VICKI GUNVALSON: LOOKING BACK… Vicki and David ‘Brooks’ Ayers…Are “On a Break”… Brooks NOT Exclusive With Vicki… Post From June 2011…

ORIGINALLY POSTED June 18, 2011…  

SH saw through Vicki’s love tank filler-upper “Brooks” scammin’ ways almost a year ago!!!

Vicki Gunvalson’s new boyfriend, scammer David ‘Brooks’ Ayers, has been getting a lot of attention recently.

                                                                                 Brooks Ayers, Vicki Gunvalson and some other guy… at an insurance business meeting.  A very private insurance business meeting…

It was reported that Brooks was a deadbeat dad, owing $40,000 for either child support or alimony… it’s not quite clear for what, but he does owe $40,000 to someone for something.

                                                                                    Brooks, the homeless guy.  Not really, but come on, Vicki!  You’re ditching Donn for this guy???  Your love tank wasn’t empty, it was desperate…

Brooks was thrown into and stuck in Lee County Jail in Mississippi for non-payment.  His girlfriend at the time, Debbie Keane, came up with the bail money to spring Brooks outta the terrible confines of the jail, which Brooks promised he would pay back as soon as he gets out.

Oh, can’t you just hear that conversation!!!  

‘I don’t know why I’m here, babe’  ‘They just picked me up and brought me here’  ‘They told me that I owe child support’ ‘I been framed’  ‘They got me mixed up with someone else named Brooks Ayers’   ‘It’s probably some kinda computer error’  ‘Really, you gotta get here as soon as possible’  ‘I’ll sign an IOU if it makes you feel better’  ‘Please, I’ll pay interest if you want’  ‘Just hurry…’

                                                                     Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson… ‘Brooks takes Vicki shopping and paid for everything Vicki wanted’… Brooks didn’t pay for nuthin’!!

The girlfriend that bailed Brooks out of jail, Debbie, was never repaid the $1,000 bail money and is talking more about ‘Bricki’ (Brooks and Vicki).   Debbie alleges that Brooks told her he didn’t actually pay for the purchases!  “Vicki went to change and I signed her name to her credit card receipt in the store, I didn’t pay for her new clothes myself,” Debbie says Brooks told her.

Oh, Debbie is chatting up a storm!  And… Debbie’s gotten her $1,000 back!!!  Wonder if Vicki paid her off???

MORE about scammer Brooks…

Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson is dating a man with a pretty long rap sheet, but in a strange twist it turns out she’s been involved with him for a lot longer than anyone first suspected.

When Brooks Ayers was arrested twice in 2010 for not paying child support Vicki wrote a letter to the judge asking him to release her friend from jail.   Vicki’s letter… HERE.

His ex-girlfriend, a woman named Debbie Keane, said that she started dating Ayers in 2005 and had a run in with a jealous Vicki way back in 2007, years before Vicki went public with their relationship and while she was still married to Donn Gunvalson.

“I was tagging along on a business trip with Brooks in 2007 in West Palm Beach, Florida and he kept talking about how his friend who was famous was coming to the conference,” Debbie said. Sure enough, Vicki arrived at the financial planning group conference and immediately sought Brooks out.

“She sent him a text saying ‘finally here, I need a drink,’” Brooks’ ex said about Vicki.

Debbie said that two nights later she and Brooks were in a bar when Vicki walked in, so she followed her to the bathroom and confronted her about flirting with Brooks.  “She told me to mind my own business and then went and told Brooks he needed to ‘keep your girl in check.’”

However, Vicki remembers things quite differently —  she admitted to having met Debbie at the conference but claims that there was no fight, and in fact that Debbie “was really nice and complimented me on the show and on my outfit.” Vicki also insists that she was at the conference with Donn.

Debbie goes on to make a further, shocking, claim about Vicki and Brook’s relationship though: “In 2009 Brooks was at my house in Memphis when Vicki started texting him while she was away renewing her vows.  He told me she was saying that Don was so good to her but she didn’t really care anymore.”

Vicki totally disputes this ever occurred however, swearing that she had no cell service in Turks & Caicos, where they were, so it would of been impossible for her to send any text messages.

Meanwhile, just last week Debbie said she had been communicating again with Brooks, who despite still being married, and reportedly dating Vicki, was trying to visit her in her new home.

“He wanted me to pay to fly him out here to meet him,” Debbie said.  She said she asked Brooks why he didn’t have his own money to fly and see her since it was reported that he had paid for a shopping trip with Vicki on May 11.

Debbie alleges that Brooks told her he didn’t actually pay for the purchases!  “Vicki went to change and I signed her name to her credit card receipt in the store, I didn’t pay for her new clothes myself,” Debbie says Brooks told her.

As for his relationship with Vicki, Debbie said he told her it isn’t exclusive.  “I’m not just seeing Vicki,” she claims he told her.  “I’m talking to three other women too.”

Meanwhile, Vicki insists that she and Brooks were never serious in the first place and that they are “taking a break” right now.

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48 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: LOOKING BACK… Vicki and David ‘Brooks’ Ayers…Are “On a Break”… Brooks NOT Exclusive With Vicki… Post From June 2011…

  1. Vickie so so full of herself. I still can’t believe that she has Brooks in the opening credits for someone she had been dating for less than a year. At least Tamara did wait to showcase Eddie. I believe Brooks is going to make a fool, bigger than she already is, out of Vickie. I have been married for 18 years & my husband doesn’t have the password to my email accts. He knows where the list to all my accts & passwords are should I die but other than that you have to have trust

    • I don’t know how I missed Brooks being in the opening credits!
      I am just happy that she finally “went on a break” with this guy~~
      Watching Brianna crying in the preview says it all.
      I really hope she’s done with him. He’s not right for her.

  2. I’m sure Crooks was handing his cards out like crazy to potential victims, er, lady friends this weekend. Lots of rich, lonely, old ladies at the Derby.

  3. Trust me Vicki “I Need My Love Tank Filled” is regretting divorce Donn, Brooks is nothing but a piece of crap, Vicki knows it, that’s why she’s been crying all the time on the show..poor Vicki Boo Boo!

    • I feel terrible for Brianna. Vicki is already so controlling and self absorbed, but can you imagine how she’ll be once Brooks dumps her?

      • her face (Vicki’s) was priceless, when Brianna told her she got married in Vegas, Vicki was pissed, because that is what Vicki wants, but everyone is onto Brooks crappy ways.

        • Vicki has found herself in Gretchen’s shoes. They can’t marry unless she wants to take on all his money issues past, present and future. I’m sure spousal support and child support for three kids isn’t cheap and since they are still young it’s going to be awhile before that goes away.

      • I very much doubt Brooks will dump her. She’s loaded, she pays for everything, he lives miles away and she can’t see what he’s up to. He’s already touched up her friend right in front of her. I think he’ll milk that for as long as she lets him.

  4. How are they taking a break right now and show up at the Kentucky Derby? Vickie has to be the saddest housewife out there. What a sad, sad, life.

      • Oh I get it….I should have seen the LOOKING BACK part. Sorry Ms. SH. Vickie still has a sad, sad life falling for a con man who knows the right thing to say.

  5. I don’t get what all the fuss is about. He is not handsome, funny, or charming. He’s gross and takes forever to speak. I am in AL and I am telling you being slow isn’t part of his accent okay. I don’t see Vicki ever getting married again. What healthy person would want to live with her negativity everyday? Vicki saw Tamara go through a divorce and she thought she would be okay too. Vicki really has started putting on a lot of weight, her face is bumpy and swollen, she just looks really old and tired. Vicki needs to take care of herself instead of trying to control other people.

  6. Vickie wanted a ‘Yes baby’ sort of guy. She found one is a mediocre deadbeat/con man. You reap what you sow. Karma is spoon feeding her.

  7. Vicki looks really awful. Her face is haggard and she has gained a ton of weight. Unfortunately, she still dresses like Lynn Curtain, another over-the-hill broad. Maybe she feels Brooks is the best she can do.

    • That is what I was thinking. She needs to dress more age appropriate. The dresses are way too short.

      • I’ve often wondered how this show affects her business. unless you are looking for a celeb connection why would you ever hire her agency to represent you when she acts and does the things she does as well as it seems she’s always gone from work.

        • Good point idatrvlr how does she address these antics in the business world?

  8. Vicki and Brooks asre in the same business. IMO, they are both CON people. Made for each other.

  9. I think Vicki is best divorced from Don, it doesn’t matter who was at fault, if the love is gone. But if she is smart now, she will drop Crooks and just say, he wasn’t who I thought he was. It happens, men lie, no big deal. I just hope she doesn’t drag it out and make herself look stupid defending him…..

    • Vicki is going to drag the relationship out to “SAVE FACE”. I truly believe Vicki just needs time to herself, she never really had “VICKI TIME”, because was always married and I think the relationship with Crooks is a waste of energy and time.

    • But if she does that then she has no story line. Vick is being very calculating by making Brooks a big part of her story line. 1) It gives her camera time 2) If there is anything shady about him that she doesn’t already know then she is well aware of how the HW machine will go to town on him until all is is brought to light. And then she can squeeze another season out of her fall out from “discovering the real Brooks” She may even have suspected as much prior to taping and this would be a cold-blooded way to get revenge on a liar… expose him without getting her hands dirty. I cant lie and say I wouldn’t be tempted to play it like that too if some scoundrel tried to take me for a ride on the very bus I was drivin… but thats just me.

      • I’ve got a real good feeling that your not someone I would want to tick off! I suspect it takes a lot to get you there but once it happens look out. I take it that’s from dealing with all those Brothers of yours.

  10. what a weird letter to write to a judge, it ask for nothing except a ride to court? so why write it? Clearly this means Vicki knew about him being in jail or not paying his support. I agree it seems he’s looking for a better lifestyle or funds. He stumbled through the meeting with Brianna because he didn’t have time to prepare his little love speech.

  11. How was Brooks even able to sign Vicki’s name to her credit card while she was changing?! The clerk should have waited til Vicki came out to sign herself. That is the same as forgery. Even if Vicki gave her permission, usually a store won’t accept a signature on a credit card unless it is the actual person whose name is on the card.

    • Clerks rarely look at the card and the signature they just run it through. Once I signed Mickey Mouse. Not only did the store not notice the bank put it through as well.

  12. I never trusted this guy from day 1 i just knew he was a scumbag and it looks like im right. Donn is such a nice guy she really screwed that up big time. She always wanted to work instead of spend anytime with donn, i couldnt believe donn put up with it and didnt bail a long time ago. The funny thing is the kids both know that Vickie is wrong for letting go of donn.

  13. I dont think Vikkis love tank was empty, I think she meant she needed her love tank siphoning. Perhaps Brooks gets down like that and Don wont. Mind you if I was Don wondering what Vikki was doing when away for business, I wouldn’t be siphoning her either.

  14. There’s just something not right about this guy, Brooks. Has he ever really been checked out? He plays for the camera and is an opportunist who is definitely telling Vickie what she wants to hear in order to keep the $$$ coming his way. Vickie needs to listen to the people who love her. Also, I’m very disappointed that she was so excited about fur.

  15. I was also when it came to the fur. For one i think wearing fur is in terrible taste for anyone just my opionion please nobody shoot me!! Another thing if he did buy it which i dont think so she should of told him pay ur child support instead i dont need a fur if i wanted one i would of bought one myself a long time ago.

  16. And I’m nuts for watching this craziness! At least it’s cheap form of entertainment.

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