VICKI GUNVALSON: DELETED SCENE… Vicki’s Son and Brother Talk About Briana and Ryan… AND Brooks… VIDEO

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26 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: DELETED SCENE… Vicki’s Son and Brother Talk About Briana and Ryan… AND Brooks… VIDEO

  1. Brianna’s most important day of her life is about her & her mate. It isn’t about her mother or brother. Frankly I think the most important day of her life will be the birth of her child.

    • So true. I hope Vicki doesn’t try to hijack the birth with the cameras… ya know to make up for all that Bravo camera time that Brianna cost her by eloping.

  2. Dang! What about the other vid where Brianna calls Vicki out for having an emotional affair with him while still very much married to Donn? Ouch! Guess that makes the spousal support request a bit clearer, huh?

      • You can find it on Bravo. She calls Vicki out on having known Brooks for a very long time and having an emotional affair with him. Vicki says you can’t believe the internet and Briana says she got the info from Vicki’s home computer.

        • I loved when she called Crooks an opportunist and why he is driving around in Vicki’s car and just hanging around – she is spot on!!! This man is out for himself and Vicki being the desperate women she is will just take it!! There is something sooo shady about him, especially how friggin slow he talks I just want to reach through the tv and smack his head and say SPIT IT OUT!!!

          • In the Bravo video it’s clear that Briana is angry that Crooks and Vicky began this relationship before ended her marriage. I think she’s pissed that she made the break up about not being happy with Don and it was about wanting to be with Crooks.

            • Jim lol I am not dissing balding men at all I am just stating a fact about Vicki. Also I am sure he must have a great sex drive seeing as he has so many children with each a different mother. :) I’m willing to take my chances though and bet Vicki’s karma isn’t so great since she has all this drama going on and her own daughter tells us she cries every single day. Vicki has bashed the other wives so much on their jobs and relationships that it is hilarious to me that she now must defend her deadbeat father of a boyfriend to everyone. I love that her relationship is now exhausing her because of people gossiping about all the dirt on Crooks, I mean Brooks. This is exactly what Vicki caused for other people. :) And also the IQ thing, well I guess he is smart because he is scamming the crap out of Vicki. ;)

  3. Could someone tell me what Vicki meant when she told Briana that she and Don were still fighting over the fact that she (Vicki) had to pay Don child support…for what? They have no underage children, What was that all about?

    • I think she does owe him spousal support. Her income from the show that he allowed to be filmed in his house and all the humiliation she subjected him to. He kept the homefires burning while she was off on “insurance conventions” that he was NOT invited to (now we kinda sorta know why) And who knows how long those away trips have been going on, but lets just assume they went on when the kid’s needed the supervision that Donn provided. Compensate that man Vicki. He looked after your children while you were off gettin your tank filled…er…um… I mean…learning bout insurance ;)

  4. Michael apparently knows who butters his bread… Very carefully worded phrase from a kid who hasn’t been too choosy with this words in the past.

    • Oh… and I’m beyond annoyed with all of them for complaining about the wedding incessantly. I have two girls and yes… I’d be disappointed, but I would be happy for them as well. It’s like these people aren’t even able to see her reasons and the only thing they’re thinking about is themselves. GET. OVER. IT. Brianna could have died. Ryan could have as well. The saw a moment of clarity and didn’t want to wait another second. I don’t understand why the family can’t seem to understand this.

      • Here’s what kills me- Brianna loves Donn like a father and yet her mother has had an affair with another man, ended her marriage to Donn, isn’t speaking to him and is forcing the new man down their throats. It’s real obvious that Brianna considers this Brooks thing uncomfortable and it’s a source of tension between her and Vicki. And it’s also obvious that this divorce really has her feeling like she’s lost her family. Yet, Vicki can’t understand why Brianna doesn’t want to try to navigate the tough waters of having a wedding in which she would probably want Donn to walk her down the aisle and Brooks to not attend? I totally can empathize with Brianna and the situation that she is in and why she chose to just bypass it all, create a family of her own and just move forward into the next chapter without it having to be full of heartache by being reminded of Vicki and Donn’s divorce. Plus… her Mom is on a reality show and you know the pressure would be on to showcase her wedding and make it into a spectacle. I completely admire her decision to do it HER way! I like Brianna- she’s beautiful and has a good head on her shoulders, and her Mom should be proud of her too.

        • I agree with you 100%. I guess Donn is the reason she isn’t crazy like her mom and knows how to behave like a normal responsible person. Vicki should pay Donn because of all the things you listed above and also for all he did for her children. She had it good but for Vicki nothing is ever enough.

  5. How about the scene where Vicki’s brother states that Don is probably seeing someone and Vicki did not like that at all. That’s how controlling she is, she thinks it’s ok for her to have cheated on Don and have someone in her life but to hear that he ACTUALLY MOVED ON FROM HER omg noooooo – she is pathetic!! All of them should distance themselves from her and just leave her to Crooks and let the chips fall where they may!!

    • Everyone seems to blame that but I think Vicki is just getting what she deserves. She dishes out so much hate, jealousy, and negativity it is just biting her in the ass. Sit back and enjoy the show. I have popcorn! :) (I have disliked Vicki for a long time if you cannot tell!lol)

  6. She did call her out on having an emotional affair on national television, and to be honest with you I believe Brianna. Also I believe Brianna on almost everything she said, but there is something to consider. And that is Don wasn’t the faithful happy go lucky guy that she thinks. Remember there was that story about Don in the second season (possibly the end of the third RHOOC) that he was let go from his job because of inappropriate advances with the women staff. Vicky found out about that and you can tell she changed over night.

    She found out he wasn’t faithful and she decided to cut him out and find it from someone else. Brianna doesn’t know this stuff because both Don and Vicki kept it from her and the son.

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