SH “HIT AND RUN” FOR THURSDAY: Andy Cohen’s Mother, Evelyn Cohen “Loves Her Alcohol!”…Tamra Barney “We’re Havin’ TWO Weddings”…Kandi Burruss “RHOA Filming Started”… Vicki Gunvalson, Tamra Barney “Buy My Wine!”… Kelly Bensimon “Don’t Care”… Kenya Moore, New ATL Housewife “Confirmed”!

May 10, 2012  10:45 am

 Andy Cohen… “My Mom loves booze…”


“When Andy was at camp, he made a J&B Scotch bottle out of wood in carpentry and brought it home, so proud of it. It said ‘Best Scotch Drinker.’

What will YOU be doing tomorrow night???  If you’re in the Huntsville, AL area, you might want to check out Kandi’s par-tay… the Bravo cameras will be there!   Tickets and info… HERE.

Filming for the Real Housewives of Atlanta has begun… 

 Kelly Bensimon tried to make me “HOT”… I wanna sue her…anyone know her address???

CHICAGO: Real Housewives of New York star Kelly Killoren Bensimon will sign copies of her book I Can Make You Hot at the Whiskey tonight. The event will offer Hypnotiq cocktails and a candy bar.    NOTE:  Why do these ex-Housewives think they are still relevant?  Just sad… go away, KKKelly…

VICKI GUNVALSON AND TAMRA BARNEY:  The big hook for “Wines By Wives” is the ‘charitable’ contribution being made by Vicki and Tamra through their Wine Club… HERE.

HOWEVER… the contribution consists of 10% of the MEMBERSHIP fee… PROFIT from each membership!    After various fees, etc. are subtracted from the $3.49… Vicki and Tamra are probably sending less than $1 to each charity.  Why bother???

Tamra Barney… “Hell yeah!  We’re gonna have as many weddings as Bravo will pay for!!!”

TAMRA BARNEY:  Tamra and Eddie are thinkin’ of having TWO weddings:

“We’re thinking about maybe going to Mexico with the kids and [our parents]. . .and then coming home and having a big fabulous wedding for hundreds of people.”

                                                   Kenya Moore…”Who gonna check me, BOO???” 

KENYA MOORE:  Those “rumors” of Kenya Moore being cast as Sheree Whitfield’s replacement on the Real Housewives of Atlanta are no longer rumors:

“I’ve had an opportunity recently to be on a reality show,” Kenya exclusively told S2S. “I feel like it’s almost like my duty to take the job because it’s the converse of what we’re seeing now.”

“I can say that it’s an already established franchise,” Kenya revealed to S2S.   “I’m back and forth between Atlanta and L.A….primarily Atlanta. Wink, wink!”

(Thanks to SH reader “MattMc”!!!!)

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    • I had to read it again too! I also went to the winesbywives website and for some reason I decided to look at their ”Terms & Conditions” (yes I am bored lol). SH, you should read the “Terms& Conditions” (mainly the paragragh: Your Content & Conduct) and also read the ”Shipping Policy”. I couldnt believe what I was reading!!


      • Leigh: Believe it!! BUT… they’re giving money to charity, so that makes it all OK. Would love to see that huge check they present to their charity from the PROFITS from the 10% Membership Fee … a big old $9.54!!! What a joke! TFC!! SH


        • I thank you for posting things like this! I read all of the conditions/policies and I did not see ANYTHING about charity or any proceeds going to charity other than their advertisement. Also, in the ‘fine print’ they collect and SELL your information to third parties which is scary. They are just money hungry and its just pitiful!! Thanks again for helping to expose them!!


    • I take her for a very smart cookie! I wish she’d de-ghetto that Kandi Koated set and class it up a little bit.


  1. Kenya Moore: …”“I feel like it’s almost like my duty…” PUHLEEZE, girl, GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

    Either that, or please pull a Teller and keep silent.


      • originalcyn1, some states ban the selling of cheap wines in dangerous neighborhoods, so when you go in the likker store to buy your Mad Dog 20/20, and they don’t carry it, RUN!
        “The Seattle City Council asked the Washington State Liquor Control Board to prohibit the sale of certain alcohol products in an impoverished “Alcohol Impact Area”. Among the products sought to be banned were over two dozen beers, and six wines: Cisco, Gino’s Premium Blend, MD 20/20, Night Train, Thunderbird, and Wild Irish Rose.”


        • Oh my. I had no idea sucha thang happened. So how long has this been going on and has it worked?


        • Well, that is good to know. I have upgraded over the years. I know many a teenager that spent their youth regurgitating M/D on their way to learning how to handle their liqueur
          Just for fun I’ll check the Liqueur store next time I venture out with running shoes in hand and car engine running. LOL!


      • oh, Boone’s farm apple blossom wine. When I was a teenager we had a water park in the next county. We would drive over there and spend the day at one of the parks biggest attraction “the wave pool” which was a pool that simulated the movement of the ocean. Being a person that gets motion sick in the back seat of the car as it was and way to much Boone’s farm, I will forever be know as the girl that threw up in the wave pool that summer and no one could swim in it the rest of the day! lol


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