silly things that drive ya nuts ! He did do a good impression of Tre’s first response to the pics.. I could see her doing that ! ;-)

  2. Really trying to read lips to figure out what he said about Joe Guidice. I feel like it might have been “Because Joe Guidice doesn’t know sh*t about what’s going on at this point”. Maybe they just meant to bleep “sh*t” but since it’s a live show with 7 second delay, they end up bleeping the whole sentence in order to make sure that “sh*t” doesn’t go out over the air.

    Anyone else have a guess?

    • I think so too or something similar “Joe Guidice don’t know sh*t about what his wife does/says/thinks.” Sort of implying that Tre isn’t as innocent as Joe may think.

      • I cant figure out why he was trying to shame Tree just for lookin. What did he expect her to do?

        • I know, I watched CA and Arsenio and Tre always got along. I’m sure Tre was mortified looking at the images but she knew she couldn’t go all judgemental on Aubrey b/c she would have set herself up to be fired. Some of the comments Tre has made on the show over the years are very conservative, like her comments about the strip car wash, outfits that Mego has worn, etc. So I can’t even imagine what she was thinking looking at pics of Aubrey’s bf’s units. Ugh so disgusting. And why would she take pictures of all of them? She is gross.

          • I have a friend like Aubrey who does this same thing and I’ve always found it offensive. I would guess, based on Tree’s modesty in some matters, that she was being polite in a weird situation.

      • I agree with you…I can read lips pretty well. I have a hearing problem, so I learned how to read lips and I know ASL.

  3. This made me like Arsenio even less. While it wasn’t appropriate that Aubrey showed her dick files to anyone, why did Arsenio take personal offense? It didn’t sound as though Aubrey was putting down a whole race, saying that she was just using them for her sexual pleasure, so what’s the problem????????? Arsenio sounded insistent that Aubrey was showing those pics to get him upset. WHY would he personally be upset?????

    • Let me get this straight….you do not understand why a Black man would take offense because a white girl (NOT LADY OR WOMAN) is showing a Italian lady Black men penises. REALLY! YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND why he would take it personalLY!….WOW! and you say you like Arsenio even less…but NOT Aubrey….OH! OK!

        • Mercy we was thinking the same thing at the same time. Perhaps Arsenio takes it personally only because the implication was she appreciates black men but she specifically dont care for him…um..personally.

        • @Mercy…..
          Oh yay…..I didn’t make it about race! I was ONLY commenting on what Arsenio said. He used race of the men; therefore, my post was in reply to “donewithbravo” who throught Aresenio was taking things personal….maybe you should read BEFORE you decided to come in be sarcastic……SMH….and rolling the eyes!!!

          • I did read where you told me what color he is and what color Aubrey is and blah blah blah. :) It should have been a man… and then a girl .. just my opinion. You’re still entitled to yours. And MP lol you’re right I think he was feeling left out.

      • What if it was a multitude of white peni? Could he find it in his heart to overlook it then?

        • Probably not because I think he just didn’t like seeing another mans junk! I don’t think it had anything to do with the color of them or the color of Aubrey. BTW it is creepy she has those pics. I love men but ew I don’t want to see that.

          • I agree its beyond creepy. What would be even weirder is if she used each penis picture to identify each guys incoming call. ring ring. whos that?… oh its you… i remember you…. hellooooooo.

      • Would you take it personally if you were a white woman and a black man was showing his nakey white woman pics??? I’d just think he was a pig, but I wouldn’t take it as something racial. From what I’ve heard, Aubrey had pics of white men too……

        • I would take it personally if as a woman (doesn’t matter the color) and a man (doesn’t matter the color) was showing any naked pictures of anyone (doesn’t matter the color) to someone else. He would still be thought of as a pig to me too. :) That’s all I am trying to say. When I started reading people naming off the colors I just didn’t like it. It did seem to become about race and I don’t think it should have. It’s gross what Aubrey has and she is a pig for showing them off. JMO

          • I agree that she was being a pig by showing the pics, just lke ALL people are when they overshare such pics. That’s not my point thoughng. I heard Arsenio make it sound “personal” and like Aubrey was “trying to get to him” by showing these specific pics. Why? Because he’s such an upstanding decent man that it bothered him (ha!)?? I don’t get it. But I’m done with this topic. It’s overdone and boring now. Arsenio was just trying to whine a little more, months later, about Aubrey and even Tree. He’s looking for some ratings approval and failing, IMO.

            • I watched it again and at first I didn’t think it was a race thing at all I just thought it was a sexist thing. The part about lawyers being called and he wouldn’t of been allowed to do what she did. I’m not really sure why it was so personal to him. But I am with you it’s gross and I am over it. :) Arsenio have fun at the comedy club! :)

      • Yeah he wanted to tap that sooo bad. He was way too invested in who’s been in what. Rebuffed men are all the same.

        • I was trying to understand his anger as he was retelling this story on “The View,” and I just didn’t get it. I thought it could be either racial or sexual, but in any case he was ENTIRELY too invested. What a moron.

          • If anyone is the moron its Aubrey.
            Aubrey is a disgrace to women she’s trashy skanky whore.She was a bully along with lisa lampaneli.Good for Arsenio for calling her out.I’m just disappointed that none of the other women stood up to Aubrey.

            • Thank you….totally agree! Also, I find it funny that NO ONE thinks it just plain ole STUPID for Aubrey to showoff her gallery of penises….and, I don’t care if the photos are of Black, Latin, Asian or white men, However, let me clear I DO NOT have a problem with her taking pictures…hey whatever you and your men do … it….not judging…but, to show other people, sorry, file that under, WHY!

            • I agree she better just be glad it was just CA.Because if it was a real business/job Aubrey could be sued/fired for sexual harassment.Its just disgusting how inappropriate she is,if a man did what she did he would have kicked of CA.Just shows the double standards tisk tisk.I still don’t understand how anyone can take up for this trashbag especially if they watched CA!

      • IDK…I’m thinking that Arsenio is looking at CA as a career vehicle and when Aubrey behaves in such a classless way it dumbs down the show. Perhaps he’s annoyed that her behavior will effect the credibility of the show?

    • luv ya MP , but I don’t think so.. I think Aubrey IS skanky. It’s a shame ,cause she does have a brain but she often resorts to some really bad / questionable behaviour to get where she wants in life.The things she did and said on CA just being another example , a mild one compared to some of her antics in the past. She damm well knew that it would provide ratings though .

      • oh no doubt about it Kas, it WAS skanky but for Arsenio to still have it on his brain this many month later shows that she is a very very effective skank.

        • Exactly!! I feel like him telling that story on the View is just as skanky as Aubrey doing that in the first place. As for Tree, she has never been shy about sex stuff she is always talking about that crap remember the whole debacle about her and Juicey when they were in the Catskills? she had that little vibrating contraption on her finger explaining how it worked. I definately question Arsenio’s motives. I know it’s true cause Aubrey is disgusting but who cares quit giving her air time.

          • I gather from his venom that he lost to Clay. And he is prolly kickin himself in the butt for letting his tiff with Aubrey get in the way of him choosing her for his team-more than likely a deciding factor for that final challenge. Clearly she was trying to knock him off his game with shenanigans and his simple mind fell for it. AND he STILL dont get it.

    • Funny, MP :) I actually get Arsenio, though . I have a friend who does exactly what Aubrey does with those pics. I know I’m just an old prude about certain things — live and let live, though. But the racial element of the show and tell makes me uncomfortable. No, I don’t think everyone who does this is racist, but . . . sometimes . . . Kinda like when Dave Chapelle said on Iconoclasts that one day he looked into the audience and a white person was laughing just a little differently. He’d never noticed THAT laugh before. According to him, that was the beginning of the end of the show.
      Or maybe, in this instance, Arsenio and I just need to pull the stick out of our arses. I didn’t watch enough to get a “read” on either of them.
      Ok . . . back to a little levity . . . videos. . . MP . . . . pretty please?

  4. kas: No matter how shanky Aubrey is, why did Arsenio get THAT upset over her showing pics to Tree??? He made it sound like a racial matter. Spell it out for me, because I don’t get it!!!!!!! How many years have all races of men shown their nakey women pics to their friends?? Now we have women doing the same thing and it offends men? Gimme a break!! And, Arsenio seemed to hint at Tree not being as saintly as Joe G. thinks she is. I don’t think it had anything to do with Tree looking at Aubrey’s pics.

    • I don’t think he WAS upset about it fact just the opposite.. he was just being a “man” and doing what he “thought” was a comedy “schtick” by telling the story , with his spin on it ,on the show to get some response. My opinion of Aubrey was established long before her appearance on CA. I don’t care for men or women who feel the need to show “nakey pics” of anyone. Whatever floats your boat.. my sense of equality doesn’t depend on me stooping to that level.

      • You’re probably right, kas, which leads me to believe that Arsenio isn’t funny or relevant anymore and he should crawl back under the rock he was living in. I don’t know Aubrey, so I can’t comment, except to agree with you that showing nakey pics isn’t appropriate no matter what sex you are.

        • I like Arsienio he makes me laugh. I think he was ticked that if he had done the same think it would have been viewed as sexual harassment.

          • I agree OC1….One of the reason Arsenio left his talk show was because of the sexual harassment charges against him and his staff. Aubrey’s use of sex as a weapon would be seen by an african american man of Arsenio’s age as deadly.

    • I saw the show this morning did anyone notice Barbara W’s face? She looked pretty miffed and I think was holding back in telling Arsenio he was going way to far in terms of being appropriate.

      To be honest, I think Arsenio told that story to shame Aubrey, the question asked was when he flipped out and called Aubrey a derogatory name did he regret it. In turn he goes off on tangent about Audrey’s “pee pee” pics. If he had any sense, he should have admitted that no man should ever demean a woman and the language he used was wrong, he apologized if he offended anyone and keep discussing CA. Anyone can see that she that Aubrey is a tacky train wreck. I have no idea why this story holds any merit.

      Also his chastising Tre for looking at the photos, give me a break! She is a grown woman, are you kidding me? I found that whole thing strange, and Teresa is better then me, if he would have pulled that nonsense with me I would have told him not only do I have a father and I don’t need another one, to shut up and not worry about me.
      (and if watched RH of NJ he would know Tre is pretty open about discussing sex and her love life, to put if mildly. This is the same women who demonstrated the proper use of a sex toy so yeah…. which is kinda why I love Tre she pretty much has no shame) But I think this story was classic “slut shaming” and he should be embarrassed. I don want to know what was bleeped out as well.

      • I agree. I didn’t like Arsenio trying to defend his own honor and then in the next breath he demeans 2 women. Bleh.

        • So if Arsenio was another woman would you have been alright with his comments about Aubrey?I find it quite sexist when other women think they can talk crap to other men then when they defend themselves they cry sexual harassment.

          • Granted, I didn’t watch the show for more than 15 minutes, so I don’t know Aubrey. I’m just judging Arsenio’s interview today. YES, what Aubrey did was low-class, but I don’t understand for the life of me how/why Arsenio took it so personally. Remember on “The View” today he said something about how he thought the comments about her black lovers were directed towards him. Why?? Maybe she’s just sexually-forward and liked sharing her nakey pics with other women. What’s it to him? It’s not like he’s some straight-laced dude–he’s very low-brow.

            • You haven’t watched CA so your not gonna understand,Aubrey was the bully/villain of CA she constantly talked down and said nasty things about other contestants.Aubrey was not a team player she was rude condescending.Its not just that one incident,Aubrey disrespected Arsenio and others threw out CA.Arsenio and Clay stood up to Aubrey in the board room she got her karma.She’s not the victim here.

            • @donewithbravo…..

              So, if have NOT watch CA…..therefore, you have no idea how Aubrey has been shown to be on the show. Now, your comments make sense. Once you watch CA, as well as post interviews that Aubrey has been doing…then Arsenio’s comments will make sense.

  5. Arsenio and his people got into a whole lot of trouble back in day concerning sexual harassment….I think Aubrey knew exactly what she was doing because she had been baiting Arsenio for quiet a while on the CA. He is a close friend to P. Diddy and I think Arsenio was an easy target for her.

    • I really think that Aubrey changed so drastically after Making the Band and when she discovered the young Hollywood scene she used to be so different and was a fan favorite on her reality show. In fact I always thought her relationship with P Diddy was more than a mentor/employee relationship.

      • I couldn’t agree more, P-Diddy and Aubrey were like a much tackier version of Prince and Vanity

      • ITA with you Pink Lady, Stevie & Punky B…..I think Aubrey was doing it for the basic fact that she swings it that way. She knows he’s a friend of Diddy’s and I think she was trying to get something going so she could cry fowl for sexual harrassment or to add another notch in her lipstick case, then cry fowl…….she needs to be careful with those pics….there a fine line of a “collection of photos” vs. being a sex offender

  6. I guess I am the only one taking up for Arsenio here. I thought he was funny. I thought he did apologize properly, and I thought the double standard comment was appropriate. I don’t get it if you don’t get the racial element here. If you are going to make inappropriate jokes with friends, not colleagues, then there is a safe level of comfort and trust that must be established. I get the “maybe he went overboard.” I don’t get that anyone would not understand anyone getting offended by the racial element. And I don’t want to hear “everybody else does it” as a defense.
    Lighten up? Maybe. Racial element doesn’t exist? Puhleez!

    • I understand where you are coming from, and I certainly feel that Aubrey is tasteless, inappropriate and tacky to show those pictures and her bedroom escapades, but what was the point in telling that particular story? I do think he felt bad about calling Aubrey a name and he did apologize, but I just felt that the story was out of left field, personally. or he could have phrased it better. But I do see where you are coming from and overall I think he is a good guy but telling that story was just super random and at least I will say this Aubrey did this off camera, while still tasteless is better then Lisa Lampanelli and her shtick which has never been funny to me.

        • Maybe I’m just overly sensitive because super pale-white teacher lady got called the “n” word by one of her male African American students today. I don’t think he even realized what he was saying. Now THAT was hilarious :)
          I bid you all adieu for awhile. Going to play bass guitar (pitifully) next door.

          • Ms. FH: I don’t feel that you are being overly sensitive at all. I agree actually, I just felt that the story could have been told better/ That being said, I am pretty appalled by what was said to you by your students. Not only is that beyond disrespectful. considering you are a teacher, an adult who is teaching them and preparing them for the future and should be respected. I was raised in a home and taught that that word was unacceptable. My friends boyfriend used that word around me and I lets say my response was not lady-like at all:)
            How old are your students? If they are high school age I would recommend The N Word by Randall Kennedy or another book by Jabari Asim about the N Word. I am so scared about(some) the younger generation, they need a serious intervention.

            • FH????? How did he use it….was it as a term of endearment or as a brush back. Would love to hear you play your guitar! PL…I spend a great deal of time with the younger crowd and yes I do have concerns but i always take a little bit of time before I respond to the word because it means so many different things to so many different people. Great book recommendations!

            • Thanks for the suggestions and comments, PL and L/S. And for the wisdom of restraint, Miss L/S. I thought I better step away because, you’re right, this means so many different things to so many people. I didn’t mean to fan the flames and run away.
              Actually I thought it was hilarious because he did not mean to be offensive in this case. He is 18 and about to graduate. I have several students who use it like “dude” or “bro” after a sentence. Like “What was the assignment, dude?” except he used the n word instead of “dude.” It was funny, endearing, and yes, inappropriate. Not mean.
              I grew up in an integrated neighborhood and went to integrated, relatively poor schools, so I just thought I knew everything. But where I live and teach now is just different from where I grew up. Every day is an education. It is challenging, but I would be somewhere else if I did not find it rewarding as well.
              I can’t wait until we are a post-racial society, and no one gets offended anymore, or judges, or bullies. I just know that we are further away from that dream than I used to think. It’s just not as simple as “it shouldn’t matter what color the penises are,” yet.

            • I enjoyed reading this comment. I was judging before and thinking that you are a real racist. I think we all are. We will never be a post racial society. I am a light skinned African American. I am hated sometimes by my family and other blacks because of my color. I see myself as light brown, but they refer to me a redbone or high yellow. I am soon going to be 62 years old. It racial problem in the US is greater now than when I was in my twenties. I appreciate your comment. You took the time to think it through and respond with respect. I really hope that you continue to teach in the area you are in and hope that God blesses your for your efforts and endurance. I am known as the LouisianaBobCat.

            • I just love this exchange because without discussion NOTHING will get thought about. I love young people and like to make them think “outside the box”….it surprises them later on and they have come back to me to tell me so. I work with some of the roughest parts of the city kids trying to help bridge the gap between what people expect from you if they are paying you. It is not easy but very rewarding and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel when I think of a color free/post racial society. Discussion is so good for the soul and I thank you for commenting.

      • PL…I think he felt very personally attacked by the her and what we saw was only minor to us, but huge to him. She went after him personally many time off camera and the camera only picked up a couple of hits in the confessional. How many women do you know that take pictures of their lovers units and keep in on their Blackberry to share with others…..that is an agenda if you ask me.

        • Uhh, too many to count, lizzie! Seriously, I know many women in their 40’s (and they’re professional women who are great moms/women) who are going thru a midlife crisis and they’re keeping nakey pics on their phones.

            • It must be a generational thing DWB and I’m sure they are great women. To me it would be a way of keeping count (not unlike indians with scalps.) Sex to me is too intimate to do that. I’m from the era before sex became a sport with trophies. I studied art and I am not a prude who doesn’t appreciate all parts of a man’s body. It just seems like a violation of just how beautiful sex can be.

            • The more I think about this the more certain I am that Audrey didnt snap those pics herself of those men pre-sex. I think she has those because the guys took them and texted them to her. And they prolly do look impressive since guys who text wang shots of themselves tend to have to goods or at least know a thing or two about flattering angels. She still should not be showing them to others especially in a work setting. And if this was a real business setting HR would chit golden bricks and bounce her out on her lil beehind so fast her pretty little head would spin.

            • So it has become a dating calling card? You are so right about the HR thing. Congressman Weiner is very sorry because it cost him his career.

            • I know. If these guys would only stop to think of all the other people that will end up seeing these before they click it. If its a pic they wouldn’t want their granny to see then they should not send it.

            • LOL ! Once again I gotta agree with ya MP. IMO only freaks would text pics of their “tackle boxes” ( a fishing metaphor which is uniquely apropos to full frontal male nudity) to chicks and only wacko chicks would “save ” them . ( ditto for men thinking this is “cool”)
              A woman who previously worked where I did..emphasis on “previously”.. had a collection ..shall we say of “nakey” pics of the same kind as ms aubrey and bizarrely thought EVERYONE in the workplace either would be thrilled or happy to view them and think it was normal ! The sickest thing was one of them was her son-in-laws !!! which she thought was great!! NO CHIT !!
              I can honestly say it was one of the few times in my life where I was flabbergasted !! Needless to say HR sent her on her merry way and very quickly !!

            • I couldn’t agree more L/S and I’ll add that being a tripleD myself that I have been the object of lewd comments for 30+ years…I dunno what’s the matter with people?!?! Men and women seem to find it perfectly appropriate to comment on other peoples physiques…no wonder we have so many people out there with body image issues. (not that that has anything to do with Arsenio) But I digress :-)

              I think that by now Arsenio and friends have seen Aubrey confessionals – let’s not forget that all of this was taped months ago…and now that he’s days away from the finale he’s getting his shots in. The fact that he had some issues with harassment years ago speaks volumes as to why he keeps prefacing his Aubrey stories with ‘…if a man did that…’

              That’ll be 2 cents :-)

        • She did enjoy pointing out that Arsenio’s career is over “you took a walk from the industry.” She took the same approach to Debbie Gibson. One day she will be over and some young whippersnapper will rub it in her face too. This stuff dont last forever for anybody. I just expected Arsenio to not let it ruffle him so bad.

      • His APOLOGY was back-handed…..he apologized and then he told a FAR worse tale about her behavior with those pics….he didn’t do her any favors there…..

    • Another perfect post. Thanks, Heather. I think if any of my African American students or friends heard me call myself (white lady — if not obvious by this post) “urban” they would die laughing :)

    • I can’t wait until she goes away. I like her dress though. Urban? Which is now a euphemism or code for black/minority in my opinion. If she knew anything about black people she would know not all black people hail from large cities. Diddy her former mentor is from Mount Vernon a suburb of NY and Wendy Williams her fellow “urbanite” was born and raised in Ashbury which is near the Jersey Shore. Also Isn’t Aubrey from Palm Springs or something? just no…. she needs to have a seat or just go away.

      • Well she was “raised by Diddy” I think Wendy got sick of her and put her in her place “Diddy didn’t get you any money either” Aubrey loves the sound of her own voice.

      • Let me just say…about where Diddy’s from, Mount Vernon is not “suburb,” it’s very “hood,” as us “urbans” would say. Mount Vernon is definitely not preppy, white-collar. AT ALL.

        • I’ve never been to Mt. Vernon so I suburb may not have been the most apt desciption, but I do remember an interview with Diddy several years back where he visited his old neighborhood. It was a nice working class neighborhood. It wasn’t Chapequa or Westchester suburbia but it seemed like a neighborhood where the residents were hard workers and kept nice homes. Its’ like J.Lo being from the “Bronx” where one would assume she was lived in a rough neighborhood/ housing project, but her family did own a residential home in a nice, working class neighborhood. An area may not be preppy or white collar, but can still have well cared for homes and hard working residents.

  7. You have to give it to her, she’s not smart she’s intelligent, but her delivery was always mean and narcissistic so that diminishes that aspect of hers.

  8. I am very glad I am old enough to not know who the hell “Aubrey Ho’day” actually is. All I know is that she’s pretty dang skankerrific.

  9. I think Arsenio is acting like a little girl, that story he told about Teresa and Aubrey has no relevance whatsoever, it sounded to me as if he were gossiping. Aubrey is a sneaky, skanky nasty piece of work however Arsenio has done himself no favors relaying this story to America.
    Was it appropriate for Aubrey to show her dick pics of course it wasn’t and he is right there is a double standard I just think his motives for telling this story and then dragging Teresa into it is shady. Maybe he caught a glimpse of one of the pics and felt inferior!

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