VICKI GUNVALSON: David Brooks Ayers Has Three Children… And One “EXTRA”!…WHAT???… VIDEO

May 6, 2012   3:00 pm

David “Brooks” Ayers participated in an interview with “AskDanAndMike” recently… Brooks explained his background; how he met Vicki Gunvalson and where he presently resides (with Vicki).  Vicki wants everyone to get to know her baby Brooks better…

                      Note to Vicki:  It’s “Brooks and ME” not “Brooks and I”.  When will these idiot Housewives learn the very simple correct usage of “ME” and “I”??????

 Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers… selecting carefully from the ‘gifting suite’ during the Kentucky Derby.

A “did he really say that?!” moment took place when Brooks talked about his children.  Brooks explained that he has three… and one ‘extra.’   The ‘extra’ is now 3 1/2 years old.  How is any child considered an “extra?”

                                                                                               Brooks’ BabyMama, Nicolette Catanzarite…

“I once thought of Brooks just what Vicki said on the show; he was the sweetest southern guy in the whole wide world,” she Nicolette Catanzarite in an interview from June 2011.  “But over the last two and a half years, I have slowly realized things weren’t right. He’s the catch-me-if-you-can type of guy. He’s definitely a deadbeat dad.”

Nicolette claimed she is owed $900 a month plus $19000 in arrearages.  Nicolette says: “I want the bastard to pay child support!”

Vicki’s letter to the Judge presiding over Brooks’ child support issues… HERE.

NOTE:   Did Vicki lend Brooks funds to assist in making his “deadbeat Dad” status go away??  No wonder Vicki’s daughter, Briana, is givin’ Brooks the side eye!

Vicki and Brooks discuss living arrangement, kids and Vicki’s financials over lunch… the Real Housewives of Orange County was filmed approximately six months ago.

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70 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: David Brooks Ayers Has Three Children… And One “EXTRA”!…WHAT???… VIDEO

  1. Oh Vicki! Hahahaha!!! I will bet deep down inside you are wishing you had been nicer to Donn and treated him better than you did, then you would still be married to him. Donn was a very nice guy. Brooks is not only a deadbeat dad but he is also a grifter.

  2. what goes around, comes around. karma is a bitch. maybe vic should give the money to brianna
    to buy a house; instead of some deadbeat loser. jenna,tamra,gretchen, all the above who she has
    badmouthed their choices, w/ signicant others. KARMA

  3. Brook’s baby momma is right purdy. Must burn Vicki’s britches up on so many levels.

    • Something about Vicki’s face seems so off. I’m assuming she had a nose job which would explain the too-small-of-nose-for-her-face (very Morgan Fairchild) but her checks are really fat and round and then her mouth and teeth don’t seem to fit her face proportions either as well as her chin. It’s very weird. Almost as if she had major reconstructive surgery from an accident.

      • I think vicki is blind,how could she be with someone who has never met his child,after the way she attacked slade.
        She would not listen to her daughter ,because everything was true,he is just useing her new teeth and all fool vicki,I the world is laughing at you.

  4. I wouldn’t doubt he and the baby mama are both scamming Vicki. No man in his right mind would rather be with Vicki than her. Her OCD controlling personality is no picnic.

    • I thought I read somewhere Nicolette said she was still dating Brooks while he was dating Vicki (pre- divorce).She also said something about that photo of Vicki and Brooks shopping where she wanted everyone to believe Brooks was a big spender was a sham. She said Vicki put everything on her credit card.
      I think this guy has hooked up with Vicki for the free ride and to clear up his financial issues. He sure didn’t go for Vicki for her good looks and sparkling personality.
      Brianna was right her relationship with her new husband is nothing like Brooks and Vicki’s.
      Question…..Why would a letter to a Judge hold any weight with a Judge unless she was going to guarantee his employment or payment to his Exes? I swear these housewives have and unreal view of themselves. More people than not have no Idea who they are.

      • He was the guy at the pool when Vicki and Tamara went to Cabo. Also that girl is hot, I think one of two things happened. One, he potrayed himself as a rich guy and this young woman saw him as a meal ticket and was wrong. Two, it’s the same but she was an escort and she was taken in on his BS and thought she hit a jackpot.

      • I was living with the guy, dating him exclusivly (ha ha so I thought) Brooks but I was having his child while apparently him and Vicki were hooking up! I met Brooks in 2007 had my son in 2008 Really Brooks you have lost your mind……he is now openly admitting it without realizing what a true scumbag he is……what a guy! LOL……anybody else meet him in 2007 that was his girlfirend??? Now that I am speaking out, I am getting pranks from some stranger with my area code……referring to stuff only one person would know..gee I thought then I said HI BROOKS!

        • sorry Nicolette. Why not email SH and tell her about all the BS going on. SH a woman of integrity and be trusted. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have such a POS as my child’s father.

          • everytime I defend my own honor but more importantly my baby’s I get blocked by reality bull shit producer wanna be’s cause they dont want the real truth………..seriously I have so much shit ( I could bury that show and Vicki and Brooks) the judge would have a field day with his ass) it was’nt worth my time..but now that he called my son an extra child I am nuts with madness, dont really care anymore about child support I am most likely never gonna see anything its funny all I really see is him telling everyone he see’s his kids and is all caught up but not a word from him otherwise about my son’s well being. Little does he know I had “PRince Charming” the best little guy in the whole wide world” he is perfect……my baby boy that is ( we wont even say the word DAD around this house cause I dont want my son to feel bad cause his blood line is a loser…………I dont even want to admit LOSER man is his blood-line but as a southern gentleman who speaks so highly of himself and GOD, and affirmation this and that..needs to affirm who he really is and what he is really all about…….and move on with your shananigins……I will not allow my baby to ever suffer from Brooks and Vcki’s bull shit I m MOTHER who will battle for the dake of my sons dignity…nothing to do with money BROOKS IS HIDING OR HAS STOLEN FROM VICKI..AND ME…AND DK AND SO MANY MORE…HE ISNT EVEN DIVORCED YET…..THE JUDGE SAYS NOPE TO THAT ONE IN MISSIPPIPPI…..I MAY CALL HER…..

            • You have a voice here. Sorry he is such a douche to your child. Your son is better off not even knowing his name if thats the kind of sub-human he is. And I agree the “extra” child comment was just tooo toooo disgusting.

            • I can commiserate. I have four children myself and in the end my Ex counted on being able to bullshit his way out of all the crap he brought on himself. He blamed our son for being an alcoholic and drug abuser. In the end the truth will set you free. You can only count on yourself. This man is so full of bull it screams out of our TV screens. There was a woman that posted He tried to pick her up on the way home from the derby. To say this man is an opportunist is being kind. All the housewives read this site. If you have something to say Sh will give you a platform. That is a good thing for someone in your position. What do you have to lose by being honest and forthright. Contact Sh and she will help you.

    • I totally agree with you but I am reminded of the saying, “No matter how pretty a woman is, someone is tired of her BS”. Maybe this chick is WORSE than Vicki. (oh my)

      • the only bull shit I have is that some ass hole pretended to be a great guy and said he had a vasectomy, lied, got fired from his job and screwed my nanyn from years ago, dated vicki had lunch with her the day I gave birth told an ex he had damn nose cancer etc…….I raise my son to be a man, most importantly……….my pics are current I am bountiful in all aspects of life dont need Brooks… sooo funny actually why chose a lying cheating fool instead of a decent human being? Pretty means nothing unless you have it on the inside……and bull shit isnt pretty just ask Brooks and Vicki!
        DOnt ever put me and Vicki in the same sentence please I wont beg you, but I will kindfully request it. Unless you are a part of the Brooks fan club you would never say such a thing!! There is a child involved here and that’s when it just isnt funny anymore.

  5. I had to peek at her facebook page and she is an attractive woman but the photo above appears to be very old. I would rate her and Vicki about the same.

  6. ugh he is revolting!
    She seems to be chasing this idea of ‘love’ that is right out of a Mills & Boon.
    Did she really expect her relationship with Donn to be passionate & love tank filling 100% of the time?
    Tamra upgraded, Vicki downgraded.

  7. Oh & also my mum has a friend who constantly gets into relationships with the Brooks’ of the world. Apparently she thinks that love is being bought flowers, chocolates & told the ‘right’ things. Don’t these women realise that love is about compatibility & attraction?

  8. Is it me or does it seem like Brooks is always a little (high or dunk) evertime you see him on the show?

    I agree with you BSL, Brooks is a creep, major creep I think.

    • Seems like he is W-A-Y overexaggerating his southern drawl so, yeah, it’s difficult to tell if he is impaired or if he got himself drunk so he can tolerate Vicki.

      • i can hear him thinking to himself, “oh, these california people are gonna eat up my good ole’ southern accent.” i bet he asks if they serve cornbread everywhere he goes.

      • His accent is not an exaggeration. I’m from the same town he’s from, Tupelo, MS, and that’s really just how we sound. Thanks for saying our speech sounds “impaired.”

    • If he is a drunkard then dime to donuts Vicki already has a sweet insurance policy on him..

  9. Now I know my keys are glued together….going to try and clean them now.

    Oh and I still have severe storms going on here! oh, my, gosh! hail is hitting my windows and bam just broke one of them…………………………………………..

      • Me and my hubby are A-Ok, what a mess it did, but my neighbor’s had more damage, we helped them clean their glass and swept. Thanks for caring. xoooxo

      • Me and my hubby are ok.what a mess it is…My neighbor’s had more windows blown out etc., so we helped them sweep up their glass but more is to come. We will be safe I hope…all of a sudden new storms have just hit us and roofs are gone!. GOTTA GO…xoxo

          • To you Romo, thank you for caring, and thank God I didnt hurt my back again! It really meant alot to me.

    • I hope your car is undercover.

      We had huge hail storms here on Christmas day. The worst of it passed about 3km away. It was breaking skylights, car windows & there were floods to top it off. Some family were down from Ireland for a ‘sunny’ Australian Christmas. But it was warmer & drier in Dublin.

  10. So I sat next to this guy on a flight back to OC on 05/11/12 and he chatted my ear off. Then was disappointed that I didn’t let him “buy” me a drink during an unexpected plane change and asked me several times for my business card so we could “find” new places in OC together since I was new to the area. Very funny!!! I didn’t even know who he was until flipping channels today and running across the Housewives of OC show and seeing him there. Now I find it so interesting how much he bragged about being at the Kentucky Derby. He NEVER mentioned having a girlfriend or his role with her on the show. There is no doubt this guy was hitting on me big time. And yes, I am a successful single business woman too.

      • I am not going to call him creepy but the way he talked about things was a bit too over the top. When people name drop or event drop, like the Kentucky Derby and hanging out with Ron White (funny he didn’t drop Vicki’s name at all), then that gives me cause for pause. And when someone always has a life’s story common to your own, that’s a bit unsettling. I’m a cancer survivor, he said he was too.

        • yep thats brooks he told me he was dying and let me hurt from this for a year never telling the truth ,he doesn’t care about anyone but him and what can u do for him …but he makes it like he’s do some much for u .. wait vicki u will see but i bet u already know this ,having fun now………

        • Yep that’s OL’ Brooks alright, so far he has had nose cancer and now I heard he is telling people he has Prostate Cancer. Anyway he must not know, that story wont fly because last time I looked it up I am pretty sure you cant have children and well he can, he told me he had a vascectomy! Then I was pregnant. Then I found out he had no job he lied he was with Vicki still not divorced either one of them…… when I found all this out I said “see ya” me and my baby wont be with anyone lesser than a REAL MAN!
          Keep surviving all good is yet to come!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hello to you all, Its The BABY MAMMA (Nicolette),
    For the record………
    Thanks for any comments regaring any positive attributes from my picture thats posted everywhere! The pictures are all very current……if you saw one that I looked like Vicki chances are I had just given BIRTH TO MY 5th child that gave me the “baby mama nororiety”! Not an “Escort”, didnt like him for his no- so-money-money…..he is a liar, a crook, a dad by default, a deadbeat dad by choice, a con-artist by nature and so good at stealing money he steals his own cash and blames the woman. He’s the BEST THIEF ever!! Hey DK, I remember when you called and I answered his phone and you seemed very confused now I know why. He never had nose cancer, it was just his exit strategy…..sorry you had to go through that.

  12. If you liked the flowers last night at Heather’s house, contact David at Square Root Designs (

    • Wrong. It should be the objective case, not the nominative. It is functioning as the “object” of the preposition “of.” This one is very simple. Not even a predicate nominative or an elliptical construction to add confusion to the simple rule of removing whatever it’s paired with and listening to what sounds right.
      So you are correcting Ms. SH on a grammar rule that is a personal pet peeve of hers and you don’t even have a basic understanding of the rules? That’s pretty nervy.
      I enjoy a grammar debate on some of the more complicated constructions, but this one wasn’t.

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