VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki Introduces Brooks To Just Married Briana and Ryan… Briana’s Embarrassed…VIDEO

On next weeks’ Real Housewives of Orange County…

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24 comments on “VICKI GUNVALSON: Vicki Introduces Brooks To Just Married Briana and Ryan… Briana’s Embarrassed…VIDEO

  1. Brooks is just weird! And the more I see Vicki on screen the more I dislike her! Brooks is shady and a phony and will take her for all her money and she is too stupid to even see it because she is so needy and pathetic!

  2. Wow Brianna, you go girl! I find it funny how she knows just which buttons to push to send ol’ Vick over the edge.

    I agree about the ‘needy and pathetic’ part…. Vicki is a mess

  3. Was this awkward or what. Have some respect for your Daughter’s feelings. I’m assuming this get together was to announce The couple’s marriage not for Vicki and Brooks to proclaim their unending love. If she cared for her Daughter she would have left BS-Brooks at home and invited Don to be there. Just because you divorce doesn’t mean your children do.

  4. I think I must see this from a totally different point of view to almost everyone else but what the hell is Briana’s problem? If she can run away and get married to someone she barely knows who himself has only just got divorced why does she have such an issue with her mother moving on and daring to introduce them? Vicki isn’t the one that dropped the ‘by the way, we’re married!’ bomb on camera, Briana is, she should learn some respect for her mother. I always liked Briana but she knows how Vicki takes to these kind of surprises so she really shouldn’t play into that side of her personality and then take offence to it.

    • I see your side but I think it must be exhausting to Brianna to always be taking care of her mother because her mother needs all the attention. I think she didn’t like Brooks and was disrespectful because at the time of filming she was still very close to Donn and wasn’t happy that her mother had left him. I don’t think she likes Brooks because she sees what we see. He’s going to use her for all he can get. I could be wrong but there was gossip of them being together before she had even left Donn. Brianna is very honest in her talking heads about how she feels about her mother. She will tell you she loves Vicki but that she also drives her insane.

  5. Oh what tangled webs we weave! I am happy for Briana! If I would be in her shoes, and knowing just the Bravo version of Vicki…..I woulda run away and got married myself. Eventually, Brooks had to meet Briana. From just a clip, I don’t know why Don was or was not included in this day. I think Briana has got the same gut feeling we all have that Brooks is “fishy” at best. Brooks just “oozes” concern of Vicki’s financial issues more than anything. It is one thing to discuss why a marriage ended but, to need to know the financials of the divorce…….FISHY!

  6. What is the big deal that Vicky is with Brooks?She’s a big girl.As far as Brooks being with her for her money,i don’t think so.And Don please he was a lump on a log,please he was boring,did not seem he had anything in common with Vicki.Why do you all hate her?As far as i know she works and likes to have fun.what is wrong with that.

    • I totally agree dosi! I love Vicki, I have my doubts a little bit about Brooks, but it’s not my life and we only see what Bravo want us to see so it’s a bit hard to really judge the way some people are so harshly.

      • I really like Brianna but she’s a grown woman who just displayed very passive-aggressive behavior that totally made her look more childish than Vicky, which is unusual. I bet she’s still pissed about her mom’s affair with Brooks which is claimed to have started before she announced her intent to divorce Don.

      • Also if she is so concerened about the parents significant other, she should be worried about Don and his new girlfriend going to these swing clubs for sex. I don’t know, Brooks is a little shady but Brianna goign out and getting married to a guy she only known for awhile is just as bad.

  7. This woman calls herself smart. If that were the case, she would realize that Briana eloped because of her!!! I’m surprised Briana is even going for the big wedding ceremony. She got married before Vicki could halt it or guilt her into not doing it. So Bri ought to just let it go at NO wedding. Vicki is going to run it, make all decisions, plan their honeymoon, probably go with them….you know the drill of an over bearing mother.

    • I agree! It was the only way Briana could be in control of the situation, to hide it from her controlling mother. I’m glad she spoke up and isn’t letting her mother compare Briana’s new marriage to Vicki’s. I agree, “not the same!”

  8. Well now……that was uncomfortable to watch. I wish Briana much happiness, she deserves it.

  9. Briana’s boobs are just stuffed in that dress like a sausage! Very distracting along with her passive aggressive comments makes for a very awkward clip to watch.

    • Thank your Gessie!, He is odd. He always sounds like Wilferd Brimley in an insurance commerical. Brianna has always said that Vicki ALWAYS makes evey situration about her and it looks like this is no exception, This party should have been about Brianna and her new husband not Vicki and an extra from “Inerit the wind”.

  10. Vicki is really mad because her children were her audience and supporting cast to her star & drama all these years. When either kid exercises any original thinking, she feeds that into her “all about me- machine” cuz she can’t handle anyone doing something without her approval. Brianna has shown she knows this even during the illness episodes. I say good for Brianna — who is to say it is a good or bad least she has known the guy for a couple years and it is her decision.

  11. I’ve always loved Briana! Out of all the messy children on every RHW installment she is the only one who was always kind, respectful, went to college: got her OWN career. (I used to really like Kara Keough as well, but I guess she finally gave into the OC peer pressure.) Especially out of the “female offspring”. Briana looked so out of place with that whole thing with Lou’s (Tammy’s) daughters (*remember the energy drink or something where all the daughters were the spokesgirls/scantily clad models?) bc Briana is actually “normal” & unjaded.

    I hope she will keep Donn in her life, as I’m sure he likely considers her & Mike his children. I don’t always care for Vicki but she “hands down” has the best children in any installment. Congrats to Briana so happy for her marriage & health!!!. & Props to Bri for not allowing Bravo to make a spectacle/exploit her special day. (Briana obviously could hv got most Wedding items for free, but she did it privately/on her own.)

    Lauren Manzo runs a close 2nd as best kid. (She will do great if she breaks out on her own & separates her beauty biz from The Brownstone. Great taste in beauty/styling runs deep in that family (ex: Jamie, Dina). Lauren can do just as well. Pulling for Lauren too.)

    *Sorry I know this ended up long. But this the absolute best reality site period! Mama SH you should be a weekly Reality corespondent for Wendy Williams or Kathy Griffin to clock the tea! Every other site merely take what you report here & reposts. :)

    • people: LOL!!! Many thanks for the vote of confidence and the ‘correspondent’ suggestion. There are a few things in the fire at this time… will keep all posted as things transpire. TFC!! SH

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