CELEBRITY APPRENTICE…Aubrey O’Day, Clay Aiken, Arsenio Hall…Who’s Gonna Get Fingered by Trump… Nene Gotz A J-O-B!… A MANZOID Goes After SH… And LOSES… Finds HE Is NO MATCH!… UPDATE… Jax’ MOTHER Gets In On The Action!

UPDATE:  Well look who stuck her nose into the SH site!  

It’s Jax mom, Bonnie Grippe!!!   Threatening SH with a lawsuit!!!   LOL!!!!

A better response to Bonnie might be one from KlassicKen…

Who’s gonna get the finger from Trump on tonight’s Celebrity Apprentice???

                                                                      Donald Trump “You’re FIRED!”

                                                  Really prefer Hagface Kyle and the now-sober Kim Richards’ style of finger pointing over that of Trump!

My prediction:  Arsenio Hall will get the “FiredFinger” from Trump because of his interaction earlier in the competition with Aubrey O’Day… Arsenio lost it and called Aubrey names.

                                             Perhaps Trump could take some finger-pointing lessons from Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller… and use handguns!!!  Just a much more dramatic way of saying “You’re FIRED!”

Even though any sane person would have done the same to Aubrey O’Day… and probably done it much sooner than Arsenio… this will be the lame reason Trump will give Arsenio as Trump wags his finger at him.  The competition DOES have to be between two people after all!

It will then come down to Aubrey v Clay Aiken in tonight’s task, which will be a reason for all the competitors to reappear.  Next week’s Celebrity Apprentice will be the finale…

Nene’s friend and obvious mentor, Ryan Murphy’s new sitcom, The New Normal, has been picked up.

From Glee‘s Ryan Murphy and Ali Adler, The New Normal revolves around a blended family of a gay couple (Andrew Rannells, Justin Bartha) and the woman (Georgia King) who becomes a surrogate for them as they grow their family. Ellen Barkin co-stars with Nene Leakes on board in a recurring role as the couple’s attorney.

NOTE:  Nene will be playing “Nene”… again.   Oh joy.  If anyone can play that “big sassy black woman” it’s Nene… guess Gabourey Sidibe was busy.

Little CritterFUR of the famous New Jersey ‘FEBUS’ Fambly went after SH… as only a person of very low intellect could… by making assumptions and name calling!   CritterFUR really thought he was a slick brainiac when lil CritterFUR assumed that SH is a single, unloved, cat-loving woman!  The only stereotype lil Critter neglected to included was that SH is FAT!

Wasn’t even going to give this any attention… UNTIL another of the sub-human New Jersey crew chimed in on all this twitter nonsense earlier today!   Lil Asslee Holmes took CritterFUR’s whole playbook and made yet another assumption about SH… and stooped to calling SH names!!

This is how the whole exchange started… by SH simply stating “Who cares?”  This is just a sampling of the tweets… :

SH does not like to see anyone involved in an unfair fight… and that is EXACTLY what the exchange with lil CritterFUR was, a VERY unfair fight.  Lil Critter needs to get himself a bit more of that there edjamacashun before he can even THINK about taking SH on in an intellectual battle.

AND… what is so terrible about being single?  OR having cats??  OR being fat???  Isn’t lil CritterFUR single???  Doesn’t Critter’s Aunt Dina have cats???   Aren’t CritterFUR’s close relatives fat???   Guess all those descriptive qualities are OK for the Manzoids as they are of the FEBUS mindset!

Maybe Critter could take a remedial class in basic spelling if he’s going to continue actually writing WORDS on twitter… he continually misused the word “your.”  Here’s a little lesson for you, CritterFUR… one you can understand… it has PICTURES!!!

NOTE:  Why do I have a feeling that DonCaro is having a fambly meeting right now instructing everyone to spin those sparse, but well-oiled  brain cells of theirs in typical FEBUS fashion to get REVENGE on SH, who dared to go up against one of her feeble-minded “KIDZ?”

Will SH be receiving another C&D letter???  The following was received back in October 2011, after a post appeared on SH re the Manzoids.

As you can see, it reads as if a law school dropout was the author of the threatening email.  It also uses the word “your” incorrectly!   And accuses SH of using “hate” graphics!  When SH did not respond, another very badly written C&D email was sent to SH.  SH did not respond to the second C&D.

Here is the “LAWYER-LIKE” C&D email threatening to “shut down” SH… received back in October:

“Rightful Domain Owner of (,

It has been brought to our attention that you are falsely defaming our clients online on your website ( :

Caroline Manzo

Jacqueuline Laurita

Kelly Killoren Bensimon

Your are distributing unauthorized images as backgorund, favicon and graphics. You are provoking followers and our clients through Twitter and defaming by cyber bullying. These actions are against all cyber laws Cyber Law Code Section § 1341.

This is a fair warning before we approach this matter legally, and attempt to send out a “Cease and Desist” to stop all activity of the domain and to shut it down, and to legally sue for damages done to attempt “Defamation of Character”.

You may republish news updates and repost, but you are not permitted to distribute personal verbal hate graphics and images of any persons, including public figures on the internet. You are also not permitted to bully any persons on the internet, including all public figures.

If the other Bravo “Housewives” have not approached you in this matter, it is their personal choice. We however will not permit any online domain to go against all Cyber Laws and conduct a Defamation of Character to our clients. We ask you to take down all unauthorized graphics and hate posts consiting the 3 names mentioned above withing the next 24-48 hours.

How we approach this matter from here, lies in your actions of our request in this email. Should you have any statements to make, you can email us back.


Security Department
After Dark Promotions

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  1. The sun is shining a little brighter in Los Angeles today! Miss Ashlee Holmes is on her way to Vegas. She says she’ll be back in 3 months–I doubt it, and really really hope not.

    Wonder what her parents’ plan is now? Okay, if she does as we say and goes to Vegas so her aunt can teach her graphic design, then we’ll pay for her to live the rest of the year in LA.

    Listen, sending her to Vegas to stop partying, grow up and learn some skills didn’t work the first time–we know because we’re watching it unfold on tv, RIGHT NOW! And so now you’re doing it again? Yeah, that’ll work…


    • What does Ashlee do anyway? She has a blog and interviews musicians. Does she get PAID? She says she is moving for work. With her type of work, doesn’t she really work from home? I bet her family is sending her away. She went from having her own apartment , to having a roommate. Obviously due to lack of funds. It must be way cheaper to live in Las Vegas.


  2. New here!! I’ve been reading this site for awhile but have never commented. First of all I absolutely love this site, keep up the good work Ms. SH. Second, I don’t understand why Jaxs mom takes screen shots of Ms. SH tweets and then comments on them if she doesn’t want anyone to pay attention to Ms. SH she sure is going about it the wrong way. I’ve also noticed she calls Teresas twitter fans thugs, I’m really not sure whats wrong with this woman.


    • Hi Breanna. Glad you are commenting. I dont twitter so I am not sure exactly how it works but I did follow this little exchange. To the best of my recollection the tweet that Granny Getta Grippe initially tweeted a screenshot of was not MS SH’s It was someone else that had said something like wishing Caroline would die or sumpin. Well then after that it appeared that Granny Grippe was on a tear and she responded to a Ms Sh’s blanket tweet about the blind item. A tweet that was not sent directly too her either.


      • Thank you Madepiley!! I’m not sure how twitter works either, I did see what u are talking about and I’m also pretty sure there is a screen shot of Ms. SH commenting about Jax getting “da bravo boot” to which Granny Grippe tweeted something like “Stoopid Housewives is such a nice person” Thats the tweet I was talking about, like I said not sure how it works, I just look around when I’m bored. Thanks for your help, I’m real new to this!!


          • Twitter is a place that you can make comments in 140 characters & you can go onto others Twitter pages & read what they say & can respond to them directly or Retweet what they say which is similar to sharing something on other sites. As long as you Twitter account is Public anyone can see what you say, share what you write & reply (comment) on it. The person sees what you say as well. Hope this may have helped it’s hard to explain without actually showing or seeing it. So basically if i tweet @chris_manzo (his name) he will see what i say. Thats what happened with the Twiiter altercation between all of us & SH on Friday!


  3. FYI– Bonnie Grippe follows Kim Zolciak’s 14y.o. daughter Brielle on twitter. Probably Justin Bieber too.


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